Monday, February 28, 2022

Bloomberg: Big Oil Leading Pull Back Out of Russia in Mass Exodus of Companies

JPMorgan Chase CEO: SWIFT Ban on Russia May Have Unintended Consequences

Fox News: 40 Mile Long Convoy Heads Towards Kyiv

Matthew Chance on Peace Talks: Records Say, Putin Will Double Down on Invasion

Ukrainian Journalist Claims Reporters in the Country Have Armed Themselves to Help Defend Kyiv

Reporter: ‘Should Americans be worried about nuclear war?’ - Biden: ‘No’

Fox News: Pre-War Poll Says 33% Approve of Biden Handing Russia Conflict with Ukraine

EU Ambassador to UN: We Call on Russia to Reverse Nuclear Alert Level to Avoid Any Action that Could Risk Safety of Nuclear Power Plants in Ukraine

Ukrainian Ambassador to the UN: ‘If He Wants to Kill Himself, He Doesn’t Need to Use a Nuclear Arsenal’ He Has To Do What Hitler Did

REPORTER: “Mr. President, are you worried about nuclear war?”

NY Times: Russian Convoy Heading Towards #Kyiv Now At Least 17 Miles Long

Bongino: Putin Will Have a Serious Public Perception Problem Which Defeats the Strongman Agenda and His Mask of Strength

MSNBC: Russian Ruble Plunges 30% Amid Sanctions, Russian Central Bank Raises Interest Rates to 20%

Sunday, February 27, 2022

UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace: Belarus More to Lose than Gain Being Close to Russia in War Against Ukraine

Bloomberg: European Gas Surges, Ruble Opens Low Amid Russia Sanctions

Gowdy: Republicans ‘Used to Be Tough on Matters of Foreign Policy, Used to Be Tough on Russia’

Ukrainian Delegation Arrives in Belarus for Peace Talks with Russia

MSNBC: Putin Ordering Nuclear Deterrent Forces Elevates Zelensky as World-Leader of Democracy

FLASHBACK: Condoleezza Rice: Putin Never Accepted Outcome of Cold War, Making Up Own Version of History, 2014

CBS: Ukraine’s President Zelensky Agrees to Negotiations with Russian Officials Without Preconditions

Frmr. Capt. Bob Wells: Putin Making Nuclear Declaration ‘Very Concerning,’ Long Dangerous March Ahead

Frmr. Capt. Bob Wells: Russian Federation Has 5,977 Nuclear Weapons Inventory

Fox News: Putin Puts His Nuclear Forces ‘On Alert’

Front Page Index Clip of the Week: CNN Shows People Huddled in Prayer on Kharkiv’s Main Square

Saturday, February 26, 2022

LIVE – War in Ukraine: Follow the latest on FRANCE 24

Fox News: Hacker Group Anonymous Declares Cyber War Against Russia

Donald Trump at CPAC: When I Left, Oil Was $36 A Barrel, Now It Is $100 A Barrel

Donald Trump at CPAC: Russia Attack on Ukraine is Appalling, We Are Praying For The People, God Bless Them All

Trump at CPAC 2022: ‘In 13 Months, Joe Biden Has Done More Damage Than 5 Worst Presidents in US History Combined’

Trump at CPAC 2022: ‘I Stand as Only President of 21st Century On Whose Watch Russia Did Not Invade Another Country’

Fox News: U.S. Passport Holders Still in Ukraine, Government Doesn’t Have Latest Numbers

Dan Hoffman: Russian Invasion ‘Extraordinary Intelligence Failure’ on Putin’s Part

UK Minister of Armed Forces: ‘Clearly the Russian Plans Are To Take Kyiv’ - Sky News

Friday, February 25, 2022

Fox News: Russia Signaling Talks With Ukraine

President Zelensky Posts New Video: ‘Do not believe the fakes.’

Ukrainians Fight Russian Tanks with Molotov Cocktails

 SOURCE: Twitter

Live Feed: Multiple Feeds, Kyiv, Ukraine

Live Feed: Independence Square, Kyiv, Ukraine

‘Battle for Control of Kyiv’: Zelenksy Warns Ukraine’s Fate ‘Decided’ Tonight As Russian Troops Approach Capital

Nexta: Russian Combat Troops Advance Into Kyiv In Active Assault on Ukraine

SOURCE: Nexta/Twitter

U.N. Ambassador to Ukraine: Last Night ‘Most Horrific Since 1941,’ Tonight They Will Storm, We Must Understand What Awaits Us, Calls for Moment of Silence

U.N. Ambassador to Russia: We Vote Against Anti-Russian Resolution And Thank Those Who Abstained

