Sunday, December 16, 2018

Miller: Trump Will Shut Down the Government

Bill Gates: Notion of Privacy Regulation on Big Tech Makes a Lot of Sense

Giuliani on If Trump Will Sit Down with Mueller: ‘Over My Dead Body But You Know, I Could Be Dead’

Lanny Davis: Trump Calling Cohen a Rat Is the ‘Language of a Mobster’

Susan Collins on GOPers Challenging Trump in 2020: ‘I See Nothing Wrong with Challengers’

Julian Zelizer Appears on CNN’s ‘New Day Sunday’ To Discuss ObamaCare, Ryan Zinke Leaving Trump Admin

Cummings: ‘More than Likely’ We’ll Investigate Trump Inaugural Committee

Cummings on If He’ll Send Out 64 Subpoenas Like Nunes: No, I Plan to Run the Committee Like a Federal Courtroom

Susan Collins: ‘I Don’t Agree’ with Trump ObamaCare Ruling Is ‘Great’ for the Country and It Will Be Overturned

Giuliani: The FBI ‘Setup Flynn’ to ‘Jam Him for Perjury’