Monday, October 31, 2022

Tucker: Paul Pelosi Is Not the Only Victim of a Violent Attack by a Mentally Ill Homeless Person

SF DA Brooke Jenkins Announces Charges Against Paul Pelosi Attacker

Gavin Newsom Attacks Fox’s Jesse Watters for His Negative Coverage of Paul Pelosi and Its Dehumanizing Effect

CNN Corrects Fox News, Political Commentators, Don Jr. on Pelosi Attacker In Underwear Misstatements and Romantic Relationship Ties

NBC’s Kornacki: ‘Republicans Have Massive Advantages Over Democrats’ on the Issues of the Economy, Crime, and Immigration

Fox News: Court Papers Say Paul Pelosi Suspect Wanted to Break Nancy Pelosi’s Kneecaps, ICE Says DePape in U.S. Illegally

San Francisco Police Chief: ‘Absolutely No Evidence that Mr. Pelosi Knew This Man’

Rep. Ro Khanna: ‘We Need to Make Sure that Twitter Isn’t Run by [Elon Musk]’

David Frum: It Was a Shameful Thing, It’s Irresponsible of Elon Musk to Share Paul Pelosi Conspiracy

John Miller: Attack on Paul Pelosi and Attacker’s Social Media Posts ‘Certainly Point’ to Political Violence

NBC’s Ben Collins Almost Breaks Down Over Elon Musk’s Paul Pelosi Tweets

CNN’s Philip Mudd: Paul Pelosi Attacker Was Thinking About a Potential Hostage Situation

Sunday, October 30, 2022

Ronna McDaniel: People Actually Want to Be Seen with Trump Unlike Joe Biden

MSNBC: Dems Will Need 18-34 Demo to Exceed Mid-Term Voter Turnout Expectations

MSNBC: SF Police Confirm ‘No Third Person’ in Paul Pelosi Home During Attack #UPDATE Pelosi Did Not Know Attacker - SFPD

Miles Taylor: DHS Bulletin on Threat Level ‘Extremely Serious,’ U.S. on Highest Level of Political Stress-Index Since American Civil War

Karine Jean-Pierre: What We Saw on January 6th Still Exists, Why Biden was So Successful in 2020

GOP Sen. Rick Scott: We Will Get 52-Plus Senate Seats in the Midterms

Ron Johnson: Biden Is Obsessed with Me Losing My Senate Race Because I’m Exposing ‘Hunter and His Corruption’

Whistleblower: FBI Is Spending Large Sums of Money on Software That Can Be Used to Spy on People’s Social Media Posts

Tom Homan: Biden’s Border Crisis Is the ‘Biggest National Security Failure Since 9/11’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: John Fetterman Opens only Senate Debate with “Hi, Goodnight Everybody”

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Fox News: PA House Moves to Impeach Philadelphia’s Progressive D.A. Larry Krasner

Fox News: 600K ‘Known Got-Aways’ in Addition to 2.4 Million Illegal Border Crossings in FY ‘22

CNN: Officials Say at Least 59 Killed, 150 Injured in Seoul Halloween Incident

Donny Deutsch: ‘I’m Really Scared About a Blood Bath Ten Days from Now’

Bernard Kerik: DHS Mayorkas Should Be Prosecuted, Telling His People to ‘Stand Down’ on Illegal Border Crossings

Washington Republican Joe Kent Slams Democrat “Open Borders, Open Prisons” Policies

Election Canvasser: This Year We Face a Lot of ‘Open Hostility, Not Toward the Person But Toward Ideas’

AOC: ‘Inflation Is Not Going Up Due to Government Policies; Inflation Is Going Up Due to Wall Street Decisions’

Man Pleads Guilty to Threatening to Kill Eric Swalwell and His Family Hours After Paul Pelosi Attack

Bernard Kerik: The Way SF Police Chief Explained Paul Pelosi Attack Leaves it Open to Questions

Jake Tapper Blames Certain ‘Elected Officials’ and ‘TV Anchors’ for Political Violence: ‘They Dehumanize Opponents’

Jesse Watters Rips Progressive Policies, Anti-Police Rhetoric After Paul Pelosi Attack by Canadian Felon Who Should Have Been Deported

Fox News Anchor Lists Pelosi Intruder’s MAGA Grievances and Asks, ‘How Do You Connect All of That with Nancy Pelosi?’

