Friday, March 31, 2023

Drone Video Shows Extensive Damage in Little Rock, AR From Tornado

‘We Expect a Mug Shot’: Hannity and Trump’s Lawyer Discuss What Will Happen at Arraignment

Brett Tolman: Bragg Will Try to Circumvent Statute of Limitations Arguing for ‘Covid Exception’

Andy McCarthy: Trump Being Charged with 34 Felonies, Four Year Counts Each (quoting Tacopina)

Bill Bratton Discusses Trump Indictment and Police Preparedness in New York

Mike Pence: I Haven’t Spoken with President Trump in Two Years

Bill Barr: Trump Indictment ‘Archetypal Abuse of the Prosecutorial Function to Engage in a Political Hit Job’

Michael Cohen: Donald, ‘Since We’re Talking About Convicted Felons, See You on Tuesday Pal’

Lanny Davis: Paying Hush Money Is ‘Such a Serious Crime that Impairs Our Democracy’

Eric Trump: My Father’s Only Crime Was Winning the 2016 Election

Joe Tacopina: Trump was ‘Shocked’ About Indictment, I’ve Never Been More Angry

Pence: It’s Time for Federal Legislation with a Death Penalty for Mass Shooting

Thursday, March 30, 2023

NBC: Former Fox News Producer Speaks Out: ‘Harassment So Bad, Had To Call Crisis Line’

CNN Analyst Says NYPD Has Ordered Every Cop in the City of Every Rank To ‘Show Up In Uniform Tomorrow’

CNN: Manhattan D.A. Issues Statement on Trump Indictment, ‘Arrest Early Next Week’

Jonathan Turley on Indictment of Donald Trump: ‘It’s Rather Outrageous, It’s Legally Pathetic’

#BREAKING CNN: NY Grand Jury Votes to Indict Trump

McCarthy on H.R. 1: ‘America Is Stronger Today Because of What Happened in Congress on a Bipartisan Basis’

Jean-Pierre: ‘U.S. Citizens Residing or Traveling in Russia Should Depart Immediately’

Fox News: Russia Detains WSJ Reporter on Spying Accusations, W.H. Condemns, WSJ Demands Release

Fox News: Gun Control Protesters Gather at Tennessee Capitol Demanding ‘Assault Weapons Ban’

Lemire: If You Are Biden, Do You Deal with Fox After They Willingly Lied About the Election?

MSNBC: Judge Orders Release of Fox News Internal Docs in Dominion Lawsuit

Sen. John Kennedy: Gavin Newsom Would Like to Run in ’24, ‘He’s Got Very Pretty Hair’

Sen. Ted Cruz: Mayorkas Is Deliberately Defying Federal Law and Causing the Border Crisis

Fox News: Another Hunter Biden Business Partner Has Visited the W.H. Sixteen Times While Biden Was VP

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

CNN: Trump Appeals Ruling Forcing Meadows and Other Aids to Testify

CNN: Nashville Police Believe Shooter Had Weapons Training; No Evidence Shooter Had Issues with School

Sen. John Kennedy Asks DHS Mayorkas What His Definition of a Military-Style Assault Weapon Is

NBC: U.S. and Mexico Weigh Agreement on Fentanyl and Guns

Fox News: Grand Jury in Trump ‘Hush-Money’ Probe May Not Hear Case for Weeks

Rep. Gaetz Confronts Defense Sec. Austin About Funding Drag Queen Story Hours on Military Bases

Yellen Has No Answer on How or Why IRS Showed Up to Matt Taibbi’s Home

Rep. Waltz to Sec. Austin: ‘It’s Reasonable for the American Taxpayer To Be Sick and Tired of Subsidizing European Social Spending’

Fox News: Officers Praised for Heroic Response in Nashville Shooting

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Hannity to Trump: Why Give up a ‘Great Life’ and Run For President Again?

Lawrence Jones: Shooters Pick Soft Targets, Why Don’t We Have Security Measures at Every School?

Sen. John Kennedy Asks DHS Mayorkas: ‘Did You Just Parachute In From Another Planet?’

Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts DHS Mayorkas Over Child Sex-Trafficking by Cartels, Got-Aways: 'Your Agents Despise You!'

'You Should Be Fired!:' Rep. John Cornyn Rips DHS Mayorkas Over Fentanyl Deaths, Demands Apology to Families

KCAL 9: Suspect Jumps Out of Stolen CHP Cruiser During High-Speed Chase

Chaplain Black: ‘When Babies Die at a Church School, It Is Time for Us to Move Beyond Thoughts and Prayers’

Katie Pavlich: IRS Agent Left Note on Matt Taibbi's Door On Day He Was Testifying in Washington D.C.

