Monday, July 16, 2018

Putin on Meddling: ‘I Was an Intelligence Officer Myself, I Know How Dossiers Are Made’

Putin on if He Has Dirt on Trump: ‘Difficult to Imagine Nonsense on a Bigger Scale than This’

Putin: The Russian State Has Never Interfered and Is Not Going to Interfere in Internal American Affairs Including the Election

Fox News: Trump To Putin 'Our Relationship With Russia Has Never Been Worse'

Putin: ‘The Cold War Is a Thing of the Past’

Trump Does Not Mention He Will Discuss Russia Meddling at the Meeting with Putin

San Francisco Mayor: I’ve Never Seen This Much Poop on Streets

Nunes: Mueller’s Indictment ‘Look Ridiculous’ — Leaves out Targeting of GOP

Sunday, July 15, 2018

CNN: CA Democrats Endorse De León Over Incumbent Feinstein

CNN Airs Russian State TV Clip Claiming Election Meddling Indictments Blatant Attempt to Torpedo the Summit

Donna Brazile: Now We Know There Are Several Russian Witches, Not a 400 Pound Guy on a Bed

ICYMI: Rep. Darrell Issa To Peter Strzok: 'So Far, Only You Have Determined What Should Be Turned Over From Your Private Non-Government Emails, Texts'

Trump: ‘I Think the European Union Is a Foe’

Gowdy: No American Would Want Peter Strzok Investigating Them If He Had That Amount of Animus Against Them

Gowdy Trump’s First Request to Putin Needs to Be Tell Us Which Airport We Can Pick Up the Russians Who Meddled in Our Election

Trump: Strzok Is an ‘Absolute Disgrace’ To Our Country and the FBI