Sunday, May 15, 2022

Dr. Fauci Says if Trump is Ee-Elected, He Would Not Continue to Serve as White House Chief Medical Advisor

One Dead, Multiple Others Critically Injured After Shooting Inside Church in Laguna Woods

Fox News: First Lady Melania Trump Gives First Interview Since Leaving White House

NBC News Poll: Joe Biden Hits New Low with 75% Disapproval, 'As Unpopular as Trump'

Gov. Hochul: Social Media Groups Need To Be Shut Down Who Allow Discussion on ‘Replacement Theory’

Justice Clarence Thomas Says ‘Tremendously Bad’ Roe Leak Has ‘Fundamentally’ Harmed Court Forever: ‘You Can’t Undo It’

President Trump Thinks Elon Musk Won’t Follow Through on Buying Twitter Because of ‘So Many Fake Accounts’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Rep. Waltz: In Biden’s America, ‘It’s Easier to Get a Crack Pipe in a Gov’t-Funded Smoking Kit than It Is to Find Baby Formula’

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Gov. Kathy Hochul: 10 Dead in Mass Shooting, White Supremacist Committed Act of Terror, Live Streamed Execution on Social Media

CNN: Abortion Rights Activists Rally on Brooklyn Bridge

CBSN: 98% of Illegal Deep Fake Videos Use Unauthorized Pictures of Women and Girls on Pornography Sites

CBSN: Deep Fake Video, Live Avatars Present New Challenges in Detecting Artificial Intelligence

MSNBC: Baby Formula Shortage Could Last the Rest of the Year

Nicholas Ballasy Asks Attorney General Merrick Garland If He’s Open To Prosecuting Protestors Who Demonstrate Outside Of Supreme Court Justices’ Homes

SOURCE: Twitter

Ingraham Panel Mocks Biden For Thinking ‘Ultra-MAGA’ Brand Is an Insult: It Sounds Totally Cool, What Were They Thinking?

Friday, May 13, 2022

Art Del Cueto: U.S./Mexico Border ‘Beyond Chaos,’ We Need Leadership to ‘Speak Up’

Melania Trump Rips ‘Biased’ Media, Country’s ‘Leadership’ in First Post-White House Interview With Fox News

Sen. John Thune: ‘It’s Pretty Clear that Reversing Title 42 Is Going to Create Major Problems’

Absolute Chaos in the White House Briefing Room for Jen Psaki’s Last Day

Fox Business: Twitter Shares Plunging as Elon Musk Tweets that the Buyout Deal Is ‘Temporarily on Hold’

Jim Jordan: The Steele Dossier Was ‘Made Up’

Joe Biden Again Refers to Kamala Harris as ‘President Harris’

AP: Elon Musk Purchase of Twitter “Temporarily on Hold” Pending Details on Spam and Fake Accounts

CNBC: Russia Threatens Retaliation as Finland Moves to Join NATO

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Tucker: Biden Is Sending Food You Can’t Buy to Illegals at the Border, Including Baby Formula

FLASHBACK: Harry Reid: Jim Comey and Vladimir Putin Conspired to Make Donald Trump President, December 12, 2016

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump Makes Fun of Hillary Clinton’s Size of Audience at Rallies, October 20, 2016

Tucker Chyron Says ‘Biden Wants Everyone to Have Access to Crack Pipes Like His Son Hunter’

CNN: North Korea Reported First Ever Case of Covid-19 Yesterday, Entire Country Not Vaccinated, Pyongyang “Major National Emergency”

GOP Congressman Won’t Commit to Complying With ‘Illegitimate’ Jan. 6 Subpoena: ‘Don’t Want to Dignify What They’re Doing’

Rep. Waltz: In Biden’s America, ‘It’s Easier to Get a Crack Pipe in a Gov’t-Funded Smoking Kit than It Is to Find Baby Formula’

FBI Whistleblower Leaks Doc Showing Bureau Targets ‘News Media’ as ‘Sensitive Investigative Matter’

Biden: ‘Not a Question of If, It’s a Question of When’ We Will Face a New Pandemic

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Coates: How Can Prosecutors Get Medical Records of Women Who Had an Abortion Without Violating Privacy Laws?

