Sunday, October 31, 2021

Gingrich: McAuliffe Is Lost in a World of Fantasy that Doesn’t Matter to the Average Virginian

Tara Palmeri: Cuomo has $18 Million in Political War Chest, Hired PR Person After Resignation

Brad Raffensperger Appears on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ to Discuss Trump’s Claims of Election Fraud

Pete Buttigeig: ‘Definitely Gong to Be Issues,’ Congestion at Ports Going to Continue Until Second Half of 2022

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Conway: Biden’s Presidency Is a Man-Made Disaster

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Frmr. President Trump: Price for Monet is Less than Hunter Biden Art, 'Maybe I Will Start Painting'

Frmr. President Trump: I Could Get Gasoline Prices Down to $2.50 Within Six Months

Frmr. President Trump Gives Biden ‘F’ Grade, Never Made Correct Decision on Foreign Policy

Jesse Watters: George Soros Has Resources to Make Politicians Disappear from Ballot

CBSN: Queen Elisabeth Admitted to One Night in Hospital, Doctors Order ‘No In-Person Visits,' Rest at Castle

John Dean: Eastman Walking Back Jan. 6th Comments Because He Is Involved in Seditious Conspiracy

CNN: Alec Baldwin Says He Is ‘Ordered’ by Sheriff ‘Not to Comment’ on Shooting, Speaks to Reporters Anyway [Full Video]

Monica Crowley: Yellen Saying Spending Trillions Won’t Add Inflationary Pressures is ‘Math for Dummies’

Rep. Tim Scott: ‘No Way’ You Can Call Biden Package ‘Paid For’

VA Gov Candidate Youngkin Promises Not to Teach History Through Lens of Race

Friday, October 29, 2021

Politico's Carla Marinucci SURPRISED by Govs. Newsom & Schwarzenegger To Celebrate 40 Years of CA Reporting

Fox News: Biden Admin Considering $450K Payments to Migrant Families Separated at Border Under Trump

Albany County Sheriff: Mr. Andrew Cuomo Scheduled to Appear in Court November 17, Criminal Arrest Warrant Could Be Issued By Judge

American Trucking Assoc. CEO: 80,000 Truck Driver Shortage Could Double Because Economy Outpacing Our Ability to Serve It

Fox News: After 16 Days of 24-Hour Operations, 100+ Cargo Ships Still Anchored at CA Ports

Chris Wallace Says the Biden Presidency is ‘Not in Good Shape’: He ‘Doesn’t Have Enough Juice’ to Get Things Done

Biden Awkwardly Tries Joking with the Pope About Him Buying Drinks

Chad Pergram: Biden Couldn’t Close Deal on Infrastructure for Second Time, Pelosi Doesn’t Have Votes

Gregg Jarrett: Cuomo Looking at Up to One Year Behind Bars for Criminal Charge of Forcible Touching

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Conway: Biden’s Presidency Is a Man-Made Disaster

CNBC: Russia in Lockdown as Covid Cases, Deaths Surge Amid 32% Vaccination Rate

CNBC: Rise in Stolen Cars Found in Cargo Containers at U.S. Shipping Ports

MSNBC: Former NY Gov. Cuomo Charged with Forcible Touching

Fox News: California School Board Member Caught on Hot Mic Saying ‘F*** You’ at Parent

Zuckerberg Explains His ‘Metaverse’ Virtual World Concept, Which He Says Is About ‘Connecting with People’

Biden: America Used to Be First in Education, Now 35th Among 37 Major Countries

Biden Flees Reporters Immediately upon Wrapping Build Back Better Remarks

Tucker Invites Woman Biden ‘Spat’ at a McAuliffe Rally

BBC: Fast Fashion: The Dumping Ground for Unwanted Clothes


Tucker: China Is America’s New OPEC, with a Word, They Can Shut Down America’s Economy

Adam Schiff Calls John Eastman Part of ‘Insurrectionists Wearing Suits and Ties’

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Graham: Everything that Biden Has Done Has Blown up in His Face

Tom Homan Calls for Impeachment of Biden, Mayorkas Over Border Crisis

Former NY Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof Announces Run for Oregon Governor

Fauci: Unvaccinated Are to Blame for New Covid Variants

Sheriff: 3 Firearms, Approx 500 Rounds of Ammo Collected from Movie Set After Deadly Bladwin Shooting

Ted Cruz To Merrick Garland After Dodges: “Apparently, Ethics Are Not A Terribly High Priority At Joe Biden’s DOJ”

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Hume: It Will Be Seen as a Political Earthquake if McAuliffe Loses

