Saturday, June 19, 2021

Fox News: Juneteenth Celebrations Underway Across the Nation

Fox News: CBP Confirms Gulf Cartel ‘Heavily Involved’ in Drug Trafficking, Human Smuggling at Border

Fox News: 56 House Republicans Urge Biden to Remove Kamala Harris from Border Role

Rep. Katko on Defund the Police Movement: Police Are Demoralized, Morale at All-Time Low

CNN: Atlanta Suburb Moves to Separate from City over Rising Crime

Fox News: NYC Gives $1,200 Monthly to Homeless People to Fight Homelessness Crisis

Bill Maher Says White People ‘Very Confused’ by Juneteenth Holiday: ‘Do We Barbecue? Is There a Mattress Sale?’

Friday, June 18, 2021

Bill Bratton: Under Coronavirus Criminal Justice System Collapsed, Not Seeing Political Leadership Putting Forth Plan

MSNBC: ‘Delta Variant’ Found in MI Waste Water Threatening to Become Dominant U.S. Strain

Daryl Turner: 50 Portland CRT Officers Who Resigned is Volunteer Unit Trained to Handle Crowd Control Issues

Rep. Ralph Norman to DHS Mayorkas: VP Kamala Harris is ‘Laughing at Border, It’s An Insult’

DHS Mayorkas Blasted by Rep. Jeff Van Drew Over CBP Budget, Says Previous Administration Expelled Unaccompanied Children

Rep. Dan Bishop Shows Illegal Border Crossings Chart to DHS Mayorkas in Committee Hearing

Rep. Clay Higgins to DHS Mayorkas: We Have 1.1 Million Illegal Crossings at Southern Border, Nation ‘Absolutely in Crisis’

Rep. John Katko: ‘Bloated’ $6 Trillion Biden Budget Lacks Funding to Protect Homeland

Dad Slams Critical Race Theory: How Do I Have Two Medical Degrees if I’m Sitting Here Oppressed?

MSNBC: DOJ Releases New Body Cam Video from January 6

CNN Calls Tucker Carlson ‘Deranged Entertainer, BS Ringmaster’

CBS 10: Crime in Austin, Texas Rising After City Council Police Budget Cuts

Fox News on Rising Prices: ‘Cost of Everything from a Gallon of Milk to Airline Tickets Goes Higher’

Sen. Cruz: Joe and Kamala Have Zero Intentions to Solve the Border Crisis

Mayor Lightfoot Declares Racism a Public Health Crisis in Chicago

PIX11: Two Children Nearly Caught in Crossfire as Gunman Opens Fire on Bronx Sidewalk Shooting Man Several Times

Former VP Mike Pence Heckled With Calls of ‘Traitor’ at Conservative Conference

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Fox News: Human Traffickers Forcing Victims Into Debt Bondage to Sell Sex, Even at Eight Months Pregnant

Judicial Watch Docs Show California Secy of State Officials Coordinated with Twitter to Censor Election Posts

Biden: ‘Today We Consecrate Juneteenth for What It Ought To Be, What It Must Be, a National Holiday’

Rep. John Ratcliffe: Biden Accomplished Nothing on Cyber, Giving Putin ‘Off Limits’ List for Cyber Attacks, Like Giving ‘Target List’

Fox News: Biden Gave Putin List of 16 Industries ‘Off Limits’ to Cyber Attacks

CNN: 14 GOP Vote Against Sen. Cornyn Sponsored Bill Making ‘Juneteenth’ National Holiday, Biden to Sign Bill Today

Dem Sen. Tester: $6 Trillion Reconciliation Package Sanders Is Considering ‘Seems a Bit Hefty’

HHS’s Becerra Can’t Explain How to Fix Rising Insurance Rates ObamaCare Is Causing

Fox News: Jobless Claims Show Surprise Increase

Cruz Hits Media Coverage of Voting Rights Bill: If You Do a Poll on Fuzzy Kittens, Its’ Going To Be Popular

