Wednesday, November 30, 2022

CA GOP Chair: I Am Not Controversial on Twitter But Was Locked Out Of My Account 12 Days

Mark Geragos: Woman Who Escaped Violent ICE-Protester Mob with Daughter in Car ‘Factually Innocent’

Former Twitter Safety Head Shifts Blame When Admitting to Mistake of Suppressing Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Zelenskyy Slams Elon Musk’s Peace Proposal: ‘I Don’t Know if Somebody Is Making Influence on Him’

FNC’s Doocy Asks Jean-Pierre: ‘When Are You Guys Going to Delete the White House Twitter Account?’

Powell: ‘Nobody Expected Inflation To Be This Strong’

Sen. Kennedy: Biden’s Embraced Woke & Berserk Wing of the Democratic Party, His Energy Policy ‘Is a Moronathon’

Kat Timpf Slams Balenciaga’s Statement Claiming Child Abuse ‘Was Never Our Intention’: ‘What Was Your Intention?’

Trump WH Adviser Stephen Miller Just Testified For Hours Before Jan. 6 Criminal Grand Jury

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Leader Kevin McCarthy: Biden Said Rail Strike was Solved in September, Didn’t Want American People to Know It Wasn’t Before Election

CNN: Jury Finds Oath Keepers Leader Stuart Rhodes Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy

Fox News: Four Moderate Dems Pressuring DHS for Plan After Title 42 Ends

Joe Biden: ‘Ten Years Ago, How Many of You Knew What the Hell a Supply Chain Was?’

Kevin McCarthy: 'Government Should Stop Picking on Elon Musk, We're No Longer Going After People for Political Views'

McConnell: Anyone Meeting White Supremacists ‘Highly Unlikely To Ever Be Elected President of the U.S.’

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Files for Reelection: ‘The Only Rational Choice Is To Return Me to Office’

Monday, November 28, 2022

Jason Rantz: Only Way Left Wins Arguments is By Silencing Opposition, Not Anymore Thanks to Elon Musk

MO A.G. Eric Schmitt: Clear from Depo ‘When Fauchi Speaks, Big Tech Censors’

Jesse Watters: Biden Administration Nuclear Energy Expert Charged with Felony Luggage Theft

Fox News: White House Allows Chevron to Pump Venezuelan Oil

Mount Holyoke Grad: I Had to Unlearn My Four Years of ‘Wokeism’ By Watching PragerU Videos for Free

Pirro: Calling Alvin Bragg a D.A. Is Like Calling Jeffrey Dahmer a Vegan

CNN Praises the WHO for Renaming Monkeypox as “Mpox”: ‘Monkeys Have Nothing To Do with It’

The Daily Caller Journalist ‘Blacklisted’ by White House Press Secretary

Reporter to WH: ‘What Tools Do You Have’ to Stop Elon Musk from Restoring Free Speech at Twitter?

Sen. Bill Cassidy Slams Biden For Lifting Sanctions on Venezuelan Oil, Attacking U.S. Energy

Sunday, November 27, 2022

CNN: Zero-Covid Protesters in China Chant ‘Freedom of Speech’ and ‘Freedom of the Press’

Meet the Press Analyzes High and Low 2022 Mid-Term Voter Turnout

Rep. James Comer: ‘Over the Past Two Years, the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee Haven’t Investigated Anything’

Howard Kurtz: Most Journalists Prefer Old Twitter Rules Which Penalize Conservatives

Joe Concha: It Took 769 Days and Two Elections for the MSM to Admit That Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Real

Fox News: Health Officals Warning of a Possible Triple-Demic Over Holidays

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Leader Kevin McCarthy Calls on DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas To Resign Over Crisis He Created At Border

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Fox News: Early Voting Underway in Key GA Senate Runoff with 10 Days to Election

MSNBC: Fentanyl Illegally Delivered Via Uber Connect

Author Rafael Mangual Discusses New Book Criminal (In) Justice Addressing 'De-Policing and De-Carceration'

Friday, November 25, 2022

FLASHBACK: Fox News: Biden Campaign Has Not Addressed Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal, Oct. 20, 2020

FLASHBACK: MRCTV: TV Journalists Flat-Out Lying About Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Oct. 26, 2020

Joey Jones: If A Platform Bans The Babylon Bee for Misinformation They’re on The Wrong Track

Outnumbered Hosts Rip Biden Over White House Thanksgiving Talking Points List

Fox News: Elon Musk Teases Release of NY Post Censorship Details on Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Alex Datig: So Much to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving and None of it Thanks to Joe Biden

Rep. Arrington: Leader McCarthy Is Right, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Is Unfit for Office

