Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Hans Von Spakovsky: Hunter Biden Hasn’t Divested Himself From Interests In Chinese Firm

CNN: Frmr. Attorney General Bill Barr Was Briefed Several Times On Sex Trafficking Investigation Into Matt Gaetz

Van Jones: When I Was at Yale, I Saw White Kids Do Stuff that Would Put a Gang Member To Shame and Cops Were Never Called

Hannity Slams Hunter Biden’s Book: Where’s the Chapter About the Hard Drive from Hell?

Human Smugglers Drop Two Small Girls Ages 3 and 5 From 14-Foot Border Wall, Left to Wander in New Mexico Desert

Fox News: Biden Halting Border Wall Construction Costing Taxpayers Millions

Biden: ‘No One Making Under $400K Will See Their Federal Taxes Go Up, Period’

Fmr. CBP Chief Ron Vitiello: ‘The Whole Globe Knows We Are Going Soft on Immigration Enforcement’

Joe Biden Nearly Misses a Step While Boarding Air Force One

SOURCE: Twitter

Rep. Mark Green: The Cartels Know that Our Border Is Not Secure and They Are Abusing Our Laws

Dem Rep. Lieu: Gaetz Should Be Removed from House Judiciary Committee, ‘He’s in Deep Trouble’

Donald Trump Suggests He Will Run for President Again in 2024

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Fox News: 82 of 700 Migrant Children at San Diego Convention Center Test Positive for Covid-19

Sen. Ted Cruz: Last Year We Had Lowest Illegal Immigration in 45 Years, This Year Highest in 20 Years

Lara Trump: $86 Million Is Being Spent To Put Illegals in Hotel Rooms and Their Kids Get To Go to School

Rep. Matt Gaetz Responds to NY Times Story About Being Under Federal Investigation

Tucker: Nobody Is Talking About Reparations for China To Pay While It’s Always Demanded of America

Joe Concha: No Definitive Date On Biden Health Report Just Like Biden, Harris Visiting Border

Tom Homan: Biden Should Be Talking To Chief Patrol Agent Of Border Patrol, Kamala Harris Wrong Person

Called out on Migrant Kids Getting in-Person Classes in San Diego, Psaki Says It’s out of Context

Tom Homan: Open Border Policies Are Going To Result In More Immigrant Deaths Coming Across Border

Biden Border Czar on Border Crisis: ‘We Don’t Apologize’ for the Fact that Biden Has Humane Policy

Border Patrol Officer At Texas Facility: ‘We Are At 700% Over Capacity’ Number Growing By Day

Fox News: First Time Media Allowed Inside TX Migrant Center

Monday, March 29, 2021

Flashback: Kamala Harris: Detaining Children At Border Is Human Rights Abuse Committed By U.S. Government, June 28, 2019

SOURCE: Facebook

Tucker: Defunding the Police Has Caused Spike of Violence Against Colored People, Thanks BLM

Hannity Slams CNN, Mayor Bowser: Our Eyes Do Not Lie; The Uber Eats Driver Was Murdered and the Car Jacking Wasn’t His Fault

Ronald Vitello: Cartels Bringing More Drugs Into U.S. While Border Patrol Is Distracted With Intake Of Children

Sen. Ron Johnson: Cartels Selling Children So People Can Cross Border As ‘Family Unit’

Fox Business: Three Of Five Americans Disapprove Of Biden Handling Border Crisis

Leo Terrell: Jury In Chauvin Trial Should Have Been Sequestered Because Of Worldwide Implications

AZ Sheriff Shares Border Surge Concerns: ‘No One’s Listening’

Fox News: GOP Says VP Kamala Harris ‘Gone M.I.A.’ As New ‘Gut Wrenching Images’ Emerge From Border

Biden: States Should Pause Their Re-Opening Efforts

Leo Terrell: ‘Bad Idea’ For Chauvin Prosecution To Bring In Los Angeles Police Expert, Playing Tape Over And Over Will ‘Numb Jury’

Psaki Says President Biden and VP Harris Do Not Have to Follow Travel Guidelines Because They Fly on a Private Plane

W.H. Refuses to Comment on WHO Report on the Origins of Covid: 17 Experts Will Be Reviewing It Intensively

CDC’s Walensky Gets Emotional in Virtual Presser: ‘Right Now I’m Scared’

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Ted Cruz: Cartels Get Between $4,000 to $6,000 Per Person, Biden Subjecting Kids To Horrific Abuse

John Kennedy: If President Biden 'Is Able' He Should Go Down To Border And See What We Saw

John Kennedy: 3,000 to 4,000 People Per Day Coming To U.S. Border, 55 Different Nationalities

