Tuesday, November 30, 2021

CNN Releases Statement on Chris Cuomo’s Suspension

Fox News: New Book ‘Laptop from Hell’ Cites Strong Evidence of International Influence Peddling Selling Access to VP Joe Biden

Tucker: Helping His Brother Is Not the Worst Thing Chris Cuomo Ever Did, at CNN, This Is an Alien Concept

Women on The View Evaluate Whether Chris Cuomo Using Media Resources to 'Dig Up Dirt' on Brother's Accusers is Illegal

Fox News: CNN Suspends Chris Cuomo

Joe Biden Says He Ran for Three Reasons, But Forgets the Third Reason

Jimmy Failla: Anyone Who Thinks Harris and Buttigieg Can Win in 2024 Is Drunk

Fox News: Three Dead, Six Wounded in Michigan School Shooting, Suspect in Custody

Fox News: NYC Opens ‘Bring Your Own Drugs’ Centers with Assisted Injection, Overdose Monitors

Amb. Richard Haass: Best Way for U.S. Not To Become Embroiled in Middle East is to Re-Enter 2015 Iran Agreement

Fox News: Biden’s Build Back Better Would Give 6.5 Million Illegal Immigrants Amnesty, CBO

Monday, November 29, 2021

Kevin Hassett: If We Did Away with Fossil Fuels It Would Take 75% of U.S. Power Grid Off Line

Joe Concha: No Reason for CNN to Keep Cuomo After Offer to 'Dig Up Dirt' on Brother's Accusers

Ted Cruz: Fauci Just Did the ‘Beavis and Butthead Defense;’ He Just Screamed Liars at Everything

Tucker Calls Fauci ‘A Shorter Version of Benito Mussolini’

Geraldo Rivera Defends Ghislaine Maxwell: ‘This Is Ridiculous, Injustice, Mob Justice’

Fox News: Jack Dorsey Says Decision to Step Down was His, Wall Street Exec. Pushed for His Resignation

Fed Reserve Chair: Inflation Lingering Into Next Year, Covid Hurting Economy

Biden Dodges on Whether or Not He Is Calling on Local Governments Put Mask Mandates Back in Place

CNN: Feud Between Reps. Boebert and Omar Escalates After Phone Call Where Both Demand Apology

Fox News: Confirmed Cases of Omicron Found in Canada

Fox News: Miranda Divine New Book ‘Laptop from Hell’ Scrutinizes Hunter Biden Ties with China

America’s Newsroom: Jack Dorsey Out at Twitter

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Trump: I Didn’t Call Gen. Milley ‘Smart Person’ When He Said It Was Cheaper to Leave Military Equipment Behind in Afghanistan

Dr. Reiner: Allowing the Unvaxxed to Ride Airplanes Is the ‘Big Gap’ in Controlling Infections

Rep. Tom Emmer on Biden 2024: Not a Good Sign When Members of Own Party Talking About Replacement

Rep. John Katko: Illegals Who Can’t Afford to Pay $4K Minimum to Cartels, Told Where To Go to Work Off Cartel Debt

Rep John Katko: Every City, State is Border State Because of Illegal Immigrants, Drugs Trafficked into Country

Rep. Adam Schiff Says He Is ‘Concerned’ Garland Justice Dept. Letting Trump Off the Hook

NIH Dir. Collins: Will Take Two or Three Weeks to Get Real Answers on Omicron

DEA Admin. Milgram: DOJ in Litigation Over Injection Sites, Bootleg Drugs Made in Mexico with Potentially Fatal Doses of Fentanyl

Ben Domenech: Big Tech Companies ‘Not Enemy of People,’ they are ‘Enemy of Free Thought and Expression’

Fauci: Covid ‘Is Not Going To Go Away,’ ‘We Certainly Are Not Going to Eradicate It’

CBS’ Brennan to Fauci: What Does Covid-19 in the Rear View Mirror Look Like? - Facui: 'We Can Think About Other Things'

