Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A.G. Bill Barr: Department is Heavily Engaged in Evaluating threat of Universities, Businesses Not Doing what is in Longterm Interest of United States

Laura Ingraham: Hydroxychloroquine Around for 65-70 Years

Flashback: Harvard Professor, BU Researcher Among 3 Charged With Illegal Ties To China, January 28, 2020

Trace Gallagher: NYPD Short Handed as 2,103 Officers Test Positive, 7,130 Out Sick

Gov. Cuomo: We Are Flattening the Curve in NY But the Human Cost Is Incredible

Pompeo: At this Point We Are Evaluating Our Funding with the World Health Organization

Dr. Deborah Birx: China’s Lack of Transparency with the WHO ‘Did Delay the Ability to Declare This a Global Pandemic’

Dr. Fauci: We Will Start to See the Beginning of a Turnaround

Marco Rubio: There’s Evidence the WHO Has Been Politicized By Chinese Influence

WHO Director General After Trump’s Comments: ‘Stop Pointing Fingers’ Unless You ‘Want Many More Body Bags’

Chris Wallace: Bernie Sanders Lost, ‘But He Moved the Entire Conversation in the Democratic Party’ to the Left

Sanders: If I Believed We Had a Feasible Path to the Nomination, I Would Continue the Campaign

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Sanjay Gupta: Race Is Another Risk Factor of Coronavirus

CBSN: Due to Supply Shortages, Nurses at Brooklyn Hospital wearing Trash Bags as Protective Gear

FOX News: China Bought 2.2 Billion Masks Between January 24th and End of February

Tucker: Even with Epidemic ‘Receding,’ Discussing Getting Back To Normal ‘Has Become Taboo’

VP Pence Thanks Teachers For Continuing To Educate Their Students During the Coronavirus Crisis

Trump: The WHO Seems To Be Very China-Centric So We’re Going To Look into It