Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We Will Build A Great Wall Across the Southern Border and Mexico Will Pay 100 Percent!

Trump: Hillary ‘Doesn’t Have the Strength or Stamina to Make America Great Again’

Rick Perry: Comey ‘Has Some Skin in the Game’ to Protect Hillary Clinton

Trump: ‘Anyone Who Has Entered the U.S. Illegally Is Subject to Deportation’

Kristina Schake: ‘We Are Very Pleased’ the FBI Is Releasing the Report on Clinton and the Server

Black Trump Supporter Wants to Send Black Americans Back to Africa

Larry the Cable Guy: Clinton ‘Will Be the End of the Country’

Rick Perry: Kaepernick Needs to Apologize to Police

Rangel: Trump Is ‘Providing a Service to This Country’; Republicans Now See GOP ‘Has Been Used’

Rubio: Dems ‘Have Been Calling Republicans Bigoted for a Long Time’

Trump: ‘I’m Going to Direct Every Agency’ to Identify ‘All Needless and Job-Killing Regulations’

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ABC News Outlines ‘Pay for Play’ Questions Surrounding Clinton Foundation

Colin Kaepernick: Hillary Clinton Would Be in Prison if She Was Any Other Person


KAEPERNICK: “I mean, once again, it wasn’t a timing thing, it wasn’t something that was planned. But I think the two presidential candidates that we currently have also represent the issues that we have in this country right now.”

REPORTER: “Do you want to expand on that?”

KAEPERNICK: “I mean, you have Hillary who has called black teens or black kids super predators, you have Donald Trump who’s openly racist. I mean, we have a presidential candidate who has deleted e-mails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate. That doesn’t make sense to me because if that was any other person you’d be in prison. So, what is this country really standing for?”

Katie Pavlich: ‘Police Aren’t Shooting Innocent Black Men’

MSNBC: Trump Says Huma Abedin Will Be ‘Far Better off’ Without Weiner

Granholm on Hillary Debate Prep: ‘At Any Given Moment’ Trump Could Be ‘One or the Other’

Veteran Without Legs: ‘Offensive’ for Kaepernick To Not Stand During Anthem and Equate It with Racism

Allen West: ‘I Do Take Umbrage’ When Kaepernick Doesn’t Respect the Flag

Black Pastor Tweets and Deletes Political Cartoon of Black Face Hillary: "Every Year Dem Party Tap Dances For Our Vote And Then Disappears"

Monday, August 29, 2016

Giuliani: ‘It’s a Shame’ What Beyonce Did on Stage at the VMA Awards

Obamacare Failure Result of Faulty Projections, W.H. Attacks Aetna for Leaving

Trump Spox: Trump Asking If Classified Material Fell into Hands of Anthony Weiner

Chaffetz: Clinton Used IT Workers with No Security Clearances, FBI Should Reveal Redacted Names

Chaffetz: ‘Most Everything’ Hillary Said About the Foundation and State Dept ‘Has Turned out To Be a Lie’

CNN Panel Rips Clinton’s Response to Secret Server and Fdn. Scandal as ‘Mind-Boggling’ and ‘Frustrating’

Kellyanne Conway: Hillary Has ‘Elevated Insult into an Art Form’

Lewandowski: Specific Actions Show Access, Quid Pro Quo Between Clinton Foundation and State Dept

Lewandowski: Trump ‘Making Inroads’ in Black Community Because People Are Tired of Not Being Safe

Christie: Clinton Will Make Illegal Felons American Citizens

Carson: ‘Common Sense’ to Use Existing Laws to Control Illegal Immigration

Sunday, August 28, 2016

FPI Podcast: Was Clinton Foundation Designed To Help Americans?

FLASHBACK: Greta Van Susteren Exposes 27-Month Delay Federal Court Filing To Produce Clinton Foundation and State Department Correspondence

Start at 0:41

New Black Panther Leader Quanell X Praises Trump’s Speech RIPS Democrat Party "We’re Being Pimped Like Prostitutes"

Kellyanne Conway: Trump ‘Hasn’t Mentioned the Deportation Force Since Last November’

Priebus: Clinton Labeled People ‘Super-Predators,’ Judged Obama Based on His Race, Not His Talents in 2008

The Hill: Poll: 67 percent think illegal immigrants more likely to commit serious crime

By Alexander Bolton, Aug. 28, 2016, The Hill

A new poll by the Pew Research Center shows that 67 percent of Americans think illegal immigrants are more likely than citizens to commit serious crimes, data that may hearten Donald Trump given the Republican presidential nominee’s tough stance on illegal immigration.

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland earlier this summer featured speeches by parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants.

