Saturday, August 17, 2019

Richard Herman: Don’t Be Surprised if Epstein Is Completely Judgment Proof and Airtight

Bill Nye: ‘The World’s Never Gotten This Warm This Fast,’ Farmers in ‘the Heartland Are Feeling the Effects’

Ben Shapiro Blasts Tlaib, Omar: According to Them Jerusalem Is ‘Palestinian Territory’

Fox News: Biden Allies want to Scale Back Public Appearances to Avoid Gaffes

Friday, August 16, 2019

Customs Computer Outage Strikes Airports All Over the Country

Fox News: Epstein Autopsy Shows Death Ruled 'Suicide', Hanged Himself

Fox Business: Jack Brewer Discusses Crime Bill "Fair Chance Act" on Making Money with Charles Payne

Fox News: Danny Masterson, Church of Scientology Sued for Alleged Stalking by Sexual Assault Accusers

Fox New: Rep. Tlaib Rejects Israel Offer of Humanitarian Visit

Thursday, August 15, 2019

FOXLA 11: Alex Datig Says ‘Mayor Garcetti more Interested in being Popular than Dealing with Homeless Issue’

Trump: The Forgotten Men and Women of America Will Never, Ever Be Forgotten Again

Fox News: Epstein Autopsy Reportedly Finds Broken Bones in Neck

Dayton Shooter Was on Cocaine, Alcohol During Massacre, Coroner Reveals

CNN: Prime Minister Netanyahu on Reps Omar, Tlaib ban 'Visit Negating Legitimacy of Israel', AIPAC Disagrees

Fox News: Israel Bans "Squad" Members Reps Omar and Tlaib from Country

Philadelphia Mayor: Officers barraged with Gun Fire from high powered Rifle for Seven Hours

Gov. John Hickenlooper Drops out of 2020 Presidential Race

Fox News: Trump Offers to Meet with China’s Xi Regarding Hong Kong Protests

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Chris Matthews Describes Philly Shooting Different than Dayton or El Paso

Janet Yellen on U.S. Recession Concerns: Most Likely No

Des Moines Register: Rep. Steve King: If not for rape and incest, ‘would there be any population left?’

Biden in 1976: Criminals Should Be Punished Instead of Rehabilitated

CBS News: FBI Says a Shooting at an ICE Office in San Antonio Was a ‘Targeted Attack’

Peter Navarro Blames Sinking Dow on Interest Rates: ‘Basically the Federal Reserve’s Problem’

Sean Spicer Mocks Scaramucci for Being Used ‘by the Left and the Media … for a Soundbite’

Portland Mayor Accidentally Calls His City ‘Sh*tty’

Doug Wead Appears on FBN’s ‘Trish Regan Primetime’ To Discuss Chris Cuomo’s Meltdown

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Chris Plante on Chris Cuomo Being Called ‘Fredo’: 'Stupid, Incompetent, Bumbling Applies to Cuomo'

The Five: Epstein Videoed Everyone on Island, Warden at Jail Reassigned

Mercedes Schlapp Defends Trump: Scaramucci Is Obviously Trying To Get the Attention

Trump Calls Chris Cuomo an ‘Out-of-Control Animal’ Who Uses ‘Horrible’ Language and ‘Spews Lies’

Rudy Giuliani on Epsteinn: ‘I Never Heard the Policy You’re on Suicide Watch for a Week’

TMZ: Chris Cuomo Enraged After Guy Hurls Italian Slur ... ‘I’LL F***IN’ THROW YOU DOWN THESE STAIRS!!!’

