Thursday, March 31, 2022

NBC: Federal Investigation Into Hunter Biden Laptop Lead by U.S. Attorney Holdover from Trump Administration

ABC: Ukrainian Refugees Seeking U.S. Asylum Reaching Humanitarian Crisis at Southern Border

ABC: Will Smith to Receive a 15-Day Notice Before The Academy Votes on Official Decision

Maxine Waters Tells Group of Homeless People Trying to Get Housing Vouchers to “Go Home”

Sen. Lindsey Graham Says He Will Oppose Judge Jackson for Supreme Court

Fox’s John Roberts Confronts Pentagon Spox: ‘Does the United States Want Ukraine to Win?’

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

CBS: Federal Tax, Lobbying and Money Laundering Probe Into Hunter Biden Expands, W.H. Declines Comment

Fox News: Federal Elections Commission Fine Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign, DNC Over Trump Dossier

Fox News: New Report Details Biden Family Ties to Chinese Firm

Rep. Chip Roy: DHS Secretary Mayorkas Is Committing an Impeachable Act by Allowing Title 42 to Expire

Sen. Johnson: Chinese Government Connected Company Gave $1 Million to a Hunter Biden Managed Company

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

D’Souza: Passing a Law Against Lynching Is Like Passing a Law Against Witch Burning or Cannibalism

Hannity Shows Past Clips of Will Smith Slapping a Reporter and Joking About a Woman’s Bald Head

Leo Terrell: Whoopi Needs to go Back in ‘Time-Out Box’ for Giving Will Smith Pass Over Race

Rep. Matt Gaetz Questions FBI Cyber Chief Who Says He Can’t Find Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Sen. Schumer: Justice Clarence Thomas ‘Should Recuse Himself’ from Jan. 6 Cases

Jim Carrey: Will Smith’s ‘Selfish’ Actions at Oscars Took Away Everyone Else’s Moment in the Sun

John Berman’s Interview with the Mayor of Chernihiv Was Interrupted By an Explosion

Fox’s Melugin: Overwhelmed Feds Are Mass Releasing Illegal Aliens Inside the U.S.

CNN Investigation: Veterans Experiencing Homelessness in L.A. Despite Land and Housing Left for Them Decades Ago

Fox News: Conservative Activist Scott Presler Travels America Cleaning Up Cities, Registering New Voters

Rep. Jim Jordan: Everything About Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Real Except the Fake News

Monday, March 28, 2022

Newt Gingrich: Anything Short of Defeating Putin in Ukraine is a Disaster for Civilization

Newt Gingrich: Biden Cognitively Challenged, VP Cognitively Hopeless, No Place to Turn for Leadership

Hannity: Last Night, Second Lowest Rated Oscars of All Time, Chris Rock Commended for Keeping His Cool

Jesse Watters on The Oscars Slap: ‘First Time I’ve Ever Seen the Media Cover Black-on-Black Crime’

Fox News Anchor Shocked By Police Tips on How to Survive in Los Angeles: It’s Like Libya in 2004

Confronted About Statements Walked Back by His Staff, Biden Absurdly Denies It Ever Happened

CNBC: Elon Musk Would Owe $50 Billion in Taxes On Year One of Biden’s New Tax Plan

Moderna Chief Medical Officer: Omicron Subvariant 50-60% More Transmissible than Omicron

FLASHBACK: Oscar Host Chris Rock Jokes About Jada Pinkett Smith Boycotting the 2016 Oscars

Will Smith’s Full Best Actor Acceptance Speech After Smacking Chris Rock for Making a Joke on Wife, Jada

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock at the Oscars

Clay Travis: Elon Musk Should Buy Twitter and Reinstitute Free Speech

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Every Little Boy and Girl Will Know Anything is Possible When Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is Confirmed

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: Justice Thomas Should Recuse Himself from Jan. 6th Cases, Wife Advocated for Insurrection