Sec. Buttigieg: If You Buy an Electric Vehicle, You ‘Will Never Have to Worry About Gas Prices Again’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Joe Concha’s Thanksgiving Message: ‘We’re a Nation of Whiners Trying to Draw Attention to Ourselves’

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Fox News: U.S. Intelligence Shows Russia Plans for Potential Ukraine Invasion

GMA: String of Robberies Trigger Citywide Tactical Alert in Los Angeles

Fox News: New Migrant Caravan has About 1,000 Migrants as Remain in Mexico Policy Begins Monday

CBS Reports on ‘Record’ Backlog Amid a Supply Chain Crisis

Friday, November 26, 2021

FLASHBACK: Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘Donald Trump Isn’t Going to Build Any Wall,’ November 10, 2016

Trump: I Want People to Go out and Get Vaccinated

CBSN: Broadway Composer Stephen Sondheim Dead at 91

CBSN: Kellogg’s Cereal Labor Strike in Seventh Week as Negotiations Resume Next Tuesday

Erin Perrine: CA Prop. 47 Called ‘Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act’ Reduces Felony for Shoplifting

Sean Duffy: Democrats Have Nothing to Run On, Biden Focusing on Weather and Race

Joey Jones: For A Lot of People ‘America is Back’ to 2009

Joe Concha: By Joe Biden’s Own Definition He Shouldn’t Be President, More Covid Deaths This Year than Last

Trump: The Border Is a ‘Bigger Problem than Inflation’

Fox News: Los Angeles Police Commission To Vote on Increasing Police Budget After Mayor Supported Efforts to Defund

Council on American-Islamic Relations Director: Lauren Boebert’s Suicide Bomber Joke About Omar ‘Pretty Disgusting’

CNN: U.S. to Restrict Travel from S. Africa, Seven Nations Over New ‘Omicron, B.1.1.529’ Variant

Dr. Siegel: South Africa Variant Looks Like its Highly Contagious

Jim Jordan: Biden Admin’s Policies Seem To Be ‘Intentional’ Because Things Keep Getting Worse

FLASHBACK: Laura Ingraham Explains How Circular Reporting of Dirty Dossier and Leaking of Fake News Got Christopher Steele Fired by FBI, Feb. 23, 2018

Thursday, November 25, 2021

FLASHBACK: Joy Reid: Christopher Steele ‘Severed Ties’ with FBI Over Concern FBI was Being Politically Manipulated, Jan. 10, 2018

FLASHBACK: FBI Dir. Comey Tells Rep. Schiff 'No One Person Can Order Wiretap, Has To Go Through Application Process Where Judge Can Make Order', March 20, 2017

Joe Concha’s Thanksgiving Message: ‘We’re a Nation of Whiners Trying to Draw Attention to Ourselves’

Brandon Judd: Migrants Paying Smugglers $1.7 Billion is ‘Very Small’ Conservative Estimate

After Citing It in July, Biden Admin Now Says Farm Bureau Not Credible as Holiday Costs Rise 14%

Fauci: I’m Thankful for the Fact that We Have So Many People Getting Vaccinated, Getting Boosters

President Biden, First Lady Jill Biden Share Happy Thanksgiving Message

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Kilmeade: It’s a Free-for-All Now in San Francisco, Compton Is Now Twice as Safe as San Francisco

The Evening Edit: Biden to Re-Start Trump Era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy, Backing Away from $450K Payments to Illegals

Brandon Arnold: Massive ‘Retro-Active’ IRS Audits to Target People Making $75K Or Less to Pay for $5 Trillion Spending Bill

Fox News: New Poll Says 77% Personally Impacted by Inflation

Jason Chaffetz: The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is Not There for Biden’s Political Whim

Fox News: Darrell Brooks’ Bail was Originally $10,000: Former Waukesha DA

Ahmaud Arbery’s Father: ‘I Don’t Want To See No Daddy Watch Their Kid Get Lynched and Shot Down Like That’

Fox News: Jury finds Travis McMichael GUILTY on All Charges in Death of Ahmaud Arbery. Greg McMichael and William Bryan Jr. GUILTY on Most Changes, ALL THREE GUILTY of Felony Murder

Trump: We Filled Up Strategic Oil Reserve for Fist Time in 50 Years, Now Biden Wants to Use It to Artificially Force Down Price of Gas

Sen. John Kennedy: Biden Energy Policy ‘Weak and Dumb,’ Oil Futures Went Up After Tapping Strategic Reserve

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tucker to Media, Law Enforcement : If the Waukesha Parade Incident Isn’t Terrorism, What Exactly Is It?

