Wednesday, August 28, 2019

960 The Patriot: Alex Datig talks to Seth Leibsohn about the Latest Developments on Mayor of L.A. Garcetti Recall

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  1. The entire political system must be held to ethical standards and lawful boundaries. We have brought remedy to California for the national housing emergency and it's seriously telling when the status quo of taxation is preferred over making criminals pay to fix what their crimes have caused. Anyone in an office who cannot support remedy and who continues to violate their business charters must go! Follow the $$$ and the unclean hands always reveal themselves. LA, OC, Riverside and San Diego own the S.E.C.U.R.E software system at the core of title theft and we can make those using it to steal homes, land and lives accountable to pay for fixing this mess. This is a serious solution and we seriously need to remove any politician who continues the misconduct and fraud upon the people.whistle blowers work hard to bring evidence and give up so much to take a stand against criminals, and it makes it worse when our public servants are in collusion.
    A remedy for the people! please review it!