Lindsey Graham: If Unaccompanied Minors Not Turned Away We’ll Have 150,000 A Month By Summer

Lindsey Graham: Border Is Not Crisis, It Is Complete Loss Of Sovereignty

Leo Terrell: ‘Something Is Wrong with Joe Biden’

Psychologist: Kamala Harris’ Laughter Is ‘a Defense from Anxiety’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Hannity: Last Month Human Traffickers Made $14 Million Per Day Off Migrants Decked Out In Biden Campaign Gear

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Tomi Lahren: Joe Biden Should Tell Us How Many More Illegal Immigrants He’s Willing To Welcome In

Sheriff Fired By Mayorkas From DHS Advisory Council Says His Dismissal Was ‘Shocking’

Trump Says He Will Visit Border In ‘Next Couple Of Weeks, Border Patrol Wants Me To Go’

Fox News: Mayorkas Fires Most Members Of DHS Advisory Council, Harris No Plans To Visit Border Anytime Soon

Gov. Kemp Responds to Biden’s Criticism of New Voting Law: We Have More Opportunities for Early Voting than in Delaware

Ted Cruz: Texas-Mexico Border Is Man-Made Crisis, Direct Result of Political Decisions Made By Biden

CBSN: 5,000 Migrant Children Call Border Patrol Facilities ‘Dog Kennels, Ice Boxes,’ Showers, Seeing Sun Light Once A Week

CBSN: Covid-19 Cases Rising In 33 States, 15% Of U.S. Vaccinated, Average Deaths Per Day 1,000

Friday, March 26, 2021

ABC News’ Rachel Scott Reports from the U.S.-Mexico Border, as GOP Senators Tour Facilities There

Gowdy on Biden Press Conference: I’ve Heard Tougher Questions at Beauty Pageants

Ted Cruz: 10% Of Migrants Testing Covid-19 Positive, Rate Is More Than U.S. Population

John Hoeven Blasts Biden Over Border Crisis, ‘We Just Saw A Dead Body In Water On Way To Press Conf’

Tom Homan: If Kamala Harris Says ICE Is KKK What Does That Make Those Who Wrote The Law?

Leo Terrell Tearful When Speaking About Children Losing Connection With Teachers ‘Over Politics’

FNC’s Doocy Asks Psaki If It’s ‘an Official Administration Policy’ for Biden Not to Call on Fox News

‘Hogwash!’ Fox News’ Roberts Fires Back at Press Sec. Psaki’s Excuse to Peter Doocy About Why He’s Never Been Called On

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Hannity: Illegals Are Being Released into America Without Covid Testing

Fox News: Los Angeles Echo Park Homeless Evicted, Offered Hotel Rooms, Officials Close Park For Renovations Until Late Spring

Dana Loesch: Hunter Smoking Crack Would Violate Section ‘11E’ On 4473 Firearms Transaction Record

Trump: Fauci Is Just a Media Creation

Jesse Kelly: Unlike Hunter Biden, I’d Be Talking To You From Fort Leavenworth If I Lied on My Federal Gun Form

Trump: Biden Was Being Fed Easy Questions, It Was Sad To Watch

Mark Steyn: There’s No Reason For Biden To Stop at a 4th Term, Just Look at the Queen Who Looks Like ‘Bret Baier in a Tiara’

Speaker Pelosi Says It Is Her ‘Right as Speaker’ To Seat or Unseat Any Member of Congress She Wants Even If the Election Is Certified

Bret Baier: Biden ‘Went Into a Rhetorical Cul-De-Sac & Couldn’t Get out of It & then Just Punted’

Rep. Cárdenas to Zuckerberg: Study Shows ‘Disparity’ 70% Of Spanish Language Misinformation Not Labeled By Facebook

Biden Falsely Claims Teachers and Cops Pay Higher Tax Rates than Billionaires

Joe Biden: Kamala Harris Is A Great Partner, Fully Expect Her To Be On Re-Election Ticket

Joe Biden: Yes, My Plan Is To Run For Re-Election

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Fox News: Of 16,513 Migrant Children, 10,000 In Positions Blocked Out For 3,100, In Past Year 2,900 Tested Covid Positive

Raymond Arroyo: It’s Not Hard To Make the Case that Biden Is Losing Control

Sen. Kevin Cramer: Biden Infrastructure Plan Likely Paid For By Tax Hikes, 25% Corporate Tax Rate

Leo Terrell: Kamala Harris Has No Moral Compass, American Can Not Trust Kamala Harris

Matt Walsh: Anti-White Racism Is the Only Acceptable Form of Racism in the West

Lisa Boothe: Kamala Harris Would Sit Down To Talk About Human Rights with Charles Manson if It Served Her Interests

