Monday, March 20, 2023

Trump Lawyer: Wherever We Go, We Will Win This Case

Robert Costello Says His Former Client Michael Cohen Is ‘Convicted Perjurer’ Who Told Him ‘50-100 Lies’

Robert Costello Shows Michael Cohen Attorney Client Privilege Waiver After Cohen Lied About It

Kirby Says Cease-Fire in Ukraine Is ‘Unacceptable’: Ukraine Should Reject It and We Would Reject It as Well

Sen. Kennedy on Trump Calling for Protests: ‘Don’t Be a Knucklehead and Riot, Do It Peacefully’

Jim Jordan: What Was the Service Bidens Were Providing that Warranted Receiving All This Money from China?

Jim Jordan: We Want To Know If Bragg Used Federal Dollars To Go After Trump, Expect Him To Testify

Sunday, March 19, 2023

John Bolton: If Trump is Indicted but Not Convicted, It Will Re-Elect Him

Trey Gowdy: AG Alvin Bragg Finally Stumbled Upon ‘The One Crime’ Worth the Full Weight of His Office

Mark Levin: What Has Trump Done To Deserve This? Why Are They Looking For Novel Legal Theories to Go After the Man?

ABC7 NY: DA Bragg Says He ‘Will Not Be Intimidated’ As Trump Proclaims His Innocence Joined By Outraged Republicans

Jonathan Turley: Bragg Case Against Trump Based on Weak Theory, Happened Seven Years Ago, Statute Ended Five Years Ago

Rep. James Comer: We Are Seeking Bank Records In 11 More Biden Business Deals

Mike Pence: Here We Go Again with Another Politically Charged Prosecution Against the Former President of the United States

Mary Bruce: Running Against ‘A Felon’ Wouldn’t Be A Bad Thing for Joe Biden

Chris Christie Slams NY D.A. Alvin Bragg: ‘Failed New York Miserably on Crime,’ Now Wants To Go After Trump

Chris Sununu: NY Case Against Trump ‘Builds a Lot of Sympathy’ for Him

Front Page Index Clip of the Week: Rep. James Comer: Newly Subpoenaed Records Reveal $3 Million Wire Transfer from CCP to Biden Family

Saturday, March 18, 2023

CNN: Three Biden Family Members Received Over $1 Million After Biden Associate Got $3 Million Wire from Shanghai-Based Company

Dan Bongino Urges ‘Peaceful Protest’ Over Possible Trump Arrest and to ‘Vote Accordingly’

Jonathan Turley: NY AG Bragg Trying to Prosecute Trump in Federal Crime DOJ Decided Not to Prosecute

Fox News: Trump Says He Expects To Be Arrested on Tuesday

John Miller: Trump Could Hold News Conf at NY Court House Saying He Is ‘Victim of Blackmail Plot by Porn Star, Political Shakedown’

John Miller Describes Security Measures in the Event of a Felony Criminal Indictment of Donald Trump

Friday, March 17, 2023

Dershowitz Says Trump Should ‘Be Worried’ About an Indictment from the Manhattan D.A.

‘This Is a Huge Development’: Fox News Reports Trump Could Be Handcuffed After Indictment Next Week

Rep. Dan Crenshaw: Mexican President Makes Straw-man Arguments, We Want Full Force of Government, Military to Go After Cartels

Jonathan Turley: Biden 'Lied' when He Said He Had 'No Knowledge' of Hunter's Business Dealings

Fox News: Hunter Biden Files Countersuit Against Laptop Repairman Over Privacy Violations

Peter Schiff: The SVB Bailout Is Another Nail in the Coffin of Capitalism

Fox 4: Texas Senate Unanimously Passes Bill Criminalizing Fentanyl Overdoses as ‘Poisonings,’ Charging Distributors with Murder

McCarthy Slams Dems for Boycotting Border Hearing: ‘They Can’t Face What Is Really Happening’

