Monday, May 31, 2021

Domenech: Fifty Years After the 1970s, America Is Repeating Its Errors in A More Grand and Emphatic Fashion

CNN: U.S. Sets Record for Air Travel During Pandemic

Biden: We Are Free Because of the Brave Before Us

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Fox News: Russian Hackers Who Breached SolarWinds, Launch New Attack Using U.S. Aid Agency

Miami Police Chief Opposes Texas Bill Allowing Citizens to Open Carry Handgun Without License

Trymaine Lee: When You Don’t Engage in Black History as Part of the American Experience, it Leaves Gaping Hole in Our History

Dr. Peter Hotez: Two Types of Coronavirus Came from China, It’s In China’s Interest to Find Out Where Covid-19 Came From

Geoff Bennett: GOP ‘Lawmakers Have Been Surprisingly Frank About Their Political Aversion’ to the January 6 Commission

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Gunshots Interrupt Associated Press’ Report from George Floyd Memorial Square

CNN: Many in Hong Kong Fleeing City Over Security Law, Political Situation

CNN: Seismologists in Goma, Congo Region Report 61 Earthquakes in 24 Hours, $1 Billion Damage from Volcano Eruption

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Fox News: Oldest Marine Outpost in U.S. Holds Ceremony for Fallen Troops

Huckabee: Biden’s $6T Budget ‘Comes Directly from the North Pole’

Friday, May 28, 2021

Biden: Vaccination ‘Is the First Real Evidence’ that I Am Uniting the Country

CDC Updates Summer Camp Guidance, Vaccinated Kids No Longer Need to Mask Up

California Drone Video Shows Growing Number of Great White Sharks Swimming Near People

Neil Cavuto Reads More Brutal Hate Mail From Fox News Viewers: ‘Sanctimonious Twit,’ ‘Clueless Ass,’ ‘Another Failed RINO’

McEnany: There Was Evidence of Wuhan Lab Leak, but the Media ‘Chose to Ignore It’

Laura Ingraham Pays Tribute to Foster Friess on ‘The Ingraham Angle’

Bloomberg Reports on Biden’s Inflation Tax: The Core Price Index Rose 3.1%, ‘The Highest Since 1992’

DHS Secretary Mayorkas: We’re ‘Taking a Very Close Look’ at International Vaccine Passports

Schumer Slams GOP Opposition to the Jan. 6 Commission: Are You Afraid Trump’s Big Lie Will Be Dispelled?

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Kennedy Slams Fauci: If China Is Turning Viruses into Deadly Killers with American Money, We Need To Know

Tucker on BLM Founder Stepping Down: What A Surprise That BLM’s A Scam

Tucker: A Pampered Liberal Like Cynthia Nixon Advocating for Theft Would Never Allow Her House To Get Looted

CNN’s Raju Has Cicada Land on His Neck During Shot from Capitol Hill

Manchin on Breaking the Filibuster to Pass January 6th Commission: I’m Not Ready ‘to Destroy Our Government’

NBC4: Video Shows Felon Fleeing Courtroom, Jumping Off Balcony

Ari Fleischer Blasts Media for Playing Politics with Wuhan Lab Theory

Biden: ‘We’ve Turned the Tide on the Once in a Century Pandemic’

Biden: A Trickle Down Economy from the Very Wealthy Has Never Benefited Middle Class People

MSNBC: Biden Orders U.S. Intelligence Report on Covid Origin

Fox News: Facebook Ends Ban on Posts Asserting Covid-19 Was Man-Made

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tucker: Why Is Biden Shutting Down Probe into Wuhan Lab Origin Theory? Whose Side Are They On?

KTLA: George Gascón Recall Effort Kicks Off in Downtown L.A. with Support of Sheriff Villanueva, Others


Sen. John Kennedy Grill Fauci on Wuhan Lab Funding, Origins of Covid-19

Supercut: Major Media Mock Trump, Cotton for Saying Covid Leaked from Chinese Lab

Fox News’ Juan Williams Announces He’s Leaving The Five

Fauci Admits ‘Modest’ NIH Funding of Wuhan Lab But Denies ‘Gain of Function’

Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci Should Be Made to Testify Under Oath About the Money Given to the Wuhan Lab

DHS Sec. Mayorkas Claims ‘the Border Is Closed’ Amid 21-Year High in Illegal Border Crossings

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: Too Many Illegal Immigrants Are Being Caught and Released into U.S. ‘to Know and Track’

Trump: I Had No Doubt the Virus Came out of Wuhan

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Petitioner: There Is No Logic Bringing Homeless to LA Beaches, We Have Huge Lands in California

Lemon: ‘If Someone in Your Workplace Talked Like Marjorie Taylor Greene? Would She Still Have Her Job?’

