Monday, July 31, 2023

Rep. James Comer: VP Joe Biden Demanding Firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor for Billion Dollars is ‘Quid Pro Quo’

Chad Pergram: Biden Put on Speakerphone 20+ Times, Transcript of Devon Archer Testimony Available in Three or Four Days

Turley on Devon Archer’s Testimony: The Question Is ‘Why Did [Joe Biden] Lie?’

Fox News Exposes Fact Pattern and Witnesses in Biden Business Dealings

Fox News: Devon Archer Arrives to Testify Before House Oversight Committee

Az. Sheriff Mark Lamb Slams VP Harris: What’s Irresponsible Is Not Closing the Border, That’s Her Job

Kamala Harris: Dropping Migrants at My Doorstep Is ‘Political Showmanship’ and ‘It’s Just Irresponsible’

Catherine Herridge on Documents Trump Said Didn’t Exist: It’s a Potential Compromise of Sources

Karl Rove: If Biden Loses 1% of Black Voter Turnout From 2020, He Loses Georgia

Rep. James Comer: Biden Legal Team Is Trying to Intimidate Oversight Committee’s Witnesses

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Turley: Hunter Biden’s Judge Raised the Question the W.H. Most Fears, Was He A Foreign Agent and For What Purpose?

Trump on the Indictments: They Waited Almost 3 Years So that They Could Bring Them in the Middle of My Presidential Election

Jennings: It’s Not Republicans Who Made Hunter Biden Into a Scumbag

Fox News: DoJ Trying to Arrest Hunter Biden Associate Devon Archer Before He Is Set To Testify Next Week

Donna Edwards: 2024 Republicans Are Silent on Trump Because His Critics Are at the Bottom in the Polls

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Trump: ‘I Will Appoint a Real Special Prosecutor to Expose the Monumental Corruption of the Biden Crime Family’

Cruz on Failed Hunter Plea Deal: ‘I Really Was Waiting for Hunter to Stand Up and Say “Do You Know Who My Father Is?”‘

Ted Cruz: ‘The Core Purpose’ of Hunter Plea Deal Was to ‘Protect Joe Biden’

Will Hurd: ‘Donald Trump Is Running to Stay Out of Prison’

President Donald Trump to Hold Rally at 6:00 PM EDT

Friday, July 28, 2023

Biden: ‘Maybe They’ll Decide To Impeach Me Because [Inflation] Is Coming Down’

Larry Summers Slams Biden Economic Agenda: ‘I Am Profoundly Concerned’

Woodlawn, Chicago Residents Blow Up Over Illegals in the Neighborhood: ‘They Disrespect Us, Rob Us, Harass Us’

Oliver Stone: 'I Made A Mistake When I Voted For Biden'

Kamala Harris: ‘Most Americans Are a $400 Unexpected Expense Away from Bankruptcy!’

Fox News: Devon Archer ‘In Hiding’ Afraid for His Safety In Wake of Congressional Testimony Next Week

Peter Baker on W.H.’s Hunter Biden Strategy: Two Words — ‘Say Nothing’

Fox News: Trump Hit with New Charges in Classified Docs Case

Joe Biden in 2020 Debate: ‘My Son Has Not Made Money from China’

John Yoo: We Need a Special Counsel Because There’s a ‘Conflict of Interest’ Between Biden and His Gov’t Prosecuting Hunter

Gregg Jarrett: ‘Partisan’ Jack Smith Has Already Made Up His Mind He’s Going to Indict Trump

Thursday, July 27, 2023

White House Rules out Pardon for Hunter Biden

Rep. Comer: Six Major Banks Flagged Over 170 Suspicious Activity Reports About the Bidens to the Treasury Dept., Shell Companies 'No Business Cards, No Address, No Website'

James Rosen: As New Evidence Emerged, White House Shifted Official Line on Joe Biden Discussing Overseas Business Dealings with Son Hunter Biden

Rand Paul: I Don’t Want to Impeach Every President Comes Forward, Dems Set a Terrible Precedent

NBC’s Nobles: Republicans ‘Have Yet to Provide Any Hard Evidence that the President Himself Has Done Anything Wrong’

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Rep. James Comer: ‘All Roads Lead to Joe Biden,’ Days of Lawyers Getting Away with Shenanigans Are Over

Bernard Kerik: ‘Nothing Detrimental’ to Trump in Docs Turned Over to Jack Smith

Turley: Hunter Biden’s Judge Raised the Question the W.H. Most Fears, Was He A Foreign Agent and For What Purpose?

