Tuesday, February 28, 2023

FBI Dir. Wray: ‘We Don’t Tell Social Media Companies to Censor, Anything,’ ‘Ban Accounts’

Fox News: Lori Lightfoot Fails to Advance in Chicago Mayor’s Race

CNN: Veteran Took Out $5,250 Student Loan in 1977, Still Owes $4,900 in 2023, Gov’t Garnished 15% of His Social Security

Biden: ‘By the Way, Youdoxagoodifthesanensinlenotions’

Biden Falsely Claims He Reduced the Debt $3 Trillion

Fox News: Mother Who Lost Two Sons Over Fentanyl Poisoning Calls for Action on Border Crisis

CBS Mornings Outlines New Details in Fox News Defamation Suit by Dominion

Oliver Darcy: Fox News Knew Truth About Election, Fed Audience Lies Because of Financial Incentives

CNN: Rupert Murdoch Testified in Dominion Lawsuit Some Fox News Hosts Endorsed Election Lies

Dr. Birx on Lab Leak Theory: We’re Not Doing Enough to Prevent This from Happening Again

Monday, February 27, 2023

‘So Much for a Conspiracy Theory’: Fox News Plays a Montage of Media Dismissing the Covid Lab Leak as Conspiracy

Sen. Rand Paul: Dr. Fauchi Gave Waiver to Bypass Committee Review When Authorizing Wuhan Lab Research

Jen Psaki: Energy Department Covid Report ‘Not Insignificant ... But We Still Don’t Actually Really Know’

NBC: Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Says His Comments Were Taken ‘Out of Context’

Fox News: U.S. Housing Market May Be Heading for 2008-Style Crash

Zelenskyy to U.S.: Give Us More Money or You Will Lose NATO & Leadership Position in the World

Marc Thiessen: Why Is There No 9/11 Commission for the Covid Pandemic?

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Fox News: WSJ: Energy Department Says Covid Likely Emerged in Lab

Sen. Joe Manchin: Weight of Debt of Our Own Nation is Greatest Threat We Face

MediaBuzz: ‘Hundreds’ of Newspapers Including WaPo, L.A. Times Drop Dilbert Over Creator’s Racist Rant

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Secretary of State Blinken Confirms China Spy Balloon Was Engaging in “Active Surveillance” Over “Very Sensitive Military Sites”

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Frmr. DEA Special Agent Derek Maltz: Cheap, New ‘Flesh-Eating,’ Zombie Drug Being Mixed in with Fentanyl

ICYMI: Smerconish: Is America Sleepwalking Into World War lll with Nearly $30 Billion Investment into Ukraine? - Feb. 11, 2023

Mike Pence Rails Against ‘Unprecedented’ Effort to Get Him to Testify Against Trump in Jan 6 Probe

NYU Professor Discusses Why Young American Men Are Single, Lonely and in Crisis

CNN: New Study Finds Recession Will Be Necessary to Cool Inflation

Friday, February 24, 2023

Rep. Mark Green: Mexican Drug Cartels Now Legally Shipping Precursors to U.S. to Make Illegal Pills Here

Watters on FBI Agents’ Misconduct Report: They Were ‘Reckless and Acted Above the Law’

Evening Edit: Biden Says He Has ‘No Plans’ To Visit Ohio Train Derailment Site in East Palestine, OH

Evening Edit: Biden, Buttigieg Official Schedules Show They Could Have Gone to East Palestine, OH Earlier

Dem Rep. Garamendi on Helping Ukraine and Not East Palestine, Ohio: East Palestine Is a ‘[Norfolk Southern] Problem’

Biden: I’m Not Sure How Many People Are Questioning Ukraine Spending, ‘I Know the MAGA Crowd Is’

Ingraham: I Maintain that Don Lemon’s Turtlenecks Cut off Oxygen to His Brain

Alex Murdaugh Admits Stealing About $3.7 Million in 2019 Alone

Trump: Pete Buttigieg Should Have Been in East Palestine ‘on Day One’

