Friday, June 30, 2023

Rep. Jason Smith: We Need 8 People From DOJ, 2 From FBI & 2 From IRS to Give Testimony in Hunter Biden Probe

CNN: State Dept. Releases Report on Biden Admin. Afghanistan Withdrawal, ‘Findings Damning’


Fox & Friends Celebrates Geraldo Rivera’s Remarkable Career Honoring Him in Farewell Tribute

Biden: ‘I Didn’t Give Borrowers False Hope’

Rep. Ritchie Torres: SCOTUS Ruling in Favor of a Christian Web Designer ‘Is a Dark Day ... for Democracy’

Jonathan Turley: Biden Never Had the Authority to Forgive Student Debt

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Rep. James Comer: Overseas Payments To Bidens ‘Could Exceed’ $40 Million, Laundered Through Shell Companies, Borders on ‘Treason’

Biden: ‘I Know the Polling Numbers Are Not Good,’ but They Were the Same Way in 2020

SPECIAL FEATURE: Alex Datig: Joe Biden and Hunter Biden Have A Lot of Explaining To Do

Fox News: Parkland Shooting School Resource Officer Scott Peterson Found ‘Not Guilty’ on All Counts

Geraldo Rivera: ‘I Quit Fox News’ After Being Fired from The Five, Last Appearance on Fox & Friends Tomorrow

 SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News: SCOTUS Rules ‘Harvard and UNC’s Admissions Programs ... Violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment’

MSNBC Guest on SCOTUS Ending Affirmative Action in Admissions: ‘It’s Not Preferential Treatment’

Rep. James Comer: Hunter Biden Wired Money to His Law Firm but Didn’t Practice Law, Used Funds for Sex Clubs, Pornography Site, Escort Services

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley: Hunter Biden Received $8.3 Million Which Came from Ukraine, China and Romania

John Solomon: I Called Number from Hunter’s Burner Phone and Joe Biden Answered

Reporter to Joe Biden: How Were You Involved in Your Son’s Chinese Shakedown Text Message?

Jonathan Turley: Time for Congress to Subpoena Hunter Biden

Fox News: SBA Inspector General Estimates over $200 Billion of Covid Relief Fraud

Biden: ‘[Putin] Is Clearly Losing the War in Iraq’

IRS Whistleblower: My Contemporaneous Documentation Contradicts Garland, Weiss on Hunter Case

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Megyn Kelly: Fox News Firing Entire Remaining Tucker Staff Unprecedented

Tucker Carlson: Ep. 7 Irony Alert: the war for democracy enables dictatorship.

Devin Nunes on Trump Leaked Audio: ‘It’s a Nothingburger’

Sen. Kennedy: If Biden Is So Confident He and His Son Did Nothing Wrong, They Should Release All the Documents

Trump Reacts After Leaked Recording Shows Him Discussing Classified Docs

Fox News: A Second IRS Whistleblower Has Come Forward Corroborating Gary Shapley’s Claims About David Weiss

Monday, June 26, 2023

Greg Kelly: Hunter Biden Corruption Scandal ‘One of Biggest in History,’ Exploited His Name Every Chance He Got

Flashback: Sen. Ron Johnson: F.B.I. Had Hunter Biden Laptop December 2019, During Trump Impeachment Proceedings, Did Nothing With It, Need to Explain Why - Oct. 15, 2020

Jonathan Turley: ‘Somebody is Lying’ in Hunter Biden Probe, We Have Very Serious Corruption Scandal

Trump Blasts Bret Baier’s Interview: ‘There Was Nothing Friendly About It, It Was Nasty’

CNN Airs Audio Recording of Trump’s 2021 Conversation About Classified Documents

Flashback: Hunter Biden Claims He Has Not Received ‘One Cent’ from His Chinese Business Dealings, October 15, 2019

Joe Biden: “I sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of very important things...”

