Saturday, July 31, 2021

Watters’ World Analyzes Latest Caught-On-Camera Violent Crime Amid Rising U.S. Crime Wave

Fox News: Millions to Lose Home After Federal Eviction Moratorium Expires, SCOTUS Ruling Leaves Biden ‘Hands Tied’

San Francisco Activists Gather at Pelosi’s Home to Serve ‘Eviction Notice’

SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News: L.A. Public Schools to Require Covid Testing for All Students

Sen. Warren: ‘Needlessly Evicting Families Would Risk Escalating Our Public Health Crisis’

L.A. Mayor’s Home Vandalized After Approving Ordinance Restricting Homeless Encampments on Public Property

Maxine Waters: President Should Issue Executive Order to Extend Eviction Moratorium Expiring Tonight for 11+ Million People

Mark Meadows Says Trump Meeting with ‘Cabinet Members’ at Jersey Golf Club About ‘Moving Forward in a Real Way’

Bret Baier Asks CDC Director Rochelle Walensky If ‘We’re Always Going To Be on this Stop and Start’ with Putting Masks On

Friday, July 30, 2021

President Joe Biden’s Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre Doesn’t Rule Out More Restrictions On “Large Group Gatherings”

Whistleblower Alleges Poor Conditions at Fort Bliss Facility for Migrant Children: Felt Like ‘Prison’

Rand Paul: ‘Factual’ that Delta Variant Is More Transmissible But Far Less Deadly than the Virus Last Year

Nancy Pelosi Takes Off Mask, Breaking Her Own Mandate, for a Photo

Biden Gets Confused, Says Delaware Had More Acreage Burn than ‘Delaware & Maryland Combined’

Fox News: NPR Mocked Over New Policy Allowing Journalists to Protest

CNN: CDC Calls Delta Variant ‘Covid-Wildfire,’ Contagious as Chickenpox

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Rand Paul: Any Funding to the Wuhan Lab Sticks to Fauci, He’s Doing Everything to Cover it Up

Biden: ‘This Is an American Tragedy’ that 99% of Covid Deaths Have Been Among Unvaccinated

Peter Doocy Presses W.H. Spox: Why Are You Asking Vaccinated Americans to Wear a Mask While Releasing Covid Positive Immigrants into Tx. Communities

Texas Democrat Says Biden Administration Is Ignoring Pleas on Border Crisis

Thomas Massie Rips Pelosi over Mask Mandate in House Chamber: Nancy Pelosi ‘Is a Tyrant’

Stefanik: America Is in Crisis Because of Joe Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s Far-Left Polices

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Sen. Kennedy: Some People Are Just Not Fit to Be Part of Society, That’s Why We Need Law Enforcement

Ted Cruz: Biden Distributing Illegals Across the United States Is a Superspreader Event

Pelosi Announces Mask Mandate: ‘Masks Will Be Once Again Be Required in the Hall of the House’

Bill Hemmer: You Can’t Fly Here from England Covid Positive But You Can Walk In Covid Positive at Border

Simone Biles: ‘It’s Okay Sometimes to Sit Out the Big Competitions to Focus on Yourself’

CDC’s Walensky on Kid Mask Mandates: ‘We Don’t Have Any Evidence’ Delta Makes Kids Sicker

Mark Levin: Why Doesn’t the CDC Issue an Order to Control Border Crossing?

Fauci: ‘It Will Be a Surge of Infections Among the Unvaccinated’

Congressman Alleges Biden Border Policy Aims To Make Illegals Tomorrow’s ‘Democrat Voters’

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Ingraham Mocks Select Committee Hearing Officials, Police Officers with ‘Best Performance Awards’

Skye Girard: D.A. George Gascon Has ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach to Criminal Justice, Does Not ‘Fit All’

Fox News: Select Committee Holds First Hearing on Capitol Hill Riot

Fox News: Crime Surging in Democrat-Run Oakland As Former Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer Gets Robbed

The Evening Edit: I.C.E. Apprehends 300+ Illegal Immigrant Sex Offenders

Bill Bratton: District Attorney Forget Their Primary Obligation Is to Victims, Not Criminals

Montage: Fauci Gives Every Possible Answer on Masks & Covid

Adam Schiff Pretends To Cry During Capitol Riot Hearing

Biden: Vaccine Mandate for Federal Employees ‘Is Under Consideration,’ ‘If You’re Not Vaccinated, You’re Not as Smart as I Thought You Were’

De Blasio: ‘It’s Time for Mandates Because It’s the Only Way To Protect Our People’

Monday, July 26, 2021

British Author: American Ignorance Is Heroic, It’s Evangelical Stupidity

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Biden Border Policy Reversal Because of Covid-19, Won’t Make Difference Unless Border is Closed

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer Assaulted, Robbed in Oakland

Gov. Newsom Blames Tucker Carlson, MTG and ‘Right-Wing’ Misinformation for Delta Variant Deaths

Sen. John Kennedy: ‘What do You Call a Genius in Biden’s Homeland Security Department? A Visitor.’

