Thursday, June 30, 2022

Former President Donald Trump Interview with Rob Finnerty, Jan. 6th Rebuttal | Wake Up America | FULL INTERVIEW

Rep. Roy Slams Kamala Harris and Democrats Over Illegal Immigration and Open Border Policies

Fox News: Wall Street Ends First Half of Year with Steep Losses, $11 Trillion in Losses, Six More Months Projected

Liz Cheney Becomes Evasive and Vague When Asked if the Jan. 6 Committee Has Corroborated Hutchinson’s Claims With Secret Service Agents

Joe Biden: ‘I don’t count drunk driving as a Felony’

Ketanji Brown Jackson Sworn in as Supreme Court justice

Fox’s Melugin Details Multiple Cases of Migrants Dying in Human Smuggling Related Incidents in the Past Week

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Fox’s Baier and Hume Slam Jan. 6 Committee Over Legitimacy and Credibility Issues Following Hutchinson Testimony Pushback

The Five: Mainstream Marijuana Products Have Gone from 4% to 95% THC Causing Psychosis, Addiction

Cooper: Was It a Mistake Not to Ask the Secret Service About the Limousine Story Before Hutchinson Said it Publicly?

CNN: Cassidy Hutchinson’s Lawyers Say She ‘Stands by All of the Testimony She Provided Yesterday’

Mollie Hemingway: Anyone Who Believed Cassidy Hutchinson’s Ludicrous Testimony Should Not Be Involved in Politics or Journalism

Norm Eisen on Secret Service Agents Contradicting Cassidy Hutchinson: Let These Trump Partisans Testify, I Believe Cassidy

CNN’s Chris Wallace Gushes Over Cassidy Hutchinson: ‘She Was Just Brilliant’

Lemon: Hutchinson Testimony Sounded Like ‘Goodfellas’

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Raymond Arroyo: Hunter Biden is the ‘Michael Myers of the Biden Admin’

Fox News Guest Says Trump’s Actions Are ‘In Line with Charges Like Seditious Conspiracy,’ Cavuto Calls Trump ‘Unhinged’

Gen. Keane on Biden’s Oil Bid: The President Knows Full Well What the UAE and Saudis’ Capacities Are

Fox News Anchor Bret Baier Compares ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Testimony on Trump’s Behavior to Watergate

On Jan. 3rd, Capitol Police Issued Bulletin Warning Capitol was Target of Pro-Trump Supporters

Ex-White House Aide Alleges Trump was Upset Because People with Weapons Were Not Let into Ellipse on Jan. 6th

Ex-White House Aide: Meadows Worried Violence ‘Might Get Real, Real Bad’

Monday, June 27, 2022

Tucker on Eastman Saying He’s a Victim of Illegal Seizure: A Reminder to Trump Supporters to Erase Your Texts and Email Every Single Day

Gianno Caldwell Speaks Out After Losing His Brother to Chicago Gang Violence: ‘We Need To Uncuff the Police’

Kari Lake Slams WaPo Story About Drag Queen Calling Her 'Hypocrite' Over Opposing Drag Queens in Schools

VP Harris: Biden ‘Looking at’ Using Federal Tax Dollars to Provide Travel Vouchers for Abortions

VP Harris: ‘This Is Not Over’; Clarence Thomas ‘Said the Quiet Part Out Loud’ Talking About Other Precedents

CNN: Black Renters Farther Behind on Rent More than Any Other Demographic

Fox News: 8.4+ Million Americans Behind on Rent Payments as Credit Card Debt, Gas Prices Rise

Fox News: 29-Year-Old Transgender Woman Defeats 13-Year-Old Girl to Win Women’s Skateboarding Event and First Place Prize Money

HHS Sec. To CNN Host: You Seem To Be Talking Logically, Which Doesn’t Seem To Be What Guides the Supreme Court These Days

MSNBC: NPR/PBS/MARIST Poll Shows 56% Oppose SCOTUS Overturning Roe v. Wade

MSNBC: Director of Alabama Abortion Clinic Allowing 2nd Trimester Abortions Speaks about SCOTUS Ruling

MSNBC: Jan. 6th Committee Adds Last Minute Hearing for Tomorrow with Unknown Witness

Dr. Lisa Harris on CNN: ‘The Research Shows that Abortion Is Safer Than Continuing a Pregnancy and Giving Birth’

CNN Highlights How ‘Liberal Twitter’ and Some Democrats Are Blaming Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

ABC Flashback: Roe v. Wade Opinion Based on Lie, Jane Roe Admits Never Being Raped

Sunday, June 26, 2022

AP: More than 1 Million Voters Switch to GOP in Warning for Dems


WASHINGTON (AP) — A political shift is beginning to take hold across the U.S. as tens of thousands of suburban swing voters who helped fuel the Democratic Party’s gains in recent years are becoming Republicans.

