Friday, April 30, 2021

Steve Hilton: Big Tech Bullies Have Become Monopolies, Need to be Broken Up

CBS News: Two Government Officials Have Possibly Been Attacked Using a Method Called ‘Directed Energy’ in an Alleged Energy Attack

Chris Christie Says He’d Give Trump an ‘A’ Grade: What Happened at End of His Presidency ‘Clouded His Accomplishments’

Kevin Brady: I Worry Biden Is Sabotaging the Jobs Recovery, Because of the Crippling Tax Hikes

Andrew Giuliani: Since Holder Became Obama AG, Justice Department Continually Politicized

CNN: Biden to Restrict Travel from India Starting May 4

Biden Blames Trump for Migrant Surge: ‘They Didn’t Have Beds,’ ‘They Didn’t Plan for Overflow’

Joe Biden Says ‘Give Me Five Days’ to Hecklers Calling for Closure of Detention Centers

Zeke Emanuel Regrets that Biden Isn’t Forcing Vaccinated Americans into a Database with Individual QR Codes

Carlos Gimenez: We Are Still Paying the Contractors ‘Not To Build the Wall’ at the Border

Tim Scott: Trump Told Me that I Did a Fantastic Job, He Talked About Getting Things Done

Hannity: For Joy Ann Reid, It’s OK To Say Racist Things About Black Americans As Long As They’re Conservatives

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Rudy Giuliani: DOJ Spied on Me, Took Privileged Documents From iCloud Account

Rudy Giuliani: No Justification for Warrant Served on Me, Completely Illegal

Rudy Giuliani: 7 FBI Agents Served Warrant at 6:00AM Took 7 or 8 Electronic Devices

Texas Rancher’s Fox News Interview Disrupted by Border Patrol Pursuing Migrants on His Property

Joe Concha: Tim Scott ‘Uncle Tim’ Twitter Trend Allowed to Go On 12 Hours, Proves Social Media Bias

Pres. Biden to MSNBC’s Melvin: ‘I Give You My Word I Was Not’ Aware of the Giuliani Raid Before It Happened

Trump Says He’s ‘100% Thinking About Running Again’ in 2024

Trump Rips Raid on ‘Great Patriot’ Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment: ‘Very Unfair’

Jesse Watters: Democrat Prosecutors Want To Lock Up ‘Icon’ Giuliani to ‘Benefit Party’

Pelosi: ‘We Cannot Require Someone To Be Vaccinated’ Against COVID-19

Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels: Joe Biden’s Speech Was “An Insult” To Everyone Protecting The Border

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Ted Cruz: Biden Is Deliberately Being Boring But the Substance of His Speech Is Radical

Kevin McCarthy: Biden Wants Control of Your Life, He Wants To Limit the Meat You Can Eat

Chris Christie: Biden Sounded Like A 15-Year-Old Given A Credit Card with No Limit

Graham: Biden Didn’t Talk About Solving the Border Crisis Because Biden Is the Crisis

Brit Hume: The ‘Old Joe Biden’ I Knew Would’ve Given Credit To Trump’s Success in Vaccine Production

Ted Cruz Dozes off As Biden Talks About Immigration

Biden: 100 Days Ago, America’s House Was on Fire

Biden Urges Bipartisanship: The Rest of the World Is Not Waiting For Us, Doing Nothing Is Not An Option

Biden: Madame Speaker, Madame Vice-President, No President Has Ever Said Those Words from This Podium

Tucker: Why Wouldn’t the FBI Want Giuliani’s Hard Drive with a Copy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop?

Rudy Giuliani’s Son Andrew: ‘Any American … Should Be Extremely Disturbed by What Happened Here Today’

Psaki: ‘I Can Assure You’ the Biden DoJ Raiding Giuliani Is Being Done ‘in an Independent Manner’

Fauci: ‘The Risk of Getting Infected, If You Are Vaccinated and Outdoors, Is Extremely Low’

Nancy Pelosi: I’ll ‘Never Forgive’ Trump, Capitol Insurrectionists for ‘Trauma’ and ‘Fright They Instilled in People’

NY DEA President: Suspect Charged in Brazen Attack on NYPD Detective

W.H. Communications Director: ‘We Really Have a Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity Right Now To … Create Jobs for the Long Haul’

Fox News: Feds Execute Search Warrant at Rudy Giuliani’s Apartment, Reports Say In Connection with Investigation into Dealings with Ukraine

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Pompeo: Kerry Needs To Explain Why He Was Talking to Iranian Foreign Minister

CNN: Kamala Harris Children’s Book Story ‘Bogus,’ ‘Only One’ Copy Donated to Migrant Center

Stereo100Noticias: Man in Coahuila, Mexico is Offered Job when Asking for Money, Rejects Offer, Says Work Does Not Please Him