UFO Whistleblower Says that the U.S. Recovered Non-Human Biological Pilots from Crashed Crafts

McConnell Freezes at Start of Senate GOP Leadership Press Conference and Is Escorted to the Side by His Colleagues

Jean-Pierre: ‘Hunter Biden Is a Private Citizen,’ Joe Biden Loves His Son

CNN: Judge REJECTS Hunter Biden’s Plea Agreement, Calling it ‘A Rubber Stamp’

CBS News: Hunter Biden’s Lead Attorney Told the Court ‘As Far as He Was Concerned, ‘the Plea Deal Was Null and Void’

CNN: Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal ‘Appears To Be Dead and off the Table’

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Fox News: Hunter Biden Attorney Impersonates Opposing Counsel, Lying to Delaware Clerk in Tax Case On Eve of Plea Deal

Axelrod: House Republicans Considering Biden Impeachment ‘Not Serious People’

Cartel Gunmen Attack Mexican Police Checkpoint Near Texas Border

CNN Reports RFK Jr.’s Campaign Is Paying Individuals Whose Ideologies Contradicts ‘Traditional Democratic Party Politics’

Bill McGurn: We Need to Get to the ‘Truth’ in Hunter Biden Probe

Jonathan Turley: ‘Panic Setting In’ For Democrats and Media About Hunter Biden Scandal

Author: American Society ‘Built Around Hatred of Black People’

KJP on Biden’s Dog Biting People: ‘The White House Complex Can Be Unique and Very Stressful’

Biden Is Back Whispering Again: ‘We’re Just Getting Started’

CNN: LeBron James’ Son Bronny Suffers Cardiac Arrest During USC Workout

Kevin McCarthy Doubles Down on Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Monday, July 24, 2023

Hannity: Only ‘A Few Days’ After Hunter Biden Sent WhatsApp Text He Was Wired $5 Million

Fox News: Former President Obama’s Chef Dies in Paddle Board Drowning

McCarthy Teases Impeachment Inquiry into Biden: ‘We Will Follow This All the Way to the End’

ICYMI: Alex Datig: What was the Real Reason Joe Biden Didn't Run for President in 2016?

Rep. Jason Smith: Hunter Biden Putting VP Dad on Phone To Impress Clients ‘Is So Alarming’

Pence: While Trump’s Words on Jan. 6 Were Reckless, ‘I’m Not Yet Convinced They Were Criminal’

Jen Psaki Asks If Trump’s Campaign Now Mostly ‘About Keeping Him Out Of Prison?’

Peter Schweizer: FBI Public Corruption Section Contacted Us in 2018 About Biden Corruption Allegations in Book ‘Secret Empires’

‘You Let the Country Down!’ Mark Levin Attacks Trump Appointed Judge in Classified Docs Case For Not Delaying Trial Until After 2024 Election

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Federal Agencies Being Weaponized As Political Instruments ‘A Damaging Trend for Our Democracy’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: We Need ‘Real Investigation’ Into Biden Business Dealings After Troubling Revelations

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Since Lockdowns Price of Housing Went from $250K to $400K, Two Million Lost Home in 2021 and 2022, ‘People Living in Terror’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: If a Gov’t Has the Capacity to Censor Its Critics It Has a License for Any Atrocity

Scripps News: The Biden Admin Is Suspending Funding for the Wuhan Institute

Gingrich: The Evidence Keeps Piling Up Against Biden and at Some Point ‘the Dam Is Going to Break’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: IRS Whistleblower: There Is Nothing that Indicates Hunter Biden Will Be Required To Amend His False Tax Return for 2018