Fox News: No New Developments If Judge Will Accept Hunter Biden Plea Terms In Wake of WhatsApp Text

ABC: Three San Antonio Police Officers Charged with Murder for Shooting Woman in Her Home

McCarthy: If IRS Whistleblower Allegations Are True, We Will Start Impeachment Inquires on the AG Garland

Flashback: Judicial Watch: Hunter Biden Took 411 Flights, Visited 29 Countries from 2010 to 2015, Secret Service Records Show - June 26, 2020

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Flashback: Joe Biden Expresses Concern About Corruption in Kyiv Tied To Now Russian Controlled Donbas and Fired Prosecutor Related to $1.5 Billion Loan Guarantee, Jan. 23, 2018

Flashback: Sen. Graham: ‘Hard to Ignore Hunter Biden Was Paid $50,000 a Month by the ‘Most Corrupt Person In Ukraine,’ Dec. 15, 2019

Peter Schweizer: Hunter’s Business Paid for Private ‘AT&T Global Phone Line Joe Biden Used’ While He Was VP

KNBC: 17 Gangs to Blame for Five Follow-Home Robberies Over 48 Hours in Los Angeles

Rep. James Comer: ‘There Are More Wires,’ We Have New Biden Bank Records We Just Got In This Week

Gen. David Petraeus: Putin ‘Shaken Personally, More Vulnerable’ After ‘Wagner Group’ Rebellion

Trump: I’m Probably the Only Person in History Who’s Been Indicted and My Numbers Went Up

RFK Jr. On Gun Control: I’m ‘Not Going to Take Anyone’s Guns Away’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Leo Terrell: ‘Case Not Closed,’ Judge Can Reject Hunter Biden Plea Deal in Wake of New Whistleblower Report, WhatsApp Text

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Hunter Text: Crackhead-Ramblings or Shakedown?

Flashback: Sol Wisenberg: Why Is Delaware U.S. Attorney Investigating Hunter Biden? - Dec. 9, 2020

Fox News: Wagner Group Ordered to Halt March to Moscow

Friday, June 23, 2023

Russian Paramilitary Leader Vows 25,000 Troop ‘March of Justice’ on Moscow to Confront ‘Evil’ Behind Ukraine War

Newsmax’s James Rosen Reads Entire Hunter Biden WhatsApp Text to John Kirby

Karine Jean-Pierre Confronted About Hunter Biden WhatsApp Text by WH Press Corps for Four Minutes

IRS Whistleblower Atty: IRS Agents Obtained WhatsApp Text from Hunter Biden iCloud Account with Warrant, Were Denied Trying to Confirm GPS Locations of Joe and Hunter

Leo Terrell: ‘Case Not Closed,’ Judge Can Reject Hunter Biden Plea Deal in Wake of New Whistleblower Report, WhatsApp Text

Fox News: Supreme Court Rejects Texas and Louisiana Challenge to Biden Deportation Priorities

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Greg Kelly: ‘Smoking Gun Evidence’ Revealed in WhatsApp Text Message Between Hunter Biden and Henry Zhao

Rep. James Comer: Overwhelming Evidence DoJ Covering Up Biden Family’s Criminal Activities

Tucker Carlson: Ep. 6 Bobby Kennedy is winning

Rep. James Comer: Reason FBI Does Not Have Audio Recordings from Burisma Oligarch Is Because They Never Attempted to Get The Tapes

Flashback: Tom Brokaw Asks Joe Biden in 2008: Whether It Was Inappropriate For Hunter Biden To Work For A Bank That Had Business Before The Senate

IRS Whistleblowers Allege DOJ Tipped Off Hunter Biden Over Storage Search After WhatsApp Message Discovered Demanding Payment from Chinese Official

Rep. Boebert Resolution to Impeach President Joe Biden Over Immigration Policies Passes 219-208

SOURCE: Twitter

Rear Adm. John Mauger: Titan Submersible Found 1,600 Feet from Titanic, Debris Found Consistent with Catastrophic Loss of Pressure, Families Notified

Rep. James Comer: My Sources Tell Me Agencies Were Asked to Stand Down on Hunter Biden’s Cases

