Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pam Bondi: Drug Addiction Is a Disease’ and a ‘Sickness’ and ‘We’ve Got to Help People in This Country’

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  1. Drug Addiction Is NOT a Disease’

    I know... I'm a Survivor .

    It's Self Destructive Behavior.. Certain People are Prone to this Behavior
    Brought on Culture , Pier Presser , character traits and poor self esteem.

    I Went through it All in 1969 - 1978 ,Grass Acid and Pharm's..And later in.early 70's i got hooked on Opium, Heroin,Cocaine , mixed with Alcohol and what ever else we could get our hands on..

    They Used to Call Me Fred The Head.

    I Ruined a Good 8-10 Years of my life ,and lost Friends and Family as i Hit Rock Bottom in 74-75 .. I Spent Detox' in Lock up..

    It' was there after the Sickness and Cold Shakes let up.. i realized ..
    i was in Deep Sh#t and needed Help.

    That's were i learned of a Program..

    Marathon House / addiction Detox & rehab program
    "The House as we Called it" .. Saved my Life, and gave me a Fresh Start

    For Me it was a 3 year Process..' Digging Deep into myself and Helping each other in this Self Help Therapeutic Community

    Were i finely leaned to Deal with life with out the Self Destructive Behavior..

    I Graduated the House, 1978 ..
    And have Been Clean of Heavy Drugs ever Since ..

    I'm here to say From first hand Expertise.
    ..REHAB WORKS... ! Not For All..

    But for those who Hit Bottom, there only two ways Out.
    Life,or Death.