Thursday, October 6, 2022

Alex Datig: Los Angeles Can’t Afford to Hand Over the Keys to Our City to Someone Who Has a Proven Record of Doing Nothing About Homelessness - Vote Caruso!

KNX News Mayoral Debate — Los Angeles — Karen Bass / Rick Caruso

Fox’s Baier: If There Are No ‘FARA’ Charges for Hunter Biden ‘It Is Fair to Say’ These Charges Are Intended to Make the Story Go Away

L.A. Mayoral Candidate Bass Clarifies Home Burglary ‘Has Not Changed’ Policy Views on Crime

Fox Business Panel Slams Nancy Pelosi for Having Her Net Worth Increase By $140 Million Since 2008

MSNBC: Job Openings Are Down, Unemployment Claims Are Up, and CEO’s Are Predicting a Recession

MSNBC: The Washington Post Is Reporting That Federal Agents Believe They Have ‘Sufficient Evidence’ to Charge Hunter Biden

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Fox Business: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is at Its ‘Lowest Level in 37 Years’

Kevin O’Leary Slams Twitter: ‘This Company Needs New Management,’ ‘It’s a Horrible Company,’ and ‘It’s Full of Bots,’ 'Not Worth $10 Billion'

Fox Business: DOJ Charges Five IRS Employees Who Stole Covid Relief Funds and Spent the Money on Luxury Goods, Massages, and Vacations

Biden: DeSantis Has Done an Incredible Job But We Need to Focus on Stopping Climate Change

ABC News: ‘We Could See Gas Prices Move Up By 15-30 Cents Per Gallon in Just the Next Few Days’

RNC Chair: Google Is Refusing to Deliver 100 Percent of Our GOTV, Fundraising Emails, RNC Planning to Sue Over Voter Suppression

Saudi Energy Minister Refuses to Answer Questions from Reuters at OPEC+ Press Conference, Says Reuters Tied Saudi Arabia to Russia in $100 Per Barrel Oil Negotiation

FOX11: Venice Beach Business Owner Says Business Down by 18-20% Due to Homeless Vagrants

Gingrich: Warnock Is Dragging Georgia Race in the Mud Hoping Herschel Walker Will Drown in It

Bobulinski Says Jim Biden Called Him During His FBI Interview But No One Was at the Other End

It’s Been 1,179 Days Since Karen Bass Said Los Angeles Should Declare a State of Emergency on Homelessness

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

MSNBC’s Kornacki on What Biden’s Job Approval Means for Democrats in the Midterms: ‘This Is Not Good News’

Fox’s Baier: ‘The U.S. National Debt Is Now More Than 31 Trillion Dollars’ Which Is ‘The Highest It’s Ever Been’

FLASHBACK: Bernie Sanders: When You Have Half Million People Sleeping On the Street, That Is a Moral and Economic Outrage, October 15, 2019

CNN: New Polls Show Crime Is Overtaking Abortion as a Midterm Driver

Jean-Pierre on VP Harris’ Equity Comment: She ‘Was Clearly Talking About Long-Term Investment, Not FEMA Aid’

Steve Moore Predicts Gas Prices Will Go Back Above $4 Because of Worldwide Supply Shortage

Fox News: Elon Musk Drops Legal Battle, Offers to Go Through with $44 Billion Twitter Deal

After Taking Credit for Gas Prices Going Down, Jean-Pierre Blames Putin for Prices Going Up

ABC7: Rick Caruso Now Leads Karen Bass by Three Points After Bass’ 12 Point Lead in August

ENDORSEMENT: Rick Caruso for Mayor of Los Angeles, October 3, 2022

Monday, October 3, 2022

Fox’s Bill Melugin: ‘CBP Source Tells Me Fiscal Year 2022 Ended with 599,000 Known Got-Aways at Our Southern Border’

Jeffrey Sachs on Nord Stream Explosions: ‘I Would Bet It Was a U.S. Action’

