Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fox News: Trump Tweets He’s Banning Transgenders from Serving in the Military

Murkowski Defends Voting Against GOP Health Care Bill: ‘I’m Not Looking’ at Re-Election Till 2022

Hannity: American People Deserve Complete Investigations by the DOJ, FBI into Hillary, Dem Scandals

CNN: Trump Jr., Manafort To Avoid Senate Hearing Next Hour

Gowdy: ‘I Would Not Stay’ If I Were Sessions

Krauthammer: Tonight, Sessions Is a ‘Dead Man Walking’

Angus King: Getting Rid of Jeff Sessions Is a Step Toward Getting Rid of Bob Mueller

Eric Trump: Dems ‘Would Rather See This Country Fail than See My Father Succeed’

Paul Butler: If Firing Sessions Isn’t Ground for Impeachment for Obstruction I Don’t Know What Is

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Gowdy: I Asked Kushner About Collusion Every Way You Could and the Answer Was Always No

ABC News: McCain Gets Standing Ovation When He Returns to D.C. After Diagnosis

Fox News: Feds Arrest IT Staffer for Wasserman Schultz Who Was Trying to Leave Country

Fox News: Judge Approves Trump Commission To Collect Voter Data

Trump: ‘This Is the Beginning of the End for the Disaster Known as ObamaCare’

McCain: ‘Stop Listening to the Bombastic Loud Mouths on the Radio, Television and Internet — To Hell with Them’

Trump: ‘The Fake Media Will Say President Trump Spoke Before a Small Crowd of Boy Scouts Today’