SOURCE: Twitter

Biden: The Bottom Line Is Clear — If You’re Vaccinated, You Can Do More Things

CNN: Polls Shows 45% of White Evangelicals Say They Probably Won’t Get the Covid-19 Vaccine

Kevin McCarthy: If Rep. Matt Gaetz Is Indicted, We Will Remove Him

Detroit PD Chief Craig Rips Rep. Tlaib’s ‘Reckless’ Anti-Police Rhetoric: ‘She Is Doing It as a Self-Serving Approach’

FOP Joe Gamaldi: Police Profession is Dying, 20,000 Homicides in NY Last Year, NYPD Retirements Up 75%

Fmr. NYPD Detective: ‘Criminals Are Not Afraid To Commit Crimes There Are No Consequences Accountability’

Carley Shimkus: Equity, Social Justice Speeches at 'Woke Oscars,' Yet Event Re-Located Homeless to Make Room for Event

Kennedy: New York Has Just Edged out Chicago As the ‘World’s Outdoor Shooting Range’

Monday, April 26, 2021

Kennedy: If You Support Defunding the Police, You Have Tested Positive for Stupid

Rose McGowan: Democrats Want to Keep System in Place that Supports so Few

Buck Sexton: Kamala to Visit Border in June, Crisis Won’t Stop Unless there are Consequences

Tucker Calls Eric Garcetti 'A Guy You Wouldn't Trust to Clean Your Pool!'

The Wounded Blue’s Lt. Randy Sutton Discusses the Crisis Facing Policing

CNN’s Sellers: Call the Senate Offices of Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema and ‘Tell Them We’re Tired of Black Folks Dying’

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Biden’s 53 Percent Approval Rating Is ‘the New 60’

Psaki on Migrant Children Being Given a Copy of VP Harris’ Children’s Book: ‘I Hear It’s a Good Book’

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Rep. Jewell Jones Resists Arrest After Being Stopped for Driving Drunk into a Ditch, Threatens to Call Gov. Whitmer

SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News: 570,000 Migrants Apprehended in Past Three Months, ‘Huge’ Rise in Illegal Activity at TX Border

Rep. Karen Bass: Police Should Deescalate, Not Shoot to Kill, Whether It Applies to Ma’Khia Bryant Case or Not

Lindsey Graham: All You Need to Know About Biden’s First 100 Days is, AOC Said He ‘Exceeded Expectations’

Lindsey Graham: Ending Qualified Immunity Would Destroy Policing in America

Kevin Walling Appears on ‘Fox News Live’ to Discuss Biden’s First 100 Days in Office

Discovery Institute’s Chris Rufo: Critical Race Theory Is ‘Turning Education into Activism’

Kamala Harris on Immigration: ‘If This Were Easy, It Would Have Been Handled Years Ago’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Leo Terrell on Chauvin Verdict: Criminal Justice System Worked, I am Very Proud to be a Lawyer Today

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Fox News: Gov. Cuomo Blocks Release of Covid Nursing Home Data

Texas Sheriff: ‘Unprecedented’ Migrant Surge at Border Proving ‘Unsustainable’ on Local Resources

VP Kamala Harris Cheers On Nervous Worker Who Gets Lost During His Speech: ‘What You Do is So Important’

Detroit Police Chief: Dems’ ‘Knee-Jerk’ Comments to Defund Police Are ‘Shameful’

MSNBC: President Biden Recognizes Armenian Genocide

Fox News: GOP Lawmakers Give MLB Until May 6 to Explain All-Star Game Move

Rachel S. Moore: Entertainment Industry 4.5% of U.S. GDP, Will Not Thrive if Not Supported as ‘Infrastructure’

NBC: Humans Eat Micro-Plastics Size of Credit Card Per Week

Friday, April 23, 2021

Democrats! What could possibly go wrong?!

Psaki Refuses To Comment Biden Calling Boris Johnson Trump’s ‘Clown’

The Journalists in the Press Briefing Were Very Happy To Be Getting Chocolate Chip Cookies from Psaki

Fauci: CDC Will Make a Decision on J&J Today

Chris Wallace: ‘Not a Chance in the World’ the D.C. Statehood Bill Will Pass

CNN: Caitlyn Jenner Officially Announces Run for California Governor

Ron Johnson: Kamala Harris Is the Last Person I’d Put in Charge of Border Security

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hannity: Lebron James Owes the Cop He Doxxed an Apology; What Are the Odds of Twitter Canceling His Account?