Gov. Gavin Newsom Compares Unvaccinated to ‘Drunk Drivers’ Who Don’t Have Right to Place Everyone at Risk

CNN: Trump Ally Tom Barrack Released On Bail Saturday, Being Arraigned

CNN: Liz Cheney Calls McCarthy ‘Pretty Childish’ for Calling Her ‘Pelosi Republican’

CNN: 340,000 New York City Employees Required to Vaccinate or Test, Wear Mask Weekly

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Liz Claman: Trump Hasn’t Been ‘Strong Enough’ to Push Vaccines, He Tied Hesitancy with Politics a Couple of Days Ago

Joey Jones Mocks San Francisco: Why Would They Need Reinforced Trash Cans When the Homeless Take a Dump on the Sidewalk

Gov. Abbott: Biden Plan to ‘Catch and Release,’ Texas Plan ‘Catch and Jail,’ ‘Not Playing Games’

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat: ‘Get Your Vaccine. If You’re Allergic to Ingredients, Wear Your Mask’

Fox News: Violent Crime On the Rise Across U.S. Cities

Fauci: Bringing Back Mask Mandates Is ‘Under Active Consideration’

Flashback: San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer: Resources Inadequate for Scope of State’s Homeless Crisis, Government Must be Compelled to Act, Feb. 17, 2020

Fox News: Biden Spending Millions Per Day to Protect Border Wall Materials After Cancelling Construction

Howard Kurtz: Biden Debate with CNN's Don Lemon 'Not Exactly an Interrogation'

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: George Foreman: I Will Never Turn My Back on America, I Love America

Saturday, July 24, 2021

CBSN: State Department Struggling with U.S. Passport Renewals, 2 Million Backlog Could Mean 18 Week Wait

CBSN: More than 80 Wildfires in West Have Destroyed 1.4 Million Acres So Far

Friday, July 23, 2021

KATU: Clark County, WA Deputy Shot and Killed, Suspects at Large


Fox News: Washington D.C. Sees 108 Homicides, Highest in 18 Years

Mark Steyn: You Can Ask Jen Psaki Why ‘Sudden Boom’ in Hunter Biden Art Accounts for 3% of GDP

Anthony Fauci Says Mandating Masks For Vaccinated People Is “Understandable”

Ronny Jackson: Where Are Those People Who Called for a Cognitive Test for Trump? There’s Some Serious Stuff Going on with Biden Right Now

Mika: Followers of Trump, Fox News Are Now the Ones Dying from Covid

Obama Ethics Chief Walter Shaub: Hunter Biden’s Art Selling Scheme ‘Sure Looks Like Profiting Off the Presidency’

Sunny Hostin: The Second Amendment Really Was Designed to Protect Slavery

Fox News: Illegal Immigrants Bring Crime, Death Surge to Rural Texas Community

SOURCE: Fox Digital

Jen Psaki: Hunter Biden ‘Will Not Know, We Will Not Know Who Purchases His Art’

DC Police Chief: You Cannot Coddle Violent Criminals

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Tucker: As a Primary Source of Information Around the World, Wikipedia Is No Longer a Reliable Source of Honest Information

John Solomon: FBI’s Signature Expert Concludes Hunter Biden Signed Laptop Receipt

Dr. Fauci Talks About Preventing ‘Lab Accident’ in 2013 Interview

Fox News: Major Websites Hit By Internet Outage, Appears Not to Be Cyber Attack

Joe Biden Says He Was On The Judiciary Committee “150 Years Ago”

Jen Psaki: Hunter Biden, Like Any ‘Child’ of a President, Should Be Able to Pursue Professions, Passions

Dr. William Schaffner: Everyone Age 12 and Over, Get Vaccinated Today

Sen. Barrasso Rips Biden’s ‘Eco-Terrorist’ Collaborator Nominee Tracey Stone-Manning: ‘She Lied to This Committee,’ Testifies on 'Tree-Spiking'

Dem Sen. Manchin: What My Dem Colleagues Are Proposing on Climate Makes It Almost Impossible for the U.S. To Be Energy Independent

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Sen. Lindsey Graham: We Always Secured The Border First, Before Giving Immigration Legal Status

George Foreman: I Will Never Turn My Back on America, I Love America

Biden Boasts Delaware Has More Corporations Registered than Every Other State Combined

Sen. Rand Paul: ‘Gain of Function’ is ‘Without Question’ What Happened in Wuhan Lab

Gen. Mark Milley: ‘The Military Did Not, and Will Not, and Should Not Ever Get Involved in Domestic Politics’

Rep. Jim Banks: ‘What Is the Speaker Afraid Of?’

