Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Brett Tolman: At Stake, Selling Access to White House Through Son of VP Biden, Top Officials Aware of Conflict of Interest

FOX & Friends First: 11 House Republicans Urge AG Barr to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden Laptop

Peter Schweizer: I Would Get Visit from FBI, If I Tried to Funnel Money From Flagged Account For Corrupt Russian Oligarch Liked to Organized Crime

Chis Cuomo Claims AG Bill Barr Says Allegations Against Joe and Hunter Biden are 'Baseless'

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Joe Biden Calls Allegations Hunter Biden and Family Profited Off Biden Name 'Garbage'

Newt Gingrich: Facebook Is Now Employing Xi Jin Ping’s Method of Controlling the Population

Hannity to Joe Biden: We Have a Camera Outside Your House Right Now, Go out and Answer Pressing Questions

Ken Starr Slams 50+ Former Intel Officials for Wrong Russian Disinformation Call on Hunter Biden Laptop

Rudy Giuliani Says He Turned Over Hunter Biden Written, Photographic Materials, Alleging Child Endangerment, to Delaware Police

Fox News: F.B.I./DOJ Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop, Hard Drive Not Russian Disinformation

Fox News: Minneapolis Residents Sue City Council For Lack of Police, Blame ‘Defund Police’ Movement

Fox News: DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Google in Antitrust Case

Trump: Hunter Info on ‘Laptop from Hell,’ AG Barr Must Appoint Special Counsel, Must Act Fast, Before Election

Sen. John Kennedy: Every Reputable Journalist Should Be Investigating Hunter Biden Story

Fox News: Trump Campaign Manager Says Muting Mic at Debate Gives Commission Editorial Control

Fox News: Biden Campaign Has Not Addressed Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

Monday, October 19, 2020

VP Pence: The American People Have A Right To Know About the Business Dealings of Biden Family

Matthew Trymand: Wife of Former Moscow Mayor Who Sent $3.5 Million to Hunter Biden Has Russian Mafia Ties

Herschel Walker: Democrats Want to Defund the Police, Who Came Up with That Stupid Idea?

John Solomon: Joe Biden Left Office Broke, Million in Debt, Almost No Assets, Needed to Get Rich Quick