SUPERCUT: Frmr. DEA Derek Maltz on the Fentanyl Crisis

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Nikki Haley: Put Special Operations Forces Into Mexico To Deal with Drug Cartels

CBS 2: Sober Man Opens ‘Club 164’ for People in Sobriety

CNN: 11 Major Banks Join Together in $30 Billion Rescue of First Republic Bank

Sen. Kennedy on Calling out Germany over Defense Spending: ‘If Germany Gets Mad … They Need to Call Someone Who Cares’

NBC News: Pentagon Releases Video from Drone Collision with Russian Jet

Jean-Pierre: ‘We’re Going to Secure the Border’

Leo Terrell: Mayor of San Francisco Also Eligible for $5 Million in Reparations ‘Because of Skin Color’

Fox News: New Bank Docs Show Hallie Biden Received $25K from Biden China Deal

FNC’s Bill Melugin: Grandmother & Granddaughter Killed After Their Car Was Hit During a High Speed Migrant Chase

Yellen Admits the Fed Won’t Extend SVB-Style Bailouts to Rural Community Banks

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

CBP Chief Ortiz: Migrants Can Schedule Appointment with Asylum Officer on CBP One™ Mobile App from Home Country


Chairman Green: DHS Mayorkas Came Up with Phone App Immediately Granting Parole to Illegals Upon Entry to U.S.

Sen. Kennedy: ‘It’s a Bailout! I’m Not Going to Bubble Wrap It’

Brit Hume: No Bank Can Survive Paying All Depositors At Once

Steve Bannon’s Former Business Partner Guo Wengui Was Arrested and Then His $32.5 Million Apartment Caught on Fire

Rep. James Comer: Newly Subpoenaed Records Reveal $3 Million Wire Transfer from CCP to Biden Family

Fmr. FDIC Chairman Warns More Banks Will Fail; Situation Similar to 1970s When Government Was ‘Out of Control with Its Fiscal Policies’

Defense Sec. Austin Calls Russian Downing of U.S. Drone ‘a Troubling Episode’

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Alex Datig: What’s the Difference between Fentanyl and Russian Roulette?

National Border Council VP Jon Anfinsen Goes After Mexico’s President: ‘He’s Just Not a Serious Person’

Faulkner Focus: Lawmakers Slam W.H., DHS Mayorkas, Calling for Resignation After Migrant Rush

MSNBC: Inflation Rose by 0.4% in February

Carl Icahn: Our System Is Breaking Down, ‘We Absolutely Have a Major Problem in Our Economy Today’

Roger Altman: U.S. Banking System Is on the Verge of Being Nationalized

CNN: Meta Announces a New Round of 10,000 Layoffs

Rep. Comer: The Question Is, What Were the Bidens Doing To Receive Massive Amounts of Money from China

Rep. James Comer: SVB was ‘Woke Bank,’ Made Loans to ‘Very Risky Ventures’

Monday, March 13, 2023

Fox News: Sen. McConnell Released from Hospital After Concussion, Also Has Minor Rib Fracture

Evening Edit: Climate Activists Outraged Over W.H. Approval of Largest Oil Drilling Project Ever in Alaska

Outnumbered: Gov. Newsom Ends Walgreens Contract Over Abortion Pills

Frmr. DEA Derek Maltz: DEA Undercover Agents Were Sold Fentanyl at 75 Cents a Pill at Cost of 15 Cents a Pill

CBS’ Herridge: U.S. Government May Have Paid Twice for Projects at China’s Wuhan Labs Through the NIH and USAID

Biden Blames Bank Failures on Trump Administration Rolling Back Dodd-Frank Law

Steve Hilton: Joe Biden’s 2020 Election Caused Closure of U.S./Mexico Anti-Cartel Partnership

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Sen. Bob Menendez: We Need to Look at ‘Temporary Protective Status’ to be Part of Asylum Solution

Sen. Bob Menendez: Mexico Has Responsibility to Establish Safety and Security within Its Own Territory