More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, according to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press.

More: AP

Fox News: D.A. Gáscon Defends His Record ‘We Don’t Always Get It Right’

Stacey Abrams: Abortion Law Decision Going Back to the States Is a ‘Sinister Practice’

Schiff: I Have Yet to See Any Indication That Donald Trump Is Under Investigation by the DoJ

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Jesse Watters: NYT Report on Paul Pelosi DUI Crash says there was Witness on Scene, Both Cars Totaled

Saturday, June 25, 2022

MSNBC: Biden Signs Landmark Gun Safety Legislation While SCOTUS Extends Gun Rights

Jesse Watters Primetime: GOP Candidate Kari Lake Passes on Interview with CNN Reporter, ‘You Guys are Propaganda’

Friday, June 24, 2022

Dershowitz Rails Against Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling to Sean Hannity: ‘It’s Called Judicial Activism’

Joy Reid: In 18th Century, Abortion Used to be Illegal for Black Women, Considered ‘Property Crime’ but Not for White Women

CNN: At Least 70 Protests Planned Tonight After SCOTUS Overturns Abortion Law, Services Already Being Cancelled

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: SCOTUS Decision on Abortion Removes Status of Women, 33% of Black Women, 13% White Women Would Suffer Maternal Mortality

NY Mayor Adams: New York City is ‘Safe Heaven’ for Abortion, Says Girlfriend’s Abortion was ‘Right Decision’

The Five: Dems, Jane’s Revenge Call for ‘Night of Rage, ‘To Hell with SCOTUS’ as Biden Calls for ‘Peaceful Protests’

Biden: The Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe ‘Must Not Be Final Word’

VP Harris Warning Interracial Marriage Is Now in Jeopardy

Rep. Ayanna Pressley: We Now Have 'Forced Birth' in Country without Paid Leave, Child Care, on Heels of Baby Formula Shortage, SCOTUS 'Obstructed Will of People'

Rep. Flores: Roe v. Wade Reversal Is ‘Big Win’ for Our Country

Rep. Byron Donalds: Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion ‘Monumental,’ ‘Correct’ Decision

House Republicans News Conference on Supreme Court Decision Overturning Roe v. Wade

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Matt Finn: D.A. George Gáscon Claims Attacks Against Him Are ‘Political’ After Freeing Known Felon

Leo Terrell: Racist to Fire Embarrassing, Unqualified Karine Jean-Pierre, Picked Based on Gender Politics, Jen Psaki was Better

Jesse Watters: NYT Report on Paul Pelosi DUI Crash says there was Witness on Scene, Both Cars Totaled

Tucker Highlights Joy Reid ‘Black Supremacist’s Website’ Interview About Kamala Harris

Vince Everett Ellison: Biden and Harris Are Not Going to Cheat and Fool the American People Twice

Fox’s Doocy to Karine Jean-Pierre: ‘Is That the Choice, $5 a Gallon Gas or a $61,000 Electric Car?’

Trump Officials Name Members of Congress Who Sought [Preemptive] Pardons After Jan. 6

MSNBC: Reporter Says Dems Told Her “Nobody gives a **** about January 6th.”

Jerome Powell: In Hindsight, ‘Clearly We Did Underestimate [Inflation]’

VP Harris: 2nd Amendment Decision Today ‘Defies Common Sense and the Constitution’

FLASHBACK: Kamala Harris: I Will Say, DHS Secretary Mayorkas is Doing a ‘Great Job’ - June, 29, 2021

Gov. Hochul Blasts SCOTUS for Overturning NY Gun Law: This Is New York, We Don’t Back Down, We Fight Back

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Hannity Waves His ‘Juul’ Vape on Air and Says ‘Are They Taking My Juul Away from Me? I’ll Do it on Air and Get Arrested?’