Mark Steyn: ‘Disgraceful’ for Kamala To Team up with Bill Clinton Who ‘Treats Women Like Used Kleenex’

Sen. Cruz: Biden Admin ‘Instituted an Unprecedented Media Blackout’ at the Border

CBS 8: San Diego Convention Center Abandons Covid-19 Vaccine Site Plans, To House Migrant Children Instead

Dem Border Town Mayor Slams W.H. Migrant Policies: It’s ‘Absolutely’ a Nat’l Security Issue

Biden Says VP Kamala Harris Will Lead Efforts to Address the Border Crisis

McConnell on Mass Shootings: ‘It Reminds Us that the Real Challenge Here Is Mental Illness’

Colo. Gov. Polis on Eliminating the Death Penalty: If You Have a Death Penalty You Have to Have the Criteria

Luis Gutierrez: Glue that Keeps the Republican Party Together Is To Be Anti-Immigrant, Crisis At Border 'Our Responsibility'

Outnumbered: VP Kamala Harris To Discuss Empowering Women With Bill Clinton

Sen. Graham: ‘Where Is AOC? Why Aren’t You at the Border Looking at the Things Being Reported?’

Hannity Purposely Plays with Vape Pen on Air and Casually Says ‘Oh, I’m on the Air’

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Fox 31: What We Know About The 10 People Killed at King Soopers in Boulder

Ted Cruz: My Bill with Grassley That Targeted Bad Guys and Mentally Ill Persons Should Have Prevented Some of These Mass Shootings

Biden: We Should Ban Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines

Tucker: Tragedy Buzzards Circling Boulder Crime Scene Calling It ‘Act of Racism,’ Shooter Was Not White

Maddow: We Can’t Do Anything Substantive Because of Dems Like Joe Manchin

Fox News: Arizona Mayor Declares State Of Emergency Over Migrant Crisis

Boulder, Colo. Mayor: The Consequences of Us Not Having Control Over Military Grade Weapons Is People Being Killed

CNN’s Kayyem: ‘Are We Facing a Spring and Summer of Mass Casualty Events’

Sen. John Kennedy Compares Gun Violence to Drunk Driving

Police Identify 21-Year-Old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa as Suspect in Boulder Shooting

Hannity: Last Month Human Traffickers Made $14 Million Per Day Off Migrants Decked Out In Biden Campaign Gear

Monday, March 22, 2021

Kamala Harris Refuses To Salute Honor Guard Walking Up Steps Of Air Force Two

SOURCE: Twitter

Boulder Police Chief: Among the 10 Fatalities Is One Police Officer; This Investigation Is Complex

Hannity: Biden’s Prep for Thursday Probably Include ‘Watch out for Peter Doocy’

Tucker: Enormous Numbers of Illegals Will End up as Democrat Low-Skilled Workers, How Will This Unite Us?

Trump: Watched DHS Chief Mayorkas on Sunday Shows, Calls Him ‘Grossly Incompetent, Totally Lost Control’

Judge Jeanine: ‘We Have a Right To Be a Sovereign Nation and Decide Who Comes into This Country’

Project Veritas Obtains Horrifying Never-Before-Seen Images from Within Donna, TX Immigrant Detention Center

Tapper Slams Biden Over Press Access at Border: ‘Blocking Access to the News Media Is Not Leveling With the American People, Mr. President’

Psaki on Biden Falling: Air Force One Steps Are ‘a Little Tricky Some Times’

Kamala Harris Laughs When Asked If She Has Plans To Visit The Border ‘Not Today’

SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News: Biden Administration Releasing Migrants Without Court Date

Fox News: Cuomo Shouts At Media ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere Darling’

Bill Bennett: Biden Confirmed Me As First Drug Czar, I ‘Don’t Even Know Who The Hell He Is Anymore’

Trump: ‘We Won the Election as Far as I’m Concerned’

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Tom Homan: Biden Gave Green Light Facilitating Paid Criminal Organizations Sex Trafficking Children

Tom Homan: Less Than Three Percent of Central Americans Ordered To Leave By Federal Court Have Left Country

Kayleigh McEnany: It’s a ‘Cover Up’ To Block Press at the Border

Secy. Mayorkas Denies There Is Gag-Order In Place At Border

Fox News: Trump To Rejoin Social Media With Own Platform Within Months

Joe Biden: Major ‘Out Of Dog House,’ Is Rescue Pupp, Now Being Trained

Joe Biden: Gov. Cuomo Should Resign If Allegations Against Him Are True, May Be Prosecuted Criminally As Well

Joe Biden Blames Russia For SolarWinds Hack, ‘They’ve Done Some Mischievous Things’

Joe Biden Tells George Stephanopoulos: ‘Gimme A Break Pal! I’ve Only Been Here Six Weeks!’

