Friday, May 24, 2019

Bill de Blasio: ‘Congressman Nadler Is Doing Much Better’

Scarborough on Trump Giving Barr Power To Declassify Intel: This Is What An Autocrat Does

PM Theresa May: ‘I Will Resign as Leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party’ June 7th

House Judiciary Chairman Nadler Falls Ill at Mayor de Blasio Event in Manhattan

Trump on PM Theresa May: ‘I Feel Badly for Teresa, I Like Her Very Much’

Trump: We Are Sending 1,500 Troops to the Middle East

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Gingrich: Bill Clinton and I Negotiated When People Thought We Couldn’t

Howard Stern: I Thought Trump Would Appoint Me to Head the FCC If I Accepted His RNC Convention Invite

Rep. Huffman Slams Marc Morano of for Global Warming Views: Making a Career ‘out of Trolling Scientists’


Fox News: Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Charged In 18-Count DOJ Indictment Under Espionage Act

CNN: Trump Announces $16 Billion In Aid To Farmers Amid Trade War

McCarthy Rips Pelosi, ‘New Socialist Democratic Party’: ‘This Is Irresponsible, This Is Not a Way to Govern’

Sen. Schumer: Trump Won’t Be Able to Stop the Impeachment Process

Rep. Underwood: DHS Chief’s Policies that Killed Migrant Children Are ‘Intentional’

Fox News: Anita Hill Says Woman VP Pick Insulting, 2020 Female Candidates Not Being Taken Seriously

Kellyanne Conway: Democrats Can Choose to Investigate or Legislate