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Flashback: Adam Schiff's Repeated False Claims There Is ‘Evidence of Collusion’ - Oct. 31, 2020

The House Votes to Censure Rep. Adam Schiff for 'Misleading the American Public' and for Misconduct by Adopting H.R. 521

Watters: Rappers Went to Prison for the Same Tax and Gun Charges Hunter Biden Has

Rep. James Comer: Over 50% of Two New 2017 FBI Forms 1023 in 'Ongoing' Biden Investigation 'Redacted,' 2018 Form 1023 Missing

WH’s Bernstein: We’re Seeing ‘Considerably More Disinflation than Any Other of the G-7 Countries’

Riley Gaines: NCAA Forced Me and My Female Swimmers ‘to Share a Locker Room ... with a 6’4” 22-Year-Old Male Equipped with and Exposing Male Genitalia’

Durham: ‘Our Findings Were Sobering ... What Is Required Is Accountability!’ [Full Opening Statement]

Rep. Hank Johnson Has No Idea What Is in the Durham Report or What He Was Investigating

Durham to Schiff on Foreign Governments Offering Dirt on Political Opponents: ‘I Don’t Think This Situation Is Unique in Your Experience’

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Jesse Watters on Hunter Biden’s Plea deal: ‘This Was Not a Plea Deal; This Was a Cover-Up’

Judge Jeanine Slams Biden Sweetheart Deal: Where Did Hunter Get All That Money to Owe This Much in Taxes?

CA District Atty. Todd Spitzer Calls on Mayorkas to Declare Chile ‘High Risk Country’ Over Flawed Visa Waiver Program, 100% 'No Show' To Appear in Court

Speaker McCarthy: ‘Criminal Friendly Laws’ To Blame for Chilean Organized Crime Staging Elaborate Home Invasion Robberies in California

Hunter Biden Attorney: ‘There Was No Basis’ for What Kevin McCarthy Said, This Is Not Sweetheart Deal

ABC 7: Effort to Disbar Attorney John Eastman, Former Chapman University Law School Dean and Lawyer of Former President Trump Begins Today


Tucker Carlson: Ep. 5 - As in most of the developing world, it's safer to be the president's son than his opponent.

ABC’s Karl on Biden Insisting Hunter ‘Did Nothing Wrong’: ‘Clearly His Son Did Something Wrong’

CBS’ Herridge: Hunter Biden’s Plea Agreement ‘Likely To Be Very Controversial’ as Congressional Investigations Raise ‘Very Serious Questions’

McCarthy: Hunter Biden’s Plea Agreement ‘Continues to Show the Two-Tier System in America’

Fox News: Hunter Biden Reaches Plea Deal on Two Misdemeanor Charges Likely to Keep Him Out of Jail

Monday, June 19, 2023

Bret Baier Reads List of Greatest Insults After Trump Says He Would Like To Be ‘Less Combative’ in Second Term

Susan Page: ‘Biden Has the Great Luxury of Not Having a Credible Primary Opponent’

CBS: How ‘Revenge Spending’ Led to Price Hikes

Fox News: Hungry Bear Caught On Camera Escaping Second Floor Window After Stealing Man’s Pork Chops

Eugene Robinson: Juneteenth Is ‘Our Second Independence Day’

Bebe Rexha Hit in Face with Phone During Live Show

 SOURCE: Twitter

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Says His Mayoral Salary is Paid in Bitcoin

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Mark Levin: Espionage Act is 106 Years Old, Was Never Intended to Criminalize Documents Cases

Rep. James Comer: FBI Thinks They Are Immune to Congressional Oversight

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Trump: Presidential Records Act Does Not Confer Mandatory or Discretionary Authority on Archivist to Classify Records

John Bolton: Was ‘Very Disturbing’ Trump Liked Keeping News-Clippings, Classified Docs During His Presidency, ‘Motives Hard to Read’

Bill Barr: Presidential Records Act was Designed After Watergate ‘To Stop’ Official Documents from Leaving White House

Chad Wolf on Impeaching DHS Sec. Mayorkas: ‘What They Have Done over the Past 27 Months Is a Very Deliberate Plan’

Christie: Only in the Era of Trump Do You Have to Sign a Pledge to Support the GOP Presidential Nominee

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Chuck Todd Asks Pence ‘If You Were President Biden Would You Pardon Trump Right Now?’