Friday, October 28, 2022

CBS Bay Area: Paul Pelosi’s Injuries Severe Enough to Require Surgery, In Stable Condition at Trauma Center, Nancy to Arrive Later Today

Police Chief on the Attack on Paul Pelosi: ‘The Motive for This Attack Is Still Being Determined’

NBC’s Collins: Paul Pelosi Attacker’s Social Media Pages Are ‘an Encyclopedia of Conspiracy Theories’

NBC4: Paul Pelosi Viciously Attacked in Home at 2:30am by ‘Possible Transient’ 42-Year Old Who Beat Him With Hammer, Yelled ‘Where is Nancy?’

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Fox News: After Takeover, Elon Musk Says He Doesn’t Want Twitter to Become a ‘Free For All Hell-Scape’

Tyrus on Twitter Employees Complaining About Layoffs By Elon Musk: Welcome to the Real World, Your A**es Are Gone

Fox News: Los Angeles Homeless Population Forced Off Metro Trains, Dumped On Cities

Fox News: U.S. Economy Grows 2.6% in Third Quarter After Two Quarters in Losses

Fox News: Video Shows Four Masked Men Shoot 54 Bullets in Philadelphia Gunfight, AK-47 Among Weapons

Biden Says Gas Was Over $5 When He Took Office

Jesse Watters: Red Wave, Hunter Biden Investigations, and Elon Musk Running Twitter Are ‘Democrats’ Worst Nightmare’

Byron York: Biden Job Approval at 43%, Presidents with That Kind of Rating Do Not Pick Up Seats in Mid-Terms

Fox News: U.S. 25 Days Away from Running Out of Diesel

Alex Datig: President Trump is the Only President to Ever Intervene in the Los Angeles Homeless Crisis, Yet Congresswoman Bass did Nothing!

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Waukesha Christmas Parade Murderer Darrell Brooks Is Found Guilty on Six Counts of ‘First-Degree Intentional Homicide’

The Biden Administration, Lying Since Day 1 [Supercut]

Karine Jean-Pierre: Biden Looks Forward to Working with Fetterman When He Is in the Senate

Sunny Hostin Downplays Attempted Stabbing of Lee Zeldin: ‘He’s Hated’

Al Sharpton: The Latte Liberals Are Not Talking to the People They Claim to Speak For

CNN: Trump Lashes Out at Woodward for Releasing 20 Hours of Raw Audio Recordings

John Fetterman Opens only Senate Debate with “Hi, Goodnight Everybody”

Kathy Hochul: ‘I Don’t Know Why Locking Up Criminals Is So Important to You’

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Fox News: Biden Administration Gave 24,000 Flu Vaccinations to Migrants in Past Month After Two Children Detained Died From Flu

One-On-One with Black Los Angeles: A conversation with Tavis Smiley and Kevin de León

Biden: ‘Russia Would Be Making an Incredibly Serious Mistake If It Were To Use a Tactical Nuclear Weapon’

Brian Deese: The Inflation Act Does Exactly What You Want, Complimentary to Federal Fiscal Policy

Biden: ‘Almost Everyone Who Will Die from Covid This Year Will Not Be up to Date on Their Shots’

Monday, October 24, 2022

CNN Plays Woodward Audio of Trump Planning to Delay Releasing Covid Plan To When It Would Benefit His Reelection

Fox News: Group of Doctors Sue Biden Admin for Collusion and Censorship, Fauchi, Psaki Among Allegations

Fox News: Children Test Scores Show Biggest Drop in Decades, Pandemic Lockdowns To Blame

Jean-Pierre: Biden and Dems Have Delivered ‘Lower Costs’ and Republicans Want to ‘Take that All Away’

