Saturday, December 19, 2015

CBS News: Data dispute rips open Democrats' race before debate

By CBS News, Dec. 19, 2015

There's a civil war inside the Democratic Party.

Hillary Clinton is accusing Bernie Sanders' campaign of theft, saying the Vermont senator's aides stole millions of dollars' worth of voter data held by the Democratic National Committee.

The breach of information led to a suspension for the Sanders campaign, which then sued the DNC, but late Friday night, a deal was reached to clear up the messahead of Saturday night's Democratic debate.

CBS News' Julianna Goldman reports this dispute has laid bare tensions between the DNC and the Sanders campaign that had been simmering for months.

The Sanders campaign is accusing party officials of trying to undermine his campaign and to help Clinton.

Sanders' campaign cried foul on Friday, calling the suspension of its access to voter data "a death sentence" that would cost it $600,000 a day in lost donations.

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