Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fox News: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Fired

Fox News: New Page-Strzok Texts Reveal Personal Relationship with Judge Recuse from Flynn Case

Herman on Stormy Daniels NDA: ‘She Could Just Take a Page out of The Art of the Deal’ and File Bankruptcy

Hannity Challenges Comey to Come on His Radio Show: I Will Give You 3 Hours

Brooklyn Lawyer: Speeding Ticket Fines Should Be Based on Income, Rich People Should Pay More

MSNBC Panel: Sessions Firing Trump ‘Raise the Specter’ of Trump Impeachment

Eric Schiffer: Pelosi Has Become ‘Increasingly Irrelevant’

Friday, March 16, 2018

Fox News: 4 Top GOP Senators Calls for 2nd Special Counsel to Investigate FBI’s Russia Probe

Ari Fleischer: Facts Seem to Suggest that McCabe Losing His Pension Is ‘Deserved’

Huckabee Sanders on Allegation Physical Threats from Stormy Daniels’ Atty.: I Would Refer You to the President’s Personal Attorney’

Dershowitz: Mueller Subpoenaing Trump Organization Is ‘Clearly’ a Sign He’s ‘Ratcheting’ up the Pressure

Stormy Daniels’ Atty.: Yes My Client Was Threatened with Physical Harm

Kesley Harkness: When Dems Say Everything Is Sexist It Is ‘Detrimental and Dangerous’ to Women

Miami-Dade Police Chief on Bridge Collapse: ‘This Is a Homicide Investigation’

Mark Steyn on Airline Dog Deaths: Post-9/11 Environment Is Training People to Behave Like a Herd of Animals’

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grassley on 2nd Special Counsel: The IG Doesn’t Have Access to People Who Have Left the DoJ