Video Shows Nashville Police Taking Down Suspect in School Shooting

MSNBC: Fire at Migrant Center in Mexico Kills at Least 39 Migrants, Injures Dozens

DHS Mayorkas Flies Off the Handle After Sen. Hawley Tells Him He Built 'TicketMaster for Illegals' with CBP Phone App

Sen. Cruz Asks Sec. Mayorkas Five Times if There Is a Crisis at the Border, Gets No Answer

Sen. Cruz Hammers Mayorkas: I’ve Seen Dead Bodies Floating in Rio Grande Because of Your Refusal To Do Your Job, Shows Chart

Monday, March 27, 2023

VIDEO Shows Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale Firing Rounds Inside Structure

Trump on Legal Challenges: I Don’t Know Whether it Helps or Hurts But It’s a New Way of Cheating in Elections

Trump: DeSantis Had ‘Tears in His Eyes’ Asking Me For an Endorsement

Christie on Trump: ‘His End Will Not Be a Calm and Quiet Conclusion’

Police Chief on Nashville Killer: ‘She Does Identify as Transgender’

NBC News: Nashville Shooting Suspect Identified as Local Resident Audrey Hale

Biden: ‘We Have To Do More To Protect Our Schools So They Aren’t Turned into Prisons’

Nashville PD: School Shooter Was Female, ‘Armed with at Least Two Assault-Type Rifles and a Handgun’

Fox News: Multiple Victims After School Shooting in Nashville, Tenn., Gunman Dead

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Rep. Comer: Up To Rep. Jim Jordan to Subpoena D.A. Bragg If He Refuses To Testify Before House Oversight Committee

Leo Terrell: Alvin Bragg Is A Total Embarrassment To The Legal Profession, A Laughing Stock

Mother of a Man Murdered in NYC Slams Alvin Bragg: ‘No One Is Being Prosecuted’ in Manhattan and Bronx

ABC: NY Court House Stepping Up Security as Jury Is Set To Meet Monday

Frmr. SDNY Atty. Preet Bharara: Some May Argue It’s ‘A Miscarriage Of Justice’ If Trump Is Not Held Accountable in Hush-Money Probe

Trump Attorney Joe Tacopina’s Wild Interview on Meet The Press: ‘Chuck, You Couldn’t Be More Wrong!’

Alan Dershowitz: A.G. Bragg Could Lose Law License by Putting Witness on Stand He Knows Is Lying

DHS Mayorkas: ‘Heartbreaking’ to Hear About Loss of Life, See Devastation of Mississippi Tornado First Hand

Joe Concha Reacts to Judge Duncan Invited to Speak at Stanford University: ‘It’s Refreshing to See’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Robert Costello Shows Michael Cohen Attorney Client Privilege Waiver After Cohen Lied About It

Saturday, March 25, 2023

TODAY 6:00 pm EDT: President Trump Holds First 2024 Campaign Rally in Waco, TX

Ryan Goodman on Mark Meadows Ordered to Testify in Jan. 6 Investigation: ‘He Can Reveal So Many Things’

Fox News: Human Smuggler Abandons One-Year-Old Baby at Southern Border

Fox News: Two Migrants Dead 10 Hospitalized While Smuggled On Train at Texas Border

CNN: Tornadoes Tear Through the South Leaving at Least 24 Dead

CNN: Powerful Tornado Causes Significant Damage in Mississippi

Friday, March 24, 2023

FCC Commissioner: I Wouldn’t Support Anything But an ‘Outright Ban’ of TikTok at This Time

Melber to Carville: Is the Stormy Daniels Case ‘Partisan Overreach’ Like the Dems Said About Clinton’s Lewinsky Case?

Jill Wine-Banks: We Should Be More Worried About Trump’s Saturday Rally in Waco, TX than Protesters at NY Court House

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Miranda Devine: Hunter Biden Has an FBI Mole Named ‘One-Eye’ to Tip Off His Chinese Business Partners

Andy McCarthy: More Chance Today Trump Arrest Won’t Happen than At Beginning of Week

Fox News: NY D.A. Bragg Dismisses Grand Jury Again, Under Immense Political Pressure to Drop Case

Fox News: TikTok CEO Says ‘Any Content Promoting Human Abuse’ Is Not Permitted On Platform

Fox News: House Committee Seeks Document Production from NY DA’s Office Staffers Who Resigned Over Trump ‘Hush-Money’ Probe

Biden: ‘I Like Babies Better than People’

Rep. Kat Cammack Plays Video for TikTok CEO Threatening Violence Against House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair McMorris Rodgers

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

‘Trying to Get Two Million People Laid Off’: Elizabeth Warren Calls for Jerome Powell’s Ouster for Trying to Cause a Recession

Trump Lawyer: If I Cross-Examined Michael Cohen, ‘There’d Be No Meat Left on that Bone’

Jonathan Turley: NY D.A. Bragg Presented with ‘Target-Rich Environment’ If He Puts Michael Cohen on Witness Stand

