Friday, March 23, 2018

Orange County Supervisor: We Are Opting Out of Calif.’s Sanctuary laws, They Are ‘Unconstitutional’

Kevin Brady: We’re Working to Redesign the IRS that Is 20 Years Overdue

Mollie Hemingway: Time Magazine Cover with Only Pro-Gun Control Students Is ‘Not Surprising’

Kurtz: Anderson Cooper ‘Was Throwing’ Softballs to Karen McDougal

Sunny Hoston on McDougal Interview: ‘I Was So Disgusted by This Whole Tawdry Thing’

Tucker: Big Tech and Big Finance Are Already Taking Away Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Fox News: Trump Threatens to Veto Omnibus Spending Over Lack of DACA and Adequate Wall Funding

Jon Meacham: Bolton Is ‘Getting a Second Bite at the Apple’ on Using War Power

CNN Montage: John Bolton’s Hard Line Views

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Karen McDougal: I Thought ‘Maybe’ This Relationship with Trump Would Lead to Marriage

Former Playmate McDougal: Trump Tried to Pay Me After We Had Sex

H.R. McMaster Resigns, John Bolton Appointed By Trump As National Security Adviser

Trump: We Have to Use Reciprocal Tariffs with China

Tillerson Makes Veiled Swipe During Goodbye Speech: ‘This Can Be a Very Mean-Spirited Town’

Sunny Hostin: Someone Should Take Trump Out Back and ‘Kick His Little Butt’

Sen. Hirono: ‘I’m Really Disappointed’ DACA Is Not in the Omnibus Bill