Jonathan Lemire: Classified Docs on Iran & China Found at Mar-A-Lago Are ‘A Significant Blow’ to the Intel Community

Ana Navarro Gets Triggered as Ted Cruz Lists Dems Denying Election Results: ‘Lower Your Voice’

Sunday, October 23, 2022

ABC: If Blake Masters Beats Mark Kelly in Arizona Republicans Go from 4 in 1 to 8 in 1 Chance to Take Senate

Hispanic Voter on Border Crisis: You Can’t Assimilate 2+ Million People in Short Amount of Time

Fmr. Chinese President Hu Jintao Gets Escorted Out of CCP Congress

Nancy Pelosi: Trump ‘Not Man Enough’ to Show Up to Testify Before Jan. 6th Committee

Nancy Pelosi: Fight Is Not About Inflation, It’s About Price of Prescription Drugs, Cost of Living

German Climate Activists Throw Mashed Potatoes at $110 Million Monet Painting

SOURCE: Twitter

Howard Kurtz: 59% Say Mainstream Media is ‘Major Threat to Democracy’

Gov. Newsom: 'When I Got Here There Was No Homeless Strategy, No Plan. No Resources of Any Merit'

REPLAY: 2022 California Gubernatorial Debate

Liz Cheney: I Don’t Think Biden Should Pardon Trump Because He Continues to Glorify Storming of Capitol

Liz Cheney: Trump Testifying Live Before Jan. 6th Committee ‘Too Serious’ to Turn Into Circus

MSNBC: 2022 Mid-Term Odds Do Not Favor Democrats Amid Record Voter Turnout

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Fox 29: Homelessness Increasing in States Across the Nation as More than Half Million Are Homeless

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Kamala Harris Says It Is “Misinformation” She Promoted Minnesota Freedom Fund Who Bailed Out Violent Criminals in 2020

1,196 Days Since Rep. Karen Bass said Los Angeles Should “Declare a State of Emergency” on Homelessness

Fox News: CBP Reports 2.3 Million Migrant Encounters in Fiscal Year 2022, Historic Fentanyl Seizures, 856 Migrant Deaths

Fox News: GOP Sues After Report Finds G-Mail Sends More GOP Emails to Spam than Dem Emails

CNN: CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky Tests Positive for Covid-19

MSNBC’s Capehart Asks Biden Point-Blank ‘Should Trump Comply’ with January 6 Subpoena?

Friday, October 21, 2022

Jake Tapper Confronts Bannon Attorney About Why His Client Ignored Jan. 6 Subpoena, Is Told, ‘Because He’s Steve Bannon’

Steve Bannon Demands Congress ‘Defund the FBI,’ Tells Tucker Carlson ‘Garland Will Be Impeached Next Year’

Loudoun County’s Soros-Backed Prosecutor Gets Called Out by Fellow Democrat For Saying Domestic Violence Victims Are Untrustworthy

CNN: 'Very Likely' January 6th Committee Will Not Be Around Come January

Biden: ‘I Am So Sick And Tired of Triggle Down Economics’

ABC 7: Sinaloa Cartel Drug Kingpin El Chapo Making Desperate Play to Get Out Of Prison

Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate Rick Caruso Demos Pre-Fab Construction Units for Housing Homeless

Trevor Noah: Politics Is the ‘New Religion of America,’ It ‘Supersedes Everything’

MSNBC: Bannon Sentenced to 4 Months for Contempt of Congress, Bannon Appealing Decision, Will Not Be Imprisoned Now

MSNBC: DoJ Says It Need $34 Million in Funding to Continue January 6 Investigation

CNN: Jan. 6th Committee Subpoenas President Trump to Appear for Nov. 4 Depo, Submit Docs

W.H. Chief of Staff Klain: If Biden Holds Big Rallies, Dems Will Get Walloped in Midterms

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Alex Datig: While Making Your Neighbors Homeless for 20 Years, Rep. Karen Bass Now Thinks She Should Be Your Mayor