CNN Slams Elon Musk for Mocking #StayWoke Shirts: That’s How Twitter Wanted to Call out Racial Injustice

Chaffetz: Democrat-Controlled Congress Didn’t Hold a Single Hearing on the Border Crisis

Former Twitter Content Moderator Complains About No Longer Working for Company

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Gutfeld: The #StayWoke Shirts Prove Everything We’ve Suspected Twitter Was

Joe, Hunter, and Bidens Arrive on Air Force One in Nantucket for Weeklong Vacation at Billionaire’s Compound

MSNBC: Biden Issues Statement on Walmart Shooting; ‘Even More Tables Across the Country That Will Have Empty Seats This Thanksgiving’

FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Donated $10 Million to Joe Biden’s Campaign, Supported Dem Politicians

Rep. Brian Babian: Agree 100% with McCarthy, DHS Mayorkas to Resign or be Impeached Immediately

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Fox News: Multiple People Killed in Virginia Walmart Shooting

Leader Kevin McCarthy Calls on DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas To Resign Over Crisis He Created At Border

CNN: Trump Attorneys, DoJ Face Off in Mar-A-Lago Special Master Hearing Today

Fox News: SCOTUS Permits Release of Trump Tax Returns to House Dems

Fox News: Several House Races Uncalled As Election Month Drags On

Fox News: Valadeo Wind CA Senate Race Giving GOP 219 Majority

Fox News: Rep. Comer Vows to Probe White House Over Fentanyl Crisis

Chaos Ensues After Karine Jean-Pierre REFUSES To Call On Reporter Asking About Origins Of COVID

Monday, November 21, 2022

Fox News: National Rail Strike Looms After Biden Hailed Tentative Deal

Sen. John Kennedy: Polls Say Most Americans Wouldn’t Trust Biden to Salt the Fries at McDonald’s

Fox News: Truck Slams into Apple Store Near Boston

Jill Biden Receives the Official White House Christmas Tree

CBS News: Hunter Biden Laptop Data We Analyzed ‘Shows No Evidence It Was Faked or Tampered With’

Biden: ‘Nine and a Half Million Turkeys, I Tell You What, That’s Like Some of the Countries I’ve Been To’

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Mike Pence: I Don’t Know If It Is Criminal to Listen to Bad Advice from Lawyers

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: We Will Not Allow Swalwell and Schiff on Intel Committee, Will Remove Omar from Foreign Affairs

Rep. Jim Jordan: IRS Complied When Obama DoJ Asked for Confidential Tax Payer Information

Rep. James Comer: Hunter Biden Has $2 Million Tax Bill with IRS

Scott Galloway Claims Russian Intelligence Manipulated Elon Musk’s Poll to Get Trump Reinstated on Twitter

Mayor-Elect Bass: We Have To Address The Reasons ‘Why’ People Are Unhoused in Los Angeles

Mayor-Elect Bass: Planning to Take LAPD Officers Off Administrative Duty to Bring Department Up to Full Force

Mayor-Elect Bass: Will Address Issue of LAPD Chief When Contract Is Up End of Next Year, Along with ‘Many’ Other General Managers

MSNBC Panelist on Musk Reinstating Trump’s Twitter Account: 'We Always Mistake Wealth and Inheritance for Genius'

CNN: At Least 5 People Killed, 18 Injured in a Shooting at a LGBT Nightclub in Colorado Springs

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump Used Twitter ‘To Incite’ the Attack on Capitol

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Trump: America’s Come Back Starts Right Now

Saturday, November 19, 2022

CNN: Elon Musk Reinstates Donald Trump’s Twitter Account After Allowing Users to Decide in Poll

#BREAKING Elon Musk Twitter Poll Final Results Say 51.8% Agree President Trump Should Be Reinstated

Maher: ‘On the Left, There Is a Rot, and It Comes from Academia’

Ted Cruz: ‘We Spend Far Too Much Time...Talking to the Same 2.6 Million People Watching Fox News Every Day’

Smerconish: Impeachment of Philly D.A. Lacks ‘Evidence of Corruption, Gross Misconduct’

Smerconish: Movement Calls for Civil Rights Act Expansion to Protect Employee Political Beliefs in Work Place

Smerconish: No Guarantee Trump Would Endorse DeSantis Who Should Wait for Another Cycle

Friday, November 18, 2022

Fox News: Trump Says He ‘Won’t Partake’ in Special Counsel Investigation, Slams as ‘Worst Politicization of Justice’

CBS News Announces It Is ‘Pausing Its Activity’ on Twitter ‘Out of an Abundance of Caution’

Musk Begs Twitter Workers to ‘Please Report’ in Leaked Email a Day After Reportedly Locking Them Out