‘I’m Sorry, I Don’t’: DHS Sec. Mayorkas Refuses to Answer Fox Questions on Border

Jan. 6 Committee Chair Bennie Thompson: Public Hearing Next Week, No Final Report Before Election

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Fox’s Melugin: DHS Sec. Mayorkas Told Rep. Cuellar ‘Immigration Activists’ Are ‘Calling the Shots Right Now’ on W.H. Immigration Policy

KUSI: Official Running for Controller Calls for Audit of California Gas Tax

Fox News: Four States Likely to Determine Control of Senate

Fox News: Carter Page Files New Motion in Wake of FBI Paying Danchenko in Russia Probe

General Petraeus: Putin’s ‘Trying to Get Europe to Crack’

Front Page Index Clip of the Week: Dr. Phil: Deceived to Death: The Fentanyl Crisis in America

Saturday, October 1, 2022

John Solomon: More than 5,000 URLs Targeted in Federally Funded Probe Involving 2020 Election, Conservative Social Media Posts

CNN: At Least 45 Dead After Ian Ravages Florida

Bill Maher and Caitlin Flanagan Push Replacing ‘Bad Politician’ Kamala Harris as VP: ‘For Some Reason, an Off-Putting Person’

John Brennan: ‘We’ve Run Out of Words in the English Language to Describe Trump’s Behavior’

Friday, September 30, 2022

Stuart Varney: Hurricane Ian Is the Latest Battleground in Presidential Politics

S.C. Governor on Hurricane Ian: ‘This Is Not as Bad as It Could’ve Been … But We Are Not Out of the Woods Yet’

Kamala Harris Suggests Hurricane and Disaster Relief Should be Based on Race

SOURCE: Twitter

Pelosi: In Florida, Farmers Are Saying ‘Why Are You Shipping These Immigrants Up North? We Need Them to Pick the Crops Down Here’

Biden: ‘Kamala Won’t Be the Last Woman To Be Vice President, or President!’

Gov DeSantis: There Were 1.9 Million People Without Power as of 6AM

Joe Manchin: ‘I’m Praying It’s Not at 50/50’ Senate Again

CNN: Ginni Thomas Tells Jan. 6th Cmte. That She Still Believes 2020 Election Was Stolen

Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘That Was My House!’ Videos and Images of Hurricane Ian Begin to Emerge and Show Scope of the Disaster

Bolling: ‘Insane Metaphor’ for Joy Reid to Compare Fleeing FL Residents to Illegals

Gingrich: Fetterman’s Tattoo Either References a Song About Heroin Use or a Tribute to L.A. Gang ‘Crips’

WINK News Studios in Fort Myers Flooded on Entire First Floor

 SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News: Florida Residents Arrive Back Home to Complete Devastation

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno Releases Damage Assessment Footage from Hurricane Ian Aftermath

SOURCE: Twitter

John Roberts: Ft. Myers Destruction Looks Like ‘Hand of God’ Came Along Wiped Out Structures

Fox News: Ft. Myers Fire Chief Says ‘Damage is Breathtaking’

Kamala Harris Mistakenly Touts U.S. ‘Alliance with the Republic of North Korea’

Meteorologist John Morales: ‘Billion-Dollar Weather and Climate-Related Disasters Are Happening Once Every 18 Days’ in the U.S.

CNN: Fourth ‘Unexplained Gas Leak’ Discovered in Nord Stream Pipelines After Previous Explosions

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Alex Datig: Is ‘Shock and Awe’ of Mar-A-Lago Raid Turning into more Skullduggery?

