Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CNN’s Lemon to Chris Cuomo: I Sent You a Six Pack of Corona

NBC Nightly News: CDC Considers Advising All Americans to Wear Masks

AP: Magnitude 6.5 earthquake strikes in Idaho

By The Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A large earthquake struck north of Boise, Idaho, Tuesday evening, with people across a large area reporting shaking.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports the magnitude 6.5 temblor struck just before 5 p.m. It was centered 73 miles (118 kilometers) northeast of Meridian, Idaho.

The Associated Press

Trump: I Want Every American To Be Prepared for the Hard Days That Lie Ahead

ABC7 Eyewitness News: Video Shows California Farm Workers Not Adhering to Social Distancing

Source: Twitter

Julian Castro: Coronavirus Crisis Demonstrated the Long-Term Problem that We Have with Housing Affordability

FOX News: Trump Pushing New $2 Trillion Infrastructure Coronavirus Stimulus

New York Doctor: ‘I Do’ Think an End to Coronavirus Crisis Is ‘in Sight’

Chris Cuomo Addresses Coronavirus Diagnosis on Radio Show: ‘I Am Fine, I Am Not the Story’

FOX News: New York Accounts for Quarter of U.S. COVID-19 Cases with 43,000 Confirmed

Dr. Amy Cho: Though Coronavirus involves Lungs, Large Portion of Patients Having Diarrhea

Secretary Pompeo: State Department Official Has Died from Coronavirus

Ashley Parker on Trump Extending the Social Distancing Guidelines: Advisers Told Him ‘You Will Own These Deaths’

Monday, March 30, 2020

Nigel Farage: ‘We Cannot Believe a Word Communist China Says’ About Coronavirus

Harris Faulkner: Biden’s ‘Stalled,’ Hard for Him To Be ‘Relevant’ Amid Coronavirus

NRA’s Ouimet: Some States Are Reversing After Trump’s ‘Guidance’ of Making Gun Stores ‘Essential’

My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell Encourages Americans to Turn Back to God

Sanjay Gupta: Donald Trump’s Actions Saved Lives

Trump: We’re Going to Have a Good Idea Over the Next 3 Days If Hydroxychloquine and Azithromycin Will Be Effective

Marc Thiessen: China ‘Has Been Lying from the Very Beginning’ About Coronavirus

FOX News: New Cases of COVID-19 Likely to Surge in California in Upcoming Weeks

FOX News: Macy's Announces Virtually All Workers to be Furloughed

Sec. Perdue: USDA Distributing One Million Meals a Week for Children During Coronavirus Outbreak

Sunday, March 29, 2020

WHO Epidemiologist: ‘Too Early To Tell’ If Recovered Patients Are Immune From Getting Coronavirus Again

Sec. Steven Mnunchin: The Stimulus Bill ‘Is Going To Be Enormously Successful’

Trump: I Don’t Want a High Approval Ratting for Coronavirus, I Want Our Life Back To Normal

President Trump: Extending Coronavirus Guidelines to April 30th, Peak in 2 Weeks, Expected Recovery by June 1st

President Trump: Coronavirus Relief Funds to be Delivered through State Unemployment Systems

Sen. Graham Slams Pelosi as ‘Shameful, Disgusting’ for Blaming Trump for Coronavirus Deaths

Rep. McCarthy: Nancy Pelosi Wants a Fourth Coronavirus Bill To Fund Liberal Priorities

Fox News: First NYPD Officer Dies From COVID-19

Sen. Cotton: China Has Blocked CDC Scientists and Kicked Out Journalists, a ‘Hallmark’ of a ‘Coverup’

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Front Page Index Clip of the Week: Watters’ World: Dr. David Price Explains How Transmission of Coronavirus Works

FOX News: Spain Seeing Continued Increase in COVID-19 Cases, Despite Two Week Lockdown

FOX News: Pope Francis Implores God over COVID-19 in Rainy, Empty St. Peter's Square