Secy. Mayorkas: ‘No Connection’ Between Biden Policies At Border And Surge, Blames Trump

Secy. Mayorkas: ‘Hope’ Texas Gov. Abbott Reconsiders 100% FEMA Reimbursements To Local NGOs For Covid-19 Testing

Chirs Wallace Asks Secy. Mayorkas Why Media Is Not Invited To Travel To Border With Him

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: ‘Border Patrol Station Is No Place for a Child’

Nancy Grace on Atlanta Spa Shootings: ‘This is a Hate Crime Against Women, Sex Workers, Asians’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Janice Dean: Don’t Lose Sight 15,000 Of Our Loved Ones Died Because Cuomo Put Them In Nursing Homes

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Gov. Greg Abbott: There Is Covid Outbreak At One Of Three Migrant Detention Centers In Texas

Watters’ World: Former Gulf Cartel Trafficker Explains How Migrant Children Get Exploited

House Majority Whip Expects Biden to ‘Entertain’ Raising Corporate Taxes, Find ‘Sweet Spot’

Fox News: Restaurant Owner Accuses Newsom of Gaslighting, Shifting Blame on Recall Effort

MSNBC’s Reid on Rand Paul Opposing Masks Post-Covid: Wants to Spread Covid, ‘Christopher Columbus Era Attitude’

Fox News: Current Aide Accuses Cuomo of Sexual Misconduct

Friday, March 19, 2021

Sen. Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci Wearing Two Masks After Being Vaccinated ‘Complete Theater,’ Not Based On Data

Alan Dershowitz: ‘Knee On Neck’ Was Policy In Minneapolis, Used Dozens Of Times, No Prior Fatalities

Don Lemon: Is Sex Addiction Just A New Excuse For Violence Against Women?

CNN: Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Partially Closed Due To Covid Outbreak

Biden Condemns Anti-Asian Violence in Atlanta After Shootings: ‘Hate Can Have No Safe Harbor in America’

VP Kamala Harris: People With Biggest Pulpits Have Been Spreading Hate, Everyone Has A Right To Be American

Weingarten on Updated CDC Guidelines for Children in Schools: ‘I Just Hope This Is Not a Rush’

Ben Rhodes Blames Trump for Chinese Scolding Biden’s Secretary of State

China Tells Biden’s Blinken: ‘You Do Not Come from a Position of Strength’

Dr. Jha: ‘We’re Not Going to Have a Major Fourth Surge’

Biden on Heated Meeting Between U.S. and Chinese Officials: I Am Very Proud of the Secretary of State

Leo Terrell: There Is No Federal Lawsuit Talking About Racial Disparity In Education

Drop It Like It's Hot! Hannity Caught Vaping At Start Of Segment

Kevin McCarthy: Newsom Failed To Communicated With Public, But Communicated Quite Well When Ordering Dinner At French Laundry

Joe Biden Falls on Stairs While Boarding Air Force One

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Biden Calls VP Kamala Harris ‘President Harris’

Sen. John Cornyn: Biden Calls Border Issue ‘Challenge’ When Obama Called Less Severe Migrant Surge ‘Humanitarian Crisis’

Sen. Paul Corners Fauci on Restrictions Forcing Covid-Immune American to Wear Masks

McCarthy: ’It Is a Biden Border Crisis and It Is Spiraling out of Control with No Signs of Ending’

DHS Sec. Mayorkas: ‘We Will Not Expel’ Children Who Cross U.S.-Mexico Border Unaccompanied

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Rep. Eric Swalwell ‘Should Not Serve on the Intel Committee’

White House’s Psaki Suggests Trump Culpable for Mass Shooting in Atlanta

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Tucker: America Is Becoming a Crowded Country, Crowded Countries Are Ugly, Unhappy Countries

Leo Terrell: Democrats Want To Brand 75 Million Trump Supporters White Supremacists, Without Race Card They Have No Party

Ted Cruz: WaPo Admitted ‘Fabricated Lie’ Trump Said To GA Election Official ‘Find The Fraud,’ But Was Used To Impeach Him

Don Lemon: Atlanta Shooter Saw Asian Women as Sex Workers and Blocked His Way to Heaven and That’s Racist and Sexist

Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces Florida’s Curriculum Will ‘Expressly Exclude ... Critical Race Theory’

Fox News: Four People On Terror Watch List Arrested At Border

Gov. Cuomo Responds to Biden: That’s True, If You Committed a Crime, You Can Be Prosecuted

CBSN: FBI Data Shows Largest Spike In U.S. Murder Rate Since 1995, Up 18% From 2020

CBSN: U.S. Faces Biggest Migrant Surge In 20 Years, Cartels Selling Border Passage