Powell: Runaway Fiscal Spending ‘Is Not Driving’ the Story on Inflation

Stuart Varney: The Inflation Reduction Act Was Another Excuse to Spend More Money

Blinken: ‘After Action Report’ on Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal Will Come Mid-April

Blinken Admits Mexican Fentanyl Is Killing ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Americans

Fox News: Lawsuit Alleges Meta Turned Blind Eye to Sex Trafficking

Andy McCarthy: Bragg Has Evidence Problem, Trump Was Not Trying to Conceal a Crime

Fox News: Trump Gand Jury Dismissed for Today, ‘On Standby for Tomorrow’

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Flashback: Tucker: Hiring Michael Cohen as Your Lawyer Is Like Hiring Bernie Madoff as Your Accountant, Aug. 25, 2018

Ted Cruz: Unlike Trump Case, Alvin Bragg Wouldn’t Prosecute Hillary Clinton For Calling Funds For Steele Dossier ‘Legal Fees’

Robert Costello: Michael Cohen Asked for Pardon When He Wasn’t Even Charged With A Crime

Robert Costello‘s Interview About Michael Cohen with NewsmaxTV’s Rob Schmitt

Dershowitz: Bob Costello Is a Game-Changer, He May Be the Cause For the Delay Here

WATCH: Michael Cohen caught Lying on TV

CNN: Michael Cohen Advised to ‘Stop Talking on TV,’ Hush Money Case Statue Ends in May

Andy McCarthy: Manhattan Grand Jury Only Meets Mon., Wed., Thurs., Nothing Will Happen Today, Still Hearing from One More Witness

Tom Homan: Biden Border Policies Are Not Humane, They Are Killing People in Record Numbers

Fox News: Biden Signs Bipartisan Bill to Declassify Covid Origins

Monday, March 20, 2023

Trump Lawyer: Wherever We Go, We Will Win This Case

Robert Costello Says His Former Client Michael Cohen Is ‘Convicted Perjurer’ Who Told Him ‘50-100 Lies’

Robert Costello Shows Michael Cohen Attorney Client Privilege Waiver After Cohen Lied About It

Kirby Says Cease-Fire in Ukraine Is ‘Unacceptable’: Ukraine Should Reject It and We Would Reject It as Well

Sen. Kennedy on Trump Calling for Protests: ‘Don’t Be a Knucklehead and Riot, Do It Peacefully’

Jim Jordan: What Was the Service Bidens Were Providing that Warranted Receiving All This Money from China?

Jim Jordan: We Want To Know If Bragg Used Federal Dollars To Go After Trump, Expect Him To Testify

Sunday, March 19, 2023

John Bolton: If Trump is Indicted but Not Convicted, It Will Re-Elect Him

Trey Gowdy: AG Alvin Bragg Finally Stumbled Upon ‘The One Crime’ Worth the Full Weight of His Office

Mark Levin: What Has Trump Done To Deserve This? Why Are They Looking For Novel Legal Theories to Go After the Man?

ABC7 NY: DA Bragg Says He ‘Will Not Be Intimidated’ As Trump Proclaims His Innocence Joined By Outraged Republicans

Jonathan Turley: Bragg Case Against Trump Based on Weak Theory, Happened Seven Years Ago, Statute Ended Five Years Ago

Rep. James Comer: We Are Seeking Bank Records In 11 More Biden Business Deals

Mike Pence: Here We Go Again with Another Politically Charged Prosecution Against the Former President of the United States

Mary Bruce: Running Against ‘A Felon’ Wouldn’t Be A Bad Thing for Joe Biden

Chris Christie Slams NY D.A. Alvin Bragg: ‘Failed New York Miserably on Crime,’ Now Wants To Go After Trump

Chris Sununu: NY Case Against Trump ‘Builds a Lot of Sympathy’ for Him

Front Page Index Clip of the Week: Rep. James Comer: Newly Subpoenaed Records Reveal $3 Million Wire Transfer from CCP to Biden Family

Saturday, March 18, 2023

CNN: Three Biden Family Members Received Over $1 Million After Biden Associate Got $3 Million Wire from Shanghai-Based Company

Dan Bongino Urges ‘Peaceful Protest’ Over Possible Trump Arrest and to ‘Vote Accordingly’

Jonathan Turley: NY AG Bragg Trying to Prosecute Trump in Federal Crime DOJ Decided Not to Prosecute

Fox News: Trump Says He Expects To Be Arrested on Tuesday

John Miller: Trump Could Hold News Conf at NY Court House Saying He Is ‘Victim of Blackmail Plot by Porn Star, Political Shakedown’

John Miller Describes Security Measures in the Event of a Felony Criminal Indictment of Donald Trump

Friday, March 17, 2023

Dershowitz Says Trump Should ‘Be Worried’ About an Indictment from the Manhattan D.A.

