Friday, April 19, 2019

Joe Concha: CNN Pulitzer Prizes On Russia Collusion Null And Void

Screaming Mark Levin Leaves Fox & Friends Speechless with 8 AM Mueller Rant: ‘Ed, You Have No Idea!’

Trey Gowdy: If Mueller Had the Evidence, He Should Have Recommended Charges

CNN: Sen. Warren Calls on House to Begin Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump

Judge Nap Rips ‘Venal, Amoral, Deceptive’ Trump: Mueller Report ‘Might Be Enough to Prosecute’ Him

Jim Acosta: ‘Staggering’ We’ve Only Had Two W.H. Briefings in the Last 100 Days

John Avlon: The Mueller Report Spends Nine Pages Detailing How Congress Can Take Up the Question of Obstruction

Cummings: To Have a ‘Deceitful’ President Sitting in the Office Is Not Leadership

Joe DiGenova Completely Flips out on Krystal Ball for Saying Bill Barr May Have Lied

Fox News: Kim Foxx’s Chief Ethics Officer, Integrity Unit Director Resign Following Smollett Controversy

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Greg Gutfeld: I'm Never Going To Read Mueller Report, This Is Not News

Adam Schiff: Criminal or Not These Acts ‘Are Unquestionably Dishonest, Unethical, Immoral and Unpatriotic’

Flashback: Rep. Schiff: ‘More than Circumstantial Evidence Now’ that Trump Colluded with Russia, March 22, 2017

Brit Hume: Schiff So Invested In Collusion, Has No Scruples About What Mueller Report Has Clearly Shown

Jay Sekulow: ‘If They Had an Obstruction Case, They Would Have Made It’

Giuliani: Rep. Nadler Would Go After Trump Even If the Report Said He ‘Failed to Pay Four Parking Tickets’