Rep. Porter: Inflation We’re Seeing Now Reinforces the Need for Abortion

ABC: People Using ‘Buy Nothing’ App to Beat Inflation, Has Online Gift Economy Sharing Items For Free

CNN: Video Shows Russian Soldiers Killing 2 Civilians Before Ransacking Business

FLASHBACK: Hillary Clinton: We Must ‘Get Unaccountable Money out of Politics,' June 27, 2016

Dr. Oz: Donald Trump Endorsed Me Because I Can Win the General Elections

Dr. Fauci: There Will Never Be ‘a Declaration that the Pandemic Is Over’

Sen. Kennedy: Neo-Socialist Left Has Become Completely Unglued

CATO Institute’s Goodspeed on CPI Data: ‘There Go Real Wages for the Month of April’

Larry Kudlow on Inflation: Buckle Your Seat Belts, This Is a Problem that Is Not Going Away

Sen. Manchin to Oppose Abortion Rights Vote: This Bill Is ‘Not Roe vs. Wade Codification, It’s an Expansion’

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

CNN’s John King Tells Viewers Who Say ‘Stop Talking About Trump’ He Is Not Going Away

Fox News: Court Backlog Shows 1.7 Million Immigration Cases Pending

FLASHBACK: Donald Trump at CPAC: When I Left, Oil Was $36 A Barrel, Now It Is $100 A Barrel, February 26, 2022

Biden: I Know You Are Frustrated with Inflation, But Don’t Blame Me, It’s MAGA Republicans’ Fault

CNN’s Camerota: Musk Would Unban Trump Because He ‘Can Escape to Space, and the Rest of Us Earthlings Will Have to Deal with This’

Biden on Rick Scott Saying that He Should Resign to Solve the Inflation Crisis: ‘I Think the Man Has a Problem’

Elon Musk Says He Would Reverse Trump’s Suspension from Twitter, Calls the Ban ‘Morally Wrong’ and ‘Flat Out Stupid’

Fox News: Human Smuggling, Trafficking Explodes in Biden’s Border Collapse

Graham: Protesters Outside Judge Alito’s House Is Breaking the Law

CBS 2: Richard Irvin GOP Candidate for Governor of Illinois Holds Rare News Conference

Monday, May 9, 2022

FCC Commissioner on Musk/Twitter: The FCC Has No Authority to Step in and Block This Transaction

Trump’s Own Secretary of Defense Tells Fox News He Was a Threat to Democracy

Joe Biden: We’re Taking Steps to Put a Stop to the Exclusive Deals that Landlords Make with Internet Companies

MSNBC Guest Wants To ‘Make Sweet Love’ to SCOTUS Leaker, Joyfully Abort Baby If She Gets Pregnant

Minneapolis Fed Pres.: Supply Chain Crisis Will Not Get Sorted out This Year, Hopefully It Will Be in 2023

MSNBC Segment Adopts W.H. Talking Points on Skyrocketing Gas Prices, Blames Putin & Oil Companies’ ‘Record Profits’

Gates Warns of Global Economic Slowdown

Sunday, May 8, 2022

WATCH: U2’s Bono, The Edge Hold Surprise Concert in Ukrainian Subway Station

FLASHBACK: Rep. Karen Bass: We Need a True African-American on the S.C.; Clarence Thomas Doesn’t Count, Urges Public Pressure, February 28, 2016

FLASHBACK: Bass: Border Should Be Dealt With ‘Like a Hurricane or Some Other Natural Disaster,’ July 29, 2014

Morgan Wright: CDC Tracking U.S. Citizens to See Whether They Comply with Covid Lockdowns ‘Would Make George Orwell Proud’

