Saturday, October 31, 2020

Jeanine Pirro: Ronald Reagan Reminded Us ‘Freedom Is Never More Than One Generation Away From Extinction’

Jim Jordan: Americans Understand This Election Is About Freedom

Eric Trump: Democrats More Concerned About Impeaching My Father, Banning Plastic Straws, Than Fixing Country

Newt Gingrich: 2020 Is 'Most Polarizing' Election Since Lincoln's 1864 Re-Election During Civil War

President Trump: Platinum Plan Will Create 3 Million New Jobs for Black Americans

Joe Biden: ‘I don’t need you to get me elected.’

Five Reminders Why to Vote Trump and Vote Red!!! #Trump2020 #VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020

Bikers For Trump Take to the Streets in Israel

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Friday, October 30, 2020

Lou Dobbs: After Trump's 2016 Election, Stock Market Took Historic 3-Year Rise Creating $11 Trillion in New Wealth

Flashback: GMA: Biden Sidesteps Questions About Hunter Biden's work in China, on Board of Burisma, June 20, 2019

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Fox’s Chris Wallace Throws Cold Water on the Prospect of Democrats Taking the Senate: ‘You Would Need a Blue Wave’

President Trump: I Fight Harder for You Than Any President

Sinclair: Tony Bobulinski Says During F.B.I. Questioning, Agents Intensively Focused, Not Just on China, But Also Hunter Biden's Tenure on Board of Burisma

CNN: The Enthusiasm for President Trump in Michigan Is Alive and Well

CNN’s Camerota: Democrats ‘Worried,’ ‘Very Concerned,’ ‘It’s Not Going Biden’s Way’ in Fla.

Fox News Segment on Joe Biden’s Open Borders Immigration Policy

AP: Lil Wayne Talks About How His Life Was Saved by a White Police Officer

CBP’s Morgan Rips Twitter for Locking His Account: Every American Citizen Should Be Worried that Dorsey ‘Is the Judge, Jury and Executioner’

Lara Logan on Hunter Biden Scandal: I’ve Never Seen So Many Journalists Discredit a Story

Thursday, October 29, 2020

⚡️⚡️⚡️News-Flash: Hunter Biden is a Criminal! Where are His Underage Victims? ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Maria Bartiromo: Ice Cube’s Platinum Plan Is Resonating with the Black Community

Tucker: The Missing Hard Drive from Our Package Suddenly Reappear and More Questions Go Unanswered

Tucker: Glenn Greenwald Co-Founder of The Intercept Resigned Over Political Censorship

Rudy Giuliani Slams Biden: ‘You Sold Out America And Were Ready to Do It Again if We Didn’t Catch You!’

James Rosen: F.B.I. Confirms Criminal Investigation into Hunter Biden and Associates Opened in December 2019

SOURCE: James Rosen Twitter and Twitter

Rudy Giuliani: 150-200 Pictures of Underage Girls on Hunter Biden Hard Drive

Howie Carr: People Say Jack Dorsey Resembles Unabomber, Censored Trump 65 Times

Jim Biden Dodges Questions About Tony Bobulinski Allegations

Trump: Weekly Jobless Claims Just Hit a 7-Month Low

Fox News Reports on GDP Growth: ‘That Is an American Record’

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Greg Kelly: Bidens Messed with the Wrong Guy when they Messed with Tony Bobulinsky

Leo Terrell: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Made Deal with BLM, Antifa; Rioting, Criminal Activity Okay if You’re Democrat

Newt Gingrich: Media Hates Trump So Much They Prop Up Corrupt Person They Know Couldn’t Possibly Be President

Bernard Kerik: Hunter Biden Hard Drive Fully Examined, Turned Over to Authorities, Ready for Interested Reporters

Tucker: 'Damning' Hunter Biden Documents Suddenly Vanish En Route While Being Shipped to L.A. Office

CNN: Former DHS Chief of Staff Miles Taylor Behind the 2018 NYT Op-Ed Critical of Trump

Kamala Harris: We’ve Witnessed ‘the Biggest Disaster of Any Presidential Administration’ in U.S. History

Greg Gutfeld: ‘Why Don’t the Republicans Start a Preemptive Impeachment on Joe Biden, in Case He Wins?’

Sen. Cruz to Dorsey: ‘Who the Hell … Put You In Charge of What the Media Are Allowed to Report?’