Leo Terrell: LeBron ‘A Liar,’ Left’s Ultimate Goal is put Every Police Officer in Jail, Totally Dismantle Police Departments

Del Rio Border Patrol Chief: The Number of Sex Offenders that We Have Arrested ‘Is up Significantly Over 2,000%’

Rep. Jim Banks: Many Executives Sitting on Facebook Board Not From U.S. Decided on Trump Ban

Fox Business: Biden to Impose Wealth Tax up to 43.4%, Stocks at Session Lows After Report

NBC Nightly News Deceptively Edited the 911 Call to Leave out the Part Where the Caller Says a Girl Was ‘Trying to Stab Us’ Before Ma’Khia Bryant Shooting

Gingrich on DC Statehood: ‘The Radical Left Is Desperate to Remake America Before the 2022 Election’

U.S. House Passes DC Statehood legislation, 216-208

Joe Concha: LeBron James 50 Million Followers, Anti-Cop Tweet Put Officer’s Life in Danger

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

ICYMI: Fox News: Derek Chauvin Did Not Have Criminal Past, Was Willing to Plead Guilty to 3rd Degree Murder Early On, Barr Nixed

Brandon Tatum: LeBron James, BLM Co-Founder Living on High Horse, in Multi-Million Dollar Mansion Surrounded by White People

Brandon Tatum: Black Leaders Ignorant, Keep Promising Public Something They Can’t Deliver, Hurting Black People

Alan Dershowitz: Chauvin Should Be Released on Bail Pending Appeal, Should Not Be in Solitary, Unless He Wants it For His Protection

Hannity: Lebron James’ Tweet Put a Bullseye on an Officer Who Saved a Life

Ted Cruz: LeBron James Tweet Attacking Ohio Cop Pattern of Left Demonizing Police Officers

Rafael Mangual: Studies Have Shown Crime Skyrockets in Jurisdictions with Viral Video Police Incidents

Mark Steyn on AOC Claiming Climate Change Is Rooted from Injustice: Nobody Important Rolls Their Eyes on AOC

AG Merrick Garland Announces DoJ Probe of Minneapolis Police Department

AZ Governor Ducey: No Biden, Harris, Mayorkas at Border, National Emergency Only Biden Can Fix

Charles Payne: I Disagree with VP Harris when She Says Yesterday’s Verdict Won’t Heal a Generation of Pain

Rep. Chip Roy: Cartels Have ‘Operation Control’ of U.S. Border

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Newt Gingrich: Maxine Waters Behaved in a Way Where She Deserves to Lose Chairmanship

Nancy Grace: Record on Maxine Waters Statements ‘Not Preserved,’ Jurors Should Have Been Questioned if Comments Made Them Decide Differently

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Chauvin Verdict ‘A Positive’ for Criminal Justice System, George Floyd ‘Real Person with Feelings’

Tucker Carlson: No Mob has the Right to Destroy Our Cities, No Politician or Media Figure has the Right to Intimidate a Jury

Leo Terrell: Criminal Justice System Worked, I am Very Proud to be a Lawyer Today

Jury Reaches Verdict in Derek Chauvin Trial: ‘Guilty on All Three Counts’

Biden’s EPA Administrator Can’t Say How Much $2 Trillion Spending Is Going to Lower Global Temperatures

Leo Terrell: Joe Biden is a Lawyer, Should’ve Waited to Comment Until Chauvin Verdict is Over, Maxine Waters ‘Deplorable’

Judge in Derek Chauvin Trial Says Rep. Maxine Waters’ Comments May Be Grounds for Appeal

Ilhan Omar on Chauvin Verdict: Feels like a closed case. ‘Shouldn’t be questioned.’ Shouldn’t be Verdict that doesn’t meet crime committed.

Joe Biden on Chauvin Trial: ‘I’m Praying the Verdict Is the Right Verdict; It’s Overwhelming in My View’

Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Voting Rights

Ted Cruz: Today’s Democratic Party Has Decided that Violence Can Benefit Them Politically

Tucker: Maxine Waters Has Been Supporting Mob Violence for Decades

Monday, April 19, 2021

Trump on 2024: I Am Looking At It ‘Beyond Seriously’

McCarthy: Maxine Waters Believes There’s Value in Violence

Charles Payne: Apple Allowing Parler Back in App Store with ‘Approved Content Moderation’

Polk County Sheriff Says Millions of People Are Moving to Florida: ‘Welcome … But Don’t Register to Vote and Vote the Stupid Way You Did Up North’

Prosecutor Schleicher: Chauvin ‘Betrayed the Badge and Everything It Stood For,’ ‘This Is a Pro-Police Prosecution’

3 Months After President Biden Canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, Laid-Off Workers Are Struggling to Get By

ABC News: Unbearable Conditions Push Biden Administration to Close Houston Migrant Center

Trump: ‘Horrible Situation’ Along Southern Border Could ‘Destroy’ America

Sunday, April 18, 2021

John Boehner Says He'd Rather Set Himself On Fire Than Run For Office Again

Maxine Waters on Why She Is in Minnesota During All of the Unrest, 'Wanted to be there as Auntie Maxine'

