Thursday, December 13, 2018

Joe Concha: Media Bashing Of First Lady Is Gutter Speculation

Hannity: Comey Ordered F.B.I. Agents To Interview Gen. Flynn Outside Of Standard White House Protocol

Chuck Grassley Appears on FNC’s ‘America’s Newsroom’ To Discuss Criminal Justice Reform

Budweiser Backs Commuters Angry Over Holland Tunnel Wreaths

Don Jr. Reveals Trump’s a Serial Re-Gifter

Frank Figliuzzi: Maria Butina Pleading Guilty Is ‘a Big Deal; How Many More Marias Are Out There?

Trump on General Motors: I Don’t Run a Car Company, But All Electric Isn’t Going to Work

Trump on Next Chief of Staff: I Want Somebody That’s Strong, But Somebody that Thinks Like I Do

Trump on Michael Cohen: ‘I Never Directed Him To Do Anything Incorrect or Wrong’

Kristen Welker: Impeachment Is Certainly on Trump’s Mind And It’s on the Mind of His Allies

Nancy Pelosi: ‘We’re Not Going for the $5 Billion for the Wall, We Simply Are Not’