Friday, July 31, 2020

WARNING: Profanity, Racial Slurs: California Sheriffs Take Extreme, Racially Targeted Verbal Abuse from Anarchists

SOURCE: Twitter

Chris Wallace Calls Out Biden for Avoiding Sunday Shows: Runs Risk of Looking ‘Rusty’ in Debate If He’s Not Facing Tough Questions

Leo Terrell: Ferguson Riots, ‘Black Lives’ Started Under Obama Who Made Problems Worse

Bernard Kerik: Seattle Mayor ‘A Marxists’ No Different than NYC’s de Blasio Supporting Anarchist Groups

Fox News: Warner Bros.Responds to Accusations of Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Allegations on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Dr. Fauci on a Vaccine: ‘I Don’t Think That’s Dreaming ... It’s a Reality’

Marie Harf Says Trump Wants Violence to Escalate So He Can Make Campaign Ads

CDC Director Dr. Redfield: We Should Open Schools This Fall

Charles Barkley Defends Choice Not to Participate in Anthem Protests: ‘If People Don’t Kneel, They’re Not a Bad Person’

Trump Scolds NBC’s Alexander for Urging Him to Spend More Energy to Secure the Election: ‘Peter, You Know Nothing About My Energy’

Pelosi on Stimulus Negotiations: ‘I Don’t Agree … that Cannabis Is Not Related to This’

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Conservative Journalist: I Have Been Stabbed By an Antifa Member Because I Am a Known Trump Supporter

Hannity: Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez Office Vandalized for Third Time

Leo Terrell: Unbelievable Obama Playing Race Card when 1.2 Million Blacks Voted Trump

Tucker Blasts Obama For Politicizing John Lewis Funeral

Fox News: D.C. Court Agrees to Hear Full Case on Charges Dismissed Against Gen. Flynn

President Trump: America Grieves for 150,000 Americans Who Had Their Lives Taken by the Coronavirus

President Trump Offers Condolences to Family of Herman Cain

Feinstein: China Is ‘Growing Into a Respectable Nation’

Andy Ngo: Violent Extremists in Portland Moving to Potentially Kill or Maim Federal Officers, Describes Weapons


GOP Sen. John Barrasso Responds to Trump: ‘No, We’re Not Going to Delay the Election’

OAN: Prager U One of Conservatives Twitter Accounts Temporarily Suspended Over Frontline Doctors Video

Andy Ngo: U.S Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams Irritated by Biased Media Refusing Accurately Describe Portland Criminal Behavior

SOURCE: Twitter

Obama: Americans Owe a Great Debt to John Lewis and His Forceful Vision of Freedom

Local News Station Conducts Mail-In-Voting Experiment with 100 Mock Vote-by-Mail Ballots

George Bush: John Lewis Believed in The Lord, He Believed in Humanity, and He Believed in America

Vice President Pence: ‘Law Enforcement Isn’t the Problem, Law Enforcement Is the Solution’

CNN: Herman Cain Dead at Age 74 After Battling Coronavirus

Flashback: FPI: Kamala Harris Moral Authority Gone Wild, Legal Authority Beyond Corrupt

Flashback podcast from February 13, 2019, on the deceitful methods of Kamala Harris who betrayed California law enforcement executives on the very day she was elected Attorney General of the State of California. This is a fact and evidence-based account that will leave you stunned!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Flashback: Karen Bass Urges to Declare 'State of Emergency' over Los Angeles Homeless Crisis in 2019 but Crisis Now Worse


Tucker: It Would Be Very Difficult for Conservatives to Win If Big Tech Is Working for the Other Side

Pedro Gonzales: Bass, Harris Portray White People Need to be Disadvantaged in Order for Others to Succeed

Bernard Kerik Slams Oregon Officials for Not Doing Job that Needed to be Done in Portland Two Months Ago

President Trump Signs Permits Granting Approval for Pipelines and Infrastructure in Texas

Fox News: Operation Legend Expanding to More States, Including Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee

Big Tech Hearing Explodes After Rep. Mary Scanlon Accuses Rep. Jordan of Floating ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Rep. Nadler on Facebook’s Purchase of Instagram: ‘It Should Never Have Been Permitted to Happen’

DNC Delegates Vote Against Inclusion of Medicare for All and Federal Marijuana Legalization Amendments into 2020 Platform