Saturday, July 22, 2023

FNC’s Logan: N. Korea Says U.S. Nuclear Submarine in S. Korea May be Grounds for a Nuclear Attack

Fox News: Bidens Allegedly Coerced Burisma CEO to Pay Them Millions to Help Get Ukraine Prosecutor Fired

Southern Border Expert Jaeson Jones Describes Evolution in Trade Craft of Mexican Drug Cartel Insurgence, Slave Trade and Drug Trafficking Capability

Southern Border Expert Jaeson Jones: Trafficking Through Debt Bondage by Mexican Drug Cartels New Under Mayorkas, Tiered System Charging Victims By Nationality

Southern Border Expert Jaeson Jones Urges 'Extreme Action' to Go After Mexican Drug Cartels Over Debt Bondage

Southern Border Expert Jaeson Jones Describes How Mexican Drug Cartels Use Scouts to Interfere with Border Operations to for Migrant and Drug Trafficking

Friday, July 21, 2023

Fox News Anchor John Roberts Gives Trump Lawyer Two Brutal Doses of Reality During Live Interview

CNN’s Zanona: The Auto Workers Union Is Withholding Endorsement from Biden Because of His EV Push

John Kirby: Putin Is the One Refusing to Sit Down and Negotiate an End to the War with Ukraine

RFK Jr. Tells Fox News That Trump Censored Him For ‘Malinformation’ That Was ‘Inconvenient to the White House’

‘I’ve Never Seen You So Upset!’ Jessica Tarlov and Jesse Watters Throw Down Over RFK Jr. Testimony

Adam Schiff Tells Fox Reporter It’s ‘Par For the Course’ For House GOP to ‘Bring Bigots Before the Congress’

Goldman: Slow-Walking in Hunter Biden Probe Was Made in an Election Year Under Bill Barr’s DoJ

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Supercut: Joe Biden ‘Never’ Discussed Business Dealings with His Son

Trump: The Last Thing ‘Incompetent’ Biden Admin Should Be Doing Is Risking Nuclear War by Accepting Ukraine into NATO

Sen. Mike Lee Calls Out the Hypocrisy of the Left for Using Dark Money to Go After SCOTUS Conservatives

Hakeem Jeffries: RFK Jr. ‘Is a Living, Breathing False-Flag Operation’

Biden: By 2035, All Electricity in the U.S. Will Be ‘Clean Energy’

Biden: By 2035, All Electricity in the U.S. Will Be ‘Clean Energy’

Fox News: Mike Pence Fails to Meet Criteria To Participate in First GOP Debate

Scarborough Slams All Anti-DoJ/IRS/FBI ‘So-Called’ Whistleblowers: ‘Lies’

Sen. Kennedy: Supreme Court Ethics Bill Is As ‘Dead as Fried Chicken’

Christie: It Should Not Take Five Years to Probe Hunter Biden’s Two Misdemeanor Tax Counts

Comer: Biden Family ‘Easily’ Made $25 to 30 Million Dollars From Foreign Countries

Rep. Goldman: Our ‘Two-Tiered System of Justice’ Unfairly Forced Hunter Biden to Accept Plea Deal

Rep. Goldman on Hunter’s WhatsApp Message: ‘It Does Not Say Anything About Discussing Any Business’; Hunter Was Just Sitting with His Father

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Frmr. DEA Special Agent Derek Maltz Opening Statement on Border Security, Fentanyl, Drug Cartels

Dem Rep. Garcia Calls Hunter Biden Investigation a ‘Witch Hunt,’ Talks About Jared and Ivanka: ‘Where Is That Investigation?’

Rep. Kweisi Mfume Has a Complete Meltdown: Hunter Biden ‘Has Pleaded Guilty and Has Taken Responsibility!’