Trump: We Did Such a ‘Great Job’ on Covid Vaccines, ‘They Really Work, They’re Great’

Trump: We’ve Become a Dumping Ground for Other Countries’ Criminals, Millions Are Coming to Our Border

CNN: Child Hit in Waukesha Christmas Parade is Sixth Person to Die, Number of Injured Now 62, Prosecutors to File Additional Charges

Waukesha Christmas Parade Massacre Defendant Darrell Brooks Jr. Officially Charged with Five Counts of First-Degree Intentional Homicide

Energy Sec. Granholm Doesn’t Know How Many Barrels of Oil the U.S. Consumes Per Day, U.S. Only Releasing Three Days Worth of Supply

NBC: Democrat Vaccine Mandates Forces Community of 50K to Lose Only Emergency Room in Long Beach, New York

MSNBC’s Katy Tur: ‘Lots of Questions for the President There, He Is Not Answering Any of Them’

Biden on High Gas Prices: ‘We Faced Even Worse Spikes Before,’ Points Out High Gas Prices in Europe

CNN: Germany’s Covid Surge ‘Worse than Anything They Have Seen’

Fox News: Group of Dem House Members Begin New Push to Abolish All Federal Prisons Within 12 Years

Fox News: New York City Allows 800,000 Non-Citizens to Vote in Local Elections

MSNBC: Biden Orders Release of 50M Barrels of Oil from Strategic Reserve

McConnell: ‘90 Percent of Americans Believe Inflation Is the Number One Problem in the Country’

Kamala Harris Tries to Explain Inflation

Larry Kudlow on Inflation: ‘It Will Get Worse’

Ingraham: D.A. Who Called for Investigation into Low Cash Bond for Waukesha Perpetrator has Record of Prosecutorial Misconduct

Monday, November 22, 2021

San Francisco D.A. Says City Has Lead Nation in Property Crimes for 10 Years, Not Unusual

Cuomo: Reason San Francisco Stores are Closing is Cost of ‘Organized Retail Crime’

Gregg Jarrett: Woke Crowd Want ‘Crime Without Punishment,’ New Enlightenment ‘Criminals Are Victims’

Rittenhouse Atty. To GOP Politicians, Advocate Groups Using Rittenhouse’s Name: They’re ‘Morons’

Rittenhouse: The Right and Left Have Used Me as a Cause, I Never Should Have Been Used as a Cause

Rittenhouse on Holding Media Accountable: ‘Some Really Good Lawyers Are Handling that Right Now’

Rittenhouse Accuses Lin Wood and John Pierce of Using Him to Raise Money for Their Own Benefit

Rittenhouse: I Was in Kenosha To Help Anybody On Both Sides, Mob Called for My Execution

Brit Hume: President Biden is Clearly Deteriorating and Clearly Senile

CNN: Roger Stone, Alex Jones Part of New Round of January 6th Committee Subpoenas

CNN: 18 Children Ages Three to 16 Hospitalized after Waukesha Parade Incident, 10 in ICU

Rittenhouse Attorney: People Want to Use Kyle, Advises He Change His Name and Start His Life Over

Mark Eiglarsh: Waukesha Suspect Criminal Record Like ‘Menu from Cheesecake Factory’

Fox News: Rpt. Waukesha Suspect Out On Bail After Trying to Run Down Mother of His Child, Struck Her with Closed Fist

Fox News: Waukesha Suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. Free On Bail After Being Released a Week Ago, Has Criminal History Dating Back to 1999

Waukesha Police Chief: ‘There Is No Evidence that This Is a Terrorist Incident’