Defense Sec. Austin on Ukraine: Most Likely It Will End with Some Sort of Negotiation

Sec. Yellen: ‘Our Support for Ukraine Will Be Lasting and Is Unconditional’

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Hannity: There is Still Obsessive, Compulsive, Never-Ending Hatred of Trump Even Though He’s Out of Office Two+ Years

Fox News: NTSB Findings of Ohio Train Derailment Causing Toxic Chemical Spill ‘100% Preventable’

MTG: We’re Paying For Ukrainian Officials’ Pensions While East Palestine Is Suffering From ‘Basically a Nuclear Bomb that Exploded in Their City’

Fox Anchor Mocks Trump Grand Jury Head For Refusing to Accept Fox Interview: ‘Cat Got Her Tongue?’

East Palestine Resident: Sec. Buttigieg’s Visit ‘Very Late’

Sec. Buttigieg on Not Visiting East Palestine, Ohio Sooner: ‘I’m Trying to Strike the Right Balance’

Rep. Don Bacon on Leaked Military Records: DCCC Paid $110,000 to Due Diligence Firm Who Did Identity Theft

Yellen: ‘In the Coming Months, We Expect to Provide Around $10 Billion in Additional Economic Support for Ukraine’

Trump Tells Ohio Residents He Brought Them ‘Trump Water’ and Also ‘Lesser Quality Water’ to Help Overcome Toxic Chemical Spill

Asked What the Admin Is Doing for Small Businesses, VP Harris Cites a Program Telling People How to Pay Taxes

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Trump: ‘FEMA would have been here a long time ago’ on visit to East Palestine, Ohio

Scarborough Gushes Over Biden’s Warsaw Address, Likens It to Reagan’s ‘Tear Down This Wall’ Speech

Jimmy Failla: Don Lemon ‘Was Off TV for 3 Days But He Was Seen by the Same Amount of People’

Trump on the Ground In East Palestine, Ohio to Biden: ‘Get Over Here’

Megyn Kelly Bashes CNN’s Chris Licht for Not Firing Don Lemon: ‘Does Someone Have to Grab a Boob for Us to Count?’

Biden Stumbles Up Air Force One Stairs Again Leaving Poland

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Joe Concha: If Nikki Haley is ‘Past Her Prime,’ Half the Cast on The View Should Be ‘Extinct’

Fox News: Supreme Court Debates Big Tech Immunity Over Online Content

CNN: GA Grand Jury Forewoman Teases ‘Recommending’ Multiple Indictments in 2020 Election Probe

Tucker on Don Lemon Controversy: Once Again, the Revolution Eats One of Its Own

NATO Chief: We’re ‘Increasingly Concerned’ that China Will Arm Russia

Norfolk Southern CEO: I’d Bring My Children Back to East Palestine, Ohio, ‘It’s Safe’

Pa. Gov. Shapiro: ‘The EPA Will Use Its Vast Authority to Ensure Norfolk Southern Pays to Clean Up the Mess that They Created’

Fox News: State Department Cuts Off Funding of “Disinfo Index” Website After Biased Scoring System of Speech is Uncovered

Biden: ‘I Can Report that Kyiv Stands Strong’

Biden: ‘Putin Tried To Starve the World’

CNN’s King on McCarthy Giving 1/6 Tapes to Tucker: Maybe if I Give This to You You’ll Be Nice to Me?