Steve Harrigan: Last Two International Associated Press Journalists Who Left Mariupol Are Witnesses to Slaughter

Steve Harrigan: Soviet Union, Russia Has History of Removing Regime Over Losing a War

GOP Rep. Comer: ‘I’Ve Finally Accepted the Fact’ That Biden Has Decided to Let 2 Million Migrants Across the Border

Joe Biden Compares Ukrainian Refugee Crisis in Poland to His Southern Border Crisis

MSNBC: NBC News Poll Has Biden at 40 Percent Approval, ‘His Worst Showing Yet’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Judge Jackson Can’t Answer If Someone Who’s Accused of a Crime Is Accused of Being a Criminal

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Trump: I Got a Clinton Appointed Judge for My Lawsuit Against Hillary

Fox News: Californians Paying Highest Gas Prices in the Country

Kayleigh McEnany: Biden Linking Ukraine Refugee Crisis to U.S. Border ‘Egregious’

Joe Biden: ‘No Doubt’ Russia War on Ukraine ‘A Strategic Failure’

Joe Biden: Obscene for Putin to Say He’s ‘De-Nazifying’ Ukraine

Joe Biden: Ukraine Battle Will Not Be Won in Matter of Day or Months, Long Fight Ahead

Biden on Putin: ‘For God’s Sake, This Man Cannot Remain in Power’

Friday, March 25, 2022

Tom Homan on Border Crisis: This Administration Is Doing Nothing to Address It

CNN Reports on Joe Biden’s Border Crisis: ‘Record-Breaking,’ ‘Staggering’

Sec. Yellen Dismisses Gas Prices: ‘They’re Not as High’ as ‘Earlier This Century’

Hannity: Trump Sues Hillary Clinton, Christophe Steele Over 2016 Russia Collusion Hoax

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Clarence Thomas’ Wife Texted Mark Meadows About Overturning the 2020 Election, Invoked Q-Anon Theory

‘Pretty Shameful’: Gen. Jack Keane Claims Biden Admin ‘Putting Pressure’ on Zelenskyy to Make Deal with Putin

Biden: ‘We Would Respond’ if Putin Used Weapons of Mass Destruction

Fox News: Biden Snaps at Reporter at NATO Conf Who Tells Him ‘Deterrence Didn’t Work’ on Putin

Fox News: Biden Tells Reporters at NATO Conf He is ‘Too Long in the Tooth’ Not to Retain House and Senate in 2022

Fox News: Biden Tells Reporter at NATO Conf Reason He Decided to Run in 2020 was Americans with Nazi Banners in Virginia

Fox News: Reporter Tells Biden ‘Widespread Concerns’ in Europe Trump to Become President Again in 2024

Tom Homan Hammers Biden Admin’s Border, Immigration Policies: ‘Forcing ICE Agents to Violate the Law’

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: Biden To Announce the U.S. Will Take 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Biden: ‘I Think It Is a Real Threat’ that Russia Will Use Chemical Weapons

Tucker: Weed Dispensaries Recommending Pregnant Women Use Marijuana During Pregnancy

Judge Eugene Hyman (ret): Treating $20 Petty Theft Without Any Consequence Leads to $5 Million Robberies

Sen. Hawley to Justice Jackson: Are You Surprised a Pedophile You Gave a Light Sentence Reoffended?

Judge Jackson Can’t Answer If Someone Who’s Accused of a Crime Is Accused of Being a Criminal

Sen. Ted Curz Shows Series of Child Pornography Cases on White Board where Judge Jackson Issued Lightest Possible Sentence

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Has Died at Age 84

Hannity: Is NATO, Joe Biden Ready to Respond if Putin Uses Chemical or Biological Weapons?