Meet the Press: Democrats Trying to ‘Motivate’ Younger Generation to Turnout Over Abortion

Jen Psaki: Biden ‘Not Surrendering Bully Pulpit’ By Not Talking to Media

Jen Psaki: Two Thirds of Public Don’t Want Roe v. Wade Overturned

CBS Yawns at Warren’s Pro-Abortion Rage, the Left’s Doxxing of Court Conservatives

Judge Jeanine: ‘I’m Having a Little Trouble’ with Amber Heard’s Testimony So Far, ‘But It’s Not Over’

NBC: How Rich Strike came back to win the Kentucky Derby

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Sen. Rand Paul to DHS Mayorkas: 'You Think the American People Are So Stupid, They Need You To Tell Them What the Truth Is?'

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Fox News: Texas DPS Video Shows 1,500-3,000 Haitian Migrants at Border, South of Rio Grande

VP Harris: ‘We Are Once Again Forced to Defend Fundamental Principles that We Hoped Were Long Settled’

Tucker: Official Position of U.S. Government on Intimidating of Judges is that it is Against the Law

As Protestors Show Up At Private Homes, Pelosi Calls on People To Actively Pressure SCOTUS Judges

Friday, May 6, 2022

Steve Forbes: Inflation Is Grinding the Economy Down

Kudlow: April Jobs Numbers ‘Do Not Suggest We Are Currently in a Recession’

CNN: Law Enforcement Officials Preparing for Violence Over the Weekend Following the SCOTUS Draft Opinion Leak

Marc Thiessen: Inflation Was Already Eating Away Paychecks, Now Eating Away Retirement Savings

Tom Homan: Being in U.S. Illegally is Not Enough for ICE to Arrest

Bill Barr: Whoever Leaked SCOTUS Opinion Should Be in Jail, Were Trying to De-Rail Opinion

Fred Fleitz: DHS Mayorkas Has Habit of Saying Outrageous Things We Know Are Not True

Kayleigh McEnany: Both Psaki and Jean-Pierre Depend on Compliant Softball Press

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Fmr. Ukrainian POW: My Body Is Broken But Not My Spirit

FLASHBACK: Cellphone Pings of Geospatial Data Used by German Government to Track Citizens During Covid Lockdowns, April 24, 2020

True the Vote CEO: We Investigated 10 Trillion Cellphone Pings of Geospatial Data Around Drop Boxes in 2020 Election

Hillsdale College Ad from 2021 Educates on the Importance of American Citizenship

‘I’m Going to Cry’: Jen Psaki Introduces Karine Jean-Pierre as the Next W.H. Press Secretary

Fox News: Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook Meta Stocks Among Biggest Losses Amid Inflationary Concerns

Gillibrand: Without Roe, Women Won’t Be ‘Full Citizens,’ 'Unconscionable' what Decision Will do to American People

Dem Sen. Mark Warner: Threats Against SCOTUS Justices Are ‘Outrageous’

Fox News: Chapelle’s Attacker Won’t Face Felony Charges, Despite Being Armed

Nina Jankowicz Says There Is No ‘Deep State’

L.A. County Sheriff: Chappelle Attack Suspect Looking for ‘Seven Seconds of Fame’

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Before the phony abortion scandal…What was that narrative again…?

Rand Paul Interrogates Mayorkas: How Can We Have a Disinformation Board When You Can’t Even Define Disinformation?

Sen. Rand Paul to DHS Mayorkas: 'You Think the American People Are So Stupid, They Need You To Tell Them What the Truth Is?'

