Friday, June 12, 2020

FPI Podcast: America is Beyond Impasse on Race Relations, What We Are Dealing with are Irreconcilable Differences

Summary: Alex evaluates the contrast between what America was like 90 days ago and now. The collapse of social order resulting from the death of George Floyd and the revolt against police departments. Alex also examines the idea of justice in a situation where many saw protests as an opportunity to create even greater injustice, shaking our nation to the core.

Alex asks Americans to examine what they see when looking at a police officer. That a police officer represents many things few truly comprehend and should understand at least to some degree.

The message sent by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who called for fair and equal treatment of Black people through dignified peaceful protest, is being drowned out by radical groups looking to destroy America from within. With a country so divided on race relations, the differences have become too great and appear to have resulted in irreconcilable differences.

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