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Biden SCOTUS Nominee Judge Jackson Gave Three Month Sentence to 18-Year Old Child Porn Offender Who Exploited Two Eight Year Olds

Watters: Upcoming Book By NYT Journalist Reveals the Degree of Turmoil Between Biden and Harris

ICYMI: Trump Interview on Varney & Co. Discussing Biden Trip to Poland, EU, Russia Relations with China [Full Interview]

Rick Scott: Judge Jackson ‘Seems To Be Very Soft on Sexual Predators, People that Have, You Know, Harmed Our Children’

Judge Jackson Responds to Accusations About Light Sentences in Child Pornography Cases: ‘Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth’

Sen. Cruz to Ketanji Brown Jackson: Do You Agree With this Book that Babies Are Racist?

Project Veritas: DoJ Spied on Journalists with Sealed Search Warrants and Non-Disclosure Orders

Sen. Cornyn to Judge Jackson: ‘Why Would You Call Sec. Rumsfeld and George W. Bush War Criminals in a Legal Filing while Representing Intel Officer for Taliban?’

CNBC: No Survivors Found After China Eastern 737 Crash, Cause ‘Completely Unexplained’

Graham: Nuclear Radiation Affecting NATO Countries Is an Attack on NATO Itself

Let’s Go Brandon Store Owners: Facebook Flagged Our Store Announcement But Still Let Putin on Instagram

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Brian Stelter Who Led on Falsifying Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story Is Quiet After NYT Admitting It Was True

Monday, March 21, 2022

Newt Gingrich: We Have to Pray for Biden’s Health, Kamala Harris May Be the ‘Dumbest Person’ Ever Elected as Vice-President

Bill Barr ‘Disturbed’ and ‘Shocked’ Joe Biden ‘Lied’ About His Son’s Laptop

W.H.: Russia Is ‘Exploring Options for Potential Cyberattacks’ on Critical Infrastructure in the U.S.

Lindsey Graham: ‘Senator Hawley, You Need to Ask Her About Her Record as a District Court Judge’

Fox Business: Price of Oil $112 Per Barrel, Up From $93 Last Week

Trump: Biden Doing Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Because He is Stupid’

Sunday, March 20, 2022

FLASHBACK: Jonathan Turley: 'Hunter Biden has lapse of memory on critical things like fathering a child and laptop, but can remember things from when he was five years old,' April 9, 2021

FLASHBACK: The Ingraham Angle: Laptop Connected to Hunter Biden Linked to FBI Money Laundering Probe, October 21, 2020

CNN: Fifth Russian General Killed Near Mariupol, Southern Ukraine

Rep. Liz Cheney: Iran Deal ‘Indefensible,’ Gives Pathway to Nuclear Bomb, Benefits Russia Directly

Sen. Chris Murphy: No Choice But To Do Iran Deal, Cut Russia Out of Deal, Also Don’t Need Blessing of NATO

Fox News: Russia Says Mariupol Must Surrender By 5:00 AM Moscow Time

Peter Schweizer: While Trump Was Being Impeached, FBI Knew Hunter Biden Laptop Is Real

Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden was Recipient and Beneficiary of Funds Hunter Biden Took In

Gen. Anthony Tata: White House Not Releasing Full Transcript of Biden Call with China a Sign Call Did Not Go Well

Rep. Mike Turner: Use of Hypersonic Missile on Ukraine is Message to West Putin Has These Weapons

Townhall’s Benson Calls Out Biden On “COVID Relief”: “Where On Earth Did All Of That Money Go?”