CNN: Biden Return Home to Fractured Dems Over Infrastructure Proposal

CNN: SCOTUS Upholds ACA, Obamacare for Third Time, Biden Calls 7-2 Ruling ‘Big Win, BFD’ on Social

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

DeSantis on Lockdown States Just Reopening: The Default Should Be Freedom

Trump: It Was a Good Day for Russia; We Didn’t Get Anything out of the Meeting

Raymond Arroyo: Biden Is ‘Physically Shrinking’ Beside Putin

Tucker Carlson Defends Julian Assange: ‘Should You Throw Editors in Jail Because They Embarrass You?’

Joe Biden Screws up the Declaration of Independence Again: ‘We Hold These Truths Self-Evident’

Biden Snaps at CNN’s Collins: ‘What the Hell — What Do You Do All Day?’

Biden: I Told President Putin My Agenda Is Not Against Russia, It’s for the American People

Putin: We Sympathizes with U.S. Over ‘What Happened,’ Have ‘No Desire’ to let BLM, Rioting Happen in Russia

Putin: We Reached an Agreement to Start Negotiations on Cyber Attacks

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Raymond Arroyo: TX Border Agents Encountered 370 High-Speed Vehicle Pursuits Since March, Drug Confiscations Up 50%, Fentanyl 800%

Babylon Bee Satire Site Editor Thanks Tucker for Being Able to ‘Harmfully and Maliciously Inform’ His Viewers

Fox News: Woman Running for Seattle Council Once Threatened to Blow up a Busload of Kids

Tucker: Putin Has Valid Questions on Ashli Babbitt’s Shooting

Reporter Captures Shoplifter Brazenly Loading Up Garbage Bag in Walgreens, as Thefts Surge in San Francisco

Sen. John Kennedy: Dr. Fauci has Conflict of Interest ‘Big as Dallas,’ Funneled Taxpayer Money to Wuhan Lab

Amb. McFaul: Putin Doesn’t Need to Get Anything out of This Meeting, He Didn’t Request This Meeting

KCRA: Delays Continue for 2nd Day on Southwest Airlines Due to System Outages


Newsmax: Southwest Airlines Grounds Entire Fleet Amid Reports of Nationwide “Computer Issues”

Dr. Redfield: Covid Was ‘Taught,’ Evolved in Wuhan Lab

AG Garland: ‘The Top Domestic Violent Extremist Threat Comes from … Those Who Advocated for the Superiority of the White Race’

Scarborough: Trump and His Team Have Done a Really Good Job with Vaccines

Gov. Newsom Says Electronic Versions of Vaccine Cards Coming Soon: ‘It’s Not a Passport’

Rep. Jeffries: Pres. Biden Was Very Clear, Build Back Better Means ‘We Are Not Going to Return to Normal’

Monday, June 14, 2021

Fox News: Biden DHS Closes Office for Victims of Immigrant Crime

Bill Bratton: Sudden Rise in Crime Caught Officials Off Guard, In For Long, Dangerous Summer

Hannity: ‘America’s Back’ Means America Is Paying for the World’s Bills

Brit Hume: No Concrete Action Came From G-7, NATO Meeting Against Russia and China

Ashli Babbitt’s Husband: I Never Expected to Lose My Wife Through Political Violence

President Biden Refers to Russia as ‘Our Adversary and/or Our Possible Adversary’

White House Walks Back Biden Comments on Cybercriminal Swap with Russia

Fox News: Companies Facing ‘Great Resignation’ from Workers, ‘Jobs Not Worth Going Back To’

New Jersey School District Removes Names of All Holidays from School Calendar

Sunday, June 13, 2021

CBSN: Lake Mead Water Level Dropped 130 Feet Since 2000 Resulting in Water Shortage

Trey Gowdy: Joe Manchin is Last Democrat Standing in Otherwise Ruby Red State, Voted 70% Trump

Speaking on Police Reform, Lindsey Graham Tells Trey Gowdy ‘Our Friend Tim’s Been Stopped 17 Times in D.C.’

