Monday, March 25, 2019

Rudy Giuliani: CNN, Jeff Zucker, WaPo, Adam Schiff Should Apologize, Tortured Trump For Two Years

Lou Dobbs: Trump Prevailed Against ‘Evil Forces,’ His Foes ‘Writhing in Pain Today in the Bright Light of Truth’

Newt Gingrich: NYT and Wash. Post Should Return Their Pulitzer Prizes Won for Covering the Russia Collusion Hoax

John Brennan on Mueller Report: ‘I Don’t Know If I Received Bad Information, But Think I Suspected that There’s More’

Fox News: Rep. McCarthy Schiff Should Leave As Intel Committee Chair

MSNBC’s Cevallos: Avenatti Ripping off Own Clients an ‘Automatic Loss of Your Law License’

U.S. Attorney’s Office: Avenatti Uses Stolen Proceeds to Fund ‘Lavish Lifestyle’

U.S. Attorney: We’re ‘Executing Search Warrants’ on Avenatti at this Moment

U.S. Attorney: Avenatti Never Paid Taxes in 2011, 2012, 2013; Owes IRS $800,000

Trump on Mueller Probe: ‘They’ve Done So Many Evil Things and I Would Say Treasonous’

Fox News: Michael Avenatti Arrested For Extortion, Law Enforcement To Announce List Of Charges At 2:00 PM ET

MSNBC: ‘Los Angeles Is Expected to Charge Michael Avenatti’ with Other Financial Crimes, Tax Fraud

Jonathan Turley: No Prosecutor Would Bring Trump Obstruction Case to Court

Maxine Waters on the Mueller Report: ‘This Is Not the End of Anything’

Fox’s Henry Challenges Donna Brazile: Will You Now ‘Accept the President’ as Legitimate?