FLASHBACK: Lindsey Graham: Nobody Is Afraid of Biden, ‘This Is a Dangerous Time in the World Right Now,’ May 16, 2021

Griff Jenkins: Nearly 50 Obama Administration Intel Officials Pushed Hunter Biden ‘Russian Disinformation’ Narrative

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: In Plea for No-Fly Zone, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Presents Video to Congress of Death, Destruction and Devastation Russia’s War Has Brought On in Ukraine

Saturday, March 19, 2022

ABC 15: Antarctica Hits Temps 70 Degree Higher than Normal, 43 U.S. States Hotter than Normal for Spring

FLASHBACK: Fox News: DHS Issues Domestic Terrorism Bulletin on ‘Misleading, Anti-Government Narratives’, February 9, 2022

Fox News: Rpt. Russia Extends WNBA Camp’s Detention

Charlie Hurt: NY Times Confirming Hunter Biden Laptop Story ‘Biggest Media Fail of All Time’

Sen. Ron Johnson: NYT Hunter Biden Laptop Authentication Shows Corruption within FBI, Biased Media

Howard Kurtz: Hunter Biden Allegations Can No Longer Be Called ‘Right-Wing Media Crusade’ Now that Laptop is Authenticated

Friday, March 18, 2022

CBS 2: Chicago’s Broken Water Billing System Exposes High Lead Levels in Drinking Water in Minority Communities

Glenn Greenwald: I Was Censored By My Own Media Outlet Over Hunter Laptop Story and Quit In Protest

Biden Ignores Media Questions as Audio and Video Feeds Are Cut

Andrea Mitchell: There Is No Way Out for Putin

CNN’s Dr. Reiner: We’ll Need to Reinstate Mask Mandates, Month Without Masks Has Not Been Worth It, 1,200 Dying Every Day

Psaki: Biden Not Giving Putin ‘Pass’ on Sanctions Despite Allowing Russia to Cash in $10B Contract

Psaki Shuts Down Reporter Who Asks About Transparency on Hunter Biden’s Foreign Business Dealings

Bill Barr: Both DNI and FBI Said Hunter Biden Laptop Was ‘Not Russian Disinformation,’ Media Ignored

Jesse Watters: Mexican Drug Cartels Setting Tractor Trailers on Fire at U.S./Mexico Border

CBS’ Herridge on Hunter Biden: ‘We Do Believe that It Goes Beyond the Tax Case’ to Foreign Agents Registration Act

CNN: Rows Upon Rows of Empty Baby Strollers in Lviv City Square Memorialize Children Killed by Russian Attacks

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Newt Gingrich: Whatever is Wrong with Biden, Kamala Harris is 20 Times Worse

Newt Gingrich: Biden Promised Russians Waiver of Sanctions of $10 Billion for Iran Deal

Joe Concha: Most Insidious Form of Bias in Journalism is Bias of Omission

Tucker: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story Was a Pretext to Impose a Vast Censorship Regime

FLASHBACK: Trump Confronts Biden About Hunter’s Laptop in 2020 Presidential Debate

Howard Kurtz: NY Times Says It Has ‘Obtained and Authenticated’ Emails From Hunter Biden Laptop

Biden Admin: Blame Literally Anybody But Us for Gas Prices

EU Ambassador: Reason Putin Gave Speech Yesterday Was Because He Was Told Things He Didn't Want To Hear

Gas Thieves Use Electronics to Hack Gas Pump Payment System Stealing 400 Gallons of Gas

Biden Says ‘I May Be Irish, But I’m Not Stupid,’ Confuses Jill Biden’s Grandfather and Father

Vince Coglianese: CNN Wants To Be News Network Again, But All Top Talent Devastated Over Credibility By Recently Fired Chris Cuomo

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Lionel Richie on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: ‘We’re Taking Too Long, We’re Going to Lose Mankind’

Rep. Brian Babin: National Security Humanitarian Disaster at U.S./Mexico Border Impacting American Citizens

Sen. Coons: A ‘No-Fly Zone’ Would Mean Needing to Take Out Military Sites in Russia and Belarus

Lindsey Graham Doubles Down on Wanting Putin Assassinated: ‘If John McCain Were Here He’d Say the Same Thing’

Biden: ‘I Bet Everybody Knows Somebody’ Where the Guy Takes a Picture of His Naked Friend in a Compromising Position and Then Blackmails

John Ratcliffe: Who is Greater International Pariah? Assad or Putin?