But while two-thirds of respondents nationwide think illegal immigrants are more likely to commit serious crimes, 61 percent oppose building a wall along the U.S-Mexico border, which Trump has endorsed throughout his presidential campaign.

A plurality, 45 percent, believe that creating a path for illegal immigrants to become citizens and strengthening border security, along with the enforcement of immigration laws, should be given equal priority.

Those were the pillars of the comprehensive immigration reform bill passed by the Senate in 2013 that stalled in the GOP-controlled House.

Trump has recently opened the door to proposals that would allow illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens.

ABC News: New Emails Show Coordination Between Clinton Foundation and State Department

Jonathan Allen on Clinton’s Donor Influence: Public Need More than Her Saying ‘Take My Word for It’

CNN’s King: ‘This Is Nuts’ that Clinton’s Schedules Won’t Be Released Before the Election

Pence on Trump Immigration Plan: ‘Nothing Has Changed’

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump: How Quickly People Have Forgotten that Hillary Called Black Youth Super Predators

Trump on Immigration: ‘My Stance Is Very Strong … There Will Be No Amnesty’

RNC’s Spicer: Trump’s Position Is to Deport the 11 Million and the Good Ones Can Come Back

Jorge Ramos: Neutrality Is Not an Option for Journalists When Circumstance Calls for Taking a Stand

Ray Suarez: To Make Breitbart’s Bannon the Campaign Chair ‘Something of a Totally Different Order’

Eric Trump: ‘There Is No Tax Attorney in the World Who Will Tell You To Release Your Tax Returns’ While under Audit

Clinton: ‘I Am Sure’ There Are No Further Email Revelations

Assange: We Have ‘Thousands of Pages’ Relating to the Clinton Campaign

Tony Sayegh: You Don’t ‘Bleachbit’ Emails About Yoga and Weddings ‘So Clearly’ She Was Trying to Hide Something

Kellyanne Conway: ‘I’m Personally Offended’ Hillary Would Say Trump ‘Empowers’ Racists

Friday, August 26, 2016

ICYMI: Alex Datig / America Trends: Hillary No News Conf in 264 Days, How Trump Can Beat Her, Aug. 25, 2016

Trump Hits Hillary With Racism Charges in New Ad

Michael Eric Dyson: Black People Hear ‘Code-Words’ Make America Great Again and ‘Understand What They Mean’

Hillary Offers Chocolate to ‘So Wonderful, So Cooperative, So Hard-Working’ Reporters; Skips Questions

NYT’s Charles Blow Blows up on Black Trump Supporter: ‘This Guy Should Not Be Allowed’ on TV

Varney: EpiPen Maker Mylan Labs Gave $250K to the Clinton Foundation

Trump Econ. Adviser: Apple’s Tim Cook Supporting Hillary to Continue Offshoring Jobs

Sharpton Offers More Lip Service On Class Warfare, Says Trump Using Optics To Appeal To Black Voters, Offers No Proposal Or Solution

Clinton: Under Trump, America Would Be ‘the Only Country in the World to Impose a Religious Test at the Border’

Trump: Hillary Will Use ‘Oldest Play’ in the Dem Playbook, Accusing ‘Decent’ Americans of Racism

Trump Surrogate Humiliated After Quoting MLK to Black CNN Panelist to Defend Trump

Trump on Deportation: "You Can't Just Take 11 Million and Just Say 'Boom!' You're Gone!"

Trey Gowdy: Republican Congressman Says Special Software Was Used to Erase Hillary Clinton's Email

Assange on Murder of Seth Rich: ‘We’re Very Interested in Anything that Might Be a Threat’ to Alleged WikiLeaks Sources

Thursday, August 25, 2016

FPI Podcast: My Unsolicited Advice To The Trump Campaign: Like It Or Not, Get On Message!

Paul Begala Flips out on CNN While Trying to Defend Clinton Foundation

Harry Reid Calls Benghazi Mother Pat Smith ‘Crazy’

Uncle Fuming over Pledge of Allegiance Waiver: ‘We’ve Been Bending over Backwards Enough in This Country’

Chaffetz on AP Clinton Fdn. Report: ‘This Smells Like Pay to Play’

Pence: Time for Obama to Appoint Independent Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Clinton Foundation

Schweizer: Clintons ‘Blurred the Lines’ Between Foundation, State Dept. and Teneo

Assange: ‘Absolutely’ You’ll See Leaked Documents on Hillary Before Nov. 8th Election

Trey Gowdy: Clinton Emails So Classified that Even a Congressman in a Skiff Can’t See the Originator

Clinton Blaming Colin Powell for Her Email Scandal: ‘I’m Not Going to Re-litigate This!’