FOX News: COVID-19 Disaster Declarations Approved By White House In 14 States

President Trump Sends Off the USNS Comfort as It Departs to New York

President Trump on Potential Quarantine in Coronavirus Hotspots: ‘It Will Be New York, Parts of Connecticut, and Parts of New Jersey’

Friday, March 27, 2020

FOX News: Threats of Terrorist Attacks Emerging During Coronavirus Pandemic

FOX News: With 23 States having Stay-At-Home Order, National Order May Be Required to Slow COVID-19

Trump: ‘We’re Testing 100,000 Patients Per Day, More Than Anybody in the World’

Joe Biden Falsely Claims He Was a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

Mayor Eric Garcetti: We See in Traffic and Phone Data 99% of People Staying Home

Rep. Liz Cheney: ‘We Have Overcome Every Challenge We Have Faced, and We Will Overcome This One’

President Trump Signs the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Kevin McCarthy: If Employers Pay Employees Rent or Utilities with Relief Money, It is Grant, Not Loan

Kevin McCarthy: 3.2 Million Laid Off, More than Great Depression, Financial Crisis

CNN: U.S. Leads the World in Confirmed Number of Coronavirus Cases

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Trump on Passing Relief Bill: It Was ‘Very Painful’ Dealing with the Democrats

Laura Ingraham: Democrats Added $350,000,000 Refugee Assistance into Coronavirus Relief Bill

Mark Thiessen: U.S. on Lockdown Because Chinese Cared More about Suppressing Truth than Virus

Tucker Carlson: United States More Confirmed Coronavirus Cases of Any Other Nation

McCarthy Blasts Pelosi for Lying About Changes to the Coronavirus Bill: ‘An Outright Lie’

Tucker Carlson: How local leaders failed their cities

Leader McConnell: I Sent Senate Home Until April 20th, Virus Invaded Senate

Trump: I’m Profoundly Grateful Both Parties Came Together to Provide Relief for American Workers and Families

Supercut: Pelosi Short Circuits, Keeps Repeating Herself During Coronavirus Presser

Louisiana Gov.: Coronavirus ‘Is Spreading Throughout the State of Louisiana’

Cuomo Says Some People Could Start Going Back to Work with a Modified Public Health Strategy

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Italy Coronavirus Cases got Bad Because of Importation of Chinese Tourists

Leader McConnell: 'This is a Proud Moment', Senate Passes Phase 3 of Coronavirus Relief Bill

Dana Perino: Think There Will Be Things in $2 Trillion Relief Bill We Will Be Shocked By

Fox News: Gov. Cuomo Says Outbreak in New York Might Be Slowing a Bit, California Reports Fewer New Cases Today

Trump: ‘I Want To Thank the American People for Answering the Call, ... Making the Sacrifices Required To Overcome This Terrible Threat’

Trump: There Is Up to $250 Billion in Expanded Unemployment Benefits in the Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Prince Charles Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

FOX News: White House & Senate Reach Deal on Historic $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill

Cuomo: Spike in New York in 2-3 Weeks Could Mean Los Angeles 6 Days Behind

Sen. Hawley: China ‘Ought To Be on the Hook to Pay Back’ Some of the Financial Loss Felt Around the World

Fox’s Ingraham to Dr. Fauci: Would You Take Hydroxychloroquine?

Tucker: The Middle Class Could Be Wiped out By Coronavirus Lockdown

Dr. Birx: If You’ve Been to New York Recently, You Should Self-Isolate for 14 Days

Trump Reiterates Opening Country by Easter: We Have to Get Our Country Back to Work

Sen. John Kennedy: Federal Government would Demand Stock in Companies Receiving Collateralized Loans

Trump: We Will Lose More People to Recession/Depression than to Coronavirus

Trump: ‘There’s No Way I’m Signing the Deal’ with ‘Green New Deal’ Stuff in It

Pelosi Urges No Poison Pills, ‘Ideological Statements’ After Pushing Bill with Elements of the Green New Deal