Watters and Concha Have a Field Day After Washington Post Columnist Draws Genitals Over Jan. 6 Witnesses

Tucker: Nicotine Is One of the Few Pleasures of Ordinary Men and Now They’re Taking it Away

FLASHBACK: Biden Tells Trump ‘You’re the worst president America has ever had’ - Sept. 30, 2020

Biden to Companies that Run Gas Pumps: ‘Bring Down the Price … Do It Now, Do It Today’

CNN’s Egan Torches Joe Biden’s Proposed Gas Tax ‘Holiday’: ‘This Does Nothing to Fix Supply’

Fed Chair Powell Admits Ukraine Is Not the Primary Driver of Inflation: ‘Inflation Was High, Certainly Before the War in Ukraine Broke Out’

Senator Kennedy Grills Fed Chair Powell on Inflation: ‘We’ve Got a Hell of a Mess Here’

Joe Biden: We Need More Money to Prepared for The Second Pandemic


Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Jean-Pierre Responds to Question About Economic Recession: ‘Americans Have An Additional $10,000 in Savings than Before Pandemic'

Father of Fentanyl Overdose Victim: Teens Are Able to Get Drugs as ‘Easy as Ordering a Pizza’

Rep. Schiff: Q-Anon Shaman Illegally Entered Arizona House of Representatives Calling Name of Speaker Bowers

NBC’s Cevallos: Adam Schiff Asked a Lot of Leading Questions and Was Not Particularly Effective

Liz Cheney: ‘We Cannot Let America Become a Nation of Conspiracy Theories and Thug Violence’

GOP Arizona House Speaker on Eastman Urging Him to Decertify Electors for Biden: ‘Just Do It and Let the Courts Figure It Out’

Texas DPS Chief: Response to the Uvalde School Shooting Was an Abject Failure, Scene Commander ‘Waited for a Key that Was Never Needed’

Monday, June 20, 2022

Trump: I Am Feeling Very Good About the Country If Some Big Changes Are Made

Schiff: 1/6 Probe Will Show Evidence of Trump Role in Pressuring State Legislators to Overturn Election

Leo Terrell: Democrat Mayors, Police Chiefs, Doing Nothing About Crime Because They Have to Acknowledge Failure of Their Policies

Rep. Clyburn: ‘If You Can’t Afford To Buy Gasoline, You Are in a Recession’

Tom Homan: DHS Sec. Mayorkas Made the Country Less Safe, He Is ‘Secretary of Homeland Insecurity,’ Should Be Impeached

CBS 2: 47 People Shot Across Chicago Over the Weekend, Four Dead

Bernard Kerik: Crime Being Driven by Bail Reform Laws Kept in Place by Governors, Progressive Prosecutors

James Rosen: President Biden Performed ‘Three-Step Bunny Hop’ Before Media to Show He’s OK from Bike Fall

Swalwell: ‘Overwhelming Evidence’ that Trump Assembled the Mob, Aimed the Mob and Incited the Mob

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Dan Niles: Better Off Losing 6-7% to Inflation than 30-50% in Stock Market, We’re Almost in Recession Today

Frmr. DEA Derek Maltz Discusses Agency ‘One Pill Can Kill’ Campaign Educating Public on Fake Pills Trafficked Online By Mexican Drug Cartels


Joe Concha Calls for Media Fact-Check: 'Dems Blame 17-Month Record Inflation on Putin for Starting Ukraine War 4 Months Ago'

Schiff Says He Has Evidence of Trump Directing the Fake Elector Plot, Then Says ‘I Don’t Want to Get Ahead of the Hearing’

Chris Christie: Trump Can’t Win 2024 If Independents Abandon Him Like Latest ABC/IPSOS Poll

Adam Kinzinger: January 6th Blows Watergate Out of the Water, Trump Guilty of ‘Knowing’ What He Did

Janet Yellen Blames Lockdowns in China on Inflation, 'Likely to Come Down'

Janet Yellen: Don’t Think Recession is Inevitable, Bank Balances High, Households Have Buffer Savings

Frank Luntz: Trump Still Most Popular Person in GOP, Why Hearings Aren’t Having Impact Dems Thought They Would