CNN Wash. Bureau Chief: AG Garland Is Meeting with CNN, NYT, and Wash. Post on Gag Order Imposed by Trump DoJ

Mike Pompeo: Border Crisis Happening Because of Washington D.C., Not South America

Mike Pompeo Tells Chris Wallace He Believes Covid-19 Originated in Wuhan Lab

Anthony Blinken: Major Poll Says 75% of People in EU Countries Have Confidence in American Leadership, Was 17% Year Ago

Howard Kurtz: January 5th FBI Memo Said ‘People Traveling to Washington for War’

Jeff Crouere: Biden Rolled Out ‘Welcome Matt,’ Border Crossings Up 700%, No One Going to Show Up in Court After Five Years

Fox News: Migrant Surge Overwhelming Border Patrol Agents in Rio Grande Valley Sector

Fox News: Israel to Swear in New Prime Minister Ending Netanyahu’s 12-Year Rule

Pelosi: I Hope Rosenstein, Barr and Sessions Will Be Willing to Answer Questions About Trump DoJ Actions

Judge Jeanine: VP Kamala Harris ‘Gaming the American People’ on Visiting Southern Border

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Kamala Harris Snaps at Reporter for Asking When She Will Go to the Border, Won’t Say When She Will Visit

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sean “Sticks” Larkin: Police More Worried About Getting Wrongfully Smeared on Social Media than Killed in Line of Duty

Bill Bratton: But for Actions of Capitol Police, Rudy Giuliani would have been One Of Primary Instigators of Cabal Trying to Destroy Our Democracy on Jan. 6th

Fox News: At Least 2 Dead, 25+ Injured in 3 Cities as Crime Keeps Rising in Major U.S. Cities

Fox News: Austin Police Department Says Defunding Police is Not Placing Public Safety as Top Priority

Woman Fails to Prove the Covid-19 Vaccine Made Her Magnetic During Ohio House Hearing

Latino GOP Mayor: Many Traditionally Democrat Hispanics Are ‘Opening Their Eyes’

Texas Sheriff: Border Crisis Will Only ‘Get Worse’

Fox News: Texas Plans to Build Border Wall as Crisis Grows

Friday, June 11, 2021

Laura Ingraham: Border is Kamala Harris Running Into Buzzsaw of Reality She’s Been Avoiding All Her Life

Angry Parent Calls Out School Board Over ‘Having Sex Book’ for Little Kids

SOURCE: Twitter

Nigel Farage: Tony Blair’s Vaccine Passport Demands Create Two Classes of Citizens, Designed to ‘Track via Contact App’

Fox News: Bi-Partisan Effort Under Way with Five House Bills to Reign In, Break Up Big Tech

Flashback: Sen. Harris asks AG Bill Barr if then President Asked Him to Investigate Anyone

CNN: Schumer, Durbin Call for Sessions, Barr to Testify Over Trump DOJ Seizing Dem Phone Records

Rep. Graves Tells Mayor Garcetti ‘Heard Rumors Curry, Yoga and Taj Mahal May be in Your Future, So Feel Free to Get Back to Me in Writing’

Black Florida Mom: Critical Race Theory ‘Teaches Hate’ and Is ‘Racist’

Nancy Pelosi: ‘No’ Further Action Needs To Be Taken Against Ilhan Omar After Equating Israel and Hamas

Rick Perry: Kamala Harris ‘Is Finished’ After Border Question Triggers Tense Exchange

Schiff on Trump DoJ Seizing House Dems’ Data from Apple: Bill Barr Is Second Most Dangerous Person in the Country After Trump

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Evening Edit: Estimated $400 Billion Stolen From Pandemic Relief Funds in Unemployment Fraud

Kamala Harris Snaps at Reporter for Asking When She Will Go to the Border, Won’t Say When She Will Visit

