Monday, February 18, 2019

Trump: America Will Never Be a Socialist Country

CNN: UK Parliament Calls Facebook a ‘Digital Gangsters’

Kamala Harris Dodges on If She Stands by Her Tweet Calling Smollett News a ‘Modern Day Lynching’

Trump Confident Chris Ruddy Says White House Officials Discussing Ouster of DNI Dan Coats

Gasparino: AOC Really Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics, Makes Bill De Blasio Sound Sane

Bill Weld on Why He’s Running as a Republican: ‘I Want to Go Mano a Mano’ Against Trump

CNN: Sources Tell CNN that Chicago Police Believe Actor Jussie Smollett Paid Two Men to Orchestrate an Assault on Him

Sunday, February 17, 2019

MSNBC’s Hunt to DNC Comms Dir.: Are You Afraid of Dems Taking Things Too Far?

McCabe on Trump Saying His Wife’s Campaign Affected His FBI Work: ‘Sickening, Disgusting,’ Manipulating Lies ‘for His Own Advantage’

McCabe: Rosenstein Was ‘Counting Votes’ for a 25th Amendment Removal of Trump

ICYMI - FPI Podcast: Kamala Harris Moral Authority Gone Wild, Legal Authority Beyond Corrupt

  This is the podcast on Kamala Harris you've been waiting for. Just uploaded, fresh from the studio. Listen to how how Harris was a home-wrecker using her affair with Willie Brown as a bargaining chip and a stepping stone so she could move up through the ranks in California politics. How she deceived and lied to the State-wide coalition of law enforcement officials, fire fighters and drug court judges, by signing a pledge against drug legalization while planning to work with the drug lobby behind everyone's back. Harris is a corrupt, dishonest, progressive liar who will say and do anything to get elected!

Chris Wallace Calls Out Rush Limbaugh for Hypocrisy on Executive Actions

Chris Wallace Challenges Stephen Miller on the Need for a Border Wall

CNN’s Stelter on Smollett ‘Hate Crime’ Imploding: ‘This Is Not About the Media’