Rubio: We’re Waiting for Major Disaster Declaration from White House

Hannity to Dems Blaming Climate Change for Hurricanes: We’ve Had Hurricanes in 1922, This Is 2022, It’s Hurricane Season

Mollie Hemingway: If You Understand the Difference Between Hurricanes and Covid You’re Smarter than a CNN Reporter

Dr. Phil: Deceived to Death: The Fentanyl Crisis in America

CNN: 1992 Hurricane Andrew Eye was 20 Miles Across, Ian is 40 Miles Across (Andrew was Cat 5)

Weatherman Jim Cantore is nearly blown away while reporting on Hurricane Ian

Yahoo Finance: U.S. Home Sales Fell for the Third Consecutive Month and Mortgage Rates Are Likely to Continue Rising

Former CIA Director John Brennan on Nord Stream Pipeline Attack: ‘Russia Is Certainly the Most Likely Suspect’

NCAA Swimmer: Ivy League Schools Told Female Athletes to ‘Seek Counseling’ If They’re Uncomfortable ‘Changing in an Area Where You Will See Male Genitalia’

Sky News: Denmark Says ‘Deliberate Actions’ Caused Nord Stream 1 & 2 Pipeline Explosions, Russian Sabotage Suspected

Hannity: If America Were Energy Independent We Could Help Bail Out European Allies This Winter

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

NBC: All of Cuba Is Without Power After Being Hit By Hurricane Ian

Liz Peek: It’s Not Polite to Call Your President ‘A Liar’ But Biden ‘Lies All The Time’

Frmr NSC Michael Allen: Intel Community Needs to ‘Work Creatively’ To Get Elon Musk’s Starlink Internet Hardware into Country

Fox News: 267,000 Unaccompanied Minor Encounters at U.S./Mexico Border Since Jan. 2021

Former DEA Official Warns Parents After Fentanyl Found Disguised in Candy Packaging: ‘It’s a mass poisoning’

Fox News: Tampa Bay Braces for First Hurricane in a Century

Dem Sen. Manchin: People Who Already Paid Off Their Student Debt Are Asking Me ‘Why Am I Penalized?’

Joe Concha Discusses New Book ‘Come On Man!’ About Joe Biden’s ‘Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Presidency’

Hannity: California Unemployment Rate is 4.1%, Gallon of Gas $5.80, Lost Population Growth for Second Year in a Row

Monday, September 26, 2022

Lawrence O’Donnell: Special Master Judge Gives Trump Until Friday to Prove Claims FBI Planted Evidence

CNN Plays Video of Roger Stone Saying ‘Let’s Get Right to Violence’ Instead of Tallying Votes

Fox News: New Poll Shows President Biden’s Approval Rating Dips Below 40%

Biden Says Gas Is Down to $3/Gallon Around America

VP Harris on Abortion: Republicans Want to Criminalize Doctors with Up to Five Years in Prison; ‘Are You Kidding Me?’

CNN’s Romans: For the Same House a Year Ago If You Bought It Now, It Would Be $700 More a Month as Mortgage Rates Have More than Doubled

CNBC: ‘Total Household Debt Is Now at a Record High’ and Current Average Credit Card APR Is 18.16%, its ‘Highest Since 1995’

Gov. Gavin Newsom Calls on Democrats To Go on Offense: Republicans ‘Are Winning Right Now’

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Leader McCarthy: DoJ Has Gone Rouge, ‘Picking and Choosing to Go After Americans’ Over Different Political Views

Hilton on Paypal, Venmo Banning ‘Gays Against Groomers’ Accounts: They’re Brands for Child Sexualization

Meghan McCain: Conservative Women Treated Very Different than Liberal Women, Liberal Men, Even Conservative Men

Meghan McCain: Biden Would Be 86 at End of Second Term, Litany of People in Senate, Congress Well Over Age Acceptable to Govern

MediaBuzz: Meghan McCain Discusses Migrant Issue, Border Crisis, Sanctuary Cities Being Blindsided

Howard Kurtz Corrects Leslie Marshall Over Trump v. Clinton Investigations Reminding Her Bill Clinton was Impeached

Whistleblower Says the FBI Inflated the Jan. 6 Investigations, Did the Opposite with BLM/Antifa Riots

Gavin Newsom: ‘It’s Clear that DeSantis Broke the Law, Question Is Which Law Did He Break’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Rand Paul: Fauci’s Science Is Not Far Removed from 14th Century Plague Doctors