Putin: West is Trying to ‘Cancel Russia,’ Has Torn Off Mask of Decency

Joe Biden Mishears Question on Wether Putin is a War Criminal, Says Putin is ‘War Criminal’

Biden Refuses to Take Questions: ‘I’m Not Going to Comment on Anything’

Biden: ‘We’re Crippling Putin’s Economy’

In Plea for No-Fly Zone, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy Presents Video to Congress of Death, Destruction and Devastation Russia’s War Has Brought On in Ukraine

Zelenskyy: Remember Pearl Harbor, Remember 9/11, Our Country Experiences the Same Every Day

Elbridge Colby: Saudi Arabia Great Example of Poor Foresight in Strategic Planning by Biden Admin.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Kellyanne Conway Enumerates Biden Gaffes in a 14-Minute Speech Made Today

Fox News: Senate Passes Bill to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent, House to Vote

CNN: Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Gen. Milley, Jen Psaki and Jake Sullivan Also on Russia’s U.S. Sanctions List


Psaki: We Need $25 Billion Now to Fight Covid or Consequences Will Be Dire

VP Harris: ‘Across Industries, Women Are Less Likely To Be Hired than Equally Qualified Men’

Fox’s Steve Harrigan Returns From Ukraine With Grim Message: ‘Ukraine is a Done Deal. It’s Flattened And They Lost’

Sen. Kennedy on Transferring Jets to Ukraine: Biden ‘Has a Wishbone Where His Backbone Ought To Be’

KTLA Los Angeles: “Gas Thefts Are Spiking” After the Biden Gas Hike

CNN: Russia Imposes Sanctions on Biden, Blinken and Others

Senator Rand Paul Introduces an Amendment to Eliminate Dr. Fauci’s Job

Biden Signs ‘Consolidated Appropriations Act’ Funding Public Safety Agencies and Strengthening 'Violence Against Women Act'

Fox Business Reports on 10% Producer Price Spike: ‘We’ve Got Double-Digit Wholesale Inflation’

Cameraman Injured Alongside Fox News Correspondent Benjamin Hall in Ukraine Has Died

Fox News: Average Price of Gas $4.33, Increased for 57 of 59 Days, Up 41 Cents in One Week

Fox News: Russia Denies Asking China for Help in Ukraine War Effort

Monday, March 14, 2022

Kyiv Mayor ‘Not Worried’ About Russia Kidnapping Attempt: ‘I Am Ready to Fight’ Forces Kidnapping City Mayors

Fox News: Nuclear War ‘Within Realm of Possibility,’ UN Secretary General Warns

Asked How High Biden Expects Gas Prices to Go, Jen Psaki Says ‘I Don’t Have A Prediction’

GMA: Farmers Feeling Crunch of Fuel Costs Over War in Ukraine Pushing Them To The Brink

Biden: Reason for Inflation and Gas Prices ‘Is Putin, Not a Joke,’ It Has Nothing To Do with Reckless Spending

Fox News War Correspondent Benjamin Hall Working in Kyiv, Ukraine Injured and Hospitalized

Gen. Keane: Biden Admin. Is Paralyzed By the Fear of Escalation

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Gen. Keith Kellogg: General Milley Said Putin Would Take Kyiv In Three Days

Amb. Michael McFaul: If Liberal Democratic World Loses in Ukraine It Sends Powerful Message to Autocratic Competitors

Sen. Tom Cotton: Biden Been Relying on Putin in Negotiation with Iran on Nuclear Deal

Amb. Robert O’Brien: When Biden Administration Gave Russians Nord Stream 2 With No Conditions They Wanted More and More

CNN: Russia Requests Military Assistance From China in Ukraine

Charlie Hurt: Kamala Harris ‘Unsafe At Any Speed’ When in Europe

Trey Yingst: There Should Be Split Screen Showing Devastation of War When World Leaders Are Speaking