U.N. Ambassador to China: China Abstains from Resolution Vote, We Call on All Parties to Exercise Maximum Restraint

Pence: Putin Only Understands Strength so We Need Less Talk, More Action

Leon Panetta: We Can’t Simply Just Sit Back and Hope for the Best

CNN: Curfew, Air Raid Sirens in Kyiv, Mayor Warns of ‘Difficult Night Ahead’

Deputy Secretary General of NATO: Cyber Attacks Could Trigger Article 5 of NATO

Tom Cotton: NATO and President Biden Need to Stop ‘Pussyfooting Around’

Jen Psaki: President Biden Built Global Coalition, Rallied World to Stand Up to Putin, Put in Place Historic Sanctions (Effective in 30 Days)

Fmr. Ukrainian President Poroshenko Takes Up a Kalashnikov Rifle Alongside Civilian Defense Forces As He Speaks to CNN

WARNING GRAPHIC: Video Shows 57-Year-Old Woman Being Kicked Down Stairs in NY Subway, Struck Head With Hammer, Steals Purse


Biden: Judge Jackson Won’t ‘Put Her Thumb on the Scale of Justice’

Thursday, February 24, 2022

BBC: Independent Russian Newspaper Editor Says Putin Has Done Irreparable Damage to His Country

 SOURCE: Twitter

Russian Aircraft Shot Down by Ukrainian Air Defenses Falls on Residential Areas in Kyiv

 SOURCE: Nexta Media / ZDF Germany

Rubio: Putin Knows How Biden, Europe Can’t Sustain Imposing the Sanctions Against Him

Fox News: White House Announces New Set of Sanctions on Russia

CNN: Russian Troops Seize the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

RNC Research Montage: Biden Admin Contradictions on Russia Sanctions

SOURCE: Twitter

Joe Biden: No One Expected Russia Sanctions to Prevent Anything from Happening

Joe Biden: Putin and Criminal Allies All About ‘Naked Aggression,’ Changing Borders By Force, War Without Cause

Joe Biden: U.S. Military Will Defend ‘Every Inch’ of NATO Territory With Full Force and Power

Joe Biden: Putin Was Aggressor of War, Assets in U.S. Will Be Frozen, Limit on Business in Euros, Pounds, Yen

H.R. McMaster: ‘This Will Go on and on Until Putin Is Met with Strength’

ABC: Americans Face Record Gas Prices, California Seeing $4.77 Gas & Expect 10 Cent Increase Soon

MSNBC: Biden Has Been Presented with Options for Massive Cyberattacks Against Russia

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

CNN Shows People Huddled in Prayer on Kharkiv’s Main Square

UN Security Council: Ambassador to Ukraine: ‘Most of Statement I Came to Give is Already Useless,’ ‘Stop the War.’

UN Security Council: Ambassador to Russia: ‘Ukraine Still Under Illusion There is Military Solution’

UN Security Council: Ambassador to Mexico: ‘Russian Invasion Is Act of Aggression’

UN Security Council: Ambassador to U.S.: ‘We Ask Russia to Stop, Return to Your Borders, Send Troops, Tanks, Planes Back to Barracks and Hangers’

UN Security Council: Ambassador to China Urges Ukraine Is Complex 30-Year Issue, Important to Avoid Fueling Tensions

CNN: Russian Military Launched Cruise Missile Attack on Ukraine Airport Short Distance from Kyiv

CNN: Air Raid Warning Siren Sound Off in Kyiv, Ukraine

Fox News: President Zelensky Releases Video Calling on Ukrainians to ‘Stay Calm and Stay Home’

MSNBC: Putin Orders Special Military Operation, Biden Issues Statement, Blasts Heard in Ukraine Capitol Kyiv

Rep. Tim Burchett: Keystone Produced 830K Barrels of Oil Per Day, Biden Importing 595K Per Day from Russia

Tom Nichols on Trump Praising Putin: Putin Sees Our Country Divided

Sen. Van Hollen on Energy Prices: ‘We Will Have to Experience Some Short-Term Pain’ in Order to Stop Putin

Nancy Pelosi confuses Hungary and Ukraine: “If you look at the map and you see Hungary..."

