Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Lindsey Graham: Same People In Charge of Border, In Charge of Afghanistan

CNN: Natural Gas Prices Up 130% Amid New Gov’t Concern Over Shortage

Defense Department Official: There Are at Least 439 Americans Still in Afghanistan

Mark Geragos: Surviving Baldwin Shooting Victim is Director Who Hired Assist. Director Who Was Previously Fired Over Gun Incident and Praised Armorer

John King: If Biden’s Poll Numbers Stay the Same as Year From Now, ‘Goodbye House, Goodbye Senate’

CNN: Democrats Worry Biden’s Sinking Poll Numbers May Doom VA Governor’s Race

CNN: Younger People Perceive Facebook as ‘Lame, Boring’ for People in 40’s and 50’s

Manchin on Changing Parties: ‘I Don’t Know Where in the Hell I Belong’

Monday, October 25, 2021

Fox News: TX National Guard Deploying Manpower Around Del Rio International Bridge

SOURCE: Twitter

The Evening Edit: Prescription Drug Shortage Up 117 from 109 Due to Supply Chain Crisis

Dave Chappelle Addresses Massive Backlash Over Trans Jokes: ‘I Am Not Bending to Anybody’s Demands’ [Profanity]

Migrant Caravan Leader Says President Biden’s Being Played by Mexico

Fox News: Long Beach Port Director Refuses to Say If He Will Ask for Help from Government

Fox News: Long Beach Port Director Says There Is Issue with Number of Empty Cargo Containers at Port

FB Whistleblower Haugen: I’m ‘Deeply Worried’ It May Not Be Possible to Make Instagram Safe for a 14-Year-Old

Biden Whispers then Yells About His Spending Plan: ‘This Is a Tax Cut’ that ‘Doesn’t Increase the Deficit One Single Cent’

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fox News: Hunter Biden Has New Exhibition in Manhattan with Art Offered from $75K-$500K