CBS 2: Los Angeles Mayor’s Race Between Caruso and Bass in Dead-Heat

Nile Gardner: Political Coup Resulted within Conservative Party After Truss Made Concessions to The Left

Fox News: UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Resigns After 44 Days in Office

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Disgraced L.A. City Council Member Kevin de León Says He Refuses to Resign

CNN: Judge Orders Trump Attorney John Eastman to Turn Over Emails to Jan. 6th Committee

Fox News: RCP Projection: GOP Gains Senate Majority

Sen. Chuck Grassley: We Ought To Do Everything We Can to Reverse Biden Energy Policy

Fox News: New Whistleblower Documents Indicate Joe Biden was ‘Aware’ of Hunter Biden Business Dealings

Biden: ‘We Need To Responsibly Increase American Oil Production Without Delaying or Deferring Our Transition to Clean Energy’

Charles Payne: Only Thing That Matters in Biden Agenda is Climate Change Agenda

Tucker: Drag Shows Hyper-Sexualizing Children ‘Most Moral Crimes of All’

Fox News: Federal Pilot Program Funds Community Mental Health Centers for 10 States

Fox News: Mid-Term Forecast Has GOP Regaining Momentum to Win House, Senate Could Come Down to Ohio

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Fox News: Biden to Release 15 Million Barrels from Strategic Oil Reserve

Marco Rubio ‘Has Never Run Anything at All But His Mouth’: Val Demings Throws Shade During Senate Debate

Fox News: Igor Danchenko Found ‘Not Guilty’ of Lying to FBI in Russia Probe, Second Loss for Durham

CBS 2: L.A. City Council Resumes Business Amid Protests, While Cedillo and De León Refuse to Step Down

Katie Pavlich: Biden Standing In Front of Reporters Chomping on Ice Cream Cone Claiming Economy is Strong

NBC’s Kornacki: The Economy and Inflation Are Clearly the Top Issues for Voters and Republicans Have Momentum

Monday, October 17, 2022

Walker: Warnock Didn’t Want to Shake My Hand After the Debate, He Got Beat

Jesse Watters Primetime: Chaos in Courts, Waukesha Parade Suspect Represents Himself as Trial Goes Off Rails

Fox 29: Homelessness Increasing in States Across the Nation as More than Half Million Are Homeless

CBS: 65% of Americans Say Economy Is Getting Worse Under Biden, Plurality Blame Democrats

Will Cain: No Community in America Should Have To Live Through Culture of Chaos and Criminality

‘He Eats a Lot of Ice Cream’: Herschel Walker Is Asked to Name One Thing Biden Did that He Supports

Stephen Moore: In Past Year Average Family Lost $4K in Purchasing Power, Retirees 20% of Nest-Egg

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Leo Terrell: President of L.A. City Council Nury Martinez Who Made Racist Statements Tweeted Trump Was ‘A Racist’

Leo Terrell: Ugliness of Racism is Foundation of Democrat Party to Pit One Groups Against The Other

Chuck Todd: 44 States Voted for Same Party for President in Five of Last Six Presidential Elections

Rep. James Comer: Biden ‘Crime Family’ Influence Peddling for Decades, Hunter Biden ‘A National Security Threat’

Rep. James Comer: American People Have Lost Confidence in FBI, Commission Needed to Reform

NSA Sullivan: President Biden Has ‘No Plans’ to Meet with the Saudi Crown Prince at the G20 Summit

NYT Maggie Haberman: In Final Stretch of Mid-Terms, Trump Will Makes Statements that Don’t Matter As Much as They Used To

Dr. Fauchi: After Retiring, I Want To Be Remembered as Someone Who Gave It Everything I Had

Rep. Kinzinger: Jan. 6th Committee at Time Limit to Hold Trump in Criminal Contempt, Only Permitted to Exist Until End of This Congressional Year

Frank Luntz: Americans Expect Media to Fix Problems with Democracy, Not Making Them Worse

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Fox News: Democrats Fighting Democrats Over Los Angeles City Hall Officials Racist Rants