Bernard Kerik: Time Will Come Where Police is Re-Funded, Communities Won’t Stand for Unsafe Neighborhoods

Biden After Meeting George Floyd’s Daughter: ‘She Threw Her Arms Around Me, Gave Me a Big Hug, and Wanted To Sit in My Lap’

Lt. Randy Sutton Discusses the War on Police with Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto Reads Hate Mail From Fox Viewers Upon Returning To Air: ‘Damn, You’re Still Alive?!!’

McConnell Calls Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Comments ‘Absolutely Outrageous and Reprehensible’

George Floyd’s Brother: If You Can Make Federal Laws to Protect the Bald Eagle, You Can Make Federal Laws to Protect People of Color

Sen. Rand Paul: Twitter Allows Thousands of People to Wish Me Harm, FBI Investigating Latest Threat

Border Patrol Council President on Border Crisis: ‘I Have Never Seen Worse Policies’

Clyburn on Qualified Immunity: ‘According to Black’s Law Dictionary, Qualified Means Limited’

AP: Gunshots Interrupt Associated Press’ Report from George Floyd Memorial Square

Jen Psaki: Biden Will Rely on ‘International Bodies’ to Investigate COVID’s Origins

Tucker: Fauci Has Always Been Lying To Us About the Wuhan Lab Origin of Covid

Monday, May 24, 2021

Fox News: CNN Loses Conservative Voice in Santorum, Chris Cuomo in Damage Control Mode Over Relationship with Governor

Kennedy on Endless Frontier Act: An ‘Orgy of Spending’ of Foreign Aid — Includes Studying How Long Pandas Poop

Jen Psaki: Vice President Kamala Harris Still Has No Plans To Visit the Border Amid Biden’s Crisis

Pres. Biden Announces New $1 Billion in New Spending for Extreme Weather Preparations

Hamas Co-Founder: ‘Ceasefire Will Hold for Now,’ ‘No’ Israel Has No Right to Exist

CNN Panel Calls Sen. Paul ‘Anti-Science’ for Not Getting Vaccinated Despite Already Being Immune

Rep. Mike Gallagher: U.S. Taxpayer Dollars ‘May Have’ Funded Wuhan Lab ‘Gain of Function’ Research

Fox News: Three Researchers from Wuhan Lab Hospitalized with Covid-like Symptoms in 2019, Full Month Before China Reported Cases

Gov. Whitmer on Violating Her Own Restaurant Restrictions: ‘They Have Pretty Good Pizza’

Texas Public Safety Officer: Border Crossings Are ‘Increasing,’ Criminals ‘Exploiting’ the Crisis

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Nicholas Wade: ‘Gain of Function’ Increases Pathogenicity of a Virus to Make It More Lethal to Humans

Fox Flight Team Captures Stunning Video of Illegals Rushing Border

Sr. Advisor to Netanyahu: Hamas Aiming, Firing Thousands of Rockets to Murder Our People in Their Home

ABC: After Years of Reform, Black People Account for 84% of Police Use of Force in Newark, NJ

George Will: GOP Feels Terror from Own Voters, ‘I Would Like to See Jan. 6th Burned Into American Minds’ Like 9/11

Bob Woodson: Critical Race Theory Stereotypes All White People as Evil and All Black People as Victims

Wolf of Wall Street on Bitcoin: ‘Everyone Knows It’s a Ponzi Scheme, So It’s Not Really a Ponzi Scheme’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Hannity: Biden Peaked on Inauguration Day, His Only Victory Is Donald Trump’s Vaccines

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Rick Grenell: D.A. Gascon Recall Has United Left, Right and Moderates Against Him, Made Everyone Angry

CNN: New Post Mortem Images of Ronald Greene Shows Blunt Force Trauma to Head

CNN: January 6th Commission Unlikely to Pass in Senate as GOP Filibuster Looms

Fox News: NY AG James Backs Bill to Limit Use of Deadly Force

Kevin Faulconer Appears on FNC’s ‘Cavuto Live’ to Discuss IRS Seeking New Details on Americans’ Bank Accounts

Pro-Life Activist: Fauci’s Dept. Helped Fund Horrific Research Involving Aborted Babies

Fox News: DHS Cuts Ties with Massachusetts Sheriff’s Office

Friday, May 21, 2021

Fox News: Cicada’s Swarming All Over Capitol Hill in D.C. with Loud Mating Call

Fox News: Ransomeware Attacks on the Rise, Global Cost $1 Trillion Since 2018

Biden on the Justice Department Seizing the Records of Reporters: ‘It’s Simply, Simply Wrong; I Will Not Let that Happen’