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey: Holocaust Denial Is Not Misinformation

Jack Dorsey Admits There Is No Evidence that New York Post Story Is Disinformation

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Lou Dobbs: Trump Voters Talk About What They Think of Joe Biden

Herschel Walker: Black Leaders Want to Put Hands on Scale of Justice and Blame Police When There’s Two Sides to the Story

John Solomon: Without Joe Biden’s Influence Hunter Biden Couldn’t Make Much of a Living

PA Gov. Tom Wolf Calls Philly Riots ‘Peaceful Protests’ After 12 Officers Hospitalized, Truck Attack

Biden/Harris Campaign Sign Falls Off During Jill Biden Speech

Mass Looting Breaks Out in Philadelphia in Latest BLM Inspired Riot

SOURCE: Twitter

Bill Hemmer Lays Out Paths to Victory for Trump or Biden in 2020 Presidential Election

Leo Terrell: Riots in Philadelphia Not Peaceful Protesting, Reason to Vote for Trump

Tony Bobulinski: ‘Blatant Lie’ That Joe Biden Doesn’t Know His Son’s Business Dealings

Tony Bobulinski: American People Should Demand Investigation Into Biden’s Based on Johnson Senate Report

Tony Bobulinski: When Adam Schiff Refused to Retract My Name Being Associated with Russian Disinformation, I Had to Go Public

Flashback: Minnesota Freedom Fund 501c3 Raised $35 Mil in 20 Days to Bail Out Violent Criminals with Help from Kamala Harris, Sept. 28, 2020

ICYMI: Fox News: Union Leader Calls Out Biden for False Endorsement Claim

Florida Voter: Biden ‘Has Made It Very Difficult for Me to Even Consider Him as a Candidate’

De Blasio Urges New Yorkers to Stay Home for Holidays, Calls for Air Travel Mandate

First Lady Melania Trump: "Donald is a fighter, he fights for you every single day."

Trump: Until I Had COVID, After Catching You Have Immunity for Life, Now It’s Four Months

Joe Biden Confuses Kamala Harris Husband Doug Emhoff as 'uhh, Kamala’s Wife...”

Fox News: 70 Million Americans Cast Ballots Early, 45 Million in Mail, 22 Million Voted In-Person

Monday, October 26, 2020

Hannity on Kamala Harris’ Cackling: Radicalism Should Not Be Funny

Fox News: Kamala Harris Tweets Justice Barrett Nomination ‘Despicable’

Justice Barrett Takes Her Constitutional Oath

Rudy Giuliani: Text Saying ‘Don’t Worry, Unlike Pop, I Won’t Make You Give Me Half Your Salary’ a 30-Year Scheme

Rudy Giuliani: FBI Was Willing to Sit on the Hunter Biden Story Right Through Election

Biden on His Relaxed Campaign Schedule: ‘There’s Not Been a Day That’s Not Been a 12 Hour Day’

Mark Thiessen: Biden ‘Basement Campaign’ Will Go Down in History as Greatest Political Debacle in Modern Times

The Crow Nation Indian Tribe endorses President Trump

Sunday, October 25, 2020

CNN: Co-Founder of Compton Cowboys Has Humble Message, Proud to Vote for Country

Megyn Kelly Rips Leslie Stahl, 60 Minutes ‘Bias’ Trump Interview, ‘Petulant, Whiny, Immature, Unprepared’

Joe Biden Gets Fact Checked on False Claim America’s Trade Deficit with China Has Worsened

Trump: How Can Biden Make a Deal with China When He’s Taken Money from Them

Ben Domench: No Question Biden Email Allegations Will Outlast Election, Real Questions Raised

Rep. Harold Ford Jr.: ‘Nothing Here’ in Hunter Biden Story, Nothing But Politics

Ted Cruz on Hunter Biden E-Mail Scandal: ‘Astonishing How Corrupt the Media Is’

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI): Joe Biden Is Engaging In “Sleazy” Possibly “Illegal” Business Dealings

‘Welcome to My World’: Pelosi Ignores the Fact That Many Dems Say She Should Accept the COVID Relief Deal

Author Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Email Prove That He Was Used As Direct Avenue To The Obama-Biden Administration

WH Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows: The Only Jobs Joe Biden Created Were Jobs For His Family

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Tucker Carlson: Did Joe Biden Subvert American Foreign Policy to Enrich His Family?