Lindsey Graham: Same People In Charge of Border, In Charge of Afghanistan

CNN: Natural Gas Prices Up 130% Amid New Gov’t Concern Over Shortage

Defense Department Official: There Are at Least 439 Americans Still in Afghanistan

Mark Geragos: Surviving Baldwin Shooting Victim is Director Who Hired Assist. Director Who Was Previously Fired Over Gun Incident and Praised Armorer

John King: If Biden’s Poll Numbers Stay the Same as Year From Now, ‘Goodbye House, Goodbye Senate’

CNN: Democrats Worry Biden’s Sinking Poll Numbers May Doom VA Governor’s Race

CNN: Younger People Perceive Facebook as ‘Lame, Boring’ for People in 40’s and 50’s

Manchin on Changing Parties: ‘I Don’t Know Where in the Hell I Belong’

Monday, October 25, 2021

Fox News: TX National Guard Deploying Manpower Around Del Rio International Bridge

SOURCE: Twitter

The Evening Edit: Prescription Drug Shortage Up 117 from 109 Due to Supply Chain Crisis

Dave Chappelle Addresses Massive Backlash Over Trans Jokes: ‘I Am Not Bending to Anybody’s Demands’ [Profanity]

Migrant Caravan Leader Says President Biden’s Being Played by Mexico

Fox News: Long Beach Port Director Refuses to Say If He Will Ask for Help from Government

Fox News: Long Beach Port Director Says There Is Issue with Number of Empty Cargo Containers at Port

FB Whistleblower Haugen: I’m ‘Deeply Worried’ It May Not Be Possible to Make Instagram Safe for a 14-Year-Old

Biden Whispers then Yells About His Spending Plan: ‘This Is a Tax Cut’ that ‘Doesn’t Increase the Deficit One Single Cent’

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fox News: Hunter Biden Has New Exhibition in Manhattan with Art Offered from $75K-$500K

Tom Homan: 1.7 Million Migrant Encounters at Border Underreported, CBP Website Data Says 1.9 Million

Fauci: It Is ‘Molecularly Impossible’ for Viruses Researched by Wuhan Lab to Lead to Covid-19

Fox News: L.A. Times Reports Stunt Double Accidentally Fired Rounds Days Prior to Baldwin Shooting

Kellyanne Conway: Since June, Joe Biden Down 21 Points Among Independents

Jon Karl to McAuliffe: Why Do You Need All the Help from Obama, Biden, and Other Big Names of the Dem Party?

Rep. Thompson: If There’s Enough Evidence, We’ll Subpoena Trump

Judge Jeanine: ‘Our Society Has Disintegrated,’ We Dehumanize Crime Victims

Christie: Biden Is Creating Headwinds for the Democratic Candidates

Alex Datig: America Is Experiencing the Biggest “I Told You So” In History

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Former LA Mayor Villaraigosa: I Have Never Seen This City So Dirty, Feels Rudderless, ‘Rome Is Burning’

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Fox News: White House Scales Back Plan to Monitor Bank Transactions Over $600

VP Harris: ‘Racial Injustice Today Is Inextricably Linked to Economic Injustice’

Fox News: ‘Massive’ Caravan Heading to U.S., Forcing Its Way Through Mexican Border

CNN: Search Warrant Issued for Deadly Shooting on Alec Baldwin Film Set

Bill Maher Warns Liberals Will Lose ‘The I Want You Dead War’: ‘They Have Way More Guns And They Know How To Use Them’

Friday, October 22, 2021

Rep. Bill Posey: ‘Put America Back Where You Found It, Leave It The Hell Alone,’ ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Greg Gutfeld: ‘America Is on Autopilot’

Psaki Claims that When Biden Said He Went to the Border, He Meant a Drive by Through El Paso in 2008

Kamala Harris’ Speech Gets Interrupted by a Left-Wing Disruptor

Mark Geragos: If Reports Are Accurate Baldwin Used ‘Live Round,’ Someone, Maybe Not Baldwin, May Be Found Culpable

CBS: Biden’s Supply Chain Crisis Is Causing a ‘Urgent Public Health Crisis’ of Medication Shortages

Thursday, October 21, 2021

CNN: Alec Baldwin Accidentally Kills Woman, Injures Male Crew Member on Movie Set After Firing Prop Gun

President Joe Biden Falsely Claims Wages Are Going Up

Biden Says He’s Considering to Bring National Guard to Do Trucking to Alleviate Logistics Crisis

Biden: OPEC Is Withholding Gas Supply, We’ll See Prices Go Down in 2022

Greg Gutfeld on Supply Chain Crisis: ‘Say What You Will About Trump, He Probably Would’ve Crushed This,’ Would Have Had 'Operation Warp-Speed for Truckers, Fired Buttigieg'