SOURCE: Twitter

CBS: Under Biden, Some Families Spending 47% More To Heat Up Their Homes Than Last Year

Jen Psaki Says Biden’s Sanctions Strategy Against Russia Has ‘Worked’ Despite Putin Invading Ukraine

Fox News: Ukraine Declares State of Emergency

Pentagon Spox Kirby: 90,000 U.S. Troops Ready in Europe, Significant Number ‘Combat Capable’

Fox News: 35% of Independents Approve of Biden in New Poll, Only 32% Think He is Strong Leader

Fox News: Sister of Murdered L.A. Deputy Sheriff Slams D.A. Gascon ‘He Knows the Recall is Coming’

Fox News: Convicted Child Molester Likely Free by Summer Without Registering As Sex Offender Under LA DA Gascon

Sen. Van Hollen on Energy Prices: ‘We Will Have to Experience Some Short-Term Pain’ in Order to Stop Putin

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Ari Fleisher: Sanctions Will Not Deter Russia From Aggression, Biden Should Destroy Energy Sector, Crush Ruble

Hannity Plays a Video of Trump Slamming NATO Leaders Dependence on Russian Oil; ‘You Think Biden Could Do That?’

Kayleigh McEnany: Vladimir Putin Is the Democratic Party’s Biggest ‘Supporter’

Gen. Kellogg: ‘Welcome to Cold War II,’ ‘We’re in Uncharted Territory’

CNN: Biden Speaks on Ukraine Crisis, U.S. Sanctions [Full Remarks]

Experts: Crisis in Ukraine Could Push Gas Prices Even Higher

Business Owner Tells NBC He’s Been Forced to Raise Prices 4 Times in the Past Year Due to Inflation

John Bolton: ‘Putin Was Undoubtedly Waiting for a Second Trump Term’ to Invade

Sen. Cotton: It’s Too Late Once Russia Has Invaded Ukraine to Try to Change the Calculus

Monday, February 21, 2022

Hannity Announces Death of Bob Beckel: I Loved Him, God Speed to Him

Fox News: White House to Impose Targeted Sanctions on Russia, Summit Talks On Hold

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden in 2019 Says ‘Putin Days of Tyranny in Eastern Europe Over’ When He is President

Watters: Bill Clinton Forced Ukrainians to Give Nukes Back to Russia, ‘and Now They’re Sitting Ducks for Putin’

Geraldo on Ukraine Crisis: ‘Joe Biden Has to Stand Up and Speak Without the Damn N95 Mask on that the VP Had’

Fox News Contributor Says Putin’s Language on Ukraine ‘Reminiscent of Hitler’s Justification for Taking The Sudetenland

Vladimir Putin: Civilized World, Western Colleagues Present Themselves As ‘Only’ Representatives of Free World

Vladimir Putin: Kyiv Elite Lack Willingness to Implement ‘Minsk Agreement,’ Want Blitzkrieg Like 2013, 2014

ABC: Top Russian Officials Say ‘No Reason to Negotiate with U.S.’ Because U.S. Will Not Change Position on Russia

WGN 9: Putin Calls Meeting with Security Council on Whether to Recognize Eastern Parts of Ukraine as Independent States

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Frmr. DNI Ratcliffe: Durham Looking at Crimes of ‘False Narrative’ Taken to FBI, CIA to Create Investigation

Canadian Convoy Protesters Invade MSNBC Live Report Yelling ‘Freedom’ at Top of Lungs

Yamiche Alcindor: Key White House Strategy is Warning People About Russia, Cost of Freedom for Americans at Gas Tank

Finnish President Niinisto: Most Likely Option of Three, Putin Will Continue to Increase Tensions All The Time

Sec. Blinken: We Are Not Laying Out Specifics On ‘Massive Sanctions Package’ in Detail Because Russia Will Plan Against It

Sen. Ted Cruz: Durham Filing Says Lawyer for Clinton Campaign Spied on Trump at Home, Office and White House as Sitting President

Front Page Index Clip of the Week: John Solomon: Declassified Docs Show F.B.I. Directed Electronic Surveillance to Spy on Team Trump

Saturday, February 19, 2022

RT America: Moscow Opens Criminal Investigation Into Shelling Found on Russian Side of Border, Zelenski Says Russia Shelled Self

RT America: Russian Shelling Leaves 2 Million Without Water Supply as Thousands of Ukrainians Flee, 20K of 700K Evacuated from Donbass

Fox News: Canadian Police Arrest over 100 Trucker Protesters

VP Harris: NATO Is ‘the Greatest Military Alliance the World Has Ever Seen’

CNN: Ukraine President Calls for Diplomatic Solution to Crisis

FLASHBACK: Fox News: Putin Says in Past Month ‘No Competent U.S. Department’ Presented a Request to Stop Criminal Cyber Attacks, July 9, 2021

FLASHBACK: Rep. John Ratcliffe: Biden Accomplished Nothing on Cyber, Giving Putin ‘Off Limits’ List for Cyber Attacks, Like Giving ‘Target List,’ June 17, 2021