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Why Are You Allowing A Lame Duck Speaker to Destroy This Institution?

CNN: Pelosi Blocks Jim Jordan, Jim Banks from Jan. 6 Committee

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Flashback Favorite: Donald Trump's Jet Flies Over Ted Cruz Event During 2016 Campaign Speech, July 20, 2016

Rand Paul: I Will Be Asking the DoJ to Investigate Fauci for Lying to Congress

Dr. Marty Makary: Chinese Had Virus Outbreak from Lab in 1977 that Killed 700,000 People

The Evening Edit: Unstoppable, Largest Groups of Illegals ‘Ever Seen’ Push Through U.S. Border Barriers

Biden: ‘People Should Be Able To Be Millionaires and Billionaires’ But, Lord’s Sake, Start Paying Your Fair Share

CNN: Trump Ally Tom Barrack Arrested, Accused of Acting as Foreign Agent

Dinesh D'Souza: Clash Between Jenna Ellis and Ronna McDaniel Points to Deeper Problems with Republican National Committee

ICYM: VP Kamala Harris Says Second Covid-19 Vaccination Made Her Feel Unwell, July 12, 2021

Biden: ‘There Is Nobody Suggesting There Is Unchecked Inflation on the Way’

Jeff Bezos Launches to Space in Blue Origin New Shepard Rocket

McConnell: ‘Get vaccinated, Ignore All Voices Giving Demonstrably Bad Advice’

Despite Growing Number of Linked Cases, Jen Psaki Refuses to Call Texas Democrat Trip a Superspreader

Psaki: ‘Yesterday, a Fully Vaccinated W.H. Official Tested Positive for COVID-19 off Campus’

Dr. Fauci to Sen. Paul: I Want To Say ‘Officially’ that ‘You Do Not Know What You Are Talking About’

Monday, July 19, 2021

Fox News: Bloody Weekend Taking Deadly Toll in Nationwide Crime Wave

Tucker: Biden’s Version of Democracy Is to Change the Electorate with Illegal Immigration

Kaitlan Collins: Pelosi Can Veto McCarthy’s Picks for Select Committee

Sen. Chris Coons Calls Leader McCarthy’s Five GOP Choices to Serve on Jan. 6th Commission ‘Disappointing”

Fox News: Active ‘Los Zetas’ Drug Cartel Member Arrested at Border, Illegal Crossings On-Track for 2 Million by End of 2021

Psaki: ‘Our Goal Is to Close Guantanamo Bay’

FNC’s Dr. Marc Siegel: ‘The Delta Variant Needs To Be a Wake-Up Call to Get Vaccinated’

Fauci: Canada Is Doing Better on Vaccinations Because of the ‘Divisiveness’ in the U.S.

As Democrat-Run Cities Defund the Police Amid Crime Crisis, Residents Say, ‘It’s a War Zone’

Trey Gowdy: You Are Free to Criticize America, But You Are Wrong, There Are Those Who Would Give Everything to Just Be Here

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Some Good Candidates But I Don’t Get Involved in Recall Elections, We All Need to Work Together

Michael Wolff Calls Out Brian Stelter: You Are One Of The Reasons People Can’t Stand The Media

MediaBuzz: NYT Declares Biden ‘Boring,’ Says He Mumbles, Stumbles Through Speeches

Rev. Andy Bales on Los Angeles Homelessness: “It should be very apparent to us how we’re failing, but I’m not sure what falsehood or lie we’re caught up with that we think this is okay.”

SOURCE: A Peace of Mind

Adm. Mike Mullen: I Was and Am Worried Military Could Be Used for Political Purposes

Chris Krebs: Facebook, Social Media Can Provide Helpful Info But We Need Transparency on How Algorithms Work

DeSantis: Cuban Migrants Have a Stronger Case for Political Persecution Than Others

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Bernard Kerik: Ronna McDaniel ‘A Liar’ for Saying RNC Worked Hard for Trump, Backstabbed President and Country

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Jesse Watters: Britney’s New Lawyer Mathew Rosengart on Board of Beverly Hills Bar, Going to Come In Guns Blazing

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Would Be 'Shocked' If Trump Doesn't Run, He's Worried About Country, Has Unfinished Business

Tucker Carlson: Hunter Biden Investigation Stalled By Investigators Ahead of 2020 Election

MSNBC: Vaccinated Texas Democrats Test Positive for Covid in D.C.