Monday, February 20, 2023

OAN: Speaker McCarthy to Release All 41K Hours of Jan. 6th Footage to Tucker Carlson

Rep. Scott Perry: Biden Has Failed to Articulate to the American People What Our National Interest Is in Ukraine

NBC4: Arrest Made in Murder of Los Angeles Bishop David O’Connell

Ron DeSantis: Biden Admin’s ‘Blank Check Policy’ on Ukraine Is Unacceptable

John Fredericks Speaks on Joe Biden Neglecting People of East Palestine, Ohio

Evelyn Farkas: Biden’s Visit to Kyiv Sends Message ‘to the Russian People that Putin Is Losing’

In Kiev, Biden Vows Billions More for Ukraine, Will Keeping Sending Support ‘As Long As It Takes’

Biden: It’s Good To Be Back in Kyiv

Reince Priebus: Ten or Eleven States with Less Than 100,000 People Will Determine the Outcome of the Next President

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Secretary of State Blinken Confirms China Spy Balloon Was Engaging in “Active Surveillance” Over “Very Sensitive Military Sites”

CNN: Police Departments Across the Nation Implement New Strategies to Recruit Officers

Father of Teen Bullying Victim Who Committed Suicide: ‘There’s a Culture Where These Kids’ Think Bullying Is Fun

CNN: Fmr. U.S. President Jimmy Carter to Live Out His Remaining Days at Home Under Hospice Care

Andrea Mitchell to VP Harris: Some Dems ‘Don’t Think You’re The Right Person To Be on the Ticket’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Newt Gingrich: Biden Administration ‘Most Dishonest’ in American History

Saturday, February 18, 2023

CNN Guest Mocks Don Lemon for His Awkward Comment About Women in Their ‘Prime’

Fox News: Frmr. DNI Clapper Claims Politico ‘Distorted’ 2020 Letter

Norfolk Southern CEO Visits East Palestine, Ohio: ‘I’m Here to Support the Community’

Friday, February 17, 2023

All Five Ex-Officers Plead Not Guilty in Tyre Nichols’ Death

Shannon Bream: Based on what Don Lemon had to Say About Women, I’m Going Straight to my Walker and Head to the Nursing Home

Kirby on Reports that One of the Balloons Shot Down May Have Been from a Hobby Club: ‘We May Not Be Able To Recover It’

Fox News Hosts Break Down in Heart-wrenching Segment on Bullying in High Schools After Report on Teen Suicide

CNN: Court Docs: Trump Called Into Fox During Jan. 6th Riot, Executives Refused to Air

Kirby Can’t ‘Promise’ that the Public Eventually Find out What Three Unidentified Objects Are

Gov. Mike DeWine: Ohio River Is Safe as Water from East Palestine Approaches Cincinnati

Kevin McCarthy Slams Biden Over Fentanyl Epidemic Inaction: If These Were Airlines Crashing, America Would Wake Up by the 3rd Day

Nikki Haley Mocks Don Lemon: I Didn’t Say ‘Sexist, Middle Age CNN Anchors Need … Mental Competency Tests’

Newt Gingrich on Biden Bragging About His Meetings with Xi: ‘He Didn’t Learn Anything’ from It

Sec. Mayorkas: I’ve Done Nothing Wrong, Republicans Want to Impeach Me for Political Reasons

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Dr. Siegel: Biden’s Physical Exam Is More Significant For What it Leaves out than What It Actually Tells Us

Gutfeld Calls Don Lemon ‘The Dumbest Man in America’ For Comment on Women Being in Their ‘Prime’

J.D. Vance Tests Water in Ohio Creek Bed to Show Rise of Toxic Chemicals

McConnell: ‘The Chinese Are Clearly an Adversary’

NSA Sullivan: Chinese Spy Balloons Had Overflown Our Country Without the Knowledge of the Trump Admin. Because the Radars Weren’t Picking Them Up

Fox & Friends First: Big Tech CEOs Hit with Subpoenas

Newt Gingrich: Biden Administration ‘Most Dishonest’ in American History

Fox News: EPA: Testing Finds ‘No Signs of Toxins’ from Train Disaster

President Biden Gives Update on Chinese Spy Craft, Unidentified Flying Objects

Biden Gets Snippy with Reporter: ‘Give Me a Break Man,’ I Will Only Address ‘More Polite People’

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Jesse Watters: Ohio Residents Locked Down for Covid but Forced Back to Work, Kids to School Days After Chemical Explosion