Biden: ‘This MAGA Crowd Is the Most Extreme Political Organization That’s Existed in American History — in Recent American History’

Jerome Powell: ‘The Economy Is Doing Fairly Well,’ No Risk of ‘Recession’

Jerome Powell: ‘Inflation Is Much Too High and We Understand the Hardship It Is Causing’

Mayorkas Admits He Didn’t Know His Pick to Lead DHS’ ‘Disinformation Board,’ Had Called the Hunter Biden Laptop ‘Russian Disinformation’ or Vouched for the Steele Dossier

Sen. Manchin: Inflation Is the Number One Issue in West Virginia, Not Abortion

Levin: It’s a Viable Baby in the Womb, Not a Salami Sandwich

Tucker Calls the Decision on Roe v. Wade a ‘Widely Acknowledged Joke’

Gingrich: If Trump Shifts to Describing a Better Future, He Would End up as Nominee

Graham: Clerk Who Leaked Abortion Decision Is Either a ‘Traitor’ or ‘Dumb’

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Find Me On TRUTH Social: @alexdatig

Kamala Shouts About Pro-Life Republican Leaders: ‘How Dare They Tell a Woman What She Can Do and Cannot Do With Her Own Body’

Fox News: J.D. Vance Projected Winner of Ohio Senate Primary

Biden: ‘Before Russia Attacked, We Made Sure Russia Had Javelins and Other Weapons to Strengthen Their Defenses So Ukraine Was Ready’

NBC Legal Contributor Suggests Republican Justice Behind SCOTUS Leak

Jon Meacham on SCOTUS Draft Decision: ‘Are We up to Democracy? … We’re Entering the Darkest Period of That Test’

Sen. Cotton: Every Time Democrats Don’t Get Their Way ‘They Assault the Institution Itself’

FLASHBACK: Biden Said That He Does Not View Abortion As A “Choice And A Right” Because Abortion “Is Always A Tragedy” Should Be “Rare” - 2006

Rachel Maddow: We Don’t Know Anything About Source that Leaked SCOTUS Draft Opinion on Roe V. Wade

Jonathan Turley: President Biden ‘Is Arguably the Most Anti-Free Speech President Since John Adams’

Arroyo: Law Clerks Should Be Lined up By the Chief Justice and Interrogated by the FBI

Monday, May 2, 2022

Ingraham Blasts Leaker Law Clerk: You Swore Confidentiality, It Is Not up to You to Decide When a Decision Is Announced

Dershowitz: Liberal Law Clerk May Be the Leaker of Roe v Wade Opinion Seeking to Change its Outcome

Fox News: White House Eyes Income Cap for Transferring Student Debt

Joe Biden Ignores Question on One Million Dead from COVID, Walks Away

Devin Nunes: Setting Up of New Disinformation Board Headed by B-Rated Tik-Tok Star, Ridiculous, Height of Hypocrisy

Newt Gingrich: Joe Biden is ‘A Liar’ Wrote $800,000 Check for Hunter’s Business

Hilton: Dems Want Corporations to Pay Their ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes Unless It’s a GOP Governor Calling For It

Sunday, May 1, 2022

RSBN REPLAY: President Trump Speaks in Greenwood, NE

DHS Secretary Confirms 1.6 Million Illegals Have Been Released or Have Escaped into the U.S. Under Biden

Mike Lindell Makes Brief Return to Twitter, Gets Banned Within Hours

CNN's David Zurawik Meltdown: Trump 'Opened the Gates to Hell,' Dangerous that Musk and Zuckerberg are Controlling Discourse in U.S.

Kevin Corke: Obama Gave 156 Speeches in Year One, Biden 22, Speeches Not Making News

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: We Could Have Done a Better Job Communicating What Ministry of Truth Will Be Doing

Fox News: Prominent Ukrainian Journalist Killed in Ukraine After Missile Strike in Kyiv

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Rep. Chip Roy Rips DHS Sec. Mayorkas Over 'Operations Control' Claims at Southern Border

Saturday, April 30, 2022

President Biden Full Speech at 2022 White House Correspondents Dinner

CNN Obtains New Text Messages Showing Sean Hannity Advising Trump White House and Seeking Direction