Rep. Ro Khanna Accuses IRS Whistleblower Shapley of Being ‘a Stickler for the Law’

Marjorie Taylor-Green: Hunter Biden Paid Sex Worker Through Corporation as 'Paralegal,' Across State Lines, Shows Nude Photos

IRS Whistleblower Shapley: All Decisions Made in the Case Were Made to Benefit Hunter Biden

IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley: ‘Investigators Were Not Allowed to Follow Up On WhatsApp Messages From Hunter Biden, Where He Suggested He Was Sitting Next To His Father’

IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley: DOJ Prevented IRS Investigators from Executing Search Warrant At President Biden’s Home Because of ‘Optics’

IRS Whistleblower: There Is Nothing that Indicates Hunter Biden Will Be Required To Amend His False Tax Return for 2018

IRS Whistleblower Joe Ziegler: The Decision to Bring Felony Counts Against Hunter Biden Was Agreed To By Both Prosecutors And Investigators

Sen. Kennedy: If CNN Had Film of Jack Smith ‘Eating Cheerios Off the Floor with His Dog, I Would Find that Interesting’

Trump: ‘Cocaine Is Pretty Bad, If Somebody Is Taking Cocaine and Making Decisions’

Norm Eisen Appears on ‘CNN Primetime’ to Discuss Mar-A-Lago Documents Case

Christie: Trump ‘Didn’t Care’ About Capitol Riots, He Just Wanted to Stay in Office

Fmr. Trump DoJ Official Defends ‘Right of Center’ Jack Smith: ‘He Is Not an Agent of the Deep State’

Rep. James Comer: Two Of Most Credible Witnesses Will Testify How Bank Statements Will Show How Bidens Broke Many Laws

Kamala Harris: ‘People Don’t Choose to Have A Substance Abuse Disorder’

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Fox News: Homelessness Under L.A. Mayor Karen Bass ‘Getting Much Worse,’ Up 9% in County, 10% in City

Biden Delivers Incoherent Mumbling

CNN’s Polantz: Jack Smith ’Was Spotted Today by CNN Going to Subway for Lunch, Picking up a Sandwich, Leaving and Not Saying A Word’

Fox News: Trump Sent ‘Target Letter’ in Jan. 6th Probe, Third Indictment, Second By Feds

Ned Ryun: Summer of 2024 Is Going to Be Interesting for the Dem Party If Biden Could Still Be the Primary Candidate

Biden Campaign Co-Chair: Biden’s Approval Is Bad Because of ‘Culture Wars’ and ‘Displays of Racism’

Monday, July 17, 2023

Watters Invites RFK Jr. To Discuss How Covid Targets White and Black People, U.S. Bio-Weapons

Rand Paul: Fauci Ought to Pay for His Own Security and Legal Defense if He Needs One

Fox News: L.A. Police Union Boss Stands By Comments of Encouraging Officers to Leave LAPD

McCarthy Rips Biden on Student Loans: ‘In America, You Pay Your Loan Back’

Yellen: ‘Wage Growth Is Moderating and Inflation Is Subsiding, So I Think We’re in a Good Path’

Sunday, July 16, 2023

RFK Jr.: ‘People Who Are Most Immune’ to Covid Are Jews, Chinese

NSA Sullivan: For the First Time in 150 Years, We Don’t Have a Commandant to the Marine Corps

Newt Gingrich: Republicans Should Start Focusing on Biden, ‘At A Practical Level’ Trump Is Already the Nominee

Cotton: If Biden Was Serious with W.H. Cocaine Probe, He Could Ask Everyone Who Was There for a Drug Test

Asa Hutchinson Relentlessly Booed & Jeered By MAGA Crowd At TPUSA with Chants of ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’

Ever heard of the "Ice Bucket Challenge?" - Let's try this one! Who can do it better? #StopFentanylChallenge

Tucker: ‘No One Is Punished for Lying, People Are Only Punished for Telling the Truth’

Don Jr.: My Dad Would Have Sent Me To GITMO If That Was My Laptop

Tucker: ‘No One Was More Shocked than I Was’ When They Found Cocaine at the W.H.

