Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Doug Jones Lists Moore Accusers in New Ad: ‘Will We Make Their Abuser a U.S. Senator?’

Fox News: Colorado Child Sex Trafficker Sentenced to 472 Years in Prison

Eric Schiffer: The NFL Has Died in Red States, ‘They Should Remove Red from the Logo’

Ron DeSantis: Conyers a ‘Walking Advertisement for Term Limits for Members of Congress’

Ken Paxton: ‘Absolutely’ Death of Border Agent Is ‘Further Indication’ We Need a Wall

MSNBC: WSJ Reports Mueller Is Investigating Kushner’s Role in the Comey Firing

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mark Steyn: Conyers’ Charges Must’ve Shocked Those Who Still Fancy Democrats as ‘The Party of Women’

Thiessen: Uranium One Is Not a Nat’l Security Scandal; It’s a Clinton Corruption Scandal

LaVar Ball Takes Credit for His Son Being Freed in Bizarre Interview with Chris Cuomo

Mark Steyn: In the End UCLA Students Are Shoplifters

Monica Crowley: There’s Different Classes of Predators and Victims and We Need an Honest Conversation About That

Tucker to D.C. City Councilman on Marion Barry Statue: ‘He Was a Full-Blown Crackhead’

Tammy Bruce: I’m Waiting for a Committee to Investigate Ted Kennedy and if It’s OK to Kill a Woman

Megyn Kelly Recalls When Charlie Rose Grilled Her Over Ailes Sexual Harassment Allegations

Mel Gibson: Harvey Weinstein Revelations ‘Painful, But… Pain Is a Precursor to Change’

Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell Respond To Charlie Rose Allegations