Trump Gives Rick Grenell Shoutout During Wisconsin Rally, ‘He’s Phenomenal’

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Flashback: Joe Biden Blows Up On Reporter for Asking About Hunter Biden, Ukraine Conflict of Interest

Joe Biden Calls Trump Supporters Protesting His Event ‘Chumps’

OAN: In 2015, Latvia Lists Hunter Biden Money Laundering Suspect Through Ukraine

OAN: Nov. 16, 2016, Joe Biden Pressures Ukraine President Poroshenko for Bank Closure Stressing ‘For Your Economic and Physical Security’

Flashback: New York Post: Ex-Ukraine President Poroshenko Tells Biden He Fired Prosecutor Investigating Burisma Who ‘Did Nothing Wrong,’ May 20, 2020

Trump: Schiff Saying Laptop From Hell is ‘Russia Russia Russia’ Again, Russia Must Think These People Are Stone Cold Crazy

Tucker Repeatedly Mocks Whoopi Goldberg as He Responds to Call for Apology

Chelsea Handler Says Rapper 50 Cent Can’t Vote for Trump, Should Remember He is Black Person

Trump: Kamala Harris So Liberal Makes Bernie Sanders Look Like a Conservative

Joe Biden Wanders Around Aimlessly While Jill Biden Speaks

Raymond Arroyo: Biden Campaigning 15 Minutes from Home, Kamala Making Gaffes, Why Team Sending Obama to Florida

John Brennan: American People Deserve to Know Nature of Threat to Election, Russians Trying to Help Trump

Friday, October 23, 2020

Hogan Gidley: President Trump Got Rid of the Individual Mandate, and Has Made Clear, He Will Protect Pre-Existing Conditions

Flashback: OAN: Joe Biden Leveraged Ukraine $1 Billion Loan Guarantee Contingent Upon Firing Prosecutor Investigating Hunter Biden and Burisma, August 27, 2020

Leo Terrell: Tremendous Momentum for Trump Among Black Americans in Mid-West and South

Pence: Joe Biden Has Got To Step Up and Come Clean on Hunter Biden

Joe Concha: Media Calling Hunter Laptop ‘Story That Isn’t Really A Story’ Best Unintentional Comedy Going Into Weekend

Pam Bondi: The Biden Are Coming Down, Are Not Good People

Fox Business: Hunter Biden Legal Issues Could Be Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Failing to Register as Foreign Agent

Lou Dobbs: Biden and the Word ‘Impeccable’ are Not Synonymous

President Trump: Joe Biden proved last night that he’s not capable of being President

NYT’s Haberman: ‘Joe Biden Might End up Regretting’ His Pledge to End the Oil Industry

Kamala Harris Says 220 Million Americans Died in the Last Several Months

SOURCE: Twitter

Fox News Gives Post-Debate Update on Biden Corruption Scandal

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Joe Biden Gets Fact Checked on Fracking by Anderson Cooper

Jonathan Karl: President Trump was “much more disciplined” and “had a theme” in attacking Joe Biden

Brit Hume: Trump Gave Best Debate Performance Perhaps Ever

Chris Wallace on Moderation of Tonight’s Debate: ‘I’m Jealous! I Would Have Liked To Have Moderated that Debate’

Jake Tapper: Joe Biden’s Not A Great Candidate

Alex Datig Debate 2020 Take: Trump Made His Case for Re-Election to the American People

LIVE: Presidential Debate #Debates2020

Joe Biden: I Have Not Taken a Penny from a Foreign Source in My Life

President Trump: Joe Biden’s Response to Swine Flu was Total Disaster

Tony Bobulinski CEO of Entity Involving China, Bidens, Says Joe Biden Statements Are False, Turns Three Deices Over to F.B.I.

Fox News: Ahead of Debate, Tony Bobulinski to Make Statement Before Turning Over Devices to F.B.I.

John Roberts reports that Bobulinski will turn over his devices to the FBI

Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner Releases Emails About 2017 Chinese Energy Company Deal

Fox News Confirms 10% ‘The Big Guy’ Reference is Joe Biden, Who Also Frequently Singed Off on Hunter Biden Deals, Per Tony Bobulinski Who Is President's Guest Tonight

Adam Schiff: We’ve Seen Terrorist Plots as a Result of the Climate Trump Is Creating

Pelosi Snaps at Reporter Who Tries Asking Her About Hunter Biden

Leo Terrell: People Energized to Vote Trump, Will Get Largest Black Male Vote in History of GOP Candidate

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Hannity: Tomorrow Is the Time for Joe Biden To Answer the Tough Questions

Eric Trump: My Dad Never Asked Me To Give Him Half of My Salary

The Ingraham Angle: Laptop Connected to Hunter Biden Linked to FBI Money Laundering Probe

ICYMI: Flashback: Adam Schiff Says Calling Hunter Biden as Impeachment Witness ‘Irrelevant, Immaterial,’ January 22, 2020

Tucker: Why Would NBC News Go After Anonymous Twitter Users Who Support Trump?

Dan Bongino: Trump Should Read out the FBI’s Case Number for Hunter Biden’s Laptop Tomorrow

Ron Johnson: Why Did Joe Biden Meet with Devon Archer, a Convicted Felon?