Rep. Katie Porter: Rising Interest Rates Caused SVB Failure

CNN: Dems Fear Years of Negativity About Kamala Harris ‘by Dems’ Could Pose Political Problem for Biden

Fox News: 8 Dead, 7 Missing Off San Diego Coast After Migrant Boats Capsized

‘Prosecute Me For WHAT?!’ Anthony Fauci Erupts Over ‘Insanity’ of ‘Irresponsible’ Calls for His Arrest

Dem Sen. Menendez Won’t Say If He’d Vote to Declare Mexican Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Frmr. DEA Derek Maltz: FBI, DEA, DHS Have Not Gone to Mexico Together for High Level Meetings on Cartel Fentanyl Trafficking

Fox News: 95% of Deposits at Failed SVB were Uninsured

Sen. John Kennedy: We Can't Go Into Mexico Without Mexico's Permission

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Jesse Watters: Nine More Boxes of Documents Seized from Joe Biden Attorney’s Office

Saturday, March 11, 2023

CNN: Peter Thiel Withdrew Millions From Silicon Valley Bank Before Federal Takeover

ICYMI: Fox Business: Four Biggest US Banks Lose $47 Billion in Value, Spooked by SVB Selling Assets at $1.8 Billion Loss

Bill Maher: Biden Will Beat Trump, Generally Restored Country to ‘Normality’

Aaron Klein: SVB is $200 Billion Bank, Only Has 16 Branches, Mainly Banked Tech Startup Companies

Smerconish: Experts Say Medical Tourism to Mexico is ‘Low Risk’ Despite Kidnappings

Smerconish: Roku Held $487 Million in Mostly Uninsured Deposits at Failed SVB Tech Lender

Greg Kelly Exposes Left’s Double Standard on Crime and Punishment

Raymond Arroyo: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Returns with 'Body-Inclusivity and Empowerment Models'

‘Someday, Some Therapist Is Going To Make a Good Bit of Money Out of It’: American Citizen Held in Iranian Prison for 7 Years Speaks to CNN

John Sullivan Explains Why Russia Is Using Hypersonic Missiles: ‘They Definitely Want to Hit the Target They Are Aiming at’ (Six Kinzhal of 81 Missiles Fired)

MORE ON SPECIFICS OF MISSILES: Ukrainian Cities Hit by New Wave of Russian Missile Attacks

MSNBC: 2 Dead as Floods Intensify in Central, Northern California

Fox News: House Votes to Declassify Covid-19 Origins Info

Friday, March 10, 2023

Fox News: President Obrador To Launch Info Campaign for Mexicans ‘Not to Vote for Republicans’

Charles Payne on Latest Jobs Report: There Are ‘Some Serious Issues’ Under the Surface

Fox News: Second Largest Bank Failure in U.S. History Caused Feds to Take Over 16th Largest U.S. Bank in CA

Fox News: Mexican President Says ‘Fentanyl a U.S. Problem’

Kevin McCarthy Signs H.J. Res. 26, Which Nullifies the D.C. Crime Bill

Sec. Yellen Says the IRS Doesn’t Know an Individual’s Race But Their Algorithms Are Racially Biased

Frmr. DEA Derek Maltz: U.S. Has ‘Severe Threat to Homeland’ from Mexican Drug Cartels

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Fauci: If You Took A Flu Shot This Year, That Was Made Using ‘Gain-of-Function’ Research

Matt Taibbi: Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Others Developed Formal System for Taking In Moderation Requests from FBI, DHS, HHS, DOD, Global Engagement Center at State, Even CIA

Rep. Mike Johnson: ‘Twitter Was Basically an FBI Subsidiary Before Elon Musk Took It Over’

McCarthy: ‘Raising Taxes in This Economy Is Wrong’

Fox’s Doocy to Biden: Does Your Budget Proposal Have Any Chance of Passing?

