Thursday, February 25, 2021

Brennan: There Is an ‘Active Plot to Blow up the Capitol of the United States’

Psaki Defends Calling Gov. Cuomo the ‘Gold Standard’ in Covid Response

Behar: ‘If You Are Going to Investigate Cuomo You Better Investigate’ Jordan, Kavanaugh, Trump

CNN’s Avlon Falsely Claims Past Minimum Wage Hikes Didn’t Destroy Jobs

Fox News: Five GOP Demand Full Investigation Into Cuomo Sexual Harassment, NY Post Calls ‘Pig,’ de Blasio, Rose McGowan, AOC Pile On

Rand Paul Confronts Biden’s Transgender Nominee for Assistant HHS Secretary Over Genital Mutilation

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Romney: ‘Pretty Sure’ Trump Would Win GOP Nomination in 2024

Tucker: AT&T Is Protecting China Telecoms From Sanctions Despite Links to Human Rights Abuses

Carl Rove Rips Chris Hahn Over Immigration Hypocrisy ‘Don’t Lecture Me On Comprehensive Immigration Reform!’

Dana Loesch Calls out Dems’ Hypocrisy: ‘Kids in Cages’ Have Become ‘Detention Facilities’

Kim Klacik: I’m Glad How BLM Is Now Exposed for Enriching Themselves with Donations

Tucker on Allegations of Sexual Harassment Against Gov. Cuomo: It’s Really ‘The Sopranos’ over There

Dan Bongino: My Secret Service Sources Tell Me ‘How Bad Biden’s Condition Is’

Fox’s Janice Dean Calls Out Gov. Cuomo Over Nursing Home Deaths at NY Rally

Behar: Tucker Carlson Should Be ‘Tied Up and Put in the Corner,’ But Not Harmed

Frank Figliuzzi on Capitol Riot: ‘Religion or Skin Color Needed to Change to Increase the Security Posture’

Cheney: ‘I Don’t Believe that Trump Should Be Playing a Role in the Future of the Party or the Country’