Friday, March 13, 2020

Dr. Michael Osterholm: We Are in a Fight Against a Virus, We Don’t Need Double Talk


  1. i missed in the reading the preamble of my American Constitution
    this parts that commands this sycophantic,pledge of worshiping them
    Pledge to the Overlords
    I state your name-----------here by pledge my immortal soul
    I pledge to be silent about my sufferance's and humility's
    I pledge to accept your being better that me in all things
    I pledge to remain sick and in pain.and go untreated to my end
    I pledge to that kids shall make no effort to rise above their lot
    I pledge to own or hope for nothing for my path is well known
    I pledge to that debt shall be passed to my children children
    I pledge to protect them even with the lives of my children
    I pledge to defend them till death for them is the highest honor
    I pledge to them I will give everything I support them..
    I pledge to putting them before even thy Lord and My God
    I pledge to to remain a poor man the only Birth Rite i shall know
    I pledge to I will from cradle to grave to worship and trust and obey
    ==========-all for overlords who claim to serve me?

  2. if you think every homeless person is there by choice or as tampas mayor called them drunks and drug attics. the hate you cast at your fellow Americans in crisis. But who passed oxy across America like tic tacs ? who puts liquor store on the corner of every poor neighborhoods?

  3. funny who sells the drugs they use? poor folks own planes and ships bringing them in? you understand that a ton a day of dope are about 489 kilos is sold daily in each town complaining. At 12-20 thousand a kilo then cut 40 to 60 thousand a kilo . Who feeds the junkies the junk? rich folks! see a street dealer with a semi full of cash ? me either.