Saturday, August 17, 2019

Richard Herman: Don’t Be Surprised if Epstein Is Completely Judgment Proof and Airtight

Bill Nye: ‘The World’s Never Gotten This Warm This Fast,’ Farmers in ‘the Heartland Are Feeling the Effects’

Ben Shapiro Blasts Tlaib, Omar: According to Them Jerusalem Is ‘Palestinian Territory’

Fox News: Biden Allies want to Scale Back Public Appearances to Avoid Gaffes

Friday, August 16, 2019

Customs Computer Outage Strikes Airports All Over the Country

Fox News: Epstein Autopsy Shows Death Ruled 'Suicide', Hanged Himself

Fox Business: Jack Brewer Discusses Crime Bill "Fair Chance Act" on Making Money with Charles Payne

Fox News: Danny Masterson, Church of Scientology Sued for Alleged Stalking by Sexual Assault Accusers

Fox New: Rep. Tlaib Rejects Israel Offer of Humanitarian Visit

Thursday, August 15, 2019

FOXLA 11: Alex Datig Says ‘Mayor Garcetti more Interested in being Popular than Dealing with Homeless Issue’

Trump: The Forgotten Men and Women of America Will Never, Ever Be Forgotten Again

Fox News: Epstein Autopsy Reportedly Finds Broken Bones in Neck

Dayton Shooter Was on Cocaine, Alcohol During Massacre, Coroner Reveals

CNN: Prime Minister Netanyahu on Reps Omar, Tlaib ban 'Visit Negating Legitimacy of Israel', AIPAC Disagrees

Fox News: Israel Bans "Squad" Members Reps Omar and Tlaib from Country

Philadelphia Mayor: Officers barraged with Gun Fire from high powered Rifle for Seven Hours