Frank Luntz: Some People Hate Trump So Much They Won’t Listen and Some Support Him So Much They Hear Nothing

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Frmr. U.S. Federal Prosecutor: January 6th Committee Criminal Case an 'Up Hill Battle,' Not Sticking to Timeline, More Elected Officials Telling Us What Happened Instead of Witnesses

Saturday, June 18, 2022

CNN’s Matt Egan: ‘Another Brutal Week for the American Economy’; ‘60% of Global CEOs and Executives Expect a Recession by the End of Next Year’

Naked Man Dances On Top of LAPD Cruiser in Hollywood

SOURCE: Twitter

CBSN: SpaceX Falcon-9 Sends 15 Starlink Satellites Into Orbit As Part of Three Launches in 36-Hours Setting New Record

Fox News: Fairfax County, Virginia School Board Makes Possible for Students To Be Suspended for ‘Malicious Misgendering’

CBSN: Three Americans Presumed Captured by Russians in Ukraine

CBSN: Source Says Trump’s Anger at Jan. 6th Committee Hearing Could Be Prodding Him To Run

CNN: W.H. Says Biden ‘Fine’ After Bike Fall, Didn’t Need Any Medical Attention At That Moment

Joe Biden Falls off His Bike at Rehoboth Beach

Friday, June 17, 2022

Fox News: Number of Terrorists Arrested At the Border Skyrocketing Under Biden

Kamala Harris: No One Should Have to Endure Abuse Just Because They Are Attempting to Participate in Society

Frank Luntz: ‘We Are 13 Days Away from an Absolute Explosion on Inflation’ and Biden Admin Won’t Listen

Katie Pavlich: ‘It’s Pretty Obvious that Gavin Newsom Plans on Running for President in 2024’

Trump: ‘I Never Called Mike Pence a Wimp’

Joe Concha: This Administration Intentionally Misleads the American People on Inflation Numbers

DEA Ret. Derek Maltz: California Has a 2,200% Increase in Fentanyl Deaths in Last Five Years

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Gingrich: What Planet Does Biden and His Staff Live On? They’re Describing a World That Doesn’t Exist

Evening Edit: Felon Who Killed Two El Monte Police Officers Has Lengthly Criminal Record, Let Out Early by D.A. Gáscon

Tucker on Ban on Menthol Cigarettes: How About Banning Fentanyl From China?

NBC News: Elon Musk Sued for $258 Billion over Alleged Dogecoin Pyramid Scheme

CNN Contributor: January 6 Hearing ‘Built for the TikTok Age’; ‘This Is Not a Watergate-Era Hearing’

Frmr. Judge Michael Luttig: Trump, His Allies and Supporters are ‘Clear and Present Danger to Democracy’

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

John Yoo: John Eastman Used To Clerk for Justice Thomas, I Don't Think Ginni Thomas was Involved in Any Effort to Overturn Election

CBS 3: Pair Fires 19 Rounds at Arizona Police Detective, Are Facing 1st Degree Attempted Murder Charges, Held on $2 Million Bond

Fox News: Oregon’s Drug Decriminalization Effort a ‘Tragedy,’ Overdose Deaths Up 41%

MSNBC: Republican Win in 84% Hispanic Texas Congressional District Shows Massive Shift Toward GOP

Fox News: Fed Downgrades GDP to 1.7%, Predicts Unemployment 4.1% by 2024, Forecasting Three More Rate Hikes, Each at Half Percentage Point

Fox News: Dr. Fauci Who Said ‘Disease of Unvaccinated’ Tests Positive for Covid, Experiencing Mild Symptoms

Fox News: President Reagan Assassin John Hinckley Gets Full Freedom After 41 Years

Fed Chair Powell: ‘Inflation Is Much Too High’ and the FOMC Has Decided to Raise Interest Rates by 0.75%

Fox’s Melugin: DHS to Punish CBP Agents for ‘Whipping’ Incident

Don Lemon Questions Biden’s Fitness for 2024: I Have Trouble Following Him During Interviews

FOX11: Two El Monte, CA Police Officers Dead in Shootout with Suspect

Fox News: Russia Extends Detention of Basketball Star Brittney Griner

Fox News: Biden Wrong When Saying Other Countries Experiencing Same High Inflation