Gavin Newsom on Republicans Bashing California, Tells Hannity, ‘What Are You Arguing For? Mississippi’s Economic Policy?!’

Biden Holds First Campaign Rally of His 2024 Campaign: ‘This Is Not a Campaign Speech’

Friday, June 16, 2023

Peter Strzok: ‘Donald Trump Is a Counterintelligence Nightmare Still to this Day’

Gavin Newsom on Trans Athletes: I Have Never Seen So Much Attention Be Paid to So Few People

Stefanik: Joe Biden Wants This Bribery Story to Go Away But It’s Not Going to Go Away

Joe Biden Ends His Remarks at the National Safer Communities Summit: ‘God Save the Queen, Man’

Joe Biden: ‘Don’t Make Me a Dog-Faced Lyin’ Pony Soldier!’

Joe Biden: Every Damn Day in America There’s a Mass Shooting

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Newsmax: Attorney Explains ‘Socks Drawer’ Case where Bill Clinton had 79 Audio Recordings

CNN: Sen. Chuck Grassely Now ‘Not So Sure’ FBI Has Any Recordings of Foreign National Recording Biden

James Carville: Ramaswamy Has Smartest Republican Strategy by Saying He Will Pardon Trump

Rep. James Comer: We Expect To Identify ‘$20-30 Million’ in New Biden Bank Records

Tucker Carlson: Wannabe Dictator - Ep. 4

Fox News: House Blocks Schiff Censure for Russia Hoax ‘Lies,’ 20 GOP Join Dems

Fox News: Fed Signals More Rate Hikes Coming Later This Year

ABC 7: 40 Migrants Dropped Off in Los Angeles Spent Night at Church in Chinatown, Given Food, Legal Assistance

Biden Gets Mad When Asked About FBI Informant Referring to Him as the ‘Big Guy’: Why’d You Ask Such a Dumb Question?

Andrew Weissmann: Jack Smith Can Bring Dissemination Charges Against Trump in New Jersey

Sen. Lindsey Graham: If Republicans Made Dalai Lama Nominee Dems Would Try to Destroy His Life

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

MSNBC: Miami Court Ordered Trump 'Must Not Violate Any Local, State or Federal Law' While On Release in Docs Case

Flashback: David Webb: ‘Hillary Clinton Lied to the American People and in Committee, Under Oath’ - August 1, 2016

Fox News: Grand Jury Indicts Daniel Penny in Subway Chokehold Case

FBI Deputy Director Admits Redacting Mention of Joe and Hunter Biden Recordings in Document Shown to Congress

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna: We Have Authority to Eliminate FBI Director Wray’s Salary and thus His Position

Fox News: Politico Points on How Trump Can Fight 37 Counts in Docs Case, Attacking Search Warrant

Tucker Carlson: America's Principles Are At Stake

Andrew Weissmann: Everything That Is Coming Out of Trump’s Mouth Is Admissible Under the Rules of Evidence

Rep. Mark Green: The Intel that the Biden Admin Is Releasing Migrants Tied to the CCP/PLA Into the U.S. Interior Came Directly from a Border Patrol Chief

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Flashback: Jason Chaffetz: Hillary Clinton Testified Under Oath and FBI Found Statements Were False, July 9, 2016

Flashback: FBI Hillary Clinton Email Probe: Some People Have A Lot Of Explaining To Do - July 10, 2016

Trump: Presidential Records Act Does Not Confer Mandatory or Discretionary Authority on Archivist to Classify Records

Trump: Bill Clinton Kept 79 Audio Tapes in ‘Sock Drawer’ Containing U.S. Military, Foreign Policy Discussions