Fox News: More than 188,000 Migrants Arrested at Border in June, Highest Since 2000

GOP Rep. John Curtis: Republicans Made a Terrible Mistake by Allowing To Be Branded as Not Caring or Denying the Science

Fauci on L.A. Mask Mandate: One Might Want ‘Extra Degree of Protection’ - Not Worried It’ll Hurt Trust in Vaccine Efficacy

CNN: 70 Large Wildfires Burning Across the U.S. Right Now

CNN: Great Salt Lake at Lowest Level in 100+ Years

Fox News: Rochester, NY Outpacing Chicago in Murders Per Capita

Friday, July 16, 2021

Jason Chaffetz: Kamala Harris Staffer Sought Psychological Help Over ‘Trauma From On-The-Job Abuse’

The Evening Edit: Biden I.C.E. Nominee Testifies Plunge in Illegal Immigrant Arrests ‘Concerning’ Given Historic Rise in Border Crossings

Jason Rantz: Gov. Inslee Calls Trump Supporters ‘Bio Reactor Facilities for Spreading Covid’

McEnany: ‘My Mouth Dropped Open’ When I Heard Psaki’s Admission the W.H. Flagged FB Posts

Pres. Biden: Facebook Is ‘Killing People’ by Not Doing Enough on Covid Misinformation

Jen Psaki: If You’re Banned On One Social Media Platform, You Should Be Banned On Others

SOURCE: Twitter

FNC’s Doocy Asks Psaki For How Long Has the Admin Been Spying on People’s FB Profiles Looking for Vaccine Misinformation?

Gen. Jack Keane: ‘It’s a Deteriorating Situation’ in Afghanistan

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Peter Doocy: Biden Guest List with Formerly NSA Spied on Chancellor Merkel Includes Hillary Clinton

McCarthy: If Biden Had Done Nothing as President, America Would Be Stronger Today

Biden forgets he’s talking about G7, switches to NATO

WHO Chief Says It Was ‘Premature’ to Rule out COVID Lab Leak, Urges China To Be More Transparent

Larry Kudlow: Fed in Hole, Running 6% Inflation Rate Beating Increase in Wages

Former Space Force Commander Matthew Lohmeier calls the racist Critical Race Theory 'Marxist Trash'

SOURCE: Twitter

Fox 11: California Legislature Approves $35 Million Plan Providing Grants for Guaranteed Income

Pres. Biden: Child Tax Credit Will Create ‘the Largest Ever One Year Decrease in Child Poverty in the History of the United States’

Sanders on the Reconciliation Bill: ‘I Am Concerned About Inflation’ But This Bill ‘Will Pay for Itself’

Dr. Marty Makary: ‘I’d Love to See the Data’ Telling Fauci That 3-Year-Olds Should Wear Masks

George W. Bush Says Biden’s Afghanistan Exit Is ‘a Mistake’

Fox News: CA Governor Approves $600 Covid Relief Check for 2 of 3 Residents, $500 for Illegals Who Qualify

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Ron Johnson: Nobody Should Be Pressured to Take the Covid Vaccine

Tucker: We’ve Confirmed that Biden Is Using the Military to Move Illegal Immigrants Secretly Around America

ABC News: Report Slams F.B.I. Investigation Over David Nassar Gymnast Sexual Assault Allegations

ABC News: Delta Variant Covid Cases Up 10%+ in 42 States in Past Week

Fox News: TX Dems Evading Vote by Leaving State Getting $221 Per Day Per Diem in Addition to Salary

Fox News: Rpt. ‘Woke Military’ Training Causing Navy to Be More Focused on Diversity Than Threats

Anita Vogel: ‘Free Britney’ Conservatorship Cause Uniting Republicans and Democrats

Matt Whitaker: Biden Admin Calls on SMS Carriers to Monitor Communications & Censor Private Text Messages

CNN Hosts Claim Fox News Intentionally Killing Americans with Covid Misinfo to Hurt Biden

DHS Sec. Mayorkas to Cubans: ‘If You Take to the Sea, You Will Not Come to the United States’

Rubio: I Want to Hear What Biden Plans to Do When Russians Come to Cuba to Help Out the Regime

Mitch McConnell: Biden’s ‘Utter Nonsense’ Speech on Voting Laws ‘Was Set in an Alternate Universe’

Outnumbered: Stacey Abrams Nominated for Emmy Award

Ingraham: Dems Used Covid to Change How We Vote and Want to Keep it Permanent

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Greg Abbott: Biden Is Chastising Texas for ‘Making It Easy To Vote and Hard To Cheat’

Bernard Kerik: Ronna McDaniel ‘A Liar’ for Saying RNC Worked Hard for Trump, Backstabbed President and Country