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

CNN’s Data Reporter Enten Shreds Biden Over Inflation: He Is Doing Worse Than Jimmy Carter in the Minds of Voters

Alan Dershowitz on the January 6th Committee: ‘Nobody Should Pay Attention to the Conclusions of this Kangaroo Committee’

CNBC on Producer Prices: No Sign Inflation Is Getting Back Under Control

Hunter Biden Says His Father, Joe, Will ‘Talk About Anything that I Want Him To’

Biden Threatens to Unleash ‘The Largest Release’ from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Monday, June 13, 2022

Tucker: I Don’t Think Putin Is Signing Executive Orders to Raise Prices in America

Watters Mocks Paul Pelosi’s Mugshot: Pretty Close to the Sketch We Commissioned

ABC’s Karl: Trump’s Election Night Speech Where He Declared Victory ‘May Have Been the Most Dangerous Speech’ He Ever Gave

Fox’s Hume: ‘Many Republicans Would Privately Be Very Glad’ if January 6th Committee Prevented Trump from Running in 2024

Peter Doocy Takes Karine Jean-Pierre to Task About Stock Market Plummeting: ‘All the Gains’ Under Biden ‘Have Been Wiped Out’

Frmr. U.S. Federal Prosecutor: January 6th Committee Criminal Case an 'Up Hill Battle,' Not Sticking to Timeline, More Elected Officials Telling Us What Happened Instead of Witnesses

Fox Business: Federal Judge Strikes Down Biden Admin Narrowing of ICE Arrests, Deportation Priorities

Rudy Giuliani Says He Reported to FBI, Antifa Organized One of Main Break Ins on Jan. 6, Involved in Killing of Ashli Babbitt

Rep. Bennie Thompson: A Mob Was 'Sent by Trump' to Stop the Transfer of Power

NBC: 64% of Americans Are Making Fewer Grocery Store Trips Because of Gas Prices

CBS’s Garrett: Trump Sought to Overturn the Election ‘Through the Creation of an Incentivized, Impassioned Mob’

Maria Cardona: Nothing in the Bipartisan Senate Framework on Gun Control Restricts the Use of AR-15

Sunday, June 12, 2022

FLASHBACK: Rick Perry: I Wish I Could Tell You $200 Oil Is Not In Our Future, March 3, 2022

Meet the Press: Majority of Americans, Don’t Trust Gov’t, Believe People Run for Office to Only Serve ‘Greater Good’

Rep. Don Bacon: President Had Duty to Speak Up on Jan. 6th, Should Have Treated Pence Better, Will Not Be My Choice 2024 Primary

CNN: Bipartisan Group Set to Announce Outlines of a Deal to Address Gun Violence

Bill Maher, Kellyanne Conway Agree NYT Buried Kavanaugh Murder Plot Because He’s Conservative: ‘If It Doesn’t Fit Our Narrative, F*ck It’

Jamie Raskin: Everything That the Jan. 6 Committee Is Doing ‘Is Based on Evidence’

AOC on Whether She’d Support Biden in 2024: ‘We’ll Cross That Bridge When We Get to It,’ Biden Doing 'A Great Job'

Tom Homan: Joe Biden Is the First President in History to ‘Intentionally Un-Secure the Border,’ United States Lost Operational Control

Devin Nunes: For Jan. 6th Committee To Hold Bannon and Navarro in Criminal Contempt Out of 900 People is ‘Inappropriate’

Ben Domenech: Majority of Americans See Embarrassing Scene They Wish Never Happened on January 6th

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Newt Gingrich: By November Americans Will Be So Sick of Democrat Policies, Republicans will Have Largest Victory Since 1920

Saturday, June 11, 2022

FLASHBACK: Blake Farenthold: ‘If Donald Trump Said I Love Puppies, the Headline Would Be Donald Trump Hates Kittens’ - May 20, 2017

Tucker Carlson Calls Ron Rivera a ‘Fascist Moron’ After Commanders Coach Fines Jack Del Rio for Jan. 6 Comments

Raskin on 1/6 Probe: In Over 1000 Witnesses ‘Nobody Bought’ Trump Won 2020

Rep. Lofgren: Donald Trump Is an ‘Ongoing’ Threat to the Country