Rep. Steve Scalise Calls Out ‘Dramatic’ Lack of Oversight of the Biden Administration

Texas Sends Another Busload of Migrants to Kamala Harris’s Home

Leo Terrell Clashes with Geraldo on AG Garland Special Counsel Probe and Trump 2024 Run

Fmr. Clinton Pollster: Biden Would Be Doing Service to America by Stepping Aside in 2024

AG Merrick Garland Appoints Jack Smith to Serve as Special Counsel, Lead Trump-Related Investigations

Thursday, November 17, 2022

CNN: Twitter Closes Office Buildings Suspending Employee Access While ‘RIP Twitter’ Trends on Platform

Herschel Walker: Constitution Talks About ‘We The People, Not We The Government’ Like Sen. Warnock Thinks

Obama: I Can’t Talk to People in the Conservative South Like I Did When I Ran for Senate Because of Fox News, Social Media

McCarthy on Pelosi Stepping Down: ‘She Just Doesn’t Want To Have To Hand Me the Gavel’

RNC Research Montage Shows Joe Biden Knew About His Family’s Corrupt Foreign Business Dealings

Kari Lake Defiantly Announces She’s Assembled ‘Best and Brightest’ Legal Team to Contest Election Results

Kevin McCarthy Promises To Use ‘Power of the Purse’ To Repeal Funding For 87,000 IRS Agents

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: 2.3 Million Apprehensions at the Southern Border ‘Is the Highest on Record’

Pelosi: ‘I Will Not Seek Reelection to Democratic Leadership in the Next Congress’

New House Oversight Chair James Comer Announces Investigation into Joe Biden

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Herschel Walker: Sen. Warnock Went to Washington to Represent No One But Joe Biden

Herschel Walker: Sen. Warnock Voted To Put Men Into Women’s Sports, Evicting People for Rent

Fox News: Republicans Gain House Majority 210 to 218, Could Go to 221

Newsmax Panel: Media Ignoring, Alienating Trump Like 2016, Fox News ‘Running from Trump’ Bodes Well For Him

Newsmax: Philadelphia Becomes New Sanctuary City for Migrant Drop-Off

NATO Sec.: We Have No Indication That Russia Is Preparing Offensive Military Actions Against NATO

CBSN: McConnell Says He Will Stay Out of 2024 Presidential Race After Being Re-Elected GOP Senate Leader

KCAL 9: Homeless Man Stabs Seven Year Old Boy, Man at Los Angeles Target, Victims in Critical Condition

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

President Trump 2024 White House Bid Announcement [Full Speech]

Trump: America’s Come Back Starts Right Now

Kevin McCarthy: ‘I’m Proud to Announce the Era of One-Party Democrat Rule in Washington Is Over’

Gov. DeSantis Responds to Trump: ‘All That’s Just Noise ... I Would Just Tell People To Go Check out the Scoreboard from Last Tuesday Night’

Schumer: ‘If You Embrace MAGA, You’re Going To Keep Losing’

Fox News: Republicans One Win Away from House Majority

NBC4: Zuckerberg Falls Off 10 Richest People List After Meta Reports 50% Drop in Quarterly Profits

CNN: Republicans Nominate Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker 188-31

Brian Kilmeade Wonders ‘Can the President Do the Job at This Age’ After Biden Missed the G-20 Dinner

Monday, November 14, 2022

John Fund: 30 Years Ago Less than 10 Percent Voted Absentee, Now Mail-In Voting is Norm, Not the Exception

Van Jones: People Worshipping Trump at His Feet Will Attack Him Like Piranhas After 2024 Announcement

Charlie Hurt: Trump is Running ‘Deal With It,’ Notion Over Who Should or Shouldn’t Run, 'Get Over Yourself'

Fox News: GOP Weighs McConnell, McCarthy Leadership Roles

Fox News: Mexico’s Drug Abuse Prevention Campaign Features Homeless Addict Scenes from Philadelphia

President Xi to Biden: 'We Should Take History as a Mirror and Let It Guide the Future'

MSNBC: CBP Commissioner Resigns at the Request of the Biden Administration

Jeff Bezos: Economy Does Not Look Great Right Now, Hope for Best, Prepare for Worst

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Levin: 25 House Races Decided by Less than Five Percent of the Vote, Several Even Closer

Levin: McConnell Senate Leadership Fund Has ‘Stockholm Syndrome Problem,’ No Idea What is Going On

Levin: In 2024, Dems Have to Defend 23 Senate Seats, Republicans 10

Chris Christie: There Is No Scenario Republicans Can Win 2024, Unless They Get Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania

Chris Christie: Tuesday Night Republicans Came to Grip ‘We’re Tired of Trump Dragging Us To Lose Because of His Personal Vanity’