Source: TMZ

Monday, August 12, 2019

Trace Gallagher: Epstein taken off Suicide Watch at his Attorney's Request, hanged himself with Bed Sheet

FBN: Blagojevich Nearly Got Out of Prison Thursday Before a Member of the Trump Admin. Became Concerned About Public Pushback

Steve Bannon: Democrats May Need to Recruit another Candidate to Beat Trump in 2020

Bill Bratton on Epstein Suicide: MCC Created an Extraordinary Embarrassment for the Administration

AG Barr Vows Epstein Case Will Continue: ‘Any Co-Conspirators Should Not Rest Easy’

FPI: Los Angeles is a National Disgrace because its Citizens are Not a Priority

Alex talks about historical factors of the homeless problem in Los Angeles and how a new brand of hard left politics disrupted efforts in 2005, contributing to the present catastrophe. Currently, California Congresswoman Karen Bass, Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore, County of Los Angeles Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, Rescue Mission CEO Reverend Andy Bales, who is the leading faith-based advocate on homelessness in Los Angeles and the nation’s leading expert on mental health and addiction Dr. Drew Pinsky, have all called the situation ‘a state of emergency.’ With the 75% increase in homelessness in the past six years under his watch, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti still refuses to declare a state of emergency.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Scalise: Trump Is No More Responsible for the El Paso Shooting Than Bernie Sanders Is for Mine

NBC4: Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas: ‘Los Angeles Homeless Crisis is State of Emergency. We have to Act Quickly’

Grabien Media Montage: Trump Condemns Racism, Hatred, & White Nationalism Throughout His First Term

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Greg Gutfeld Show Commentators Discuss 'Unsolicited Politics Neutralizer' in 'Who Asked You?' segment

Howie Kurtz: Twitter War between Trump and Scaramucci like 'Political Divorce'

MediaBuzz: Howie Kurtz Exposes Media Madness Blaming Trump for Mass Shooting 'Accomplice'

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan: ‘These Aren’t Undocumented Immigrants, They’re Illegal Immigrants’

CNN’s Tapper to Beto: ‘Do You Think It’s Racist to Vote for President Trump in 2020?’

Saturday, August 10, 2019

‘The Hunt’ Canceled by Universal

Jay Inslee on Jeffrey Epstein’s Death: This Should Not Be the End of Justice for the Victims

Miami Herald’s Julie K. Brown: Epstein’s Death Might Open up the Case Even More Because People May Be Less Afraid to Talk

CNN: Jeffrey Epstein Dies in Jail by Suicide

Friday, August 9, 2019

MSNBC Guest Calls for "Pitchforks and Torches" Outside Trump Equinox, SoulCycle Owner Fundraiser

Marc Morano Appears on FNC’s ‘’ To Discuss Climate Change, New UN Report

RNC’s Ronna McDaniel: GOP Halting Twitter Ad Spending Until They Address Anti-Conservative Bias

Biden Falsely Claims Trump ‘Did Not’ Condemn White Supremacists in Charlottesville

Trump: ‘Hollywood Is Racist’

Thursday, August 8, 2019

LAPD Chief Michael Moore: Los Angeles Homeless Crisis is Social Emergency Can Not be Overstated

John Solomon: Bruce Ohr 302's shows FBI used to help Facilitate Dirty Trick

Fox News: Nadler Says He’s Started Formal Impeachment Process

Mark Steyn: Identity Politics Virtue Signaling Departing from Conceivable Reality

Fox News: Andrew McCabe Suing DOJ over Firing, wants Pension, Benefits back

Fox News: Ads Pulled in wake of Mass Shooting for Movie about "Hunting Down" Trump Supporters

Aerial View as Vietnam Veteran’s Remains Returned to U.S.

Jon Meacham: There Has To Be Some Sort of a Policy Move to Make People Feel Safer

Iowa Farmer Confronts Warren and Dems Over Wanting to Eliminate Cows

CNN: El Paso Suspect’s Mother Called Police Weeks Before Massacre

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hannity Presses de Blasio on Oil, Green New Deal: You Want To Be President, Answer My Questions

Tucker: Aside from Engaging in Tax Fraud, Did Ilhan Omar Come to America Under False Pretenses?

