Monday, January 31, 2022

FLASHBACK, Summer of 2020: Criminal Justice Experts Warned Defunding Police Would Create Alarming Spike in Violent Crime

Save Los Angeles: "Public Safety Re Imagined” Is A Disaster For Los Angeles

Dr. Siegel on Gov. Newsom: ‘Nobody Is Going To Listen to Government When They Don’t Even Comply with Their Own Mandate’

Judge Jeanine: Jen Psaki Locked Up in Her ‘Ivory Tower,’ She Has No Idea What Americans Really Care About

Whoopi Confronted by ‘The View’ Panelists for Claiming ‘the Holocaust Isn’t About Race’

Jesse Watters: The Media Doesn’t Like Rogan Because ‘He’s Better at Their Job Than They Are’

Bernard Kerik: The Manhattan D.A. Sickens Me and Should Be Removed

'What Does That Even Mean?,' Jen Psaki Criticizes Judge Jeanine Pirro for Pointing Out 'Soft-On-Crime' Consequences on Fox News

Newsom Defends Himself After Breaking Covid Masking Rules Again: Had Mask on My Hand!

Fox News: Portland Stolen Cars Found in Homeless Encampment Chop Shops

Fox News: Illegals Throwing ID Away to Avoid Identity, Hiding in and Contaminating Farm Crops

Graham on Biden’s SCOTUS Nominee: It’s Not an Act of Affirmative Action, We Are Making the Court ‘More Like America’

FLASHBACK: Non-Profit Charity Minnesota Freedom Fund Collected $35 Million to Bail Out Violent Criminals with Help from Kamala Harris Who Violated Campaign Ethics Rules, Sept. 28, 2020

Susan Collins: Trump Shouldn’t Have Made that Pledge to Pardon Capitol Rioters

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Gov. Sununu on Pardoning Capitol Rioters: ‘Oh My Goodness, No,’ Says He Doesn't Need Trump to Campaign With Him

Kat Rosenfield: If Spotify Kicked Joe Rogan out, Would His Listeners Seek the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times?

Leahy: Trump Calling for Massive Protests if Prosecuted Sounds ‘Like a Threat’

Graham: ‘Inappropriate’ for Trump to Say Capitol Rioters Should Get Pardoned

Fox News: Snowstorm Blasts Newport, Rhode Island with 18 to 24 Inches of Snow

Fox News: D.A. George Gascón Slammed by Own Deputy D.A. Over Soft-On-Crime Policies

Fox News: Woman Who Posted Rant About NYPD Det. Rivera Funeral Fired From Job For Comments

CBSN: North Korea Fires Most Powerful Missile Yet, 7th Missile Launch This Month

CBSN: CDC Reporting New Covid Cases Down by Nearly 20% Last Week as Deaths Remain Near Record High

Sen. John Barrasso: Biden Hasn’t Been to Border Since 2008, Wants to Eliminate U.S. Customs Enforcement

Sen. John Barrasso: Sanctions Must Be Placed on Russia Before Invasion So Putin Will See Pain He Will Suffer

GOP Sen. Risch: We’re Looking to Block Nord Stream 2 Pipeline for at Least 6 Months

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Fox News: Second Officer Dies from Injuries in Harlem Shooting

Saturday, January 29, 2022

ABC13: Houston Residents Worried About Violent Crime Increase as Five Officers Killed, Injured in Five Days

Going viral on TikTok: Woman complains about street closures in Lower Manhattan because of “one f*cking cop.”

SOURCE: Instagram

Fox News: VP Kamala Harris Contradicts Saying She ‘Hardly Ever’ Uses the Term ‘Northern Triangle’ Out of Respect

Fox News: Border Agents Have Tense Exchange with Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz During DHS Mayorkas Visit

‘For Evil To Triumph Is for Good Men To Do Nothing’: Border Agent Clashes with Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz

MSNBC: City of Boston Declares Snow Emergency

Friday, January 28, 2022

Jeanine Pirro: No Justice for Victims in America, Left’s Social Justice Policies Create ‘Criminal Privilege’

Hannity Slams Biden, Dems for Lack Of Outcry Over Increasing Ambush Style Killings of Police

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Blames ‘Leftist Ideology’ for Increase in Attacks on Cops

NYPD Honors Detective Jason Rivera in Procession After He Was Killed in The Line of Duty Last Friday

 SOURCE: Twitter

CNN: January 6 Committee Subpoenas Former W.H. Deputy Press Secretary

McCaul: Biden Presiding over Largest Human Trafficking Event in My Lifetime

A Maskless Joe Biden Shakes Peoples’ Hands Despite Calling Indoor Mask Wearing “A Patriotic Duty”

CNN: Jan. 6th Committee Issues 14 New Subpoenas Over Fake Electors Plot

CNN: Major Bridge Collapses in Pittsburgh Hours Before Biden Visit, Speech on Infrastructure