NYC Mayor Adams Hits Kamala Harris Over Migrant Crisis: ‘Too Much in Her Portfolio’

Fox Business: Biden WH Rules Out Labeling Cartels Terrorist Organizations

Michael Schellenberger and Matt Taibbi Respond to House Panel Twitter Files, Moderation Practices Inquiry

FBI Director Wray Falters When Asked if He or AG Garland Signed Off on the Raid of President Trump’s Home

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Jesse Watters: Nine More Boxes of Documents Seized from Joe Biden Attorney’s Office

CNN: Speaker McCarthy Declines Zelensky's Invitation to Ukraine

Fox News: Sen. Mitch McConnell Hospitalized After Fall, Severity of Injuries Unknown

FBI Dir. Wray: Federal Government Is ‘Not Able to Keep Tabs’ on Illegal Immigrants Entering the Country

Frmr. AG Bill Barr: Goal Should Be Mexicans Know U.S. Special Ops Will Go In and Destroy Cartels With or Without Mexico’s Cooperation

Frmr. AG Bill Barr: Demand Reduction by Reducing 13% of Fentanyl Overdoses in Five Years with Narcan is Not Progress

ABC7: Family Files Lawsuit After Toddler Dies From Fentanyl Exposure in Florida Airbnb

MSNBC: House GOP Ramping Up Investigation Into Whether Jan. 6 Committee Told the Full Story

Jim Jordan: The Whole Effort to Label Covid Lab Leak a Conspiracy Was Actually a Conspiracy

McCarthy Doesn’t Regret Giving Tucker the 1/6 Footage: ‘I Said at the Very Beginning: Transparency’

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Sen. Linsey Graham: U.S. Should Make Drug Cartels Terrorist Organizations, Use Military Force to Blow Up Labs

Erin Rachwal: Every Eight Minutes We Are Losing One American to Fentanyl

Marlon Wayans: Tucker’s Jan. 6th Report Is Like Trying to Show Footage of 9/11 Planes Taking Off

Hawley: What We Know Is Fauci ‘Actively Worked to Discredit the Idea, What I Believe Fact’ that Covid Came From a Lab Leak

Dr. Fauchi: ‘No Verifiable Answer’ to Question if FBI or Energy Dept. Are Right About ‘Lab Leak' Theory

Oliver Darcy: New Dominion Documents Reveal Rupert Murdoch Email Asking if Hannity, Ingraham ‘Went Too Far’ on Voter Fraud Claim

Jean-Pierre on Tucker Carlson’s Capitol Riot footage: ‘January 6 Was the Worst Attack on Our Democracy Since the Civil War’

KCAL 9: Norfolk Southern Conductor Killed After Train Collides with Dump Truck in Ohio

Gordon Chang: China Trying to Justify Strike on U.S.

Jerome Powell: ‘The Ultimate Level of Interest Rates Is Likely To Be Higher than Previously Anticipated’

D.C. Police Chief: ‘The Average Homicide Suspect Has Been Arrested 11 Times Prior to Them Committing a Homicide’

AG Garland Announces the DoJ Is Suing to Block JetBlue’s Proposed $3.8 Billion Deal to Acquire Spirit Airlines

Ron DeSantis Just Struck Down the ‘Blogger Bill’ that Forces Bloggers to Register with State

CNN: Kidnapping Victims Were Lost Trying to Find Doctor’s Office in Matamoros, MX

Fox News: Two Americans Kidnapped in Mexico Dead, Two Alive Back in U.S., One is Seriously Injured

CNN: Biden Admin. Considers Detaining Migrant Families that Biden Once Called ‘a Affront to Human Dignity’

Schumer Calls on Fox News and Rupert Murdoch to Stop Tucker from Releasing More January 6 Footage

Monday, March 6, 2023

CNN: Americans Kidnapped by Cartel Members in Mexico ‘A Case of Mistaken Identity,’ Victims Mistaken for Haitian Drug Smugglers

Tucker Carlson: Q-Anon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, Tour-Guided Through Capitol By Capitol Police on Jan. 6th

Frmr. A.G. Barr: Mexico Is ‘A Failed Narco-State,’ Gov’t Being Held Hostage by Thousands of Paramilitary Members of Terrorist Organizations

