Sunday, July 7, 2019

NBC4 NewsConference: Conan Nolan Confronts Mayor Garcetti About Homeless Encampments, Rats, Trash 'Is This the New Normal?'

The 42nd Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti talks about the homeless crisis with NBC4’s Conan Nolan. The controversial Mitchell decision, cities versus cities, does the city have a credibility problem? Are all part of the discussion.

Source Link: NBC4 NewsConference with Conan Nolan

Mitchell Decision: The Los Angeles Times: L.A. agrees to let homeless people keep skid row property — and some in downtown aren’t happy

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  1. Conan wasn't throwing Garcetti softballs either he told the mayor he has zero credibility. Garcetti is so full of it I really hope he gets recalled still talking the same boy scout can't quit for the people type BS he's doing for years. Now he wants to bring in the feds why the heck didn't you think of that a decade ago clown. Quality of life for LA residents has decreased significantly due to homelessness and all the riff raff that comes with it. SHAMEFUL!