Fauci: ‘Hang in There ... Things Are Turning Around’

Defense Sec. Austin: The Situation on Ukraine’s Border Is Changing Rapidly

CNBC: 60 People Arrested for Selling Drugs on Dating Apps

CNBC: Biden Told Ukraine’s President Zelenski ‘Distinct Possibility’ Russia Might Invade Next Month

Mike Pence: Trump Reduced Illegal Immigration By 90%, Biden/Harris Failing U.S. At Home and Abroad

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Fox News: ICE Source Says They’ve Been Turned into a Travel Agency Instead of Enforcing Immigration Policies

Tucker: Most News Organizations Are Intimidated By George Soros But We Don’t Care

After Watters Says Kamala Harris Has a ‘Typical Female Problem,’ Pirro Tells Perino ‘Would You Like to Cut Him Off?’

Dana Perino: Kamala Harris Was an ‘Absent Senator,’ Never Got a Bill Done, and They Expected Great Results from Her?

CNN: Senior Ukrainian Official Says Biden-Zelensky Call ‘Did Not Go Well’

CNN: Daily Covid Death Totals More Than Double From Two Months Ago, As U.S. ‘Appears To Ease Out of Pandemic’

Gov. Abbott: TikTok Should Be Ashamed, Condemned for Promoting Human Trafficking

Justice Breyer Invokes Gettysburg Address: ‘We Are Engaged in a Great Civil War’ to Determine Whether Our Can Long Endure

Fox News: Los Angeles Tries to Clean Homeless Camps for Super Bowl as Politicians offer ‘Band-Aid Solutions’

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Det. Jamie McBride: Company Too Slow Testing LAPD Officers for Covid, Is No-Bid Contract Owned by City Commissioner

Tucker on Footage of Illegal Immigrants Secretly Planed to New York: A Crime to Change this Country Without Your Consent

Kellyanne Conway: Peter Doocy Found Out Poll Favoring Biden ‘Easy and Friendly,’ Not True

Hannity Features Audio of Confrontation Between Border Agents and DHS Mayorkas Exclusively Obtained by Townhall

Frmr. VA State Rep Freitas Rips House of Delegates for Questioning Faith or Intention of Anyone Who Disagrees

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Putin Should Be Sanctioned Now, Sent 100K Troops to Ukraine Border

Fox News: New Pew Research Poll Shows Biden Losing 20 Points With Dems in Past Six Months

Jen Psaki Won’t Say Whether or Not Biden Would Consider Nominating Kamala Harris to the Supreme Court

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Too Many Border Agents Have Died, Every Death on Biden’s Hands

Leo Terrell: Who Is Monitoring NYPD’s So-Called System of Racism?

Sen. Cardin on Justice Breyer’s Replacement: Under Trump, the Normal Process Was Abandoned Altogether

CNN: Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to Retire

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Dr. Siegel: Biden Didn’t Have a Hot Mic Moment, He Was Speaking into a Mic He Was Just Using a Second Before

Fraudster Used Same Social Security Number to Collect over $220k in Jobless Payments in 29 States

Fox News: New Sub-Variant of Omicron Detected in U.S. Identified As ‘Omicron BA.2’

Nancy Pelosi Announces She Is Running for Re-Election

Fox News: Second Officer Dies from Injuries in Harlem Shooting

CBS: Biden Under “Pressure” As “Majority Of Americans Disapprove” Handling Of Economy & Inflation

Flint, Mich. Community Schools Superintendent Defends Closing Schools ‘Indefinitely’

Fox News Footage Shows Mass Release of Single Adult Migrants into U.S.

Psaki on Why Single Adult Men Are Being Released into U.S. After Illegally Crossing: ‘I’m Not Sure the Specifics of What You’re Referring To’

Reporter Asks Why Biden Has Nothing on His Public Schedule Today, Psaki Mentions a Series of Meetings

Fox News: Russia Massing 125,000 Troops On Ukraine Border Threatening Possible Full-Scale Invasion

KING 5: Google Being Sued By Washington State A.G. for Unauthorized Tracking of Users

Tucker: Crime Rates in Ten Major Cities Are Worse Now Than It’s Ever Been But It’s Not a Problem at CNN

NBC: “Brazen Carjacking[s]” Surging In Democrat-Run Cities Of NYC, Philadelphia, & Washington, DC

Monday, January 24, 2022

KPIX 5: Jewelry Store in San Francisco Bay Area Targeted for Smash-and-Grab Robbery

CBSN: Black Graduates Owe $24,000 More in Student Debt on Average than Whites

CBS: Gas Prices Surge Under Biden As “AAA Warns Fuel Prices Will Likely Continue To Rise”