Sen. Ron Johnson: President Biden a Weak, Liberal Progressive, Socialist Marxist Living in Fantasy World, Leading to Path of Destruction

Swalwell: Trump DoJ Targeted Apple Data of House Intel Committee Because We Were Identified as ‘Enemies’

Fox’s Kennedy: Kamala Harris in Charge of the Border Is a ‘Nonstop Gift that Keeps on Giving for Republicans’

Jim Acosta Torches Fox News as a ‘Bullsh*t Factory,’ Calls Tucker Carlson a ‘Race-Baiting Tyrant’

CNN on Dept. Of Interior Report Debunking Their Reporting: ‘Raises More Questions than It Answers’

Biden Refuses to Take Questions After Vaccine Donations Announcement

Caitlyn Jenner Refuses to Say Trump Lost the Election in Hectic Clash on ‘The View’

CNBC: Consumer Prices Jump 5% in May, Fastest Pace Since the Summer of 2008

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Kennedy: Fauci Should ‘Cut the Crap;’ There’s No ‘Smoking Bat’

CNN: Number of Migrants Who Have Died Crossing the Border Has Tripled Over Last Year

Biden: ‘I Keep Forgetting I’m President’

Chuck Todd, Fauci Agree There Is Nothing There in His Emails: We Have No Idea What Republicans Are Talking About

Joe Concha: Kamala Harris Who Compares ICE to the KKK Has No Interest in Fixing the Border ‘Catastrophe’

Fox News: 17 California Cities Issue Vote of ‘No Confidence’ for D.A. George Gascon

Bill Bratton: Prosecutors Focused on Defendants Rather than Victims a Nationwide Problem

Tom Homan: Biden Administration Too Busy Managing Optics of Border Crisis Rather than Dealing With It

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Joe Concha: No President Worse to Press than Obama whose DOJ Spied on Fox Reporter James Rosen, Associated Press

Leo Terrell: Hunter Biden ‘Comfortable’ Use of ‘N-Word’ Most Derogatory, Prejudicial, Insulting

Tucker: Kamala Harris Power So Improbable, People in Charge Forced to Assure Us With Hysteria She is Brilliant, Impressive

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Becomes Tearful Assisting Homeless Veteran Recalling His Own Father’s Veteran Status

Hannity: Is Kamala Harris Ever Going to Visit the Border?

Tucker: Obama’s a ‘Hater’ Who Reemerges to Inflame Racial Wounds

Charlie Kirk: VP Kamala Harris Has to Take ‘Responsibility’ for the Border

Fox News: Los Angeles County Sheriff Launches Historic 500 Deputy Raid on Mexican Drug Cartel Marijuana Grows

Kamala Harris Laughs Again When Asked About Visiting the Border

Sen. Graham: This Tax and Spend Budget Will Destroy Future Generations’ Ability to Achieve the American Dream

Sen. Cruz: Kamala and Joe Aren’t Going to the Border Because They Are Trying To Cover Up the Crisis

Border Patrol Council VP: VP Harris Saying ‘Don’t Come’ Is Nothing More than a Poker Bluff Unless You Change the Policies

VP Harris Says She Has a Plan to Visit the Border ‘At Some Point’ but Says She Hasn't Been to Europe Either

Monday, June 7, 2021

Lemon, Cuomo: The Dems Don’t Know How to Win in this Environment, They Have a Purity Test on Everything

Obama Says He Made ‘Bad Choices’ as Fatherless Youth but Didn’t Beat Kids Up or Set Thing on Fire

The Daily Caller: Vice President Kamala Harris (2021) vs. Senator Kamala Harris (2019)

SOURCE: Twitter

Tucker: Opening Border is Single Most Unpopular Thing, Could Be Disaster for Biden Administration

Obama: Who Knew 'Critical Race' Would Become a Threat to Our Republic?

