Monday, January 22, 2018

Judge Nap: ‘I Don’t Know How Many More Blows the DOJ and FBI Can Take Before Trump Decides to Change Leadership

Bill Nelson: 81-16 Is Not Caving; It’s Bipartisan Consensus To Get Something Done

Cory Gardner: This Is a ‘Ridiculous Shutdown’

Cory Gardner: Schumer Will Have to Explain Why He Is Accepting the Same Offer He Rejected Friday

Jim Jordan on Missing Texts from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page: ‘This Is Like the Dog Ate My Homework’

Conway: Trump Is Willing To Sign A CR That Reopens The Government If Dems Take Off The Table The Unrelated Immigration Issue

GOP Rep. Dave Joyce: ‘Absolutely’ Heads ‘Should Roll’ over FISA Abuse Memo

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Meghan McCain: ‘The Fact that Democrats Can’t Come to the Middle on This’ Is Shocking

Gabrielle Carteris: Time’s up; Abuse, Discrimination, and Harassment Is No Longer Tolerated

Kristen Bell: Everyone’s Story Deserves To Be Told

Luis Gutierrez: W.H.’s Condition for DACA Deal Was Deporting ‘11 Million People’

Durbin: Going Nuclear Would Be the End of the Senate as It Was Originally Devised

Mulvaney: President Obama Wanted a Shutdown in 2013 ‘So That He Could Weaponize It’

Trump Releases New Ad Blasting Dems As ‘Complicit’ in Murders Committed by Illegals

Tapper Pushes Back on Sanders Claim 10k Died Because of Insufficient Social Security; ‘Correlation Is Not Causation’

Rand Paul on Shutdown: ‘The Blame Game Is Ridiculous on Both Sides’