Wednesday, November 25, 2020

GOP Witness Says A Vote Dump Yielded 300,000 Votes For Biden And Only 3,200 For Trump

Rudy Giuliani: During The Course Of This Election, Big Tech And The Media Have Only Let One Side Be Heard

California Pastor: Now You Have To Strip to Keep Your Church Open

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fox News: 700,000 Out Of Work in Los Angeles Due to New Coronavirus Restrictions

Fox News: Sources Say Trump to Pardon Gen. Michael Flynn

Tucker Carlson: Jen O’Malley Dillon Wants Mandatory Gun Buy-Backs, Has No Idea Which End Bullet Comes Out of Firearm

Sidney Powell: Massive Court Document Could Be Filed in Georgia As Soon as Tomorrow

President Trump Participates in National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony

Fox News: Los Angeles Restaurant Owner Says More Stimulus Needed, Expresses Concern About Employees Living Week to Week

President Trump Announced Market Hits 30,000, Highest in History

Monday, November 23, 2020

Fox News: Trump Team Continuing Legal Battles in Pennsylvania, Michigan

Greg Kelly: Same Guy Who Couldn’t Fill Up a Parking Lot Got 80 Million Votes

Tucker: Dems, Big Tech Used Covid to Bankrupt Trump Supporters and Change the System of Voting

Jenna Ellis Battles Ari Melber: You’re Mischaracterizing the Lawsuits and Your Viewers Need to Know It

Rudy Giuliani: Break with Sidney Powell is Because We Are Pursuing Two Different Legal Theories

Joe Concha: Reuters Poll Says 68% of Trump Supporters Want Him to Run Again

Los Angeles Restaurant Owner on Newest Restrictions: ‘That’s About to Break Us All’

MAGA Protesters in Michigan Drown out CNN Reporter’s Live Shot with Deafening ‘CNN Sucks!’ Chant

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis Says He Hopes Joe Biden Takes ‘America First’ Out of National Security Strategy

Supercut: The Media Have Just a Few Suggestions for How to Handle Thanksgiving