Monday, March 23, 2020

Video Shows Los Angeles, Skid Row Homeless Not Adhering to Social Distancing Order, March 23, 2020

Cruz: ‘While Democrats Have Been Blocking this Bill, 1,073 Additional People Died’

Graham: Dems See the Coronavirus Bill as an Opportunity to Do Things They Could Not Do Otherwise

Steve Hilton Blasts Media for Calling COVID-19 Pandemic 'Recession', Gov't must 'Incentivize Businesses'

Sen. Thune: Everything Was Going Fine Until Pelosi Started to Demand Radical Policies Be Added to the Coronavirus Bill

Larry Kudlow: ‘The President is Right,’ Coronavirus Cure ‘Can’t Be Worse than Disease’

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Mitch McConnell on Dem Obstruction of Coronavirus Bill: We Need to Act Before the Markets Go Down Further

VP Pence: President's 15 Day Plan to Slow Spread at Coronavirus.gov

RELATED: President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines For America: A Plan to Slow the Spread for 15 Days

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blasts New York City Residents for Coronavirus Response

President Trump Authorizes National Guard Title 32 Status for New York, Washington, California

Gov. Hogan: ‘People All Over the Place Are Fighting As Hard As They Can To Fight This Hidden Enemy’

NYC Mayor Says April and May Will ‘Get a Lot Worse’ in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: FOX News: Italy Reports One-Third of Deaths in Global Coronavirus Pandemic

FOX News: New Study Details Lifespan of Coronavirus in Air, on Surfaces

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Dr. Mark Siegel: FDA Approves First Rapid Coronavirus Test, Shipping Next Week

CBSN: Los Angeles County Health Department to Quarantine COVID-19 Patients at Hotel in Pomona

CBS New York National Headquarters Closed due to Staff Testing Positive for COVID-19, Now Reporting from Los Angeles

NBC: Italy Reporting 793 Coronavirus Deaths in One Day, Outdoor Exercise Banned

President Trump: Hanes Clothing Company Is Retrofitting Its Manufacturing Capabilities to Produce Masks

Gov. Cuomo: ‘We Are Going to Send One Million N95 masks to New York City Today’

America's News HQ: Head of National Guard Refutes National Implementation of Martial Law at This Time

President Trump: ‘This Has Been a Week of National Action and of Great National Solidarity’

America’s News HQ: New York, State with Most Coronavirus Cases at More than 10,000

FOX News: FEMA Role to Supply All Governors with Requests, $2-$3 Trillion in Disaster Relief

FOX News: San Francisco Homeless Testing Positive for COVID-19 Placed in Trailers, RV's or Hotels

Friday, March 20, 2020

National Guard Tanks Arrive in San Diego, CA

Source: Facebook

FOX News: FOX Business Staffer Contracted Covid-19, NBC Staffer Passed Away After Testing Positive

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Broadcasts from Home While Self-Quarantined Out of Abundance of Caution

FOX News: 75 Million Americans in Four States Ordered to Stay Home Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Fox News: Americans Get a New Deadline to File Taxes

VA Secretary Wilkie: About 100 Veterans Across the Country Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Cavuto: DOW on Track for Worst Week Since 2008 Financial Crisis

Trump to NBC’s Alexander: I Say to Americans ‘that You’re a Terrible Reporter’

Trump: ‘We Inherited an Obsolete, Broken System that Wasn’t Meant for Anything Like This’

FOX News: New York Confirms 7,000 Coronavirus Cases, Leads Nation, Orders 100% Workforce to 'Stay Home'

FOX News: Study Revealed Patients with Digestive Issues May Have First Signs of Coronavirus

Thursday, March 19, 2020

CNN: Hospitality Service Worker Asks if Car Insurance, Auto Loan Forgiveness is Part of Relief Plan

Tucker Carlson Calls for Senator Burr to Resign and Face Prosecution over $1.7M Stock Dump

CNN: California First State to Issue Stay-at-Home Order for All 40 Million Residents