Saturday, October 15, 2022

CNN: NYC Building New Relief Center in Response to Migrant Influx

Ron Brownstein: Herschel Walker ‘Had a Stronger Debate in Many Ways,’ Warnock Seemed Like He Believed He Was Ahead

Bill Maher Goes Off on Herschel Walker in Blistering Rant: ‘A F**king Idiot on a Scale Almost Impossible to Parody’

CNN Obtains 911 Calls Made During Raleigh Mass Shooting

Devin Nunes: Amount of Money FBI Offered Danchenko Similar to Amount Reserved for Terrorists

Debate Moderator Admonishes Herschel Walker for ‘Using a Prop’ During the Debate After He Pulls Out a Police Badge

Herschel Walker: Warnock Says Black Lives Matter; So, Why Doesn’t He Protect Black Babies in the Womb?

Herschel Walker Slams Dem Raphael Warnock For Attacking Police Officers and Empowering Criminals

Friday, October 14, 2022

1,188 days since Rep. Karen Bass said Los Angeles should “Declare a State of Emergency” on Homelessness

Sen. Bill Cassidy: ‘The American Rescue Plan ... Could Have Been Called the American Recession Plan’

Ex-MSNBC Boss Phil Griffin and Ex-CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Defend Their Non-Coverage of Hunter Biden: ‘He Was Never Arrested!’

Ashley Moody Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss Fentanyl Bust Linked to Mexican Cartels, 'Mexican Mafia'

Sen. Rick Scott: Americans Are Fed Up with a President Who Doesn’t Care

Alex Datig: Los Angeles Needs a Mayor Who Can Lead Our City Like a CEO, #CarusoCan

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Rep. Karen Bass: ‘Great Time for Biden to be in Los Angeles to Send Message of Unity’

CNBC’s Santelli: Core Inflation Highest Since 1982

Stunning New Video Shows Nancy Pelosi Taking Cover on Jan. 6 as Rioters Yell: ‘Bring Her Out’

CNN’s Jake Tapper Calls Jan. 6th Committee Subpoena of Trump ‘A Theatrical Display’

Biden: ‘Whatever Maxine Waters Says, I Agree With’

Fox News: January 6th Committee Votes to Subpoena President Trump

Fox News: While Biden Campaigns on Infrastructure, Polls Say Inflation, Higher Prices, Crime are Top Mid-Term Issues

1,187 Days since Rep. Karen Bass said Los Angeles Should “Declare a State of Emergency” on Homelessness, Mayoral Debate Highlights

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Gutfeld: 50 Intelligence Officers Who Declared Hunter’s Laptop Is Russia Disinformation Should Be Questioned By a GOP Led House

LAPD Det. Jamie McBride: Best Thing Los Angeles Can Do is Elect Rick Caruso as Mayor, Garcetti ‘Lost Spine’ on Crime Two Years Ago

Joe Concha: Why Didn’t Tapper Ask About Hunter Biden’s Drug Addiction While Foreign Interests Are Clamoring at His Door?

FOX11: Biden Offers ‘No Comment’ to Media After Arriving at LAX, Greeted by Rep. Karen Bass, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Sen. Alex Padilla

CBS 2: Protesters Gathered at L.A. City Hall Demanding Council Members Cedillo and De Leòn also Resign

‘I Couldn’t Be More Proud to Stand Here’: Sandy Hook Families React to Alex Jones Damages Verdict

Fox News: Alex Jones Ordered to Pay Nearly $1 Billion to Families of Sandy Hook Victims

Fox News: San Francisco Woman Records Drug Use, Homelessness for Public Shaming Online

Fox News: In Wake of Federal Probe, Biden Defends Son; ‘On Straight and Narrow for Last Couple Years’

Fox News: Email Shows DHS Mayorks Privately Notified Haitian Migrants ‘Not Whipped’ By CBP

1,186 Days Since Rep. Karen Bass Said Los Angeles Should “Declare A State Of Emergency” On Homelessness, Rick Caruso Has A Plan