Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Trump: Cartels Are So Smart, They Could Have Graduated from Wharton

Trump: Biden Is Surrounded by Vicious People that Are Very Smart

Trump Says ‘Yes,’ on if He’s Made up His Mind on Running in 2024

Sara Carter: Over 202 Dead ‘Recovered’ at Border This Year, 250 Found Dead In All of 2019

CNN: NY Prosecutors Set to Charge Trump Org., CFO Tomorrow

CBS News: President Biden Signs Congressional Review Act Bills

Trump on Border Crisis: ‘Our Country Can Never Be the Same’

Geraldo Rivera Condemns Bill Cosby’s Conviction as ‘Mob Justice’: How Will He ‘Get Back the Two Years’ He’s Lost?

CNN’s Jim Acosta Asks Trump If He Will Apologize for the Capitol Riot

Texas Lt. Gov. On Dems’ Proposal to Cut CBP Funds: ‘These People Are Just Crazy’

Fox News: 2-Year Old Boy Found Abandoned by Side of Road in Mexico

Trump: Fentanyl Is Pouring Into Our Country

Trump Mocks VP Harris’ Border Visit: We’re Going to the Real Part of the Border

Trump: If You Don’t Have Good Elections and a Strong Border, You Don’t Have a Country

Fox News: President Trump to Visit Southern Border with Texas Governor Abbott Later Today

Randy Sutton: Oakland Violence Prevention Chief’s Camera Man Robbed During Interview at City Hall

Fox News: CA Governor Newsom Signs Bill to Alter Election Law in Wake of Special Recall Election Against Him

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Quentin Tarantino Wishes He Had Told Harvey Weinstein to Stop: ‘Everybody… Knew About It’

Reince Priebus: May of Last Year, 6,000 Illegals Crossed Border, May this Year 178,000

Tucker: Changing America’s Population Without Our Consent, How Is this Not an Invasion?

CNN: Maricopa County, AZ Officials Say Voting Machines ‘Can’t Be Used’ in Future Election

Fox News: U.S. Supreme Court Maintains CDC Eviction Ban

When Asked If She Regrets Comparing U.S. and Israel to Terrorist Organizations, Omar Says ‘I Don’t’

Biden’s Border Crisis Management vs. Bush’s Hurricane Katrina Crisis Management

Flashback: Rep. Norman Asks DHS Mayorkas if He Had Medical Evaluation During Committee Hearing on Border Crisis, June 18, 2021

Biden Whispers Again: I Think It’s Time to Give Ordinary People a Tax Break

Leader McCarthy: Removing Confederate Statues in Bill Would Remove ‘All Democrats’ from Capitol

SOURCE: Twitter

Ret. US Army Ranger: If Gwen Berry Hates This Country So Much, ‘She Should Quit the Olympic Team and Go Somewhere Else’

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Has No Answer on Why Kamala Harris Didn’t Visit Child Migrant Facility

Monday, June 28, 2021

Eddie Gallagher Discusses Reasons He Released Tell-All Book Exposing Flaws in Military, Criminal Justice System

Psaki: American Rescue Plan ‘Kept Cops on the Beat’

Ben Domenech: It Doesn’t Make Me Happy ‘There Are Are So Many People Who Are Un-American’

Fox News: Violent Crime Rates Surge Across America While New York Shows 800%+ Increase in Hate Crimes

Outnumbered: 10 Dead, 151 Missing in Miami, Surfside Building Collapse

Tom Homan: Kamala Harris Got Her ‘Photo Op Opportunity’ by Going to El Paso

Gowdy: You Let Me Know if You Think First of a Social Worker When You Get Assaulted

Sunday, June 27, 2021

MediaBuzz: Trump Says ‘Media Misses Him’

Mike Huckabee on Kamala Border Visit: 93 Days ‘A Long Time to Be in Charge of Something and Never See It’

Liz Claman: There is Legislative Urgency for Congress to Act on Border, Optics ‘Kamala Not in Charge’

Mollie Hemingway: Harris Border Visit ‘A Photo Op,’ Accomplished Nothing

Deborah Blum: Britney Spears Made Case to ‘Limit’ Conservatorship

Democratic Rep. Says Kevin McCarthy Could Put Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene on 1/6 Committee to ‘Bend the Knee’ to Trump

Romney: China Should Not Be Part of WHO ‘in Any Significant Way’

Ted Cruz: Democratic Party Is ‘the Party of the Criminals, Murderers, Rapists and Child Molesters’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Graham: The Winners in Biden’s First Six Months Are Cartels, Coyotes, Taliban, Iran, Russia, and China

Alex Datig: Border Crisis On Track for Being Biden’s Hurricane Katrina

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Laura Ingraham: Kamala Harris Desperately Spins Her Abysmal Border Tour