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Alex Datig: Eight Reasons Why Rick Caruso Can Never Be Mayor of Los Angeles

Fox News: Florida Declares State of Emergency Anticipating Tropical Storm Ian Turns into Hurricane

Dr. Marc Siegel: Fentanyl Crisis in Our Country Is Getting Worse

Gianno Caldwell: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Focused on ‘Black Votes,’ not ‘Black Lives’

Friday, September 23, 2022

Fox News: Iranian Regime Shuts Down Internet as Protests Grow

U.S. Oil and Gas Association President: Gas Prices May Jump Back to Over $5 by the End of the Year

Kevin McCarthy: If Republicans Win in the Midterms, ‘We Will Repeal the 87K IRS Agents’

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: ‘We Are Doing So Much’ on Our Southern Border

DHS Sec. Mayorkas on the Busing of Migrants: When Governors Act Unilaterally, ‘That’s When Problems Arise’

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Wayne Allyn Root Slams NY AG Letitia James Over Trump Property Valuation: ‘Never Made Once Cent in the Real World or Created One Job’

Jesse Watters: California Descends Into Chaos Over Homeless Crisis

‘I’m Done Saying I’m Sorry’: Alex Jones and Lawyer Get in Heated Argument in Front of Crying Sandy Hook Parents

Dr. Nicole Saphier Rips Stacey Abrams over Six-Week Heartbeat Remarks: ‘Flat-Out Lie’

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

FoxLA 11: Debate for Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, Karen Bass and Rick Caruso

FoxLA 11: Debate for Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Sheriff Alex Villanueva and Chief Robert Luna, ret.

Trump: NY A.G. Is Defending Banks That Have Been Paid Off

CNN: One+ Million Without Power As Feds Issue Major Disaster Declaration for Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico

Karine Jean-Pierre on Biden Declaring Pandemic Is Over: ‘He Was Walking Through the Detroit Car Show’

NY AG Letitia James Civil Allegations Against Trump ‘At Least Three Years Old,’ Previous Settlement Offers Rejected

NY AG Says that Trump Valued Mar-A-Lago as High as $739M, When It Should Have Been Valued at About $75M

Powell: Projections for Real GDP Growth in 2022 and 2023 Are ‘Well Below the Median Estimate of the Longer Run Normal Growth Rate’

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer Is Upset that He Saw a Giant ‘Trump Won’ Sign at the Charles County Fair Last Week

Bill Barr: NY AG’s Civil Lawsuit Against Trump and Children ‘Gross Overreach, Political Hit Job’

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Alex Datig: Joe Biden’s Got You Covered Like A Woodshed In Puerto Rico

Rand Paul: Fauci’s Science Is Not Far Removed from 14th Century Plague Doctors

Ari Melber: Migrants Sent to Martha's Vineyard Promised Eight Months Cash, Housing and Food Assistance, Social Security Numbers and More

Jake Tapper: Biden Saying ‘Pandemic is Over’ Means Official State of Emergency Should End, 15 Million Losing Medicare, End Pause on Student Loans

CNN: 52% Say They Trust Republicans More with the Economy than Democrats

Biden: DeSantis ‘Should Come Visit Delaware, We Have a Beautiful Shoreline’

Video Appears to Show Media Gathered for Migrants Arriving by Plane or Bus in Georgetown, Delaware

SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News: Dems Have Pathway to Keep House, Senate Remains Toss-Up

Monday, September 19, 2022

Newt Gingrich: If High Crime Cities Tolerate Crime It Will Become Common, D.A.’s Who Refuse to Arrest Should Lose Federal Grants

Tom Homan: 4 Million Border Encounters Since VP Harris Became Border Czar, 1.7 Million Being Moved Around U.S. By Plane

Leo Terrell: Karen Bass Going to Win Mayor’s Race Because She Has No History Supporting Law Enforcement

