Friday, December 31, 2021

Chad Wolf: Biden Admin Now Requiring Proof of Vaccination for Migrants Is ‘Hypocritical’ Considering the Number of Illegal Immigrants

Fox News: 200+ Marines Discharged for Refusing Vaccine

CBSN Denver’s Dillon Thomas Shows Video of Marshall Fire Aftermath in Louisville and Superior, CO

SOURCE: Twitter | Follow Dillon Thomas at @DillonMThomas

Fox News: Betty White Dead at 99, Credited Her Longevity to ‘Vodka, Hot Dogs and French Fries’

Fox News: Estimated 500 Structures Destroyed in Boulder County, CO, Could Be as Many as 1,000 Officials Say

Fox News: Tensions Growing with Russia as Putin Threatens to Cut Ties with the U.S.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

KCAL 9: KNX 97.1 FM’s Pete Demetriou Says Rocks in Malibu Rockslide Were Size of His SUV

CNN: Hundreds of Homes Destroyed, Residents Flee Wildfires in Boulder County, CO, Drought Being Blamed, Cat-3 Hurricane Winds Knocking Down Power Lines #MarshallFire

Broomfield, CO Police Releases Dash Cam Footage of Inferno in Superior, West of US-36 #MarshallFire

SOURCE: Twitter

CBSN: Homes Burning in Superior, CO as Winds Pick Up #MarshallFire (Approx. 7:55PM MST)

Reporter/Photo Journalist Credit: Michael Abeyta, @AbeytaCBS4

CBSN: Homes On Fire in Boulder County, Colorado, 30,000+ Evacuated, 600 Structures Estimated Lost So Far (Sheriff)

Reporter/Photo Journalist Credit: Michael Abeyta, @AbeytaCBS4

ABC: Life Threatening Wildfires in Colorado Force State of Emergency, Thousands Evacuated

NBC10: Nearly 1,000 Massachusetts State Workers Left Job, Were Fired Due to Vaccine Mandate

NBC10: Lawrence, MA Health Officials Issue Covid Warning Asking Residents to Celebrate New Year's 'At Home,' 70% Vaccinated

CBS 5: Flagstaff, AZ Cancels ‘Pinecone Drop’ New Year’s Celebration Due to Omicron (Usually draws 10,000 to 15,000 people)

ABC News: Rhode Island Becomes First State to Legalize Injection Sites for Drug Users

CNN: Biden Speaks with Putin at Russian Leader’s Request

Republican Arkansas Gov. Thanks Joe Biden for ‘Depoliticizing’ Pandemic

PIX11: 6,000 NYPD Employees Out Sick with Flu-Like Symptom, Positive for Covid, 30% EMS, 17% FDNY Out Sick

WDIV 4: Michigan Disagrees with CDC Five-Day Quarantine, Implements Original 10-Day Isolation Recommendation

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

FLASHBACK: Dr. Fauchi: Vaccines Highly Effective Against Variants, Vaccinated Not Going to Get Infected

SOURCE: Twitter

Stinchfield: For Entire Year, Biden Missed Everything Around Him, Didn’t See Delta, Omicron, Border, Gas Prices, Afghanistan, Manchin, Russia, Inflation, Supply Chain

KCAL 9: Food Prices Expected to Climb 5% in First Half of 2022, Inflation, Supply Chain to Blame

U.S. Attorney Williams on Ghislaine Maxwell Verdict: ‘The Road to Justice Has Been Far Too Long, but Today Justice Has Been Done’

Dr. Lahita: 5-day Covid Quarantine Period a ‘Good Idea’

Lindsey Graham: About This Time Next Year Donald Trump Is Going To Announce 2024 Run for President

Jim Trusty: Maxwell Guilty on Five of Six Charges ‘Not Shocking’

CBSN: French Health Minister Says 'Two People Testing Positive Every Second' as Omicron Infections Rise Globally

CBSN: Harry Reid ‘Lion of the Senate’ Dead at 82

FLASHBACK: Biden Slams Trump Admin as ‘Colossal Failure’ for Lack of Testing

Dr. Fauchi Has Mini-Meltdown When Smerconish Confronts Him About Test Scarcity, Shutting Down Economy

