Friday, June 23, 2017

CNN: Johnny Depp Apologizes for Assassination Remark About Trump

Andre Carson: Nancy Pelosi Is a ‘Phenomenal Leader’

Lawrence Jones on Johnny Depp: ‘It’s Time For Law Enforcement Officials to Prosecute These People’

Fox News: Trump Supporter Buys Billboard Space Slamming ABC News over Collusion Allegations

Blumenthal: Journalists Are the Heroes of the Trump Era

Fox News: Comey Spotted Going into the NYT Building on Thursday

Tim Ryan: Dem National Brand Is Dragging Down Candidates in Races

Rand Paul on Health Care Bill: The Federal Government Shouldn’t Be Giving Any Money to Insurance Companies

Tucker: ‘It Is Not Really Journalism What CNN Is Practicing Anymore; It’s Advocacy’

Hannity Montage: Morning Joe’s Trump Meltdown

Dan Bongino: To Tell Illegal They Can Live Off the Taxpayer Is Not the American Dream, It’s the American Nightmare

Lou Dobbs Mocks Pelosi for ‘Politically Astute’ Comment: ‘You’ve Got to Admire Her Humility’

Trump: ‘I Didn’t Tape’ Comey and ‘I Don’t Have Any Tape’ of Comey

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: FBI ‘Did Virtually Nothing’ to Help DNC After Hack; Never Asked for Servers

Fox News: Mexico Now the Second Deadliest Country in the World as Crime Wave Sweeps Country

Ned Ryun: Russia Didn’t Cause Dems to Lose 1100 Seats Since 2010 or GOP To Have 33 Governor’s Mansions