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Alex Datig, publisher of Front Page Index 
Press credentialed, SPJ, SAG/AFTRA


 Alex is an American political commentator and 
media research specialist with a focus on law, crime and politics. 

Alexandra Datig is double major with a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration Management and an A.A. in Communications, having graduated magna-cum-laude from the University of Phoenix. She is also FEMA Certified by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in Emergency Management Interagency Communications. 

She was born in Luzern, Switzerland, to an American father in the international arms trade, who came from a prominent Hollywood family. Her grandfather Fred A. Datig Sr. was a 32-year Hollywood casting director and founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1927 and the right hand to Cecil B. DeMille, casting thousands of Hollywood actors including signing Marilyn Monroe under contract at MGM. Her grandfather was also a founding member of the Hollywood Victory Committee founded in 1941. 

The Hollywood Victory Committee sent movie, TV and radio talent to entertain U.S. Troops on the front lines during WW ll. 

Alex Datig’s father, Fred A. Datig Jr., was a Hollywood actor and producer, who was also a writer of technical books on firearms and the war-time memoir "Ghost of the Rhine." He was an honorably discharged, Purple Heart decorated, WW II combat wounded Veteran "Hellcat," from 12th Armored Division whose mission it was to liberate the Nazi death camps. 

Her mother is a Swiss-born haute couture fashion model and painter and daughter to a Swiss tax advisor and investment consultant.  

Datig’s early education is in Switzerland, in both public and private school. While attending all-girls Christian boarding school in the Swiss Alps, her class joined Pope John Paul II on a two-day pilgrimage on his tour dedicated to "The Youth of Switzerland." 

In 1982, the Datig family was honored by the President of Egypt for work her father, Fred A. Datig, completed with the Department of Antiquities identifying weapons from the French invasion of Egypt (1798 - 1801).   

Datig moved to the United States with her parents in 1986. 

A series of traumatic events as a child, teen and adult-youth, later shaped Datig's focus in her work on public policy, drug policy, current events and the combating of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adult-youth.  

Politics and Media:  

Datig has experience as a political advisor and consultant for more than 18 years with a long-standing background campaigning on public safety, public policy, environmental issues, drug policy and human trafficking. She has spoken publicly on these issues at the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC), the University of Tampa and at Freedom Fest 2022 in Las Vegas among others.

In the field of public relations, she has organized news conferences on behalf of a number of elected officials and bi-partisan issue campaigns. This includes members from the Executive Branch of the White House and the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the U.S. Drug Czar.  

After many years of working in politics, media and public relations, content creation in print, television, radio, multi-media and corporate entertainment, Datig is now editor in chief of the political and current events media resource Front Page Index, launched in 2015. In 2019 President Donald J. Trump re-tweeted Front Page Index posts, after Front Page Index passed 2 million all-time views. Datig also hosts an occasional podcast for Front Page Index, available on iTunes and features issues in the news and interesting things politicians say in a video blog. Datig is also a eight-year content contributor on the crowd-sourcing media platform Grabien Media.  

Datig began her career in politics in 2001, working along-side California State Senator and Los Angeles City Councilman Nate Holden, as his executive assistant, campaigning for him and with him for 12 years. Holden served on the City of Los Angeles Board of Public Safety for 8 years. His tenure also included the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. Holden is also a guardian of the Civil Rights movement, having authored Senate Bill 637 enacting the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King and the education on the Civil Rights Movement in to State law in California. Holden also served as President of the CDC, California.  

On June 5th, 2019, Datig started a petition on to recall Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, for inaction on the homeless crisis in Los Angeles and lack of prioritization for the citizens of Los Angeles. The online petition gained more than 45,000 signatures, citing Los Angeles had 59,000 homeless people. A formal recall process attempting to remove the Mayor followed, as well a requested federal intervention by President Trump and HUD Secretary Ben Carson. While the recall effort was unsuccessful and could not be implemented effectively due to Covid-19, President Trump's intervention gained national media coverage, exposing homelessness in the United States.  