Sen. Ron Johnson: Investigations into Hunter Biden Dealings Will Continue, Budget was Cut 60-70%

Kari Lake: My Opponent Katie Hobbs Is In Charge of Certifying Election, Should Have Recused Herself

Lisa Rubin: No Controls if Trump Takes Money from PACs, Super PACs for Personal Use If Lawsuits Intend to Stall 2024 Bid

Sen. Bill Cassidy on Whether He Thinks It is Time for a Change in Leadership in the Republican Party

Nancy Pelosi: Republicans Already Measuring Drapes, Haven’t Won House Yet, McCarthy Doesn’t Have Judgement for Speaker

Nancy Pelosi: Republican Response to Paul’s Attack was Disgraceful, Turned Voters Off

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Tucker Carlson: They Don’t Wait for Elections Results in Ghana or Venezuela, Mechanics of Our Elections Not Working

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Paul Ryan: Trump is ‘Drag on Ticket,’ We Lost House, Senate and White House in Two Years with Him in Office

MSNBC: May Take ‘Weeks to Find Out’ Who Will Control House

Sen. Schumer: As Democrats Secure Senate Majority, I Will Once Again Be Majority Leader

Fox News Projects Cortez Masto (D) Wins Re-Election for Nevada Senate Seat

Herschel Walker: Warnock is Pastor Who Broke Every Commandment He Could Break

GOP Rep.-Elect Mike Lawler: Every Elected Official Needs to ‘Cut the Crap’ and Focus on Challenges Facing the Nation

Dem Rep. Lieu: If Republicans Control the House, They’ll Want to Investigate Hunter Biden’s Laptop ‘and Other Stupid Stuff’

Jennings: ‘Mitch McConnell Moved Heaven and Earth to Try to Help Trump’s Candidates’

Campos-Duffy: ‘If There Is a Terrorist Attack in this Country, It Will Be Because of Alejandro Mayorkas’

Friday, November 11, 2022

Ryun: ‘Early Voting and Mail-In Ballots’ Are ‘Rife for Corruption and Fraud’

Blake Masters Blasts McConnell for Not Helping Him: ‘He Doesn’t Deserve To Be a Majority Leader or a Minority Leader’

CNN Projection: Republican Joe Lombardo Will Be the Next Governor of Nevada

Kari Lake Says Dems Are Running Out of Favorable Votes: ‘And That’s When the Bloodbath Begins’

Election Expert Gina Swoboda Says 350,000 'High Propensity Republican' Ballots from AZ Primary 'Have Not' Yet Been Counted

Sylvester Stallone Joins Fox & Friends to Talk About New TV Series ‘Tulsa King,’ Veterans

Fox News: Army Veteran Housed by U.S. Vets Working to Fight Veteran Homelessness

Rep. Comer: ‘We’re Prepared to Subpoena Hunter Biden’

Fox News: CEO ‘King of Crypto’ Resigns After Company Files Bankruptcy

CNN: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Asked to Resign

Thursday, November 10, 2022

CNN: McConnell Super PAC Teaming Up with Kemp to Help Walker in GA Runoff

Tucker Carlson: They Don’t Wait for Elections Results in Ghana or Venezuela, Mechanics of Our Elections Not Working

Van Jones: ‘MAGA Is Done’

Johah Goldberg: ‘More Possible than Ever’ Republicans Would Ditch Trump

John Avlon: Trump is 80 Different Kinds of Disturbed, Compares Him to ‘Norma Desmond Screaming in the Attic’

Joe Biden Says 'Good Luck in Your Senior Years' to Reporter Question on Future Republican Investigations into Hunter

Fox News: Inflation Cools Slightly to 7.7% in Oct from 8.2% in Sept, Still 40-Year Record High

Adam Kinzinger: I Blame Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell for Trump Still Being a Thing

Fox News: Would Be ‘Huge Upset’ for Rick Caruso to Win L.A. Mayor’s Race

Frank Luntz: Voters Have Told Donald Trump ‘Enough Is Enough, It’s Time to Go Away’

Biden: ‘I Just Found It Interesting that Biden’s Being Apopoapocapopacopa — Biden’s Being an Extremist’

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Fox Business: October CPI Report Estimated at 8.0% Year-Over-Year

Fox 11: End of Los Angeles Vote Count Could Take As Long As December 5th

Biden on Midterms: ‘It Was a Good Day, I Think, for Democracy’

James Carville: We Should Have Lost 57 Seats, the Reason We Didn’t Is Donald Trump

MSNBC’s Katy Tur Mind-Blowingly Floats the Possibility of John Fetterman as a Potential Nominee for President