CNN: Gaetz Ex-Girlfriend Agrees to Cooperate in Sex Trafficking Investigation, Greenberg Admits Sex with Minor ‘at least’ 7 Times

Psaki Admits to Biden Admin Dropping Off Migrant Children in Cities Without Local Officials Knowing

NBC’s Engel: ‘Hamas Feels Very Strong ... It Feels It Became the Voice of the Palestinian People’’

CDC Director: Not Everyone May Want to ‘Rip off Their Masks’

Don Lemon: ‘I’m Not a Political Person, I’m a Journalist,’ But We Need To Get Rid of GOP 'Because They Don't Operate on Logic'

Rabbi Abraham Cooper Calls out L.A. County DA Gascon: ‘We Don’t Have Any Confidence in Him’ to Protect Jewish Community

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Jonathan Fahey: So Many Criteria for Illegals to Get Deported it ‘Doesn’t Pass the Laugh Test’

Tucker Carlson: More than Half Million People Shot in Civil War, One Unarmed Trump Voter Shot During Capitol Insurrection

Hannity: Biden Peaked on Inauguration Day, His Only Victory Is Donald Trump’s Vaccines

Tucker Calls Capitol Police Letter to U.S. Congress A ‘Ransom Note’

Fox News: Israel Announces Cease-Fire with Hamas

Joe Concha: Chris Cuomo Nothing but a PR Extension for His Brother

Mayor Lightfoot Defends Granting Interviews to Only Black and Brown Journalists

BDS Movement Co-Founder: The United States Government Is Complicit by Supporting Israel

Biden Randomly Starts Screaming During Remarks on Asian ‘Hate Crimes’

CNN: Video of Leaked 2019 Body Cam Footage Shows Louisianan State Troopers Tase, Kick Man Before Death

Despite Fining House Members Who Don’t Wear Masks, Pelosi Wears No Mask While Walking Through Crowd

Kudlow: ‘It’s Tragic that the Democratic Party Is Moving Against Israel and in Favor of Iranian-Backed Terrorists’

Dr. Saphier: Why Are Studies from Covid Natural Immunity Being Suppressed?

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Watters to Juan Williams: Why Is the Fentanyl Death Rate Up When You’re Saying that the Ports of Entry Are More Secure?

CNN: Biden Tells Netanyahu He ‘Expects Significant De-Escalation Today’

Geraldo Rivera Rips Bongino ‘I’m a 10-Time Emmy Winner!,’ After He Calls Him ‘An Out of Control Lunatic’ Over Israel-Palestine Conflict

Katie Pavlich Slams Geraldo Rivera on Israel: ‘You Are Repeating Hamas Propaganda’

McConnell Opposes Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Commission: ‘Slanted and Unbalanced’

Andrew Giuliani Addresses Main Issues in His Campaign for Governor of New York

Schumer: What Took Place on January 6 Is the Greatest Attempt at Insurrection Since the Civil War

Geraldo Rivera: Gaza Strip ‘Is One of the World’s Largest Prison Camps’ and It’s Being Bombed by the U.S. Bombs

CNN’s Sciutto: Incomplete Sections of Border Wall ‘Become New Transit Points’

Joe Biden Calls Coast Guard Graduates “Dull” When They Don’t Clap During His Speech

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tucker: After Lying About UFOs For 70 Years, Is This Some PR Strategy?

Kevin McCarthy: Appointment of January 6th Commission by Schumer and Pelosi, All Staff Would Be Democrats

Eric Trump: No Fight, No Motivation, No Drive, No Energy Coming Out of Biden White House

Andrew Giuliani Talks with Hannity About Issues in Campaign for Governor

A 10-Year-Old Slams His School’s Mask Mandate: ‘All This Seems Unfair, and It Doesn’t Make Sense’

CNBC: A Conservative Non-Profit Is Launching a 7-Figure Ad Campaign Pushing Back Against ‘Woke Capitalism,’ CEOs

Grant Woods: Group of 1,000+ Lawyers Calling for Rudy Giuliani Disbarment

Dr. Fauci Admits He Was Wearing Mask to Create an Impression, Not Due to Science

CNN: New Covid-19 Infections in U.S. Averaging 32,032 Cases, 587 Deaths Per Day, Vaccines at 1.8 Mil Per Day

Sen Tim Kaine: ‘I Am Troubled’ by Biden Admin’s Lack of Response on Israel

CNN: McCarthy Says He Doesn’t Support January 6th Commission Bill

Weingarten: The Biden Administration ‘Asked Us for Language’ to Use in CDC Guidance, ‘We Gave It’

DA Womble: Officers ‘Reasonably Believed’ Deadly Force Was ‘Justified’ Against Andrew Brown, Jr.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Flashback: CBS: Threats Arising from Massive SolarWinds Hack, January 3, 2021

Tucker on Gates-Epstein Relationship: Do All Creepy People Know Each Other?