Former NORAD Chief on Spy Balloons: ‘Our Vulnerabilities Are Going To Become More and More Important’ as China Advances

CBS News: Heart Attack Deaths Increasing in Young Adults

Pence Says He’ll Fight DoJ Subpoena: ‘My Fight Is on the Separation of Powers’

Nikki Haley Calls for ‘Mandatory Mental Competency Tests for Politicians Over 75 Years Old’

Sen. Kennedy Grills Climate Witness: How Much Will Spending $50T Lower Temperatures If India and China Do Nothing?

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Sen. Josh Hawley: Way Things Are Going We Might Be Better Off If Aliens Were Running the White House

Steve Milloy Appears on FNCS’ ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ To Discuss Toxic Fumes

Kari Lake to Piers Morgan: ‘I Frankly Don’t Give a D*mn What You Think’

Newsmax’s James Rosen Asks Jean-Pierre Point-Blank If Biden ‘Is Woke’

Fox News: Ohio Governor Hold News Conference on 'Controlled Burn' After Toxic Chemical Spill Due to Train Derailment, Says He was 'Aware' There Would Be Explosion

Biden Still Claims He Cut Deficit as Economists Say His Policies ‘Undoubtedly’ Led to Bigger Deficit

Sen. Kennedy on Chinese Balloons & UFOs: If You’re Confused, You Understand the Situation Perfectly

Monday, February 13, 2023

Tucker: There Is Chaos in America’s Domestic Air Space

McCarthy Tells America to ‘Hold on to Their Valentine’s Day Balloon, Otherwise We’d Have a Big Problem Tomorrow’

East Palestine Resident: The Smell Gives You a Headache... Your Cameraman Smells It

‘I Would Be Very Suspicious’ of All U.S. Adversaries: Former NORAD Chief Broadens Suspects on Recent Spy Balloons

Fox News: Mexican Drug Cartels Caught Using Drones on U.S. Side of Border

Jean-Pierre: ‘There Is No Indication of Aliens or Extraterrestrial Activity with These Recent Takedowns’

James Rosen Tells Kirby Pentagon Official Says ‘Not Ruling Out Extraterrestrial Presence’

Kirby: There Is No U.S. Surveillance Craft in Chinese Airspace

John Kirby on China Accusing U.S. of ‘Illegally’ Flying Balloons Across Its Airspace: ‘Absolutely Not True’

James Clapper: ‘This Is Becoming Balloon-Gate’

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Rep. Michael McCaul: China Collecting U.S. Military, Nuclear Capabilities with Spy Ballon in Preparation for Military Conflict with Taiwan

GOP Rep. Turner: Biden Admin’s ‘Trigger-Happy’ Stance with the Latest Flying Objects Is Preferable to the Stance They Had with the Spy Balloon

Chiefs Win Super Bowl LVII on 27-Yard Field Goal

ABC: Turkey & Syria Earthquake Death Toll Surpasses 33K as Aid Workers Arrive from Around the World

Rep. James Comer: Hopefully Biden Family Will Be As Cooperative with Our Investigation as Jared Kushner was with Jan. 6th Investigation

Fmr. Ariz. AG Brnovich: Arizona Ranchers Tell Me the Situation at the Border ‘Has Never Been This Bad’

Sen. Chuck Schumer: Second and Third Spy Craft Entered Commercial Airspace at 40,000 Feet

Rep. James Comer: ‘A Concern’ American’s TikTok Data Is Being Shared with China

Fox News: U.S. Shoots Down Fourth Unidentified Object Over Lake Huron

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Rep. Higgins Tells Twitter Execs to Prepare To Be Arrested for Criminal Interference in the 2020 Election

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Fox News: Biden Briefed on New Unidentified Object Shot Down by U.S. Pentagon Over Canada

Fox News: Spy Craft Debris Recovery on Hold Due to Weather; Recovered Payload Mostly Intact

Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark: There Shouldn’t Be Any Concern About Protecting U.S. Airspace; ‘I Think We’re Doing a Fine Job’

Fox News: Officials Ramping Up Security Ahead of Super Bowl

MSNBC: FBI Finds One Classified Document in Pence Home Search

Friday, February 10, 2023

Adam Schiff on Special Counsel Subpoenaing a Former Vice President: ‘You Don’t Start with a Witness Like Mike Pence’

Kat Timfp Slams Biden for Going After Food Server’s Tips with New 87K IRS Hires

Fox News: U.S. Confirms Second ‘Object’ Shot Down Over Territorial Waters of Alaska, ‘Roughly Size of Small Car’

McConnell Says Sunsetting Social Security, Medicare Is a ‘Rick Scott Plan’ Only: It’s Not a Republican Plan

Al Sharpton: Americans Couldn’t Care Less About Censorship and Hunter Biden

CNN’s Bill Weir: Great Salt Lake May Disappear in 5 Years Due to Unchecked Water Use and Climate Change

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Fox News: Former VP Pence Subpoenaed by Special Counsel Probing Trump

Concha on Biden Not Doing the Super Bowl Interview: ‘Gutless Is the Right Word’

Ted Cruz: Biden’s SOTU Speech Was Angry, Divisive, Really Out of Touch, Profoundly Dishonest

ICYMI: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Exposes Fired Twitter Exec. Vijaya Gadde Ties to Private Cloud Coms Connected to DHS, CISA on which Gadde is Still on Advisory Council

Sen. Johnson: ‘It Is Important to Recognize Corrupt Individuals Within Federal Agencies … Are Not Acting Alone’

Sen. Grassley: FBI Whistleblowers Have Informed My Office of Criminal Activity Related to Hunter and James Biden

CNN: Chinese Balloon Was Capable of Monitoring U.S. Communications

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Frmr. DEA Agent Derek Maltz: U.S. is Losing 9,000 Kids Per Month to Fentanyl

Rep. Comer Confronts Twitter Exec With His Own, Giant Printed-Out Tweet: ‘You Think All Conservatives Are Nazis’

Rep. Higgins Tells Twitter Execs to Prepare To Be Arrested for Criminal Interference in the 2020 Election

‘You Guys Censored Harvard-Educated Doctors!’ House Republican Rails at Twitter Exec Over ‘Blacklist’ of Covid Critics

Yoel Roth: The Government Didn’t Tell Us that the Hunter Story Was Fake or Hacked

Baker: I Did Not ‘Engage in Any Conspiracy or Other Effort To Do Anything Unethical’ While I Was at Twitter

Fmr. Twitter Safety Head Says He Was Forced to Sell His House and Move Due to Elon Musk Spreading Homophobic Nonsense About Him

Fmr. Twitter Safety Head: ‘Unrestricted Free Speech Paradoxically Results in Less Speech, Not More’

Twitter Whistleblower Claims Management Instructed Her to Prevent WWIII Because of Trump’s Qasem Soleimani Tweets

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Trump’s SOTU Response: Biden and the Radical Dems Caused the Worst Inflation in Half a Century

Biden: ‘Americans Are Tired of Being Played for Suckers’ Urges Passage of ‘Junk Fee’ Prevention Act

Biden Says ‘Some Republicans’ Want Medicare and Social Security to Sunset, Gets Heckled

Biden Says He Wants to Stop Fentanyl Trafficking with Detection Machines and Working with FedEx

Biden Blames Congress for Not Passing His Plan to ‘Secure the Border’

Biden: ‘Inflation Has Fallen Every Month for the Last Six Months’

Joe Biden: U.S. is ‘Only Country’ Emerging Stronger from Crisis Than When We Entered

Carl Rove: One in Three Americans Approve of Biden’s Handling Economy, Wages Not Keeping Up with Inflation