Hillary on Clinton Foundation: THEY Took Steps That Went Above And Beyond All Legal Requirements

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Clinton Surrogate: AP Report on Clinton Meetings with Foreign Donors Is Not Accurate

Clinton Spox Spends 4 Minutes Struggling to Defend the Clinton Foundation

NYT’s Landler: After 15k New Emails Were Found, Clinton Laughed It Off as Just a Few More

Howard Dean We Haven’t Learned One ‘Damn’ Thing from Clinton’s Emails

David Clarke: Obama Could Find Something Racist About Corn Flakes and Chocolate Milk

ICYMI: AP: Combined 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million to Clinton Foundation, met with State

AP: Many donors to Clinton Foundation met with her at State

By Stephen Braun and Eileen Sullivan, Aug. 23, 2016, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — More than half the people outside the government who met with Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state gave money — either personally or through companies or groups — to the Clinton Foundation. It's an extraordinary proportion indicating her possible ethics challenges if elected president.

At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars released so far to The Associated Press. Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million.


JW’s Farrell: Getting Hillary to Talk About the Email Server Under Oath Is an ‘Enormous Victory’

A.B. Stoddard: Clinton Fdn. Emails Could Cost Hillary the Election by Depressing Her Vote

Huckabee’s Daughter: Hillary ‘Put Our Government up for Sale to the Highest Bidder’

Chaffetz: Classified Material So Sensitive Even I Can’t See It But Hillary Gave It to Those Without Clearance

Trump on Immigration: ‘There Certainly Could Be a Softening Because We’re Not Looking to Hurt People’

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FNC’s Herridge: Majority of Foundation Donors ‘Gained Access’ to Secretary Clinton

Fail: Expert Says Obamacare Might Be on the Brink of Total Collapse (VIDEO)

By Guy Benson, Aug. 23, 2016, Townhall

Remember Bob Laszewski? He's the health insurance industry expert whose generally accurate and prescient criticisms of Obamacare over the span of several years have largely been vindicated by events. He's been watching the steady departure of insurers from the law's failing exchanges (here's the latest example) with increasing concern, warning that the entire system risks implosion within the next year if the current trajectory isn't significantly altered. Watch, via CNBC:


Krauthammer: Access, Corrupt Not Illegal. If Access Were Quid Pro Quo, Jails Would Be Growing with Politicians

Hillary on Preparing for Trump Debates: ‘I Am Drawing on My Experience in Elementary School’

State Department Confirms Clinton Foundation COO Left 150 Cheryl Mills Messages

CNN’s Keilar Says Foundation Donor Meeting ‘Stinks,’ Doesn’t Look Like ‘Official Channels’ Were Used

Chaffetz: If Trump Stays on Message, He’ll Be President

CNN: Clinton Campaign ‘Not Sure’ What Emails FBI Found on Server

Richard Fowler to Trump: Stop Treating Black People Like a ‘Monolithic Voting Bloc’

Trump: When I’m President, ‘You’ll Be Able to Walk Down the Street Without Getting Shot’

Glenn Beck: Choice Between Trump and HIllary Is a Choice Between Arsenic and a Hangman’s Noose

RNC Chair: Clintons Created the Foundation to ‘Empower and Enrich’ Themselves

MSNBC: Emails Reveal Huma Abedin Did Favors for Clinton Foundation Donors

Ann Coulter: Trump Is Not Walking Back Immigration Position, ‘We Know We’re Getting a Wall’

Monday, August 22, 2016

Reuters: Judge Orders State Dept. To Review 14,900 New Clinton Emails

Rick Scott: If It’s Corruption Now Why Wasn’t Foreign Cash Corruption When Hillary Was Sec. of State?

Brigitte Gabriel: ‘It’s About Time We See More Patriotism’ from the Muslims and ‘Less Terrorism’

O’Reilly to Trump: Fair to Say Your Judgment About Corey and Manafort Wasn’t Good?

Politico: Melania Trump taking legal action against Daily Mail for defamation

By Hadas Gold, Aug. 22, 2016, Politico

Melania Trump has started legal action against the Daily Mail and other outlets for what she claims is a defamatory article about her past.

Charles Harder, an attorney for Trump, said in an email that the legal action goes beyond just the Daily Mail and is not limited to the United Kingdom, where the Daily Mail is headquartered.

"Mrs. Trump has placed several news organizations on notice of her legal claims against them, including Daily Mail among others, for making false and defamatory statements about her supposedly having been an “escort” in the 1990s," Harder said in an email. "All such statements are 100% false, highly damaging to her reputation, and personally hurtful. She understands that news media have certain leeway in a presidential campaign, but outright lying about her in this way exceeds all bounds of appropriate news reporting and human decency."