Dr. Fauchi: Isolating Asymptomatic for 10 Days ‘Could’ Have Major Negative Impact on Keeping Society Running

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

CNN: CDC Guidance on Five-Day Quarantine, Five-Day Mask Requirement Without Test Recommendation is Confusing Americans

Bernard Kerik Discusses Future of Policing in New York Under Eric Adams Administration

While Omicron, Test Shortage Hits Peak Level, Biden is On The Beach in Delaware Playing with His New Puppy


Gov. Hutchinson: ‘Applaud’ Biden for ‘Depoliticizing’ Covid Response Efforts

Fmr. NRCC Comms. Director: Biden Admin ‘Acting as Bystanders’ Instead of Leading

Dr. Hotez: CDC Has to Face the Reality that We’ve Been Messing up Testing in the Last Two Years

Hugo Gurdon: ‘The Democrats Are Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ Ahead of the 2022 Midterms

Arizona AG Brnovich: ‘The Cartels Have Seized Control of Our Border’ Because of Biden

Kira Davis: Everything Biden Administration Hands to Kamala Harris is Taylor-Made to Be A Disaster

WGN 9: Illinois Saw 56,000 Covid Cases in Past Four Days, 60% of State is Vaccinated

WGN 9: Silent Protest in Chinatown, Chicago Calling for End to Unrelenting Violent Crime

NBC 4: LAPD Releases Footage of Burlington Coat Factory Shooting Killing 14-Year Old Valentina Orellana-Peralta in Dressing Room, Family, Civil Rights Groups to Hold News Conf.

Monday, December 27, 2021

CNN: CDC Shortens Covid Quarantine from 10 Days to Five

Morning Joe: Don’t Applaud Pro-Vax Trump — It’s Just an Election Ploy

De Blasio: I’ve Got One More Week, and I’m Going to Focus on Fighting Covid

Biden: ‘There Is No Federal Solution’ to Covid

Fauci: Cancel New Year’s Eve Parties

Sunday, December 26, 2021

CBSN: Supreme Court to Weigh Two Decisions On Businesses Imposing Vaccine Mandates Next Week

Ashley Davis: Roll-Out of Biden Admin Covid Mandates So Confusing American People Tired of Hearing From It

Dr. Fauchi: Vaccine Requirement ‘For Air Travel’ is to Prevent Newly Infected from Coming in to Country

Vanity Fair's Katherine Eban: Biden Admin Passed on Ramping Up Testing, Instead of Doing ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Type Program

Dr. Peter Hoetz: 39% of U.S. Not Vaccinated, Delta (from India), Omicron (from S. Africa) Came from Unvaccinated Southern Hemisphere, Biden, G-7 No Plan

Dr. Peter Hoetz: Even If Boosted You Could Get Symptomatic Break-Through Covid Going Through Airports

CNN: Omicron Variant Racing to Record High with 48% Jump from Prior Week, Deaths Up 30%, 69,000 Hospitalized

Dr. Peter Hoetz: Omicron is ‘Very Serious Situation’ Over Next Two Months Because of Break-Throug Covid, Lack of Tests, Therapeutics Not Working

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Caller Tells Joe Biden ‘Merry Christmas, and Let’s Go Brandon’ During NORAD Santa Tracking Program

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas from Front Page Index!

Pope Francis Delivers Christmas Message and Blessing

CBSN: Number of Average Daily Covid Cases Up 45%, Hospitalizations 1%, New York Sets Record 7th Time in Over a Week

Friday, December 24, 2021

FLASHBACK: Raymond Arroyo: At Least Joe Biden Didn’t Try to Pick a Lemon Off Jill’s Dress When Picking Weed Off W.H. Lawn

Raymond Arroyo: Gingerbread White House Christmas Decoration with Gas Station, Like Clintons Putting Gummy Female Interns Around W.H.