Trump: Joe Biden Will Forever Be Remembered As Most Corrupt in History

Flashback: Alberto Gonzales: ‘A Lot of Mystery’ and ‘a Lot of Smoke’ Around Immunity Granted to Clinton Email Deleter, Sept. 10, 2016

Sen. Ted Cruz Slams FBI Deputy Director: You Are ‘Stonewalling and Covering up Serious Allegations of Evidence of [Biden’s] Corruption’

Fox News: Trump Orders Lunch for Everyone at Cuban Cafe in Miami After Arraignment

CNN: Trump Leaves Court House After Arraignment, Entering ‘Not Guilty’ Plea

Andrea Mitchell: Judge Cannon ‘Doesn’t Even Understand the Different Levels of [Classification]’

Monday, June 12, 2023

Elie Honig: It Would Be a ‘Little Awkward’ If DoJ Asks Judge Cannon to Recuse Herself

Chris Christie Says He Can’t Name ‘Most Egregious’ Criminal Count Against Trump Because ‘There’s So Much’

Sen. Chuck Grassely: FBI Form 1023 Says Foreign National Has 17 Audio Recordings of Conversations, Two with VP Biden, 15 with Hunter Biden

Frmr San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer: Homelessness at ‘Crisis Levels,’ Far Exceeding National Average, Tripled Since 2020, Homeless Vets Up 17%

Rep. James Comer: Burisma Wanted to Buy U.S. Energy Company, Do IPO, Needed ‘A Biden’ on Board

Fox News: George Soros Hands $25 Billion Empire to Son

Rep. James Comer: FBI Told Us Joe Biden is Currently Under Investigation for Bribery

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Mark Levin Blasts Indictment: Presidential Records Act ‘Not A Criminal Statute,’ Trump Faces 100 Years In Prison, Case Undermines Country, ‘Sickening!’

Eric Holder: Not Sure if Trump-Appointed Judge Has Legal Acumen to Project Notion of Neutrality

Eric Holder: Notion of Convicted Felon Serving as President of the United States ‘Is Absurd’

Alina Habba: Trump Not Taking Plea

Alina Habba: Trump Has ‘Presidential Records Act in His Defense,’ Biden and Hillary Did Not Have That

Bill Barr: Trump ‘Not a Victim’ in Docs Case, Had No Right to Retain Them, Government Acted Responsibly, ‘Very Egregious Obstruction’

Sen. Lindsey Graham: We Live In World Where It Takes Four Years to Investigate Biden and 18 Months to Go After Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Hillary Clinton Allowed Classified Info To Get On Convicted Felon Anthony Weiner’s Computer and Nothing Happens!

Saturday, June 10, 2023

‘I Have No Comment’: Biden Is Asked About Trump Indictment

CNN: ‘Unabomber’ Ted Kaczynski Dead at Age 81

Trump: ‘Every Time I Fly Over a Blue State, I Get a Subpoena’

Happening Now: President Trump Speaks at Georgia GOP Conference

Newt Gingrich: Trump Indictment 'Vicious,' Worthy of Zimbabwe or Cuba, 'Totally Ruthless Power' of Government

Alan Dershowitz Points Out the ‘One Page’ in Trump’s Indictment the Fmr. President Should Be Very Concerned About

Friday, June 9, 2023

Wolf Blitzer: Why Only 31 Charges When There Were Hundreds of Documents?

Speaker McCarthy: Trump Indictment Will ‘Disrupt’ Nation

John Yoo: Jack Smith’s Statement ‘Ignores All Serious Constitutional Separation of Powers and Political Issues’

Flashback: CBSN: Rep.Trey Gowdy Questions FBI Dir. James Comey About Hillary Clinton Emails

Flashback: CNN: Did Hillary Clinton ‘Acid-Wash’ Her Emails? - Oct. 2016

Special Counsel Jack Smith on Trump Indictment: Our Laws ‘Apply to Everyone’