Sunday, September 23, 2018

Pence: ‘The Way Some Democrats Have Conducted Themselves’ During Kavanaugh Process Is a ‘Disgrace’

Sen. Hirono Suggests Brett Kavanaugh Does Not Deserve ‘Presumption of Innocence’

Lee Smith: It Was Apparently Rosenstein Who Convinced Trump to Not Declassify FISA Docs

Dershowitz: Did Hillary Want An Investigation When Allegations Were Made Against Bill?

Fox News: W.H. Circulating Draft Exec. Order on Potentially Policing Social Media

Boxer On Kavanaugh: ‘If You Try to Rape Somebody, Only One Person in Your Life, You Are Called a Rapist’

Conway: ‘Whole Reason’ Kavanaugh Accuser Is Getting the Hearing Is ‘Because of the Republicans’

CNN’s Stelter Claims GOP Will Argue ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ to Defend Kavanaugh

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Doug Wead Appears on Fox Business Network’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Dershowitz: Trump Can Fire Rosenstein Without Being Guilty Of Obstruction of Justice

Fox News: Google Denies They Were Boosting Left Wing Groups with Search Results, Claims They Were ‘Spitballing’

Dean Cain on Hollywood Libs Backing Ford: Where Is the Video for Keith Ellison or Bill Clinton’s Victims?

Clinton: ‘I Do Not Understand What Happened to the Republican Party’

John Lauro: ‘Legal Expression’ for What Ford’s Atty. Is Doing and that’s ‘Jerking Around’ So She Has to ‘Put Up or Shut Up’