Friday, February 3, 2023

Lt. Gen. Kellogg: Chinese Spy Balloon ‘Just Shows Inaction on Part of the Administration’

FBN’s Casone on 517,000 Jobs Added: ‘All I Can Say, What a Surprise’

Transgender Activist Testifies in Favor of a Bill to Make Minnesota a ‘Trans Refuge’ that Will Allow Them to Mutilate the Genitals of Their Kids Before Puberty

Biden: No, I’m Not Taking Blame for Inflation, ‘It Was Already There When I Got Here, Man!’

Biden Completely Ignores Questions on the Chinese Spy Balloon Floating Over the United States

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Fox News Panel Weighs In On Hunter Biden Letters Calling for Probe Into Dissemination of Laptop Content

Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman: I Didn’t Want to Possess the Laptop, I Wanted Hunter to Pick it Up

NBC’s ‘Today’ Cheers Hunter Biden’s Attorney’s Demanding the Feds ‘Criminally Investigate’ Those that Promoted and Shared Information from His Laptop

Biden Says He and McCarthy Had a ‘Good Meeting’ After Not Reaching Agreement on Debt Ceiling

McCarthy: ‘No Agreement’ on Debt Limit with Biden, ‘We’ll Be Talking Again’

AOC Defends Rep. Omar: ‘This Is About Targeting Women of Color’

McCarthy Announces Sarah Huckabee Sanders Will Deliver the Republican Response to the State of the Union Address

Fox News: NJ Councilwoman Shot and Killed in Possible Targeted Attack Outside Her Home

Jean-Pierre: Removing Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee Is a ‘Disservice to the American People’

Rep. Jordan: How Can It Be Hunter Biden’s Laptop? 51 Former Intel Officials Told Us It Wasn’t

Sen. Ted Cruz: We Know Biden was Raided by FBI Three Times and It Was Kept Secret