Peter Doocy: Biden Called Cell After Hot Mic S.O.B. Comment and Said ‘It’s Nothing Personal, Pal’

Peter Doocy: I Don’t Think I Have A Choice About Being Called ‘S.O.B.’ By President Biden

CNN on Biden’s ‘Son of a Bitch’ Comment: ‘Pretty Clear He Knew He Was on a Mic’; ‘The Microphone Is Literally Right in Front of Him’

HOT MIC: Biden Calls Peter Doocy “Stupid Son of a B*tch” For Asking Question About Inflation

Biden Ignores Questions As He Returns From A Weekend Vacation At Camp David

Dr. Hotez: ‘It Makes No Sense to Lift [School] Mask Mandates at This Point’

Anthony Fauci Refuses To Say Whether Indefinite Virtual Learning Makes Sense: “I Can’t Comment”

Fauci on CDC, W.H. Mixed Messages Leading to Confusion: ‘I’m Not Going to Comment on That’

Whoopi Slams Bill Maher for Anti-Mask Jokes, Tells Him to Stay out of Society: ‘How Dare You!’

Sunday, January 23, 2022

KCAL 9: California Community Honors 13 Marines Killed by Suicide Bomb Attack in Afghanistan

Tax Advisor: Less Refund for People Who Got Child Tax Credit Early, IRS Still Has 10 Million Unprocessed Returns

Devin Nunes: Trump ‘Truth Social’ Launching By End of Quarter, Will Have Safe Place Big Tech Can’t Cancel

Not A Single CBS Focus Group Participant Believes America Is In A Better Place Now Than One Year Ago

Chuck Todd: Significant Drop in Interest Among Dem Core Voting Groups Since October

Newt Gingrich: Jan. 6th Committee Pursuing Innocent People, All Going to Come Crashing Down with Republican Congress

Newt Gingrich: Biden, Schumer, Pelosi Team Talked Themselves into Dead End on Voting Rights

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: CA Gov. Newsom: ‘What the Hell Is Going On?,’ Refers to East L.A. Train Tracks as Looking Like ‘Third World Country’

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Tom Homan: Biden Admin One Month Late Releasing I.C.E. Report, Trying to Figure Out How to Spin Numbers

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis: In New York, Fifty Percent of People Who Shoot Someone Released with No Bail

CNN: NYC Mayor Hosts Gun Violence Roundtable After Shooting of NYPD Officers in Harlem

Fox News: Two NYPD Officers Shot, One Killed in Harlem, Suspect on Probation

Friday, January 21, 2022

Sen. Kennedy: American People Getting Pretty Tired of Being Called Racists by Dems

Joe Biden Falsely Claims BBB Is Fully Paid for & No One Making Less than 400K Will Pay More in Taxes

CNN: Trump Campaign Officials Led Plot to Install Fake Electors in Seven States

FLASHBACK: Mark Levin Explains How Constitutional Crisis was Created when State Legislatures Were Cut Out of Choosing Electors in PA, GA, MI and WI, Jan. 5, 2021

FLASHBACK: Gavin Newsom Admits California Democrats Have Failed to Deliver on Homelessness for Past Decade!, Jan. 18, 2020

Charlamagne Annihilates Biden, Sinema and Manchin on Voting Rights: They’re Responsible for ‘Death of Democracy’

Blinken: ‘Severe, Swift’ Response if Russia Invades Ukraine

Chinese Foreign Affairs Accuses U.S. of Committing Genocide Against Black Americans and American Indians

Newt Gingrich: A Lot of What Biden Said in Presser was ‘Baloney,’ Is Weak and Confused

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Trump: Pelosi Turned Down My Request for Presence of the National Guard on Jan. 6th

CA Gov. Newsom: 'What the Hell Is Going On?,' Refers to East L.A. Train Tracks as Looking Like 'Third World Country'

Frmr. Las Vegas Police Lt. Calls D.A.s Gascon, Bragg ‘Trojan Horse’ D.A.’s Creating ‘Revolving Door Criminal Justice System’

Fox News: New York D.A. Bragg Under Fire After 11-Month Old Shot in the Face

Fox News: Suspect in Kupfer Slaying Has History of Arrests, Bail Set at $2 Million

Psaki Is Almost at a Loss for Words When a Reporter Directly Quotes Biden Casting Doubt on the Integrity of Future Elections

Kornacki on Biden’s Bad Poll Numbers: ‘You Can Break It Down by Race, White Voters 60% Disapprove of Biden’

Pelosi: House Democrats Represent ‘Greatest Collection of Intellect and Integrity’ Anywhere

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Trump Weighs in on Biden Presser: His ‘Progress’ Was ‘Destroying Our Country’

Ingraham: If You Think Empty Shelves Are a Problem Right Now, Wait Until Vax Mandates on Truckers Are in Effect