‘This Is a Huge Development’: Fox News Reports Trump Could Be Handcuffed After Indictment Next Week

Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Mexican President Makes Straw-man Arguments, We Want Full Force of Government, Military to Go After Cartels

Jonathan Turley: Biden 'Lied' when He Said He Had 'No Knowledge' of Hunter's Business Dealings

Fox News: Hunter Biden Files Countersuit Against Laptop Repairman Over Privacy Violations

Peter Schiff: The SVB Bailout Is Another Nail in the Coffin of Capitalism

Fox 4: Texas Senate Unanimously Passes Bill Criminalizing Fentanyl Overdoses as ‘Poisonings,’ Charging Distributors with Murder

McCarthy Slams Dems for Boycotting Border Hearing: ‘They Can’t Face What Is Really Happening’

SUPERCUT: Frmr. DEA Derek Maltz on the Fentanyl Crisis

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Nikki Haley: Put Special Operations Forces Into Mexico To Deal with Drug Cartels

CBS 2: Sober Man Opens ‘Club 164’ for People in Sobriety

CNN: 11 Major Banks Join Together in $30 Billion Rescue of First Republic Bank

Sen. Kennedy on Calling out Germany over Defense Spending: ‘If Germany Gets Mad … They Need to Call Someone Who Cares’

NBC News: Pentagon Releases Video from Drone Collision with Russian Jet

Jean-Pierre: ‘We’re Going to Secure the Border’

Leo Terrell: Mayor of San Francisco Also Eligible for $5 Million in Reparations ‘Because of Skin Color’

Fox News: New Bank Docs Show Hallie Biden Received $25K from Biden China Deal

FNC’s Bill Melugin: Grandmother & Granddaughter Killed After Their Car Was Hit During a High Speed Migrant Chase

Yellen Admits the Fed Won’t Extend SVB-Style Bailouts to Rural Community Banks

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

CBP Chief Ortiz: Migrants Can Schedule Appointment with Asylum Officer on CBP One™ Mobile App from Home Country


Chairman Green: DHS Mayorkas Came Up with Phone App Immediately Granting Parole to Illegals Upon Entry to U.S.

Sen. Kennedy: ‘It’s a Bailout! I’m Not Going to Bubble Wrap It’

Brit Hume: No Bank Can Survive Paying All Depositors At Once

Steve Bannon’s Former Business Partner Guo Wengui Was Arrested and Then His $32.5 Million Apartment Caught on Fire

Rep. James Comer: Newly Subpoenaed Records Reveal $3 Million Wire Transfer from CCP to Biden Family

Fmr. FDIC Chairman Warns More Banks Will Fail; Situation Similar to 1970s When Government Was ‘Out of Control with Its Fiscal Policies’

Defense Sec. Austin Calls Russian Downing of U.S. Drone ‘a Troubling Episode’

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Alex Datig: What’s the Difference between Fentanyl and Russian Roulette?

National Border Council VP Jon Anfinsen Goes After Mexico’s President: ‘He’s Just Not a Serious Person’

Faulkner Focus: Lawmakers Slam W.H., DHS Mayorkas, Calling for Resignation After Migrant Rush

MSNBC: Inflation Rose by 0.4% in February

Carl Icahn: Our System Is Breaking Down, ‘We Absolutely Have a Major Problem in Our Economy Today’

Roger Altman: U.S. Banking System Is on the Verge of Being Nationalized

CNN: Meta Announces a New Round of 10,000 Layoffs

Rep. Comer: The Question Is, What Were the Bidens Doing To Receive Massive Amounts of Money from China

Rep. James Comer: SVB was ‘Woke Bank,’ Made Loans to ‘Very Risky Ventures’

Monday, March 13, 2023

Fox News: Sen. McConnell Released from Hospital After Concussion, Also Has Minor Rib Fracture

Evening Edit: Climate Activists Outraged Over W.H. Approval of Largest Oil Drilling Project Ever in Alaska

Outnumbered: Gov. Newsom Ends Walgreens Contract Over Abortion Pills

Frmr. DEA Derek Maltz: DEA Undercover Agents Were Sold Fentanyl at 75 Cents a Pill at Cost of 15 Cents a Pill

CBS’ Herridge: U.S. Government May Have Paid Twice for Projects at China’s Wuhan Labs Through the NIH and USAID

Biden Blames Bank Failures on Trump Administration Rolling Back Dodd-Frank Law

Steve Hilton: Joe Biden’s 2020 Election Caused Closure of U.S./Mexico Anti-Cartel Partnership

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Sen. Bob Menendez: We Need to Look at ‘Temporary Protective Status’ to be Part of Asylum Solution

Sen. Bob Menendez: Mexico Has Responsibility to Establish Safety and Security within Its Own Territory