Howard Kurtz: In Post-Trump Media Fallout, Real Test Will Come When Biden Hits Rough Patch

Lara Logan: American Taxpayers ‘Are Subsidizing Human Trafficking of Children and Adults’ at the Border

Anthony Fauci: ‘Hopefully by Friday’ We’ll Know Whether to Resume the J&J Vaccine Administration

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Dr. Fauci tells Rep. Jim Jordan ‘You’re making this a personal thing’ after Jordan Calls Him Out Over Covid Restrictions

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Jesse Watters: 92% of Big Tech Employee, PAC Donations Went to Democrats in 2020 Election

Drives Tosses Chemical Agent in NYPD Officer’s Face During Traffic Stop

SOURCE: Twitter

Gov. Abbott: The W.H. ‘Has Nobody in Charge of Operations at the U.S. Border with Mexico’

Fox News: Unrest in Several Cities, More than 100 Arrested in Brooklyn Center Overnight, Protesters Had Baseball Bats

Fox News: Apprehensions at U.S./Mexico Border Up 25%, Busiest Month in 20 Years

Fox News: Biden Administration Seizes Six Acres from Texas Family to Continue Border Wall

Fox News: Prince Philip’s Coffin Enters St George’s Chapel

Fox News: GA Police Officers Recovering After Shocking Video Shows Suspect Firing at Them

Frustrated Chris Cuomo Says Police Reform Will Come When ‘White People’s Kids Start Getting Killed’ by Police

Fox News: Three GA Sheriffs Deputies Wounded, One Shot in Head, Suspect Died at Scene

Friday, April 16, 2021

Ted Cruz: Only 5% of Biden’s $2.6 Trillion Infrastructure Plan for Roads and Bridges

Larry Morse: New California Criminal Justice Reforms ‘Reckless’

Sharon Osbourne Appears with Bill Maher for First TV Interview Since Leaving the Talk, Says She’s ‘Angry’ and ‘Hurt’

Fox’s Geraldo Rivera Makes Emotional Appeal to Colleagues on Adam Toledo Shooting: ‘I Beg You To Understand the Anguish’

Psaki on Biden Not Raising the Refugee Cap: Border Crisis ‘Is a Factor’

BLM Co-Founder Explains Why Owning Multiple Extravagant Homes Doesn’t Betray Her Marxist Principles

McFarland: Biden Has Been Historically Very Weak on China

Jonathan Turley: Dems Are Proposing Raw Court Packing, Biden Needs to Walk out and Say We Will Protect the Institution

Gov. Abbott: Biden Admin. Is Standing by While People in South Texas Are Terrorized by Cartels

Without Any Evidence, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Glenn Kirschner Insinuate that Ron DeSantis Will Be Implicated in the Sex Trafficking Ring with Gaetz

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Leo Terrell: Left is ‘Whack,’ Not Politically Correct for Democrats to Support Law Enforcement

Garry McCarthy: ‘Tons’ of Newspaper People Trying to Make ‘Apparent Good Shooting Bad’

Chicago Police Union Pres.: The Shooting Is Justified When the Police Have Less than a Second to Respond

Fox News: Violent Crime Surge in American Cities This Year as Democrats Call to Defund Police

Missouri AG: Biden Border Policies Have ‘Emboldened’ Drug, Human Traffickers

Derek Chauvin Invokes Fifth Amendment, Will Not Testify: It Is My Personal Decision

Rep. Maxine Waters to Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Respect the Chair and Shut Your Mouth’

Daunte Wright’s Mother: ‘Unfortunately, There Is Never Going To Be Justice for Us’

Hank Johnson: We Need ‘at Least’ 13 Justices on the Supreme Court

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

CNN: Matt Gaetz Cell Phone Seized, Associate Cooperating with DOJ for Past Year

Mark Steyn: Kamala Harris’ Crochet Story Is ‘Mainly Crocheting a Huge Subterfuge on Who’s Really Running’ the W.H.

Geraldo Blows Up on Bongino Over MN Rioting ‘You Son of a B*tch!’

Pig’s Head Attached to Pole Paraded at Brooklyn Center Police Department

SOURCE: Twitter

Lindsey Graham: Biden ‘Paving the Way’ for Another 9/11 with Afghanistan Withdrawal

Jesse Watters: Kamala Harris Is ‘Starting to Show Signs of Disloyalty’

CNN: Officer Who Shot Daunte Wright Arrested, Charged with 2nd-Degree Manslaughter

CIA Director on Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal: Our ‘Ability to Collect and Act on Threats Will Diminish’

Kamala Harris Announces Plan to Visit Guatemala as Soon as Possible Given All the Covid Restrictions