CNN: L.A. Police Kill Teen Girl in Store While Firing at a Suspect

CNN: Biden Admin Will Lift Travel Ban on 8 African Countries Beginning Dec. 31

Dr. Rob Davidson: Many Leaving Nursing Profession Because of ‘Covid Burnout’

CNN: Hundreds of Christmas Eve Flights Canceled Due to Omicron

Caller Tells Joe Biden ‘Merry Christmas, and Let’s Go Brandon’ During NORAD Santa Tracking Program

Mike Huckabee: The Only Promise Biden Has Kept This Year, He Has United America to Believe that His Presidency Has Been an Abject Failure

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Frmr. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Donates 25 Tiny Homes to Homeless Vets at the VA in West Los Angeles

Dr. Saphier: Monoclonal Antibodies Are Found Not to Be Working Against Omicron

Zeke Emanuel on Biden Being Unprepared for Omicron: ‘CDC Made Terrible Mistakes About Testing,’ Will Need 4 Billion Tests

Joe and Jill Biden Invite Singing Nurses to White House Christmas Celebration

Howard Kurtz: Media Message on Omicron ‘All Over the Place’ from ‘Milder’ to ‘Beginning of The End’

Kim Potter Found Guilty on All Charges in Daunte Wright’s Death

Al Sharpton: Kim Potter Should Get Maximum Sentence, ‘She Gave the Maximum to Daunte Wright’

Fox & Friends First: As Crime Spikes in Major Cities, Two Elected Officials Carjacked at Gunpoint, One in IL, One in PA

11 News: Jesus Themed Bar ‘Church’ Hit Weekly By Streak of Brazen Christmas Robberies in Atlanta

Biden: If I’m in Good Health, I’d Run Again

NBC 4 Ohio: NHL Decides Not to Send Players to Beijing Olympics Due to Covid

NBC 4: Jan. 6th Committee Seeking Voluntary Cooperation from Rep. Jim Jordan About His Coms with Trump

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Newt Gingrich: Biden Weaker than Carter Who Wet Down to Worst Electoral College Defeat in History

Biden Dodges How He Wasn’t Able to Close Build Back Better with Manchin

Dagen McDowell: If Aaron Rodgers Wants to Lecture Us About Health, Maybe He Shouldn’t Look Like He Slept in Porta-John and Probably Smell Like a Fillet of Fish

‘Keep Living, Because We’re Not Going to Shut Down’: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Addresses Omicron Fears

Newsom Requires Calif. Healthcare Workers to Get Covid Booster: ‘‘Just Being Fully Vaccinated Is Not Enough’’

Fox News: Nearly $100 Billion of COVID Benefits Have Been Stolen

ABC 6: Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon Carjacked At Gunpoint in Philadelphia, Gov’t Issued ID, Cell Phone Also Stolen

Douglas Holtz-Eakin: BBB Fuelign Biden Approval Ratings, Schumer Putting It Up For a Vote Wouuld Be Enormous Miscalculation

Jim Trusty: Durham ‘Speaking Indictment’ is ‘Bad Day’ for Anyone Associated with Hillary Clinton Campaign

FOX 7: Petition Online Has 4 Million Signatures in Support of Pardon for Colorado Truck Driver Sentenced to 100 Years by Judge

WGN 9: Suburban Community in Chicago Once Peaceful Now Embattled with Violent Crime, Shootings, Drug Dealing and Robberies, Police Department Staff Down 10%

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Alex Datig: Why Are Prop. 47 Criminal Justice System Savings Sitting in Surplus, Instead of Going Back to the People?

Fox News: NPR/PBS Poll Has Biden Job Approval at 29%, Losing Support Among Independents

Fauci Demands Fox News Fire Jesse Watters ‘On the Spot’ for ‘Kill Shot’ Metaphor

Biden: We Will See Some Fully Vaccinated People Get Covid, Potentially in Large Numbers

Biden: 400,000 Americans Died from Covid This Calendar Year, and Almost All Were Unvaccinated

Biden: Even If You Are Vaccinated You Should Wear Mask Indoors and in Public Settings

David Chalian: We’ve Never Seen a Politician with the Kind of Loyal Base of Support Like Donald Trump Has

Monday, December 20, 2021

ABC 7: Security Camera Footage Shows Moment Tornado Blew Out Front Doors of Bank in Mayfield, Kentucky

 SOURCE: Facebook

NBC 4: 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Northern California Coast, No Major Damage Reported