Ben Carson: There’s More Slavery in the World Today than When Emancipation Proclamation Was Signed

Marsha Blackburn: Biden Admin Won’t Admit Trump’s Immigration Policies Worked

Fox News: Biden Administration to Move Out Afghans Who Helped U.S. Military During War

Kevin McCarthy: Kamala Harris Spent ‘More Time at the Airport’ than the Border

Friday, June 25, 2021

Tom Homan: Under Trump Illegal Immigration Dropped by 80%, Biden is Facilitating It

Art Del Cueto: 'Slap in The Face to go to El Paso,' If Kamala Harris Wanted to See How Bad Crisis is, She Would Go to Del Rio, Tucson

Brian Kilmeade Rips VP’s Border Visit: ‘Why Doesn’t She Want to Solve a Problem?’

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: ‘I Think Critical Race Theory Is Wrong and I Don’t Think It Should Be Taught in Any Schools at All’

President Biden Signs a Law Designating the Pulse Nightclub a National Memorial

Derek Chauvin: ‘I Do Want to Give My Condolences to the Floyd Family’

Rep. Tony Gonzales: Kamala Harris’ Trip ‘Has Been a Huge Flop … She’s Just Kind of Parachuted In’

Psaki: VP Chose El Paso Because It ‘Has a Little Bit of Historic Connection’ to Trump’s Immigration Policies

Kamala Harris Blames Trump for Border Crisis: ‘We Inherited a Tough Situation’

VP Harris Arrives in Texas: ‘Most People Don’t Want to Leave Home’

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Fox News: California Governor Gavin Newsom to Face Recall in Special Election

Fox News: CBP Agents Apprehend Migrants from 150 Countries, Preparing for More Nighttime Crossings

McConnell Says According to Biden Infrastructure Bill is Contingent on 2017 Tax Bill

Conway: Giuliani’s Suspension Is Not Surprising, He Will Be Disbarred

Rudy Giuliani: I’ve Been a Lawyer for 50 Years, Never Had Complaint Made Against Me

Tucker: Seems Strange that Thousands of Mentally Ill Vagrants Are Wiping Their Butts on Your Lawn and Britney Spears Is Under Conservatorship?

Del Rio Border Patrol holds State of the Border Address

Biden on VP Harris’ Border Visit Tomorrow: ‘She’s Done a Great Job So Far’

Biden Blames Employers for High Unemployment, Claims ‘Consensus’ Thinks Inflation Is Temporary

Eric Adams, Leading the NYC Dem Mayoral Primary: In NYC, ‘95% of the Shooters Are Black and Brown’

Texas Democrat Henry Cuellar: Vice President Kamala Harris Is Taking A “Politically Safe,” Check The Box” Trip To The Border

De Blasio on Gov. Cuomo Calling His Admin. ‘Hyper-Political and Incompetent’: ‘I Stopped Listening to Him a Long Time Ago’

Miami-Dade Fire Official: First Responders Rescued 35 Occupants Trapped Inside Building, Search and Rescue Efforts Still Ongoing

Pelosi Announces ‘with Great Solemnity and Sadness’ Select Committee Will Investigate Jan. 6 Attack

CBS 8: U.S. Border Patrol Chief, San Diego Sector, Ousted by Biden Administration

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

John Kennedy: When a Cop Shoots a Criminal, It's the Cop's Fault, When a Criminal Shoots a Cop It's The Gun's Fault

Rose McGowan Stands up for Britney Spears: While She’s Been Entertaining Us, She’s Being Tortured

Biden Calls Gun Violence ‘Public Health Threat,’ Doubles Funding for Gun Violence Research for CDC, NIH

Biden: Every Month, 57 Women Shot, Killed by Stalking Partner

Psaki Claims Harris Didn’t Go to the Border Before Now Because It Wasn’t the ‘Appropriate Time’

Fox Business: John McAfee Found Dead In Prison After Spanish Court Allows Extradition

Mark Geragos: Britney Spears Conservatorship ‘Strange, Impractical Arrangement’

Behar Blames Trump for Rising Crime Rates: He Spent ‘Four Years Normalizing Crime’

Lindsey Graham: Biden ‘Is Kowtowing to the Most Radical People in This Country on Border Security and Crime’

LAPD Police Chief: City of Los Angeles Lost Decade of Progress Beating Back Crime, 600 Officer Loss in 2020

Montana Sheriff Who Left Dem Party: ‘Huge Mistake’ to Think Americans Want To Defund Police

CNN: Newsroom Raid Has Chilling Effect on the Press in Hong Kong

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Tucker: We Should Be More Inquisitive About Lab Research Because ‘Liars’ Like Fauci and ‘Soulless Bots’ at Google Are Running Global Science

Fox News: Biden Set to Outline Crime Prevention Strategy as Violent Crime Surges in Major U.S. Cities

Graham: The Winners in Biden’s First Six Months Are Cartels, Coyotes, Taliban, Iran, Russia, and China

Joe Concha: ‘Apathetic Media’ Just Yawns at Hunter Biden’s Art Sales

Flashback: Threats Arising from Massive SolarWinds Hack, Jan. 3, 2021

Dr. Fauci: Delta Variant is Greatest Threat in U.S.