Waukesha Police Chief: Driver in Domestic Dispute Before Plowing into Holiday Parade Killing Five, Injuring 48

Sunday, November 21, 2021

CNN: Five Dead, over 40 Injured in Wisconsin Parade Incident

Trump: No U.S. President Has Opened Oil Drilling in ANWR But Me, When I Left, We Were Bigger than Russia and Saudi Arabia

Former President Trump Dedicates Part of His New Book to ‘The Deplorables’

Flashback: CNN: Biden on Anthony Weiner: ‘I Should Not Comment. I’m Not a Big Fan,’ October 28, 2016

CNN Analyst: Video Shows the Red Car Didn’t Target Waukesha Parade

Video Shows Moment Red SUV Plows Through Waukesha Holiday Parade

 SOURCE: Twitter

Waukesha Police Chief: We Are Notifying Families of Fatalities, Scene Now Safe and Secure

Detroit Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart Gets Hit By Lebron James and Goes on Rampage

Fox News: Car Plows Through Holiday Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Many Injured

CNN: Dr. Fauchi Advises ‘No Booster Needed Until 6 Months After [Full] Vaccination, 2 Months After J&J’

CNN: Biden, Aides Tell Allies He Is Running in 2024 Amid Dem Fears

Channa Lloyd: Difference Between Rittenhouse and Arbery is Arbery Did Not Display Aggressive Manner

Dr. Scott Atlas: ‘Insider Cabal’ in Science and Academia who Decide on Scientific Grant Funding

Kevin McCarthy: Gas Prices Are As High As Last Time Joe Biden Was in Office, Thanksgiving Dinner ‘Most Expensive in History’

Chris Christie: Trump Should Stop Saying Election was Stolen, 'No Solid Evidence,' Voters Want Election to Be About Future

Glenn Greenwald: News Outlets Around the World Said That Rittenhouse Shot Three Black Men, They Were Misled by American Media

Chris Christie: Biden Justice Department’s Actions Are ‘Outrageous,' A.G. Garland Allowing Inmates to Run Asylum

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Ingraham Rips Biden: Chaos Inevitable When You Assemble Team of Incompetents Who Think You’re Dumb Enough to Trust Them

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Mark Geragos: DOJ Investigation into Rittenhouse Would Be Highly Unusual After State Loss

Stelter on Fox’s Rittenhouse Documentary: ‘I’m Told No Money Actually Changed Hands Between Fox and the Rittenhouse Defense Team’

CNN: Former Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign State Chairman Charles Dolan Confirmed as ‘Executive 1’ in Durham Indictment, ‘Lied to Danchenko’

Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper Launches Into Race-Based Tirade Over Rittenhouse Verdict

Rittenhouse Attorney: Joe Scarborough and Others at MSNBC and CNN Lied About Kyle Rittenhouse

Angela Rye: We Can’t Afford to Have a VP Who Appears To Be Sidelined, We Need to See More of Her 'Strategic Mind'

Leo Terrell: Joe Biden Tried to ‘Poison the Well’ by Calling Rittenhouse a ‘White Supremacist’

Fox & Friends: Western States Sheriff’s Declare Vote of ‘No Confidence’ on DHS Mayorkas, Call on Biden to Fire

CNN: Crew From Fox News Embedded in Rittenhouse Trial

Howard Kurtz: ‘Rittenhouse Trial Was Not About a ‘Social Justice Movement’

Friday, November 19, 2021

Trump: Rittenhouse is Poster-Boy for Innocence Based on Self-Defense

Dershowitz Offers Research of His Case Against CNN to Rittenhouse Defense, ‘CNN Narrative Distorts Facts’

Kamala Harris Reacts to Rittenhouse Verdict: ‘The Verdict Really Speaks for Itself’

‘Turkey Is Infrastructure’: Biden Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey

CNN Reports on Biden’s ‘Historic’ Colonoscopy: For 85 Minutes, Kamala Harris Became the First Woman to Hold Presidential Power

Andy McCarthy: Rittenhouse Case Showed ‘Ideological Baggage’ of News Outlets

Kyle Rittenhouse Family Spokesman on Not Guilty Verdict: ‘Nobody Is Spiking the Football on This’