Fox News: Border Patrol Chief Testifies In Past Year, ‘Enough Fentanyl Seized to Kill Every Arizonan 21 Times'

‘The View’ Grills Jean-Pierre About Biden’s Poor Polling: He Can’t Even Clear the ‘Low Bar’ of Trump’s Numbers

Oklahoma Gov. Stitt Calls for a Ban on ‘All Gender Transition Surgeries and Hormone Therapies on Minors in the State’

Fox News: 58% of Democrats Do Not Want Biden to Run in 2024: Poll

Karine Jean-Pierre Repeats False Claim that Biden Lowered the Federal Deficit

Karine Jean-Pierre Falsely Claims Gas Prices Went Down Because of Work Biden Has Done

Fed’s Powell: Fed Can’t Shield the Economy if Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised

Monday, February 6, 2023

Brit Hume: Biden SOTU Will Be ‘Good Night for Netflix’

Fox News: Middle East Earthquake and Aftershocks Leaves Thousands Dead in Turkey and Syria

Gingrich Argues Biden Is Only ‘Suggester-in-Chief’: ‘The American Military Just Ignored Him’ Regarding the Balloon

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Addresses The Nation About A Responsible Debt Limit

Biden: ‘I’m Not Sure’ U.S. Should Ban TikTok; ‘I Know I Don’t Have It on My Phone’

Jean-Pierre: ‘We Knew Exactly Where the Balloon Was Going’

Janet Yellen: ‘You Don’t Have a Recession When You Have 500,000 Jobs’

Ro Khanna on TikTok: ‘There Should Be a Forced Sale to an American Company’

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Rep. Jason Smith: Biden Reckless Spending Costing Every American More Money

Howard Kurtz: Hunter Biden Making Himself ‘Bigger Media Target’ with Blistering Letters from Attorneys

Mark Levin: We Have The ‘Most Dangerous’ FBI Today Since Its History

Fox News: 166 Million Americans Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Includes People Making $100K+

Rubio: Not a Coincidence That the Spy Balloon Appeared Ahead of the SOTU Address and Blinken’s Visit to China

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Sen. Ted Cruz: We Know Biden was Raided by FBI Three Times and It Was Kept Secret

China Reacts to Downing the Balloon: The U.S. Is ‘Overreacting and Seriously Violating International Practice’

Friday, February 3, 2023

Lt. Gen. Kellogg: Chinese Spy Balloon ‘Just Shows Inaction on Part of the Administration’

FBN’s Casone on 517,000 Jobs Added: ‘All I Can Say, What a Surprise’

Transgender Activist Testifies in Favor of a Bill to Make Minnesota a ‘Trans Refuge’ that Will Allow Them to Mutilate the Genitals of Their Kids Before Puberty

Biden: No, I’m Not Taking Blame for Inflation, ‘It Was Already There When I Got Here, Man!’

Biden Completely Ignores Questions on the Chinese Spy Balloon Floating Over the United States

Thursday, February 2, 2023

Fox News Panel Weighs In On Hunter Biden Letters Calling for Probe Into Dissemination of Laptop Content

Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman: I Didn’t Want to Possess the Laptop, I Wanted Hunter to Pick it Up

NBC’s ‘Today’ Cheers Hunter Biden’s Attorney’s Demanding the Feds ‘Criminally Investigate’ Those that Promoted and Shared Information from His Laptop

Biden Says He and McCarthy Had a ‘Good Meeting’ After Not Reaching Agreement on Debt Ceiling

McCarthy: ‘No Agreement’ on Debt Limit with Biden, ‘We’ll Be Talking Again’

AOC Defends Rep. Omar: ‘This Is About Targeting Women of Color’

McCarthy Announces Sarah Huckabee Sanders Will Deliver the Republican Response to the State of the Union Address

Fox News: NJ Councilwoman Shot and Killed in Possible Targeted Attack Outside Her Home

Jean-Pierre: Removing Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee Is a ‘Disservice to the American People’