Fox News: Four U.S. Citizens Kidnapped in Mexico ‘Do Not Travel Region’ After Gunmen Fire Upon Vehicle

Speaker McCarthy: ‘Three Greatest Threats to America Long Term Is Our Debt, Our Education System, and China’

Fox 5: 35+ Arrested in ‘Week of Action’ Protests and Rioting Against Atlanta Police

D.C. Councilwoman Defends Push to Address Rising Carjackings by Relaxing Penalties for Carjackings

John King: D.C. Now Withdrawing Controversial Crime Bill 173 House Dems Voted for Last Month

Biden: ‘I Was Diagnosed with Having a — Anyway — They Had to Take the Top of My Head off a Couple Times to See if I Had a Brain’

Rep. Comer: Fauci Has ‘a Lot of Explaining To Do,’ He Didn’t Tell the Truth About Gain of Function Research and Funding - "...This isn't over, just because the government admitted Covid originated in a Wuhan lab."

Sunday, March 5, 2023

CNN Shows Obama vs. Biden Marching Across Edmund Pettus Bridge

Rep. Nancy Mace: Americans Would Rather See $1.9 Trillion Investment in Railroads and Bridges Instead of EV Charging Stations

Fox News: Fourth Norfolk Southern Train Derails in Ohio, No Hazardous Materials Threat

Scott Jennings: ‘Never Trump’ People Saying Even DeSantis is ‘Not Good Enough’

Pompeo: ‘Make No Mistake, This Is a Chinese Virus that Came from Their Laboratory’

Pompeo Says Trump Wasn’t ‘a True Conservative Leader’

Frmr. Gov. Asa Hutchinson: Conservatives Don’t Need to Be Lead By Arrogance and Revenge in the Future

Larry Hogan Says He Will Not Run for President

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Refuses to Answer If He Agrees with Biden Border Policies

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Says ‘We Put People Over Politics’ After Biden Pulls Rug Out from Under Dems with D.C. Crime Bill

NYC Mayor Adams: Lightfoot Election Loss Is ‘Warning Sign for the Country,’ People Want to Feel Safe

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Frmr. DEA Special Agent Derek Maltz: 9,000 Drones Sent by Mexican Drug Cartels Surveilling U.S. Border Patrol at Southern Border

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Frmr. President Trump: I Will Revoke Every Biden Policy of Sexual Mutilation and Castration of Our Youth in All 50 States

Frmr. President Trump: Under My Administration We Will Take Homeless Off Streets and Build Tent Cities To Given Them Help They Need

Frmr. President Trump: I Will Take Down Mexican Drug Cartels Like I Took Down ISIS Caliphate, Have Biggest Deportation Operation in History

Frmr. President Trump: We Had Republican Party Ruled by Freaks, Neocons, Globalists and Open Border Zealots

Frmr. President Trump: When Biden Asked Hunter 'What Is On the Laptop?' Hunter Said ‘Every Crime You Ever Committed Dad!’

HAPPENING NOW: LIVE: President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks at CPAC

MSNBC: Biden Creates ‘Advisory Board’ of Top Democrats

Mark Levin: Washington Can’t Fix Washington, You’re Going to Fix Washington with a ‘Convention of States, Article 5’

CBS News: President Biden Had Skin Cancer Removed from Chest During Physical

CNN: Pentagon Announces New $400M Aid Package to Ukraine

Coronado Mayor Explains How They Solve the Homelessness Problem

Fox News: Trump, DeSantis Headline Dueling Events

Friday, March 3, 2023

Fox News: Amazon Pauses Construction of Second Headquarters

Sen. Ron Johnson: ‘We Shouldn’t Be Funding Research that Is Then Shared with Anybody in China’

Mollie Hemingway: ‘We Are in an Information War and It’s Being Waged by Government Agencies’

John Kirby: Ukraine Aid Has Drawn down Weapons Stocks ‘Quite a Bit’