Fox’s Jones: We’re Outside Joe Biden’s House and We’ll Be Here All Night

Bernard Kerik: When Looking at What They Accuse Trump of, Biden Family like John Gotti and Al Capone Combined

FBI Director Wray: We’re Working with Social Media Companies to Make Sure Platforms Aren’t Used for Disinformation and Propaganda

DNI Ratcliffe: Intel Community Caught Iran, Russia Trying to Influence Elections

VP Pence: ‘We Are Not Going to Let Big Tech Block the Truth’ While Attempting to Protect Biden

Flashback: Using Air Force One While Campaigning for Hillary Obama Shouts to Bill Clinton ‘Let’s go!’, October 1, 2020

Flashback: Bill Clinton: Black Lives Matter Protesters Just ‘Trying to Get Good Television’, April 8, 2016

Gidley: Biden’s Relying on Anti-Trump Media Because ‘Can’t Point to Anything He Did’ in His 47-Years in Washington

Kudlow: Overall Economic Outlook Has Improved Immeasurably

Sec. Pompeo on Hunter Biden: ‘I Have Every Reason to Believe [DNI Ratcliffe’s] Got It Exactly Right’

Bernard Kerik: Secret Service Would’ve Never Put Junkie on Plane, Only Way Hunter Biden Got on Air Force Two was His Father

Brett Tolman: At Stake, Selling Access to White House Through Son of VP Biden, Top Officials Aware of Conflict of Interest

FOX & Friends First: 11 House Republicans Urge AG Barr to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden Laptop

Peter Schweizer: I Would Get Visit from FBI, If I Tried to Funnel Money From Flagged Account For Corrupt Russian Oligarch Liked to Organized Crime

Chris Cuomo Claims AG Bill Barr Says Allegations Against Joe and Hunter Biden are 'Baseless'

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Joe Biden Calls Allegations Hunter Biden and Family Profited Off Biden Name 'Garbage'

Newt Gingrich: Facebook Is Now Employing Xi Jin Ping’s Method of Controlling the Population

Hannity to Joe Biden: We Have a Camera Outside Your House Right Now, Go out and Answer Pressing Questions

Ken Starr Slams 50+ Former Intel Officials for Wrong Russian Disinformation Call on Hunter Biden Laptop

Rudy Giuliani Says He Turned Over Hunter Biden Written, Photographic Materials, Alleging Child Endangerment, to Delaware Police

Fox News: F.B.I./DOJ Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop, Hard Drive Not Russian Disinformation

Fox News: Minneapolis Residents Sue City Council For Lack of Police, Blame ‘Defund Police’ Movement

Fox News: DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Google in Antitrust Case

Trump: Hunter Info on ‘Laptop from Hell,’ AG Barr Must Appoint Special Counsel, Must Act Fast, Before Election

Sen. John Kennedy: Every Reputable Journalist Should Be Investigating Hunter Biden Story

Fox News: Trump Campaign Manager Says Muting Mic at Debate Gives Commission Editorial Control

Fox News: Biden Campaign Has Not Addressed Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

Monday, October 19, 2020

VP Pence: The American People Have A Right To Know About the Business Dealings of Biden Family

Matthew Trymand: Wife of Former Moscow Mayor Who Sent $3.5 Million to Hunter Biden Has Russian Mafia Ties

Herschel Walker: Democrats Want to Defund the Police, Who Came Up with That Stupid Idea?

John Solomon: Joe Biden Left Office Broke, Million in Debt, Almost No Assets, Needed to Get Rich Quick

John Solomon: Bevan Cooney Emails Show Joe Biden Directly Assisting Hunter Biden Business Deals, Meeting with Chinese

Ted Cruz: Who Wants a Bunch of Silicon Valley Billionaires Deciding Who Gets To Speak and Who Doesn’t?

Tucker: Up To 8 Million Americans Have Slipped Into Poverty Over Coronavirus Lockdowns

11 Million People Still Unemployed During the Pandemic

Fox News Obtains Alleged Hunter Biden Materials

Sol Wiesenberg: Hunter Biden Laptop is Media Double Standard, Where was Skepticism with Steele Dossier?

OAN: Former Hunter Biden Associate Bevan Cooney, Now Jailed, Turns Over 26,000 Emails to Reporter

Bernard Kerik: Hunter Biden Emails Show, Joe Biden Lied, Evidence of Criminality is Overwhelming

Trump: “I Think Today Biden Is Staying In The Basement Talking To His Lawyers, They Caught Him Cold.”

Fox News: 11,000 Ballots Rejected in Florida Because Signatures Did Not Exactly Match