Google CEO Says Remains 'Committed' Against Bigoted, Anti-Cop Campaigns

ABC: COVID-19 Hospitalizations Increasing by 80% Across U.S., Florida Added 21st ‘Red Zone’ States

Rep. Jim Jordan: ‘Big Tech’s Out to Get Conservatives’

Rep. Jim Jordan Highlights Twitter’s Double Standard on Censorship

ABC: Trump Slams 'Dishonest' CNN, 'MSDNC,' Media for Targeting Conservatives

Trey Gowdy: Number One Obligation of Government is Public Safety

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Trey Gowdy: Today You Figured Out Why Dems Kept ‘Crazy Uncle Jerry’ Hidden in Attic During Impeachment

Mollie Hemingway: Reason Bill Barr Not Liked Because Russia Collusion Most Lawless Thing in History of Country

Laura Ingraham: House Dems Self-Destruct at Attorney General Barr Hearing

Dir. U.S. Marshals Service: Peaceful Protests Highjacked by Violent Extremists Who Have No Solution

Flashback: Trump: ‘You Don’t Hand Matches To an Arsonist and You Don’t Give Power To an Angry Left-Wing Mob’, October 6, 2018

Joe Biden: Protesters at White House 'Peaceful' Referring to Trump's Walk to St. John's Episcopal Church

AG Barr Shuts Down Rep. Raskin: Did The Church Leaders Denounce Police Assault on the Civil Rights ‘Before or After the Fire Was Put Out?’

Rep. Jim Jordan Destroys the Notion that Riots Are ‘Peaceful Protests’

Nadler Freaks Out on Members of House Judiciary Committee for Not Wearing Masks

Democrat Refuses to Allow Bill Barr to Answer His Question, Then Claims that Bill Barr is Avoiding the Question

AG Barr: ‘Since When Is It Okay to Try to Burn Down a Federal Court?’

Jerrold Nadler: ‘Shame on You, Mr. Barr’; ‘You’re Projecting Fear and Violence Nationwide’ in Pursuit of Political Objectives

Monday, July 27, 2020

Lou Dobbs: 27 People Killed by Gunfire Over the Weekend, 59 Officers Injured in Seattle, Murder Rate Up 73% in Chicago

William McGrun: Parents Choosing Catholic Schools Because they See Consequences of 'Woke Curriculum' in Public Schools

Leo Terrell: Democrats, Media Downplaying Riots, We're in an Apocalypse Right Now

Chicago Residents Tell Lawrence Jones They Want the Presence of Federal Troops

Tucker on MSM Misrepresenting Riots as Protests: Perfect Inversion of the Truth Worthy of ‘1984’

Antifa Criminal Vandals Defacing LAPD Fallen Officers Wall of Honor and Sacrifice

SOURCE: Twitter
SOURCE: Twitter

Tucker on Gym Owner Being Arrested for Opening Up: He Should’ve Just Set a Building on Fire and He’d Be Fine

Dr. Nicole Saphier: Coronavirus Vaccine News Is ‘Extremely Exciting’

Trump: We Are Mass Producing All Promising Vaccine Candidates So that the Vaccine Is Available to the American People Immediately

Rep. Jerry Nadler: ‘The Presidency Is Not a Get-out-of-Jail-Free Card’

Rahm Emanuel: The Federal Government Shouldn’t Be Making Antifa the Face of the Protests

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Mocks ‘Peaceful Riots’

Activist Erica Suggests Federal Government Channeling Guns into Inner Cities to Boost Violence

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Fox News: Navy Veteran Joe Collins Raises Over $3M in Bid to Take Rep. Maxine Waters' Seat in California

Steve Mnuchin: GOP Coronavirus Relief Plan is $1 Trillion Deal, Could be Done in Parts

Chuck Todd: Trump Incumbent Advantage Biggest Difference in 2020 Election

Memorial for Heroic Fallen LAPD Officers Vandalized by BLM/ANTIFA Protesters

SOURCE: Twitter

Chris Wallace: We Asked the Biden Campaign for an Interview and Were Told ‘He’s Not Available’

Fox News: Portland Protesters Say They Will Continue Riots, Demonstrations Until Demands Are Met

Fox News: 21 Police Officers Hurt in Violent Seattle Protests, 3 Officers Blinded in Portland

Jesse Watters: ‘Democrats Would Rather Fight Trump Than Fight Crime’

Judge Jeanine: ‘You Have 100 Days To Save This Country’