Harder was in the news recently for representing Hulk Hogan in his successful bid to sue Gawker, bankrolled by Silicon Valley investor and Donald Trump supporter Peter Thiel, who spoke at the Republican National Convention in July.


Trump Calls for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary for Violating RICO Laws

Mike Pence: ‘People in Both Parties Are Restless for Change’

CNN Guest: For Proof of ‘Systemic Racism,’ Look at ‘Environmental Injustices in Flint’

Trump: ‘De Blasio’s Been a Terrible Mayor’; ‘The Police Have No Respect’ for Him

New RNC Ad: Hillary Clinton's Liberal Elite Summer Tour 2016

Charlie Hurt: ’Incredibly Unfair’ for Navy SEAL from bin Laden Raid To Be Punished While Hillary Gets Off

RELATED: SEAL who wrote bin Laden raid tell-all forced to give all proceeds to government

Clinton Campaign Manager Spends 4 1/2 minutes Dodging Questions About the Foundation

Flashback: Clinton Hits Bush 43 on Katrina in 2007 Radio Ad

Clinton Campaign Manager Won’t Say if Hillary Will Answer Questions About Pay for Play Allegations

Dickerson to RNC Chair: Is a Trump Presidency Going to ‘Bumpy and Chaotic’ Like His Campaign?

Symone Sanders: ‘Downright Insulting’ How Trump Is Reaching out to Black Voters

Kellyanne Conway: Roger Ailes ‘Obviously Has No Formal or Informal Role with the Campaign’

Kellyanne Conway: ‘To Be Determined’ if Trump Will Deport 11 Million Illegals

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Gingrich: RNC To Release New Information On Clinton Next Month

CBS’ Salvanto: Voters Think Hillary Clinton Is ‘Under the Influence’ of Foreign Donors

FPI Podcast: Crash-Test Dummy More Qualified to be President than Hillary Clinton! Campaign Shake-Up, Voter Discouragement, Manafort Out, Game On!

Is Wikileaks Provoking Election Outcome, or is Assange Pressuring DOJ Close of 6-Year On-Going Investigation Against Him?

RELATED: Julian Assange Open Letter to DOJ Questions On-Going Investigation Against Him, Wikileaks

‘Morning Joe’ Panel: Clinton Precedent Will Allow More People to Get off Classified Info Charges

Clinton Supporter on Her Absence from Baton Rouge: ‘I’m Not Sure Where She Is’

Trump: After My First Term, ‘I Guarantee You I’ll Get over 95% of the African-American Vote’

Rendell Backtracks Comments on Clinton Foundation Shutting Down if Hillary’s Elected

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Newt Gingrich Predicts: ‘Keep This Tape … Donald Trump Is Going to Win

FLASHBACK: Andrew Breitbart: CPAC 2012 Unity Speech

Dr. Dave Campbell: 3 of 5 Insurers Pulling Back, Gives ObamaCare a ‘D,’ Says More Problems Will Come

Huckabee: The Polls Don’t Accurately Reflect the Level of Support, Trump Needs "Goon Squad"

CBS Reports on Clinton Foundation Shakeup if Hillary Wins

Carl Bernstein on Clinton Fdn. Ending Foreign Donations: Should’ve Stopped When She Was Secretary

Lewandowski: Manafort Resignation an Important Change

Reminder: Only Obama Gets to Call the System Rigged [Montage]

Clinton Backer Landrieu Thanks Trump for La. Visit, Asks Clinton, Obama to Come

Jeffrey Sachs: American People Have Never Been Told What We’re Really Doing in Syria

Rick Wilson: Breitbart’s Bannon ‘Is a Cancer at the Heart of Conservatism’

Flashback: Obama in 2008 Blasted Bush 43 for Not Visiting New Orleans Fast Enough Following Katrina

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kerry in August: ‘The U.S.A Does Not Pay Ransom; It Is Not Our Policy’

Clinton Ally Bill Bratton on Trump: ‘What Is His Experience’ To Be the Law and Order Candidate?

Trump: "[HRC] would rather provide a job to a refugee...than to give that job to unemployed African American youth

MSNBC: Obama Has Played Nine Rounds of Golf on Martha’s Vineyard Amid Louisiana Flooding

Fred Fleitz: Clinton ‘Foundation Should Be Shut Down Immediately’

Eric Trump: My Father Didn’t Want To Be ‘Distracted’ by Things Manafort Was Dealing With

Powell: ‘No Recollection’ of Dinner Conversation Advising Clinton to Use Private Email Server

Donald Trump’s First Major TV Ad Takes Aim at Clinton on Immigration and Refugees

CBS: Manafort May Be Guilty of ‘Tax Evasion, Money Laundering’