Joe Concha: Next Chapter in Kyle Rittenhouse Story Likely Defamation Lawsuits Against MSNBC, Joy Reid

Leo Terrell: Rittenhouse has Excellent Defamation Lawsuit, Joe Biden was Private Citizen when He Called Him a ‘White Supremacist’

Rittenhouse Defense Atty: If You Don’t Put Client on Stand in Wisconsin You’re Going to Lose

MSNBC: Anthony Huber Family Issues Statement After Rittenhouse Verdict

Biden on the Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict: ‘I Stand By What the Jury Has Concluded’

Jacob Blake’s Uncle: Rittenhouse Bail Money Was Raised by Nazis, KKK, Trial Judge ‘Has Been Racist for Many Years’

Jury Finds Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Not Guilty’ on All Counts

Todd Piro: Kamala Harris Not Doing Anything to Earn Right to Be President, 36 WH Insiders Leaking to CNN

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Hannity Slams MSNBC’s Coverage of Rittenhouse Trial: Political Narrative Is Always Way More Important

Fox News: Kamala Harris’ Coms Director Steps Down

Newsmax Source Reports Rittenhouse’s Defense Believes Jury is 6-6 Split

CBS: Defense Rests in Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial, Stage Set for Closing Arguments Monday

GMA: Script Supervisor Suing Alec Baldwin Civilly, Script Did Not Call for Firing of Gun

Kamala Harris: We Inherited ‘Deeply Broken’ Immigration System, We’re Making it ‘Fair’

Kamala Harris on Biden Sinking Poll Numbers: ‘Polls Go Up and Down’

Kamala Harris Explains to Stephanopoulos ‘Whole Point About Inflation is Prices Go Up’

GMA: Rittenhouse Defense Seeks Mistrial ‘Without’ Prejudice, National Guard on Standby, Jury Deliberations Day 3

Leo Terrell: Rittenhouse Defense has ‘Ace in Hole,’ Judge Contemplating Consideration of Mistrial Motion, If No Verdict by Friday, Mistrial or Hung Jury

Jim Jordan on FBI Investigating, Tracking Parents: It Sure Looks Like AG Garland Misled the American People

Goya Foods CEO Rips ‘Big Government’ for Dismantling Nation, Warns ‘Hard Times’ Ahead

Biden: ‘We’re Considering’ a Diplomatic Boycott of the Beijing Olympics

NBC News Denies Journalist Was Photographing Jury After MSNBC Banned from Rittenhouse Trial

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Maher: Dems Going to ‘Get Thumped’ in Mid-Terms Because Biden Hasn’t Stuck Landing

Maher: ‘Woke’ Has Come to Signify Going Too Far and Doing Things That Don’t Make Sense

Maher: If Don Jr. Had Done What Hunter Biden Had Done, That’d Be on MSNBC Every Night

Colbert: Q-Shaman Will Be Able to Get out of Prison in 2024, Just in Time to Storm the Capitol Again

Gregg Jarrett: Rittenhouse Judge Given Fourth Motion for Mistrial by Defense

Leo Terrell: Shame on MSNBC! How Dare Joy Reid, Who is Not a Lawyer, Attack Rittenhouse Judge Claiming He is Bias! Offensive and Wrong!

Fox News: CDC Says 100K Americans Died from Drug Overdose, Partly Fueled by Fentanyl Trafficked Over Southern Border

Donlon Report: Rittenhouse Defense Request Mistrial, Citing Prosecution Didn’t Give All Video Evidence, Experts Say Acquittal Less Likely

Jeff Zeleny: Americans Spending More than Ever, Psychologically Think We’re in Recession

Joe Biden Raves Over Gasoline Powered Cars in Detroit Speech

Joe Biden Says BBB ‘Will Not’ Add to Inflation, Created 710K More Jobs in Past Four Months than Previously Reported

Fox News: House Votes 223 to 207 to Censure Rep. Paul Gosar, GOP Votes Cheney, Kinzinger