Trump Says He Received the COVID-19 Vaccine Booster

Marc Short: Every Time that the Radical Left Goes After Sen. Manchin It Only Boosts His Numbers in W. Virginia

Psaki on Manchin Calling out W.H. Staff: ‘I Would Point You to Senator Manchin’

Manchin Takes a Shot at W.H. Staff. ‘This Is Not the President — This Is Staff; They Drove Some Things that Are Absolutely in Excusable’

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Fox 6: Of 117 Suspects in Wisconsin, Half Charged with Homicide or Attempted Homicide, 25 Out on Low Bail Committed Murder, Violent Crime

MSNBC: 49 Members of Congress, 182 Staffers Violated Conflict of Interest Laws, Nearly 75 Held Vaccine Maker Stocks

Supercut: 2021’s 10 Most Mortifying Media Moments

ABC 7: New York’s City Winery Requiring Proof of Vaccination and Negative Covid Test Prior to Admission

CNN: Due to Surge in Covid-19 Cases, NBA Postpones Five Games, SNL No Live Audience, Businesses Delaying Return to Work, Stanford Keeping Students Out of Classroom

CNN: Sen. Elisabeth Warren Says She Tested Positive for Covid #UPDATE Warren is Vaccinated and Boosted

Sen. Joe Manchin: ‘No,’ I Can’t Vote for BBB, Instead, We Need to Focus on Inflation Doing Real Harm and Covid

Bret Baier: Media Declaring War on Trump During Presidency, Now Declaring War on Fox News

Bret Baier: CNN’s Don Lemon Saying Fox News Should Be Banned from White House All About Trying to Get Attention

Fauci: ‘Unfortunately,’ We Are Going to See a Record-High Number of Cases During the Winter

Trump: China Ripping Us Off to the Tune of $500 Billion Per Year

Trump: Biden Doing Horrible Job on Covid, Today We Had Record

Trump: Diplomatic Boycott of China Olympics Makes Us Look Like Sore Losers, Jimmy Carter Also Did It

Fauci Disagrees with VP Harris: ‘We Definitely Saw Variants Coming’

CNN: New York Breaks Single-Day Record of Covid-19 Cases for Second Consecutive Day

ABC 7: LAPD Involved in Two Deadly Shootings Only Hours Apart in South Los Angeles

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Fox News: President Biden Tours Tornado Damage in Kentucky

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Dr. Azar: We Are Going to See Exponential Rise in Omicron Cases in Next Few Weeks, Have a Crisis of Staffing Shortages in Hospitals

NBC 4: Amid Covid Surge, Ohio Gov. Dewine Calls on 1,050+ National Guard to Fill Critical Healthcare Positions, Also Partnering with Outside Firms, 54.41% Ohioans Vaccinated

San Francisco Police Chief: Budget Cuts, Lax Prosecution Aren’t Making Our Job ‘Easier’

KOB 4: State Police Called 64 Times Between Sept. And Dec. At Holloman Air Force Base, NM Which Houses 7,100 Afghan Refugees

Eric Adams: We’re Shutting Down Schools in Areas with Large Outbreaks and ‘We’re Going to Continue to’

KOB 4: Fentanyl Is Number One Drug Driving Crime in Albuquerque, NM

Gov. Abbott: ‘The Consequences of Biden’s Failure To Do His Job Are Staggering’

Trump: ‘America Loves Christmas...and They’d Say Merry Christmas Until These Crazy People Came Along’

NBC 3: State of New York Records 21,000 Covid Cases in 24-Hours, Highest Number Ever Recorded in One Day

ABC 7 Chicago: Feds Offer $5 Million Each for El Chapo’s Four Sons Who Are Running Drug Empire

VP Kamala Harris Snaps at Charlamagne Tha God After He Asks Who Is President, Then Rattles Off Dem Agenda Diatribe

SOURCE: The Hill

Friday, December 17, 2021

Jesse Kelly: We Don’t Need Woke Military, We Need ‘Type-A Men’ Who Want to Sit on Throne of Chinese Skulls

CNN Exclusive: Jan 6 Investigators Believe Nov. 4 Text Pushing ‘Strategy’ To Undermine Election Came From Rick Perry


Roger Stone After Jan. 6 Committee Deposition: ‘I Did Invoke My Fifth Amendment Rights to Every Question’

