Monday, December 9, 2019

Devin Nunes: Spy Ring Who Got Dirt on Gen. Flynn in 2014 are Same Spies in 2016


  1. Devin Nunes is a treasure. Amazing how many aces and stars the Rs have

  2. Unless Barr and Dunham actually fire up a grand jury and bring all the liars into the room. I feel as though we are being GAMED. I have little hope.

    1. I'm still holding on partner... perhaps they will find a backbone

  3. Their next big problem is to hope they can stop any investigation of the Bidens and Burisma. If the investigation goes forward and finds guilt it will invalidate their whole impeachment after it has been completed and possibly before the next election.

  4. Durham has empaneled a grand jury. About a month ago.

  5. Durham has empaneled a grand jury. About a month ago.

  6. The common thread in these debacles is HAMR, a.k.a. "the Hammer". There were illicit surveillance activities carried out (using HAMR, ostensibly) against Obama's political enemies. Best reasonable guess has the first use of HAMR as early as 2010-2011. If you don't know what HAMR is, please see the link to, below ... make sure you have a barf bag close at hand.

    When Brennan's crew realized HRC's 2016 election loss was possible, it was already too late to engineer a tidy, working coverup. By mid-2016, the "Brennan bunch" needed to develop plausible deniability (which they should have done before beginning operations but failed to, probably from overconfidence in HRC); the result was the Spygate fable.

    Brennan thought it'd be less damaging to admit minor criminality rather than the entire truth -- an admission of stealing an apple, when the truth was that he burnt the entire grocery store to the ground. From a propaganda design & effect calculation standpoint, this should have been enough to distract the press and the public. So far, this ruse has worked.

    Much earlier on the timeline (2013? 2014?), the Brennan bunch had the bad luck to target a then-private citizen (DJT) who not only won the R nomination, but the Presidential election too: the time between Nov 2016 and Jan 2017 was simply too short; Spygate was the best deniability cover story they could come up with in less than 60 days.

    Major crimes were committed in the Spygate fable, yet it is still little more than a series of strawmen and red herrings which has been reasonably successful in diverting attention from HAMR, the entire purpose of Spygate in the first place.

    When looking for predicates, look at HAMR, the treason-level crimes were committed in HAMR's diversion to the Brennan Bunch's control and the criminal abuses that followed. Recounting the events directly connected to HAMR would take a lot of time & space, but any anon-type investigators can start here -- -- best advice about this page is to follow all the links, which will take hours to listen to; but the details are far too valuable to ignore.

    Call this a "conspiracy theory" if you like, but we have to admit it's plausible; definitely not impossible, given Mr. Brennan's glaring lack of any decency or conscience, which he's been bolstering all on his own, very effectively, for quite a while.

    Until these two "dots" are better connected, all we can do is demand that the HAMR story be thoroughly investigated; outside counsel would be appropriate for this case. The connection between HAMR and Spygate seemed unlikely to me at the beginning; but the bizarre behaviors of the alleged plotters and other revelations since have made this hypothesis more plausible -- likely, even. If you don't know how a real whistleblower is treated, examine Dennis Montgomery's story -- Mr. Montgomery was the genius who designed, coded, and implemented HAMR by contract with the CIA. Believe me, a true whistleblower is never aggressively "anonymized" or "protected" by the government. Instead, they're arrested, harassed, prosecuted for gawdonlyknowswhat. See for yourself, make up your own mind.

    Get eyeballs on this. Soon. Pay attention to the timeline!!

    Oh, and as a post-script: REPEAL THE "PATRIOT" AND THE "FREEDOM" ACTS (gawd, what disgusting disguise titles given to such unprecedented and thieving, tyrannical, unconstitutional laws!!) NOW. These laws need to come off of the books immediately: we don't have much of a Republic to defend unless it actually becomes illegal to engage in these destructive "word games" and worse.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks Obama started government spying on Donald Trump way back when he was working with "sheriff Joe" in Arizona when the Sheriff was working of the Obama birth certificate issue. This would be years before Donald Trump even decided to run for president. I am sure Obama was probably enraged by that and found a way to illegally spy on Trump.