Ingraham to Dems: It’s Poisonous to Call Someone a Racist Because of Political Views

Trump to El Paso Police: ‘All Over the World, We’re Talking About the Job You Did’

Bulls & Bears: Debate on Federal Reserve posing Greater Threat to Economy than China

Video Shows How Close the Dayton Shooter Came to Entering a Packed Bar Before Being Killed By Police

CNN Shows Dayton Shooter Footage Hours Before Massacre

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Deroy Murdock Appears on FBN’s ‘Making Money with Charles Payne’ To Discuss $15 Minimum Wage

Fox News’ Kurtz: NY Times Caved to a ‘Left-Wing Mob,’ There Was Nothing Wrong with Headline

Morgan Stanley: If Trade Fight Continues with China, Economic Slowdown may Trigger Recession

Varney & Company: French Inventor Soars Over English Channel on Hoverboard at Speeds of 106 MPH

Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt Incredulous As Judge Nap Tells Her a Rape List Shouldn’t Prevent You Getting a Gun

Monday, August 5, 2019

Dr. Warren Farrell: 26 of 27 Mass Shooters who Killed 8 or More People Suffered from "Dad Deficit"

Hannity Panel: We Opposed Obama’s Policies But Didn’t Wish a Recession on America

Biden: Trump ‘Has Said Things No Other President Has Said Since Andrew Jackson’

Tucker Exposes Fmr. AOC Chief of Staff as a ‘Wall Street Parasite’ and Known for Moving Money Secretly

Dayton Mayor on the Mass Shooting: This Act Was Completely Preventable

Bill Maher : ‘I’ve Been Hoping for a Recession; People Hate Me for It, But It Would Get Rid of Trump’

Trey Gowdy Gets Emotional Calling for Action After Mass Shootings: Right to Bear Arms Doesn’t Matter ‘If You’re Dead’

Trump: ‘In One Voice, Our Nation Must Condemn Racism, Bigotry, and White Supremacy’

Dan Bongino Blasts ‘Disturbing, Grotesque’ Trend to Politicize Tragedy

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Fox News: Second Shooting in Dayton, OH, Officials Weighing Death Penalty Charges, Domestic Terrorism Against El Paso Shooter

Howard Kurtz: ‘Horribly Unfair’ of the Media to Suggest Trump’s ‘Responsible’ for Shootings

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley: ‘The Shooter Was Able to Kill 9 People and Injure 26 in Less than a Minute’

ABC Decides Trump Needs to ‘Answer for’ Mass Shootings He Caused

Rep. Escobar: We Have Not Just a Gun Epidemic in This Country, But We Have a Hate Epidemic in This Country

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Border Patrol Chief: 5,800 ‘Fake Families’ Discovered at the Border

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: 20 Innocent People from El Paso Lost Their Lives, Two Dozen more Injured

Fox News: Active Shooter Situation in El Paso, Texas

Friday, August 2, 2019

Marc Morano Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss Climate Change

Trump: Ratcliffe Was Treated Very Unfairly by the Press; He Doesn’t Deserve It

Ben Carson on Baltimore: When You Hold People Responsible, They Don’t Like It, They Call You a Racist

Rahm Emanuel Rips 2020 Dems Attacking Obama on the Debate Stage: ‘This Is Nuts’

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Dr. Drew: Dem Debates Avoid LA Homelessness Because It’s a Testament of Failed Dem Policies

Trump: Our ‘Lottery System’ Allows America to Pick Murderers and Robbers as Immigrants

Trump on Fixing VA Health Care: I’m the ‘Smartest’ To Think of Solutions to Fix It

Trump on Biden’s Debate Performance: ‘Sleepy Joe Limped Right Through It’

Paul Begala: Many of the 2020 Dems ‘Are Setting Themselves up to Lose the Presidency’ to Trump

Fox News: Massive Gas Pipeline Explosion Kills One, Injures Five, Pipe Stretches from Mexico Border to New York

Hiding in Plain Sight: Regular Office Devices Are Vulnerable to Hackers

Fox News: DOJ Declines to Prosecute James Comey for Leaking Classified Information