Rep. James Comer: Bidens Set Up Over 20 Shell Companies, Engaged in Complicated Financial Transactions Hiding Payments

Kirby Shrugs Off the Cocaine Scandal: ‘I Can’t Really Speak to the Investigation that Was Done by the Secret Service’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Rep. James Comer: IRS Whistleblower Testimony On July 19th Will Be Televised

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Leo Terrell: Trump Team Should File This ‘Game Over’ Motion

MSNBC: Biden, Dem Party Groups Raise $72 Million in Second Quarter

Gregg Jarret on IRS Whistleblowers: They Will Tell Us what Happened to Hunter Biden’s Felony Charges

Trump: ‘If People Think That Trump Is Going To Be Elected, You’ll Never Have a Recession’

Friday, July 14, 2023

‘Breakfast Club’ Trashes Inconclusive White House Cocaine Investigation: ‘No Video Cameras? Ain’t No Damn Way’

Fox News: Hunter Biden Prosecutor Ready to Answer Questions

Rep. Biggs on Cocaine at the W.H.: ‘You Wonder What Other Holes There Are in the Security’

Tim Scott Jokes that He’s Going to Appoint Tucker Carlson as His ‘Bye-Bye Ambassador’ to Help with Deporting Illegals

Eugene Robinson: Biden’s ‘Just Sharp as a Tack’

Rep. Burchett: Shut Down of W.H. Cocaine Investigation Is Another Cover-Up

Jesse Watters: John Kerry’s Wife Owns a Private Jet ... He ‘Lied His Way Through the Hearing’

Rep. James Comer: We Have to Go Through DoJ to Ask Judge to Cancel Hunter Biden Plea Deal, 'Evidence is Overwhelming'

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Fox News: Elon Musk Unveils New A.I. Startup to Take on ChatGPT

Turley: Dir. Wray’s Answer on Censorship ‘Rather Obviously False’

Climate Czar John Kerry: ‘I’ve Personally Never Owned a Private Jet!’

Disney CEO Suggests He May Dump ABC and Other Networks: ‘May Not Be Core to Disney’

McCarthy on No Suspect in W.H. Cocaine Probe: ‘Biden Inc. Family’ Is Treated Differently than Anybody Else

Fox News: Secret Service Says W.H. Cocaine Investigation Is Closed Due to Lack of Evidence

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Watters: Sources Say Hunter Biden Is Living at the White House

🔥New Trump Ad🔥

John Solomon: Secret Service To Brief Congress On White House Cocaine Tomorrow 10:00 AM EDT

Rep. James Comer: Gal Luft Worked for CEFC Like Bidens, ‘Shocking’ He Was Indicted for FARA Violation

Rep. James Comer: IRS Whistleblower Testimony On July 19th Will Be Televised

FBI Director Wray Has No Idea How Many Times the FBI Used Illegal FISA Queries to Surveil Americans

Jim Jordan Questions FBI Dir. Wray About ‘Richmond Memo’ Which Suggests FBI Infiltrate Catholic Churches

Rep. Hank Johnson: Wouldn’t Defunding the FBI Impair America’s ‘Domestic Tranquility’?

FBI’s Wray Dodges on Whether the Agency Interviewed the Man Who Dropped the 1/6 Pipebombs

Matt Gaetz Asks FBI Dir. Wray ‘Are You Protecting the Bidens?’

CNN’s Nick Watt: California Could Have Offered to Pay Rent for the Homeless with $17.5 Billion Already Spent on It

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

SPECIAL FEATURE: Alex Datig: What was the Real Reason Joe Biden Didn't Run for President in 2016?

Monday, July 10, 2023

Fox News: United Auto Workers Union Slams Biden’s EV Plan

Fox News: White House Sticking by DHS Mayorkas Despite Calls for Impeachment

King Charles Has Trouble Getting Biden to Move On

Matthew Whitaker On Hunter Biden Plea Hearing Possibly Being Delayed: ‘The Discipline of the Department of Justice Is Fraying’