Ric Grenell: Media Needs to Ask Where Money for Palestinian Rockets Is Coming from

Fauci Says Pandemic Exposed ‘Undeniable Effects of Racism’

CNN: President of Gay Officers Action League Slams Decision to Ban NYPD from Gay Pride Parade Until 2025

CNN Guest Pitches Vaccine Passports as Way to ‘Increase Freedom’

Fox News: Texas Ranch Owner Finds Migrant with Broken Legs, Robbed Blind

Fox News: Bill Gates Pursued Women at Work, Report

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Pierre Thomas: 300% Increase in Ransomware Attacks in U.S. in Past Year

Mark Levin: Israel Defending Themselves for 4,000 Years, ‘Sovereign Country,’ Don’t Need Joe Biden’s Advice

Palm Beach County Prosecutor Tells CNN DeSantis Can’t Prevent Trump Getting Extradited to NYC If The Former President Is Indicted

Stefanik on Arizona Audit: Transparency Is Important for the American People

Netanyahu Slams Dickerson: You Know ‘Damn Well’ What You’d Do if Washington Gets Fired with Rockets

Netanyahu: Hamas Is Not Interested with Any Kind of Co-Existence

Lindsey Graham: Nobody Is Afraid of Biden, ‘This Is a Dangerous Time in the World Right Now’

GOP Congressman Fred Upton: ‘I Suspect’ Kevin McCarthy Would Be Subpoenaed by the January 6 Commission

CDC Director: Young Children Should Keep Wearing Masks Around Unvaccinated People

Judge Jeanine to DHS Sec. Mayorkas: ‘Unlike Your Administration,’ We Visited the Border Repeatedly

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Dr. Nicole Saphier: CDC Not Addressing ‘Unvaccinated,’ Businesses Will Have Hard Time Assessing Who Wears Mask

Hegseth: Biden Admin Is Using January 6 as Justification to Purge Patriots from Our Military

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Fox News: Rising Food Prices Causing Sticker Shock at Grocery Stores

Israeli Strike Destroys Gaza Building Housing Al Jazeera and Associated Press

Border Patrol Chief: People from 70 Different Countries Crossing Border in Del Rio

Fox News: 41 California District Attorneys Object to Early Prison Release Plan

CBS: Thousands Flee Israel as Hamas Airstrikes Worsen the Crisis

Don Lemon Announces Departure from ‘CNN Tonight’

Daily Beast Reporter Details Shocking New Allegations: Matt Gaetz Snorted Cocaine with Escort at 2019 GOP Fundraiser

Friday, May 14, 2021

Kevin McCarthy: ‘The Policies of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden Are Destroying this Nation’

CNN: Former Gaetz Associate Joel Greenberg Enters Into 80-Page Plea Agreement Cooperating with Federal Probe

CNN: House Strikes Deal On January 6th Commission, McCarthy Not On Board

Leo Terrell: Dr. Fauci, Randi Weingarten 15 Minutes of Fame Over, Time to Re-Open Schools

Steve Hilton: 18 States Ending Federal Unemployment Benefits Incentives People to Go Out and Work

Rep. Stefanik: Trump Is the Leader of the Republican Party

Despite Biden Cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, Buttigieg Says Pipelines Best Way to Transport Fuel

Acting ICE Director Johnson Can’t Answer Question on How Many Illegals Crossing Border Daily

Thursday, May 13, 2021

CNN: Colonial Pipeline Paid Russian Hackers

John Catsimatidis: We Need ‘Cyber Force’ to Fight Catastrophic Cyber War Attacks Like Colonial Pipeline

Leo Terrell: MSNBC Is Afraid of Being Canceled If They Fire Racists Like Joy Ann Reid and Al Sharpton

Harry Enten: Rise in Gas Prices and Shortages Are Now a National Story

Dr. Fauci: People Who Have Been Vaccinated Deserve a Certain Degree of Normality

Dr. Fauci: Pandemic Not Over, Lifting Mask Mandate is Important Step

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki Claims Rising Consumer Prices Part of a ‘Successful Economic Strategy’

Biden Gets Tripped up While Telling Drivers Not To Buy Too Much Gas

Ted Cruz: It Never Made Any Sense Once You Are Vaccinated to Wear a Mask

Dr. Nicole Saphier: CDC Not Addressing ‘Unvaccinated,’ Businesses Will Have Hard Time Assessing Who Wears Mask

PM Johnson on Indian Covid Variant: ‘Won’t Rule Anything Out’ Including Local Lockdowns

Fauci: ‘If You’re Vaccinated and You’re Outside, Put Aside Your Mask’