Reporter Calls Out Biden Spox Over Biden Supply Chain Crisis: It’s “Getting Worse, Not Better”

Fox News: 167 Ships Waiting Off Coast at Los Angeles Ports, 36 More Expected Next Three Days

Rep. Ken Buck: Important Hunter Biden Artwork Scam is Fully Investigated, Sent Two Letters to AG Garland

AG Garland Refuses to Say If He Will Appoint a Special Counsel Over Hunter Biden Art Sales

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Jim Trusty: Christopher Steele Completely Discredited, Made Stuff Up, Was Fired By F.B.I.

David Corn: Manchin Says it’s ‘B-U-L-L’ that He Has Plans to Leave the Dems But it’s Actually ‘T-R-U-E’

Don Lemon: Not Media's Job to Sell Agenda, 'Democrats Get Your Butts In Gear! You Are Weak!'

Fox News: Gas Prices Have Gone “Up For 22 Straight Days”

Rand Paul on Joe Manchin: ‘We’ve Got an Extra Chair for Him at Lunch’

#NetflixWalkout Organizer on Dave Chappelle: ‘This Isn’t Cancel Culture, But an Avoidance of Accountability’

Manchin Calls Report He is Threatening to Leave Democratic Party ‘bullsh*t, spelled with a B, U, L, L, capital ‘B’’

SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News: Rpt: Joe Manchin Considering Leaving Democrat Party, Becoming Independent

CNBC’s Jim Cramer On Inflation: “It’s Much Worse Than We Thought”

Sen. John Kennedy on IRS Reporting Proposal: ‘President Xi Would Be Proud’

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

ABC News: Michael Wolff Releases New Book ‘Too Famous’ on ‘The Price Of Fame’

CNN: January 6th Panel Votes 9-0 to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt

‘Coffee is for Closers!’ Bret Baier Quotes 'Glengarry Glen Ross' on Biden Infrastructure Deal

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: ‘There Is a Rise in Hate in Our Country’

CNN Reporter Surrounded by Turkeys has Quite the Audience

Joe Biden’s CBP Nominee Chris Magnus Refuses to Say the Border Crisis a ‘Crisis’: ‘Does It Really Matter?’

CBS Chicago: Crime Is So out of Control in Chicago, Businesses Won’t Move There

Gutfeld: Jan. 6th Was as Organized as Shoppers at Black Friday

Schiff: We’re Going After Steve Bannon

Colbert: Looks Like Steve Bannon Is Going to Jail Instead of Just Looking Like He’s Been There for 30 Years

Bob Wooodward Shares Audio of Colin Powell Calling Himself a ‘Reluctant Warrior’

Monday, October 18, 2021

Tucker: Media Intent on ‘Rehabilitating’ Christopher Steele

The Evening Edit: Cartels Increasingly Shoot at Officials Across Border, Latest Shots Fired Saturday

The Evening Edit: California to Outlaw Trucker Owner, Operator and Contract Drivers in Hyper-Regulation Effort

Gregg Jarrett: F.B.I. Knew Christopher Steele was ‘Liar for Hire’

Tucker: Mayor Pete, ‘The Dwarfish Frog from McKinsey’ Says Surging Prices and Supply Issues Are Results of Biden’s ‘Economic Genius’

Greg Gutfeld on Buttigieg’s Paternity Leave: If Nobody Notices You’re Not There, ‘Maybe Get Rid of Him’

Dennis Prager Says He Has Covid and Was Trying to Get Infected: 'Did Everything I Could Do For One Not Vaccinated'

Psaki on Chinese Testing Hypersonic Nuclear Missile: ‘We Welcome Stiff Competition’

Fmr. CDC Dir. Redfield: ‘We Should Have a Moratorium on Gain of Function Research,’

Mayor Lightfoot Says Leadership at the Fraternal Order of Police Are Trying to ‘Induce an Insurrection’ Against Vaccine Mandates

CNN: Colin Powell Has Died of Covid-19, was Fully Vaccinated, Age 84, was also Fighting Cancer

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Former LA Mayor Villaraigosa: I Have Never Seen This City So Dirty, Feels Rudderless, ‘Rome Is Burning’

George Stephanopoulos Interviews Infamous Former MI6 Officer Christopher Steele

Mary Alice Parks: Unless National Guard Unloads Containerships We’re Just Putting Pressure on Private Companies Over Supply Chain Backlogs

Bret Baier: Biden Much Different from Trump, Media Always Knew What Trump was Thinking

