Thursday, February 22, 2018

Eric Bolling Shares Heartwarming Story About President Trump Calling Him About His Son

Acting FBI Deputy Director on Missed Florida Tip: ‘There Was a Mistake Made’

CNN: Mueller Issues New Charges Against Manafort and Gates, Including Allegations of Laundering $30 Million

Lapierre: Our Movie Stars, Politicians Are All More Protected than Our Children at School

Wayne Lapierre: Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Chris Murphy Hide Behind Labels Like Progressive to Make Socialist Agenda More Palatable

Wayne LaPierre: ‘To Stop a Bad Guy with a Gun, It Takes a Good Guy with a Gun’

Dana Loesch: ‘We Will Not Be Gaslighted’ into Thinking We’re Responsible’ for Mass Shootings

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trump on Mass Shootings: ‘It Won’t Be Talk, Like in the Past… We Are Going to Get It Done’

Dana Loesch: Fla. Shooter Should Have Been Baker Acted When He Said He’d Kill Students

Dana Loesch on NRA Opposition to Changing Age for Long Guns to 21: Young Women Need to Defend Themselves

Bill Nelson: An AR-15 Is Not for Hunting, It’s for Killing

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes: ‘Facebook Is Undergoing a Come to Jesus Moment’

Ted Deutch: ‘This Isn’t About Gun Control’; It’s About ‘School Safety’

Fmr. Clinton Labor Secretary: Hillary Clinton Was a ‘Terrible Candidate’

Fox News: N. Korea Canceled Meeting with Pence at Last Minute

ABC News: Billy Graham Dead at 99