Karen Bass: LA County ‘Opened A Little Bit Too Quickly’

DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf Details the Destruction in Portland, Attacks on Law Enforcement

Sen. Lindsey Graham Details ‘Corrupt Crossfire Hurricane,’ the FBI Investigation that Spied on the Trump Campaign

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: President Trump Calls Hannity and Thanks Leo Terrell Who Says He’s Voting as Republican

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Protesters Set Fire to Alameda County Courthouse in Oakland

SOURCE: Twitter

Antifa, Black Lives Matter Protesters Attack Federal Buildings in Downtown Los Angeles

SOURCE: Twitter

Debut Show: Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik takes you ‘Behind the Badge’ on 77 WABC, every Saturday at 2PM

Ted Yoho Says AOC’s Being ‘Disingenuous … Making Hay Out of This’

WNBA Players Walk Off Court During National Anthem

America’s News HQ: Gridlock Forcing Trump to Abandon Payroll Tax Cut in New Pandemic Package

Gov. Mike Parson: St. Louis Has 100 Murder Cases that Are Going Untouched

America’s News HQ: Legendary TV Host Regis Philbin Dead at 88

Fox News: Memorial for John Lewis Commemorates First Day of Six Honoring Civil Rights Icon

Friday, July 24, 2020

Tucker Carlson: Chicago Deep in Debt, Taxpayers Getting Punished for Crimes of Their Leaders

DHS: Anarchists Expose Dozens of Cops’ Home Addresses, Phone Numbers Online

The Evening Edit: Trump Signs Four Executive Orders to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

Charlamagne Tha God: ‘I Wish Biden Would Shut the ‘F’ Up. When He Opens Mouth, He Gets Us All Killed’

Bernard Kerik: Cops Demoralized, Democrat Mayors took Constitutional Oath to Enforce the Law

Adam Schiff: Trump Thinks that ‘Getting into a Confrontation with China Is Helpful to His Reelection’

Meghan McCain Confronts Mary Trump on Her Tell-All: ‘This is Just a Great Way for You to Get a Paycheck Right Now’

Washington Nationals Superfan Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Ceremonial First Pitch Is a Disaster

Tucker: Dems Aren’t Fine with Reopening Businesses and Schools But Tolerate Looting and Riots

Thursday, July 23, 2020

President Trump Calls Hannity and Thanks Leo Terrell Who Says He’s Voting as Republican

Trump Campaign Hits Biden in a New Ad: 47 Years of Failure - The Joe Biden Story

Obama: If You Send in Your Resume and ‘Your Name’s Jamal, You Might Not’ Get Called Back

President Trump: It’s More Important to Protect the American People than to Hold the Jacksonville Convention

McEnany Clarifies Trump’s Ghislaine Maxwell Comments: He Was Noting that the Last Person Charged in This Case Ended up Dead in a Jail Cell

After Backing Massive Police Funding Cuts, De Blasio Blames in Part Lack of Police for Jump in Crime

Clinton: ‘You Cannot Be Civil with a Political Party That Wants To Destroy What You Stand For’

AOC on the House Floor: Rep. Yoho Called Me ‘a F*cking B*tch’

FOX & Friends First: Hundreds of Federal Agents Deployed to Combat Violent Crime in Several States

Bob Woodson: Institutional Racism Used to Justify Why Blacks Are Failing in Systems Run by Their Own People

Bob Woodson: Not About Social Justice, Left Using Racial Past of Blacks to Promote Insurrection in Our Cities

The Evening Edit: Chinese Embassy Closed in Houston, Suspected ‘Massive Spying Operation’

Anarchists Set Fires at Portland Federal Courthouse

SOURCE: Twitter

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Ted Cruz: Democratic Politicians Decided to Allow Mobs to Carry Out Violence, Refusing to Protect Citizens

Leo Terrell: “Let’s be very clear. Joe Biden is a racist.”