Howard Kurtz: Media Doesn’t Like Joe Biden as Coverage Turns Negative, Even Among Liberal Outlets

Adam Schiff: We Will Go After Anyone Who Doesn’t Provide Information to Jan. 6th Committee

Fauci: ‘If You’re Vaccinated and Your Family Members Are Vaccinated...You Can Enjoy the Holidays’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Fox News: Supply Chain Crisis Pushing Inflation Higher, Fed Chair Says ‘Getting Worse’

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Fox News: Shots Fired by Suspected Cartel Gunmen Aimed at Texas National Guard Personnel

DHL Exec: ‘We’re Going to See Issues’ with Supply ‘All the Way Through 2022’

Fox News: Former President Clinton Out of Hospital ‘Soon’ After Being Treated with Antibiotics for Infection

Fox News: British Lawmaker Stabbed to Death in Church was Act of Terrorism

CNN: Only 25% of Americans Think They Will Be Better Off After Biden Economic Bills Passed

Fox News: Biden to Reinstate ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Hannity: Biden’s Presidency Will Be ‘Probably the Worst’ in History

Friday, October 15, 2021

Bret Baier Presses Buttigieg on Biden Response to Supply Chain Crisis: Is It ‘Too Little Too Late’?

Biden: ‘We’re Not Going to Get $3.5 Trillion’ But ‘We’re Going to Come Back and Get the Rest’

Rep. Andy Biggs at the Border: ‘All of This Just Sitting Here, Waiting To Be Installed; Shame on Joe Biden, Shame on Secretary Mayorkas’

Arizona Sheriff on Spike in Drug Smuggling: ‘Only Going to Get Worse’ Until Biden Secures the Border

Dem Rep. Cicilline: Regulating Facebook Is ‘Critical to the Future of Our Democracy and … Our Economy’

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fox News: Former President Bill Clinton Hospitalized with Non-Covid Related Infection

CBS: Supply Chain Gridlock Also Caused by 60,000 Truck Driver Pre-Pandemic Shortage

CBS: Union Workers On Strike Demanding More Pay, Better Working Conditions

CNN: Trump Says GOP Shouldn’t Vote in 2022 If 2020 Fraud Not Fixed

CNN: January 6th Committee Moves to Refer Steve Bannon for Criminal Contempt

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Kellyanne Conway: Polls Show Biden Under Water on Every Metric, Doesn't Care About People, Doesn't Have Will to Lead

Fox News: New Emails Reportedly Show Joe and Hunter Biden Shared Bank Account

CBSN Runs Interference for New Fed Proposal to Monitor Americans’ Bank Accounts

Fox News: Leaked Federal Documents Show 160,000 Migrants Allowed to Stay in U.S.

Fox News: Supply Chain Crisis Pushing Inflation Higher, Fed Chair Says ‘Getting Worse’

Rep. Adam Schiff: For Four Years ‘People Like Steve Bannon’ Believed They Could Ignore DOJ Subpoenas

Fox News: Shocking Video Shows 7-Year-Old Girl Abandoned at Border; Agents Are ‘Overwhelmed’

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Priebus: Dems Are Increasing Poverty to Make More People Dependent on the State

Gutfeld: No Kid Cares About Who Superman Is Kissing, Why Is This Forced into a Medium Where It’s Not Necessary

Hemingway: Mark Zuckerberg Funded the Takeover of Gov’t Election Offices in Key Swing States to Favor Biden

CNN: Americans Quitting Job at Record Pace, 10.4 Million Job Openings

Michael Clayton: Raider’s Coach John Gruden Needs Support, Anyone Blessed by Him Should ‘Have a Heart’

CNN: Raiders Coach Quits After Homophobic, Racist and Misogynistic Emails Discovered

CBS: Former Facebook Employee Says She Has ‘Blood on Her Hands’ Over What She Discovered

Fox News: Coroner Says Gabby Petito Cause of Death Strangulation

Lindsey Graham at the Southern Border: ‘The Word Is Out - Under Biden, You Get Here, You Never Leave’

Fox News: Biden One Million Jobs Short, Down in Polls on Covid-19 Response and Economy

Monday, October 11, 2021

The Evening Edit: Border Loses Law Enforcement from Six States as 60K Migrants Head to U.S.

Fox News: Biden Blocking Wall as 100 Miles of Wall Materials ‘Just Sitting There... Going Unused’

Adam Schiff: We Are On Cusp of Constitutional Crisis, GOP is Autocratic Cult Surrounding Trump

Hillary Clinton: Says Volumes About GOP Someone Who Created Mob Everyone is Afraid of Is Leader