Psaki: ‘I Don’t Think We’re the Right Entity to Give an Assessment’ on Falling Police Morale

Huckabee: If ‘The New York Times’ Reported Honestly About Biden, There’d Be a Daily Scandal

Fox News: California to Pay Off Past Due Rent For Residents, Moratorium May Be Extended

Sen. Kennedy: Democrat ‘Screw the People Act’ Would Lead to End of Voter ID

Sen. Jeff Merkley on ‘For the People Act’: ‘We Won’t Get 10, But We May Get a Couple’ Republican Votes

Police Officers Blame Democrat Anti-Police Rhetoric for Morale Crisis: ‘We’re Stereotyped’

Cotton: Biden Doesn’t Have the Stomach to Make China Pay for Their Behavior at the Start of the Pandemic

Fox Reports: President Biden’s Border Crisis Is ‘Big Business for the Human Smugglers’

Hilton: Google Has Been Squashing the Wuhan Lab Theory Because They’ve Been Funding Daszak Research

Tucker: You Do Not Want to Share a Country with People Who Respond to a Shooting with Twerking

Monday, June 21, 2021

Lara Trump: If Justice Was Equal, Biden Wouldn’t Be President and Hunter Biden Would’ve Been in Jail

Georgia Lt. Governor on Immigration at Border: All 50 States ‘in a Crisis’

Richard Haass on Russia: Biden Has To Decide What His Priorities Are

NYC Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Suggests Yang and Garcia Are Trying to Stop a Person of Color

Schumer Urges Biden to Cancel Student Debt: It Is the Anchor that Holds People Down

Steve Forbes: Democrat Policies Leading to a Crisis of Crime in Our Nation’s Cities

Kathryn Garcia on Homelessness Problem in NYC: We Have to Have a Housing First Strategy, Rather than a Shelter First Strategy

Obama Slams Republicans over Voting Rights: Our Democracy Was on the Line on Jan. 6

Lisa Boothe: Biden Admin Doesn’t Have the Stomach to Pressure China to Cooperate on Covid Origin Study

Baton Rouge Police Dept. Chief: ‘Enough Is Enough’ with Wave of Crimes

CBS 62 Meteorologist Announces Interview with Project Veritas About Workplace ‘Discrimination’ During Live Weather Report

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Alex Datig: Biden’s ‘No Hack List’ for Putin a Honey-Do List for Criminals!

Jake Sullivan Refuses to Answer Question Why Biden Didn’t Tell Putin There Would Be Consequences for Cyber Attacks

Jake Sullivan: Biden Withholding Any Security Aid Package from Ukraine ‘Simply Nonsense’

Fox News: Florida Governor De Santis To Send Law Enforcement Officers to Help Overwhelmed Agents At Border

NBC Examines ‘The Future of War’

Chuck Todd to Fiona Hill: ‘Did Putin Get More of [The Biden-Putin Summit] than We Realized?’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Babylon Bee Satire Site Editor Thanks Tucker for Being Able to ‘Harmfully and Maliciously Inform’ His Viewers

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Watters' World: ‘Crazy Karen’ Meltdowns Caught on Video

Lara Logan: Jalisco New Generation Cartel Merged with Gulf Cartel, Reason for ‘Uptick in Fentanyl’ at Border

Fox News: Juneteenth Celebrations Underway Across the Nation

Fox News: CBP Confirms Gulf Cartel ‘Heavily Involved’ in Drug Trafficking, Human Smuggling at Border

Fox News: 56 House Republicans Urge Biden to Remove Kamala Harris from Border Role

Rep. Katko on Defund the Police Movement: Police Are Demoralized, Morale at All-Time Low

CNN: Atlanta Suburb Moves to Separate from City over Rising Crime

Fox News: NYC Gives $1,200 Monthly to Homeless People to Fight Homelessness Crisis

Bill Maher Says White People ‘Very Confused’ by Juneteenth Holiday: ‘Do We Barbecue? Is There a Mattress Sale?’