Bernard Kerik: New York Already has Special Federal Task Force, de Blasio an ‘Idiot’

Trump: I ‘Enjoyed’ My Interview with Chris Wallace

CBS: Litigant in Fox News Sexual Harassment Allegations Lawsuit Says She was Fired in June

Tucker Carlson: 2,150 People Shot in Chicago Since January

Trump: I've Done More for Black Americans Since Abraham Lincoln

After the Bell: Stocks End Near Season Highs Amid Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Deal

Trump Announces 'Operation Legend' Sending Surge of Federal Law Enforcement into Communities to Combat Violent Crime

Alex Azar: We Just Signed a Contract with Pfizer ‘to Produce 100 Million Doses of Vaccine’

Acting CBP Commissioner Is ‘Disgusted’ with Nancy Pelosi for Calling His Agents ‘Storm Troopers’

KENS-SAT (CBS) Coverage On Drunk Illegal Immigrant In Texas Arrested For Killing 3 Americans

De Blasio Blames Coronavirus for Spiking Crime, Murder in NYC

Fox 32: Video Shows Chicago Funeral Shooting Where 14 Were Shot

SOURCE: Twitter @TIA_EWING Fox 32, Chicago

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Chicago FOP President Says City Residents are “Basically Hostage” in Their Own Neighborhoods by Criminals Allowed to Go Unchecked

Tucker on Jeff Bezos Making $13 Billion in a Day: It Suggests Something Is Skewed with the System

Kayleigh McEnany Calls Out Democratic Mayors for Allowing their Cities to Be Overrun with Violent Crime

Hannity: Alderman Says 17 Shot in Chicago...Developing

President Trump: Wear a Mask

Frmr. Chicago Police Superintendent: Since I was Fired, 635 More Murders Compared to Previous Four Years

Fox Seattle: Mother of Teen Killed at CHOP Files Lawsuit Against Seattle

Joe Biden Refuses to Take Questions

Joe Biden Touts Big Push on ‘Shovel-Ready Jobs’ with 12 Weeks Paid Family, Medical Leave

Joe Biden: No One Should Have to Work More than One Job to Make Ends Meet

Missouri Attorney General on St. Louis Couple: ‘The Right to Self-Defense Is a Fundamental Right in This Country’

Joe Biden Refuses to Fully Committ to Nominating Black Woman as VP

Joe Biden Dodges Question if He’s Prepared to Get Elected with Russia and China Interference in Play

Monday, July 20, 2020

Tucker Carlson: No Justification for NYT Story on Where I Live Except to Inflict Pain and Terrorize Me and My Family

CNBC Power Lunch: Potential Economic Impact of $600 Emergency Benefit Set to Expire this Week

Chris Wallace: The Fact Is Trump Has Taken Questions, Biden Hasn’t Come out from the Basement

ABC7: Jobless Californians Running Out of Money as State Fails to Pay Emergency Benefits

SOURCE: EDD complaints still pouring in as $600 benefit ends this week

Tucker to Mark McCloskey: It Seems Like the Only Person Who Thinks We’re Wrong Is Our Circuit Attorney

Charges Filed Against St. Louis Couple Who Pointed Guns Toward Protesters

NYPD Commissioner Shae: So Many Attacks on Police, I'm Losing Count of Injured Officers I am Calling at Home

Outnumbered: NYPD Reports 340% Increase in Shooting Incidents from Last Year

Mayor Lightfoot: Trump Could Help Stem Flow of Chicago Guns, We Don’t Need Federal Agents Unlawfully Taking People off the Streets

Head of Chicago Police Turns to President Trump for Help with “Chaos” in the City

FOX & Friends First: Chicago Reporting 48% Increase in Murder Compared to Last Year

FOX & Friends First: At Least 12 Police Officers Hurt in Seattle Riots

FOX & Friends First: Desperate Search in New Jersey for Killer After Federal Judge's Son Killed, Husband Hurt in Attack

David Zurawik: Tucker Carlson’s Racist Rhetoric Is ‘Hand in Glove’ with Trump’s Agenda

Sen. Tim Scott: Senate Democrats Decided Presidential Politics Trumps Existential Threat in Communities of Color

Harris Faulkner: Where Has Country Gone After Being in Agreement About 8 Minutes, 46 Seconds Causing Death of George Floyd?

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Fox News: DHS Corrects NYT, Says Federal Officers Trained Properly to Combat Declared Portland Riot

Chris Wallace Falsely Accuses Trump of U.S. Having Worst Coronavirus Mortality Rate

Trump: Democrat Run States Won’t Let Us Have Campaign Rallies

Chris Wallace Gets Fact Checked by Trump on ObamaCare Replacement Plan

Trump: I'm Not Offended by Confederate Flag or Black Lives Matter, Both are Free Speech

President Trump: Biden is ‘Not Competent To Be President’