Fox News: Funeral Today for Texas National Guard Soldier

Maher: When Is Biden Going to Realize Immigration Is a Big Issue? Working Voters Feel ‘Abandoned’

Alex Datig: Joe Biden Isn't Just Sleepy, Creepy or Lost

Sen. Barrasso: ‘We Have a Dangerous National Security Crisis at Our Southern Border, and It’s About to Get a Lot Worse’

Tucker Carlson Says Wildly Off-Base CNN+ Projections Were ‘Even Less Plausible Than 81 Million Votes in a Presidential Election’

Friday, April 29, 2022

Sec. Mayorkas Refuses to Answer if ‘Disinformation’ Board Will Examine Hunter Biden Laptop Claims

Rep. McCaul: Mayorkas Owes the American People an Apology

CNN’s Van Jones: Black Biden Voters Feel Like They “Did The Most And Got The Least”

Chaffetz: Everything Elon Musk Touches ‘Has Done Pretty Well in This World’

Psaki Defends Biden ‘Disinformation’ Board Head Nina Jankowicz Telling People How to Vote

Tucker Plays Biden Slurring While Talking About Sending Money to Ukraine: 25th Amendment, Anyone?

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Chip Roy Calls Mayorkas ‘The Secretary of Asylum and Amnesty’

Fox News: The Head of Biden’s New ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ Dismissed the Hunter Biden Laptop Story as Disinformation

ABC News: ‘Economy Contracted’ with GDP Falling 1.4 Percent and ‘Feeling Fears of A Possible Recession’

Rep. Chip Roy Rips DHS Sec. Mayorkas Over 'Operations Control' Claims at Southern Border

Rep. Chip Roy and DHS Sec. Mayorkas Clash Over Whether the U.S. Has ‘Operational Control’ of the Southern Border

Biden on Student Debt: ‘I Am Not Considering $50,000 Debt Reduction’

Fox & Friends First: 99% of Twitter Employees Donate to Democrats According to Federal Records

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Front Page Index: Free Speech Makes America Great Again!

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: DHS Has Recently Created a New ‘Misinformation/Disinformation Governance Board’

Sen. Lankford: Biden Admin’s Plan Is to ‘Accelerate Illegal Immigration and They Even Admit It’

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: ‘We Have Effectively Managed’ the Border Crisis

Mayorkas: ‘If We Encounter 18,000 People in a Single Day that Will Seriously Strain Our Capabilities’

Fauci Declares United States ‘Out of the Pandemic Phase’

Tucker Carlson: In Private, Kevin McCarthy Sounds Like An MSNBC Contributor

Leaked Audio: Twitter’s Internal Meeting in Chaos After Elon Musk Buys Platform

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

FBI Director Wray: The Biggest Counterintelligence Threat to the U.S. Comes From China and the Chinese Communist Party

The Evening Edit: Hunter Biden Partner Visited White House At Least 27 Times

Sohrab Ahmari: Jeff Bezos Owns WaPo, ‘Gall’ to Criticize Elon Musk Media Ownership ‘Astonishing’

Sen. Cotton: ‘These Days ... If You Support Free Speech, It Draws the Anger of Liberals’

CNN: VP Kamala Harris Tests Positive for Covid-19 (Been traveling in California)

Sen. Schumer: Twitter Has Been a Dark, Dark Place. I Hope it Doesn’t Get Any Darker

Sunny Hostin: Elon Musk Is ‘About Free Speech of Straight White Men,’ Billionaires Want To Take Over Free Speech

Varney: When Sen. Warren Tweets Out ‘“This Is a Danger to Democracy,” You Know Musk Is Doing Something Right’

Hannity: Despite 33% Polling, Biden W.H. Made a Bizarre Victory Lap over Macron Reelection

Ben Collins: Social Media Moderation is ‘Un-Winnable Game,’ Will Not Be Fun for Elon Musk