CNN’s King: Biden Has ‘A Lot To Clean Up’ After Disastrous Press Conference

Fox News: SCOTUS Denies Trump Requests to Black Jan. 6th Docs Requested by Jan. 6th Committee

CNN: Ukrainians “Watched In Shock” As Biden Gave “Green Light” To Putin To Invade Ukraine

Joe Biden Says He Has ‘No Idea’ Why 49% of Voters in Poll Disagree He Is Mentally Fit

Joe Biden Refuses to Answer Question on Covid Origin After Being Asked About One Million Dead, Dodges Question on Hunter Business Interests in China

Joe Biden Says Kamala Harris Will Be His Running Mate in 2024, Says ‘She Is Doing A Good Job’

Joe Biden Condescendingly Tells Pool Of Media at Presser ‘You’re Well-Informed, More Than Any Group in America’

Joe Biden Invokes His Mother While Explaining Russian Conflict, Talks with Putin

Joe Biden Says High Inflation ‘Been Happening For A Decade’

Fox News: Suspect in Killing of Brianna Kupfer Arrested By Police in Pasadena

Sen. John Kennedy: Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Biden Said Inflation Originated in A Bat

Sam Stein on Biden’s Horrible Polling: Many Give Joe Biden an ‘F’ on ‘Uniting the Country’

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Leo Terrell: Nobody in America is Talking About Passing Biden’s Voting Rights Bill, They Are Talking About Crime

Tucker: Homelessness Not An Act Of God, Determined Group Made It Easier for People To Live On Street

CNN: Jan. 6th Committee Issues Subpoenas for Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Boris Epshteyn

CNN: Jan. 6th Committee Issues Subpoenas for Eric Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle

CNN: Gas Prices Rising Again as Biden’s Inflation, Supply Chain Crises Persist

McClatchy’s Francesca Chambers: Even Democrats Have Lost Trust in Joe Biden’s Presidency

CNN’s Phillip: Biden Didn’t ‘Anticipate’ the Impact His $1.9 Stimulus Would Have on Inflation

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Answer Whether Joe Biden Is ‘Up for the Job’

Sen. Elisabeth Warren: 40 Percent of People with Student Loan Debt Do Not Have College Diploma

Sen. Elisabeth Warren: Republicans Doing Everything to Keep People from Voting Because ‘They Might’ Vote Democrat

CBSN: Fmr. VP Mike Pence Writes Op-Ed Defending Filibuster

Tucker: We Are Turning over Our Public Places to the Homeless, ‘The Enemies of Society’

Sunday, January 16, 2022

ABC 7: Union Pacific Trying to Clean Up Tracks with Looted Goods After 17-Car Derailment

Video Shows UPS Cargo Container Broken Into on Union Pacific Train in East Los Angeles

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Tours the Rogue Valley, Addresses Homelessness Situation

Fox News: Biden Volunteers at Philadelphia Food Bank to Commemorate MLK Holiday

Fox News: Biden Polls Lowest Since Taking Office After ‘Week from Hell’

Fox News: Biden Calls TX Synagogue Hostage Standoff ‘Act of Terror’

MediaBuzz: Trump Abruptly Ends NPR Interview After Being Pressed on Arizona Election Results

Romney: Biden Not Uniting Country, Was Not Elected to Transform America, But to Get Us Back to Normal and ‘Stop the Crazy’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Joe Biden: ‘Last Week, President Harris and I …’

Saturday, January 15, 2022

NBC 4: 17 Cargo Train Cars Derailed in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles as Looting Continues

LIVE: President Donald J. Trump in Florence, Arizona - Starts 9:00pm ET

CNN: CDC Updates Mask Guidance, Now Recommends Wearing N95 and KN95

ABC 7: Union Pacific Rail Worker Says Burglars Don't Care if Cargo Train is Stopped or Moving Before Breaking Locks, Stealing Packages

Fmr. Walmart CEO: Supply Chain Crisis Is a ‘Shocking and Unmitigated’ Disaster

MSNBC: Tsunami Advisory in Effect for U.S. West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska

CNN: Tsunami Advisory in Effect for US As Waves Hit Tonga Following Volcanic Eruption

Friday, January 14, 2022

Rep. Jim Banks: Jan. 6th ‘Sham’ Committee is Russia Hoax ‘On Steroids’

Hannity Open: Dems, GOP, Media All Questioning If Biden Can Finish Current Term, Agenda ‘Dead in the Water’

KCAL 9: Union Pacific Spox. Says Over 100 Arrests in Los Angeles Train Burglaries, No Info from D.A. Gascon On Anyone Being Prosecuted

Frmr. Los Angeles D.A. Cooley Says D.A. Gascon was Bypassed By Feds Because He Doesn’t Follow the Law

FOX 11: Cargo Container Robberies Up 160% in Los Angeles, Average of 90 Containers Robbed Per Day