Saturday, November 16, 2019

Fox News: W.H. Press Secretary Grisham Addresses President's Visit to Walter Reed Medical

CNN: President Trump Makes Unscheduled Visit to Walter Reed Medical Center

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Leland Vittert: Has Impeachment Become Too Confusing for the American People?

CNN: Obama Warns 2020 Dems: Don't Go Too Far Left, Entire System Must Be Torn Down

Kanye West Performs a Surprise Concert for Hundreds of Inmates at a Texas County Jail

CNN: Roger Stone Charged Friday on All 7 Counts

Bulls & Bears: Rep. Tlaib Subject to Ethics Investigation for 2018 Misuse of Campaign Funds

Bulls & Bears: Bloomberg Targets Trump with $100 Million Ad Blitz

AG Bill Barr: ‘It Is the Left that Is Engaged in the Systematic Shredding of Norms and Undermining the Rule of Law’

Friday, November 15, 2019

Tucker Carlson Mocks Marie Yovanovitch After Testimony: How Many Other ‘Neurotics’ Do We Have as Ambassadors?

Fmr. Rep. Rogers: ‘I’m Not Sure What the Democrats Got Accomplished Today’

President Trump: For the History of Our Country, there has Never Been a Disgrace than What Is Going On Now

Devin Nunes: The Whistleblower Only Met with Democrats, Not with Republicans

ABC’s Terry Moran: ‘She Did Not Get Us Any Closer’ to an Impeachable Offense

Yovanovitch: I Was Not on July 25th Call, Not Involved in Pence-Zelensky Meeting, Never Spoke to Trump or Mulvaney

Schiff Refuses to Let Elise Stefanik Ask Any Questions

Adam Schiff Calls out Fox News for Smear Campaign Against Marie Yovanovitch

Adam Schiff: Marie Yovanovitch Did Not Just Piss Off Corrupt Ukrainians, But Also, Certain Americans, Like Rudy Giuliani