MSNBC’s Kornacki: By a 2-1 Margin Voters Believe Biden’s Policies Have Hurt Rather Than Helped the Economy

Dem Rep. Ro Khanna Dodges on if VP Harris Is Doing a Good Job as Border Czar

Steve Forbes: ‘The Only Way [Fed] Knows How to Fight Inflation Is by Making People Poorer’

President Biden Says He Hasn’t Decided on 2024 Re-Election Run [Full Seg]

CNN: Queen’s Coffin Takes Final Tour of London

Joe Biden Attends Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Mark Levin: Why Do We Accept People Who Don’t Know How to Run 711 Cash Register Suddenly Know How to Run Industries?

John Ratcliffe: Igor Danchenko Lied to FBI Five Times, Was Paid Informant, After Telling FBI Dossier was Unverifiable

Sen. Mike Rounds: 3.4 Million People Have Crossed the Southern Border Since Biden Took Office

NY Mayor Adams: Migrant Surge in NY is ‘Challenging’ But We’re Obligated by Law to Shelter Them

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: VP Harris on 2 Million People Crossing the Southern Border for the First Time Ever: ‘We Have a Secure Border’

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Fox News: New Orleans Tops St. Louis as U.S. Murder Capital

MSNBC: More Migrants Arrive at VP’s Residence and NYC Today

Fox News: Rally in D.C. Against Growing Fentanyl Crisis

CNN: Florida Joins Texas in Moving Migrants to Northern Cities, Among them 'MAGA-Zuelans' from Venezuela

CNN: FedEx Warns of ‘Worldwide Recession’ as Package Volume Falls

Hannity: Growing Calls for Commission Like ‘Frank Church Committee’ to Probe FBI Abuses

Friday, September 16, 2022

FLASHBACK: Gov. Newsom: CA to Release 100 FEMA Trailers to Target Homeless Encampments in Attempt to Snub Trump Admin., Jan. 14, 2020

Gavin Newsom: ‘What Ron DeSantis Is Doing Is a Disgrace’

MacCallum Grills Biden Adviser on Inflation: ‘How Long Are You Asking the American People to Be Patient For?’

Geraldo Shreds DeSantis for Sending Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard: ‘Shameless, Sleazy Exploitation’

FNC’s Kennedy: Left-Wing Student Protesters Are Using ‘Fascist Techniques, Terrorizing People to Change Their Behavior'

Kernen Calls Out Sec. Buttigieg’s Spin: Just Stick to the Script, the Economy Is Great, the Border Is Secure, Our Cities Are Safe

Hannity: NY Judge Named Master to Mar-A-Lago Doc Review, Complete by Nov. 30th, DoJ Denied Access

Neal Katyal: Trump Paying New Lawyer $3 Million Retainer Fee for Mar-A-Lago Defense

Fox News: People Waiting 9 Hours in Line 5 Miles Long to Pay Last Respects to Queen Elisabeth ll, Funeral on Monday

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Jean-Pierre on Martha’s Vineyard Flights: ‘Using Migrants as Political Pawns Is Shameful, Is Reckless and Just Plain Wrong’

Adam Kinzinger Says the January 6th Committee is Still ‘Grappling’ with Whether or Not to Force Trump to Testify

Fox News: Inflation Top Issue for Voters Ahead of Midterms

Biden: ‘I’m Calling on Congress To Get Rid of Special Immunity for Social Media Companies’

Fox News: TX Gov. Abbott Sends Two Buses Full Of Migrants to VP Harris D.C. Home

Sen. Kennedy: Money From Hiring 87,000 New IRS Agents Will Go To 'Green New Deal'

Alex Datig: Is Everyone Who Owns a MAGA Hat and a 'My Pillow' a Domestic Terrorist Now?

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Royal Guard at the Queen Elisabeth Coffin Collapses

Former Twitter Security Chief Peiter Zatko Says The Platform's Leadership "Is Misleading The Public, Lawmakers, Regulators, And Even Its Own Board Of Directors."