Kim Potter Tearfully Apologizes for Shooting Daunte Wright: ‘I’m Sorry It Happened’

CA Gov. Newsom: Since Prop. 47 Passed, Property, Larceny Crimes Down 11%, Shop Lifting Even More, Felony Threshold ‘Average’ Compared to Rest of Country, Attacks Fox News, Calls Tucker Carlson "Tucker Clarkson"

Full News Conference: Facebook

CBS 2: Two O’Clock Rock Burglar Linked to 60 Robberies in Los Angeles Smashing Windows with Rocks

Sen. John Kennedy Asks Biden’s Federal Judge Nominee One Question Nine Times and Gets No Answer

Fox News: CBP Detains Over 173K Migrants in November, 140% Increase, Highest Number on Record

Biden Yells: Every World Leader Is Asking Me ‘Is America Going To Be All Right’

Gregg Jarrett: Page in New Warrant Reveals Alec Baldwin ABC Interview Is In Contrast of What He Told Police

Frmr. Fox News Politics Editor Says Fox News Hosts Were Acting as ‘Arm of Republican Party’ with Text Messages to Meadows

Smerconish Asks Carville if Joe Manchin is ‘Blessing or Curse’ for Biden

PIX11: Off Duty Lieutenant Hit By Multiple Gun Shots, After Being Ambushed by Suspects Trying to Robb Him in Queens, NY

CBS Philly: Police Arrest Three Suspects Responsible for Series of Gun-Point Rolex Watch Robberies

NBC 4: Ohio Senate Passes Constitutional Concealed Carry Law Bypassing Permitting Process, Amid Deadliest Year On Record

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Doug Collins: George Soros Funded, Soft-On Crime Progressive D.A.’s Offer Incentives to Commit Crime

Evening Edit: Poll: 77% ‘Extremely Concerned’ About Rising Crime Rates, 84% Concerned About Inflation

NBC News: CDC Panel Says People 'Should Not' Get J&J Vaccine if Pfizer, Moderna Available

KXAN: Aviation Experts Warn New 5G Cellular Networks to Go Live Next Month May Interfere with Flights

Fox Dallas: New Study Found Average Family Expected to Pay an Extra $3500 Due to Inflation

KARE 11: Derek Chauvin to Be Sentenced to Prison, Three Officers Also Charged in Death of George Floyd to Stand Trial in January

KOB 4: Albuquerque, NM Police Reach 108 Homicide Investigations for 2021, Numbers Do Not Include Other Agencies

MSNBC Host Garrett Haake Tells Sen. Chris Coons 'Confirming Ambassadors is Coal in Stockings,' Not Exactly Legislative Victory

Joe Concha: White House Private Meeting with Media Cannot Save a Sinking Biden

Fox News: Immigrant Model from Taiwan Viciously Attacked in New York Subway

Fox News: Poll: Nearly Half Say Biden Making Things Worse, 17% Better Off Than Last Year

FOX 29: Septa, PA Police Chief Says, ‘It Doesn’t Matter Anymore They Are Police’ After Night of Fatal Shootings

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Evening Edit: 13 Cities with D.A.’s Bankrolled by George Soros Show Rise in Violent Crime

Fed Chair Powell: Rapid Price Increases Under Bidenflation “Will Likely Continue…Well Into Next Year”

Tucker Goes Over CNN’s List of Candidate Picks to Replace Biden

Tucker Shows Excerpt from Stacey Abrams Steamy Romance Novel

Hannity on Schiff Doctoring Texts: Just Like We’ve Been Telling You, the Jan. 6th Investigation Is a Complete Sham

Newsmax’s Eric Bolling Breaks Into Biden’s Remarks on Kentucky Disaster Declaration to Say It’s a ‘Tragedy He’s Confused’

ABC 7: Garcetti, in Senate Confirmation Hearing, Denies Witnessing Sexual Harassment by Ex-Aide

Bill Bratton: 'Lame' for Politicians, Woke Left Progressives To Use Pandemic as Reason for Crime Wave

ABC 7: Burbank, California Car Owners Leaving Their Trunks Open To Avoid Break-Ins As Crime Skyrockets