Press Secretary Jen Psaki Has No Explanation for Why Biden Failed to Acknowledge D-Day Anniversary

CBS This Morning: Bill Bratton Discusses Future of Policing, New Book Dedicated to 22,000 Fallen Police Officers

Fox News: Two Suspects to Face Murder Charges in Apparent Road Rage Incident Taking Life of 6-Year Old Boy

Fox News: DOJ Recovers $2.3 Million in Colonial Pipeline Ransom Payment in Bitcoin

Kamala Harris Tells People Thinking About Coming To Border, ‘Do Not Come’

Protesters Taunt Kamala Harris in Guatemala with ‘Trump Won’ Sign

Hilton Obtains Tapes of Fauci Talking About Gain of Function Research: Fauci Lied to Congress and That Is a Crime

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Tim Scott: We’ve Got To Confront the Pockets of Society Where the Application of Justice Is Still Challenging

Sen. Roy Blunt: Colonial Pipeline Attack was through Old Account Where Two-Party Authentication Might Have Prevented Attack

Sen. Mark Warner: There Are Ways We Can Break Through 'Distributed Ledger Technology,' Debate on Cryptocurrency Just Starting

Sen. Mark Warner: If Solar Winds Cyber Attack Would Have Been Effort to Shut Down System, Economy Would Come to Halt

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm: The Infrastructure Bill ‘Has To Be Done Soon’

Jason Riley: Joe Biden’s Agenda Far Surpasses What Voters Want, Can’t Get Democrats in Order

Justin Amash: Democrats Making Mistake by Seeing Everything Through ‘Trump Lens’

FNC’s Watters: ‘We Expect Our Politicians to Lie to Us, But We Don’t Expect Scientists To’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Kayleigh McEnany: Critical Race Theory Teaches You’re An ‘Irredeemable Oppressor’ Because Of Your Skin Color

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Dan Abrams: Media Too 'Left of Center,' Reluctant to Cover Major Crime Wave in U.S.

Trump: Zuckerberg Used to Call Asking for Dinner at White House, Praised Trump for Being No. 1 on Facebook

Trump: Radical Left NY Prosecutors Trying to Get Elected Based on ‘How Though’ they Can Be on Trump

Gov. Noem: ‘This Country Is Addicted to Being Offended’

Fox News: Man Accused of Trying to Break Into Delta Cockpit

Bill Nye: Recently Reported UFOs Are Actually U.S. Military Equipment

Fox News: State Dept. Leaders Warned to Drop Covid Probe

Rep. Pfluger: Biden, Harris ‘Abdicated’ Their Duty to Control Border Crisis

ICYMI: Alex Datig: Biden Policies a Gift that Keeps on Giving to America’s Newfound Misery

CNN: Judge Overturns California’s 32-Year Assault Weapons Ban

Friday, June 4, 2021

Sen. Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci Thinks It’s Okay to Take Animal Viruses and Make Then Into ‘Super Viruses’ to Infect Humans

Panetta: Russian Hackers In Recent Cyberattacks Are ‘Terrorists’

John Bolton: Trump Told Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Several Times We Should Outlaw Crypto-Currency

John Bolton: Trump’s Influence with Real Voters is Declining

James Clapper: Cyber-hacking, is a 'Serious Threat,' there Needs to be Greater Sense of Urgency on Behalf of U.S. Government

CNN: Pence Says He ‘May Never See Eye-To-Eye with Trump on Jan. 6th’

Forbes: Getting Rid of Unemployment Benefits Will ‘Alleviate’ Labor Shortage

Leo Terrell: Gun Sales Up Across U.S. Because People Can’t Rely on Government, Police Afraid to Get Involved

Ari Fleischer: AOC Saying there Should Be ‘No Prisons or Jails’ Like Saying Stop Building Banks to Stop Bank Robbery

Confused Joe Biden Claims ‘COVID Deaths Are Up’

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Pompeo: What Fauci Is Saying Is the Exact Same Thing China Is Saying