Fox LA: Recent Polls Show Troubling Trend for CA Democrats

SOURCE: Twitter

Tucker Mocks AOC Video Where She Is Assembling Furniture While Home Alone

Friday, February 18, 2022

Biden: ‘Despite Russia’s Efforts to Divide Us at Home and Abroad, I Can Affirm that Has Not Happened’

McEnany: Putting VP Harris in Charge of Stopping War in Ukraine, Like Putting Hillary Clinton in Charge of iPhone Security

Steve Hilton on Kamala Harris Headed to Germany: ‘Terrible Way to Manage a Crisis’

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Mark Levin: Dems Hate America, Vice President Probably One of the Dumbest in American History

Geraldo: Even the Liberal Media Is Telling the Dem Party to ‘Get it Together’ on Wokeness

Hannity to Hillary: Malice? Really? Bring it On

Alex Datig: America's Priorities At The Mercy of Biden's Part Time Schedule

FLASHBACK: CNN: Frmr Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign State Chair Charles Dolan is ‘Executive 1’ in Durham Indictment, Nov. 20, 2021

Hillary: ‘Fox Leads the Charge with Accusations Against Me, Counting on Their Audience to Fall for It Again’

Biden: Threat of Russian Invasion ‘Very High,’ ‘They Have Not Moved Any of Their Troops Out’

Fox News: Ukraine Kindergarten Shelled by Russia as Tensions Mount

NBC’s Figliuzzi: AG Garland Needs to Say to Durham ‘What Are You Doing and When Are You Done?’

Fox News: Three San Francisco School Board Members Recalled for Focusing on Woke Politics Instead of Education

Fox News: Hillary Clinton to Deliver Comeback Speech in New York, First Remarks After Durham

Fox News: Finland Member of Parliament Charged with Hate Speech for Quoting Bible

Sen. Kennedy: Russia Has a Partnership with China and Iran, They’re Testing Biden and See Him as ‘the Bambi’s Baby Brother’

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Watters: Dems Are Willing to Sacrifice Your Safety to Push Their Culture Wars; They Know More About Jan. 6th than the Price of Gas

Hannity: NY Mayor Eric Adams Says News Coverage Critical of His Job Motivated By Race

Leo Terrell Rips NY Mayor Eric Adams: America Sick and Tired of People Who Fail At Their Job Playing the Race Card

Leaked Democratic Party Document Says Voters See Democrats as ‘Preachy’ and ‘Judgmental’

ABC: Gas Prices Up $1+ From One Year Ago As Prices Surge Amid Biden’s Energy Crisis

Fox News: New York Shoplifting Skyrockets, Florida Walmart Locks Stakes with Security Wire

‘How Cowardly:’ Harris Faulkner Eviscerates Eric Adams for ‘Dropping the Race Card’ and Threatening to Block Press Access

Scarborough to Dems: People Are Looking for Answers on Covid, Crime and Costs of Living

Man Reportedly Kicked Off a Flight Because He Had ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Written on His Mask and Refused To Change Masks

Jen Psaki Refuses to Answer Any Questions About Durham Investigation

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Sen. John Kennedy to Trudeau: ‘If You’re Going to Be a Smarta**, First You Have to Be Smart, Otherwise You’re Just an A**’

Pam Bondi: The Standard Is Much Lower to Prove Wrongful Death Against Alec Baldwin

FLASHBACK: Jen Psaki Doubts Hillary Clinton Would Have Won Election on Oct. 27, May 7, 2017

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton: Comey Was Perfectly Willing to Talk About My Emails But Refused to Talk About Intel on Russian Interference, Sept. 23, 2017

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton: Obamas Could Not Have Been Better In Advising Me in 2016 Election, Obama Didn't Want to Appear Like He Was Using Office for Partisan Ends, Sept. 23, 2017

Joe Concha: Are We Really Supposed to Believe Former Heads of Intel, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Comey Acted in Apolitical Manner?

Hannity: Media Wrong for 3 Years on Russia Collusion, Missed FISA Court Lied To On 4 Separate Occasions, Now Throwing Wet Blanket on Durham Revelations

John Solomon: Declassified Docs Show F.B.I. Directed Electronic Surveillance to Spy on Team Trump

Biden’s Been Wrong on Every Foreign Policy Decision in Three Decades and He’s Wrong on Russia

Joe Biden: Russia Invasion of Ukraine Not War of Necessity, Will Be Self-Inflicted Wound

Biden Tells a Story About Putting a Dead Dog on a Random Woman’s Doorstep