Datig is a strong supporter of the historic measure California Proposition 35, Stop Human Trafficking in California, for which she acted as liaison to secure unanimous endorsement from the Los Angeles City Council in 2012. Prop. 35 enacts the most sever penalties against child and adult youth sex traffickers, placing them on the State sex offender registry. Prop. 35 also funds training for law enforcement to recognize victims and get him or her into treatment and rehabilitation.  

In 2011, Datig served as an advisor to the Transition Team for California Attorney General Kamala Harris' subcommittee on Environmental Justice.   

In 2010, campaigning on the side of treatment and intervention reform, she was instrumental in the defeat of California Proposition 19, The Regulate Control & Tax Cannabis Act.   

She served on the Advisory Board for the Coalition for a Drug Free California and on the County of Los Angeles Task Force for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, helping to develop a nationwide strategy to aid victims of human trafficking.  

Her experience in media also includes producing over 100 shows of the now nationally syndicated Larry Elder Show, which during Datig's time as producer was the number one domestic show on Live365 global webcasting platform. She also created The Elder Statement blog which gained more than 3 million views in its first year. In 2015, she sponsored Larry Elder, working with the City of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Chamber, to secure a nomination for a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Elder.  

Datig also campaigned at the local and state level in Los Angeles and California for candidates and issue campaigns such as James K. Hahn for Mayor of Los Angeles, Jan Perry for Mayor of Los Angeles, Nate Holden for Assembly, 47th District, Steve Westly for Governor, Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich for Los Angels City Attorney, Paul Koretz for Los Angeles City Council (primary only), District 5, State-wide "No on Proposition 19" (No on 19, victory), State-wide "Yes on Proposition 35" (The CASE Act, approved by more than 80% of California voters), Committee to Recall Mayor Eric Garcetti and others.   

In 2018, Datig also oversaw operations for a prominent, global corporate branding and crisis communications firm in Downtown Los Angeles.  

Private Sector:  

Datig's experience in the private sector includes Director of Finance at an employment and government labor relations law firm in Downtown Los Angeles. She also managed a Beverly Hills based business and real estate litigation firm and a small civil rights law practice headed by a former longtime Assistant Los Angeles City Attorney who specialized in law enforcement litigation, involving police practices and police union negotiations. Datig got her first administrative job in the legal field in 1997 with the law office representing police misconduct victim Rodney King.  

She was honored by the Los Angeles City Council for an independent investigation conducted on massive pollution of the L.A. River by the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. During this year-long investigation, Datig was covered by major local news outlets, both TV and print.  

As a formerly licensed real estate agent, she also worked at Sotheby's International Realty, Beverly Hills. 

Datig has never been married and has no children.  

Her contribution to many critical issues affecting communities today has given Datig the opportunity to join some of the most influential individuals and organizations involved with the in-depth issues on drug policy. Organizations include the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP),The Department of Justice, California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA), Western States Vice Officers Association, U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey and former L.A. D.A. Steve Cooley, former Secretary of Education and U.S. Drug Czar Bill Bennett, The Drug Free America Foundation, Dr. Paul Chabot of Chabot Strategies, Captain Joseph R. John of Combat Veterans For Congress and many others.  As a speaker on drug policy and treatment reform issues, human trafficking, environmental issues and political campaigns, she has appeared in print news such as The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Politico, on TV news and radio talk shows from Fox News, Tucker Carlson Tonight, CNN, CNN International, Daily Caller, The Associated Press, HLN's Dr. Drew, Behind The Badge with Bernard Kerik, The Todd Starnes Show, The Michael Medved Show, Geraldo Rivera Live, Bill Bennett's Morning in America, KABC 790 Talk Radio, CBS, NBC, America Trends with Dr. Gina Louden, The Daily Ledger with Graham Ledger, The Mo Kelly Show, National Review, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, Arizona Politics & Culture, Live! with Dave! Diamond, Russian Television (RT) The Alyona Show, National Swedish Television, Japan TV and others.

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