Friday, June 18, 2021

Bill Bratton: Under Coronavirus Criminal Justice System Collapsed, Not Seeing Political Leadership Putting Forth Plan

MSNBC: ‘Delta Variant’ Found in MI Waste Water Threatening to Become Dominant U.S. Strain

Daryl Turner: 50 Portland CRT Officers Who Resigned is Volunteer Unit Trained to Handle Crowd Control Issues

Rep. Ralph Norman to DHS Mayorkas: VP Kamala Harris is ‘Laughing at Border, It’s An Insult’

DHS Mayorkas Blasted by Rep. Jeff Van Drew Over CBP Budget, Says Previous Administration Expelled Unaccompanied Children

Rep. Dan Bishop Shows Illegal Border Crossings Chart to DHS Mayorkas in Committee Hearing

Rep. Clay Higgins to DHS Mayorkas: We Have 1.1 Million Illegal Crossings at Southern Border, Nation ‘Absolutely in Crisis’

Rep. John Katko: ‘Bloated’ $6 Trillion Biden Budget Lacks Funding to Protect Homeland

Dad Slams Critical Race Theory: How Do I Have Two Medical Degrees if I’m Sitting Here Oppressed?

MSNBC: DOJ Releases New Body Cam Video from January 6

CNN Calls Tucker Carlson ‘Deranged Entertainer, BS Ringmaster’

CBS 10: Crime in Austin, Texas Rising After City Council Police Budget Cuts

Fox News on Rising Prices: ‘Cost of Everything from a Gallon of Milk to Airline Tickets Goes Higher’

Sen. Cruz: Joe and Kamala Have Zero Intentions to Solve the Border Crisis

Mayor Lightfoot Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis in Chicago

PIX11: Two Children Nearly Caught in Crossfire as Gunman Opens Fire on Bronx Sidewalk Shooting Man Several Times

Former VP Mike Pence Heckled With Calls of ‘Traitor’ at Conservative Conference

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Fox News: Human Traffickers Forcing Victims Into Debt Bondage to Sell Sex, Even at Eight Months Pregnant

Judicial Watch Docs Show California Secy of State Officials Coordinated with Twitter to Censor Election Posts

Biden: ‘Today We Consecrate Juneteenth for What It Ought To Be, What It Must Be, a National Holiday’

Rep. John Ratcliffe: Biden Accomplished Nothing on Cyber, Giving Putin ‘Off Limits’ List for Cyber Attacks, Like Giving ‘Target List’

Fox News: Biden Gave Putin List of 16 Industries ‘Off Limits’ to Cyber Attacks

CNN: 14 GOP Vote Against Sen. Cornyn Sponsored Bill Making ‘Juneteenth’ National Holiday, Biden to Sign Bill Today

Dem Sen. Tester: $6 Trillion Reconciliation Package Sanders Is Considering ‘Seems a Bit Hefty’

HHS’s Becerra Can’t Explain How to Fix Rising Insurance Rates ObamaCare Is Causing

Fox News: Jobless Claims Show Surprise Increase

Cruz Hits Media Coverage of Voting Rights Bill: If You Do a Poll on Fuzzy Kittens, Its’ Going To Be Popular

CNN: Biden Return Home to Fractured Dems Over Infrastructure Proposal

CNN: SCOTUS Upholds ACA, Obamacare for Third Time, Biden Calls 7-2 Ruling ‘Big Win, BFD’ on Social

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

DeSantis on Lockdown States Just Reopening: The Default Should Be Freedom

Trump: It Was a Good Day for Russia; We Didn’t Get Anything out of the Meeting

Raymond Arroyo: Biden Is ‘Physically Shrinking’ Beside Putin

Tucker Carlson Defends Julian Assange: ‘Should You Throw Editors in Jail Because They Embarrass You?’

Joe Biden Screws up the Declaration of Independence Again: ‘We Hold These Truths Self-Evident’

Biden Snaps at CNN’s Collins: ‘What the Hell — What Do You Do All Day?’

Biden: I Told President Putin My Agenda Is Not Against Russia, It’s for the American People

Putin: We Sympathizes with U.S. Over ‘What Happened,’ Have ‘No Desire’ to let BLM, Rioting Happen in Russia

Putin: We Reached an Agreement to Start Negotiations on Cyber Attacks

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Raymond Arroyo: TX Border Agents Encountered 370 High-Speed Vehicle Pursuits Since March, Drug Confiscations Up 50%, Fentanyl 800%

Babylon Bee Satire Site Editor Thanks Tucker for Being Able to ‘Harmfully and Maliciously Inform’ His Viewers

Fox News: Woman Running for Seattle Council Once Threatened to Blow up a Busload of Kids

Tucker: Putin Has Valid Questions on Ashli Babbitt’s Shooting

Reporter Captures Shoplifter Brazenly Loading Up Garbage Bag in Walgreens, as Thefts Surge in San Francisco