Thursday, January 23, 2020

Nadler References Hamilton’s 1792 Letter to George Washington, Graphic He Used Said It’s from 1972

Nadler: The Articles of Impeachment Against Trump Among the Most Serious Charges Ever Brought Against the President

Rep. Meadows: The Only Cover-Up Is of Schiff’s Involvement with Whistleblower

Tulsi Gabbard Repeatedly Refuses to Explain How Hillary Clinton’s ‘Defamation’ Cost Her $50 Million

Sen. Lindsey Graham: I Don’t Think Joe Biden’s Corrupt, But I Don’t Think He’s Beyond Being Looked At

Tucker Carlson Shows Flashbacks of Dems Working Against Trump from the Start

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Jay Sekulow: Without Question, The President Will Be Acquitted

Rep. Collins: Democratic Primary Presidential Field Clown Car Can't Win

Robert Ray: The Framers Did Not Want Impeachment To Be Turned into a Political Weapon

Trey Gowdy: GAO Said President 'Broke Law' People Assuming it was Criminal Law

Jay Sekulow: Schiff Talked About Quid Pro Quo, Notice What’s Not in the Articles of Impeachment

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Praises Adam Schiff’s Presentation: ‘It Was Dazzling’

Adam Schiff: The President Misconduct Cannot Be Decided at the Ballot Box

Adam Schiff: This Matter Cannot and Should Not Be Decided by the Courts

Adam Schiff Defends Joe Biden While Presenting Case for Impeaching Trump

Trump: Fake News Media Got Pulitzer Prizes for Coverage About Me, Stories Turned Out to be Wrong

Trump on Hillary Clinton’s Bashing of Bernie Sanders: ‘She’s the One that People Don’t Like’

Trump: ‘Nadler, I’ve Known Him a Long Time, He’s a Sleazebag, Everyone Knows That’