Adam Carolla Impresses Tucker with a Philosophical Take on Coronavirus Isolation

Swiss Coronavirus Prevention: Hand Washing Instruction Video Shows Deep Cleaning Method

Dr. Bill Bennett Talks to Martha MacCallum about How Kids, Families Can Learn to Cope with Changes

Dana Perino: ‘Tulsi Gabbard Dropped Out Today and Nobody Even Noticed’

Former FEMA Chief Rips out Earpiece, Calls ‘Bullsh*t!’ and Walks Off Interview on MSNBC

NBC’s Simmons: China ‘Helped’ the World by ‘Delaying’ Coronavirus, But Is Now ‘Worrying that They May Get Re-Infected ... from the Rest of the World’

Trump: We’re Working with Congress to Provide Additional Relief to Those Most Affected by the Coronavirus

Bernie Sanders Curses Out CNN’s Manu Raju; ‘I’m Dealing with a F****** Global Crisis, You Know?’

Trump: A Common Malaria Drug Has Shown Very Encouraging Early Results Against Coronavirus

Trump to FBN’s Burman Saying the Economy Has ‘Ground to a Halt’: ‘Thanks for Telling Us, We Appreciate It’

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tucker Carlson Tonight: American Survivor with Coronavirus Describes Onset of Symptoms, Recovery Process

Tucker Carlson Tonight: World Health Organization, French Researchers Suggest 'Don't Take Ibuprofen' for Coronavirus

Obama Ebola Czar on Trump’s Coronavirus Response: ‘I Feel Like We’re in 1786’ Under the Confederacy

Trace Gallagher: Stock Market Back to Levels of 2016 Trump Inauguration

NY State Assemblywoman: We Should Not Be Releasing Prisoners in the Middle of an Outbreak

Alex Datig: I Can’t Find Paper Products for My WWII Veteran Widowed Mom 100 Miles Away

President Trump: We Will Prevail Together, We Love The U.S.A.

New York Stock Exchange to Temporarily Close Trading Floor Over Coronavirus

Rand Paul on Coronavirus Bill: ‘Stop Being a Rubber Stamp for Wasteful Spending’, 'We were Elected to Prioritize the Truly Vital'

Kellyanne Conway Demands Reporter Name White House Official Who Said ‘Kung Flu’

John Roberts: There Will Be Spike in Cases as Backlog of Tests Inputted in System

FOX News: $500 Billion Cash Payments to Individual Americans to Begin as Early as April 6th

Gov. Cuomo Says Trump Is Dispatching the USS Comfort Hospital Ship to NY: ‘It’s Literally a Floating Hospital’

Gov. Cuomo: President Trump’s ‘Actions Demonstrate’ that He Has Our Backs

Trump: HUD Will Suspend All Foreclosures/Evictions Until the End of April

FOX News: 44 Million Kids Forced Out of School by Coronavirus, Switching to Online Learning

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Trace Gallagher: Trump Rescue Package Could Top $1 Trillion, Sharp Divide on Capitol Hill

FOX News: Biden Predicted to Win Florida, Illinois and Arizona in Democratic Primary

Trace Gallagher: China Demands Trump Stop Link to COVID-19, Blames U.S. Military

FOX News: Italy Reports One-Third of Deaths in Global Coronavirus Pandemic

Pence: Tens of Thousands of High Speed Automated Tests Will Be Available for the American People

FOX News: Trump Admin. Will Open Line of Credit for Businesses Affected By Lockdown

Sanjay Gupta: Trump Called Coronavirus Outbreak ‘Bad,’ America Should Listen to Him

Bernie Sanders Suggests Any U.S. Business That Receives Coronavirus Aid Will Have To Be Partially Government Owned

FOX News: White House Proposes $850 Billion Coronavirus Package, 90-Day Tax Deferrals

FOX News: Switzerland Warns Country's Healthcare System Could Collapse in 10 Days if Virus Keeps Spreading

Boris Johnson: Many More Families Are Going To Lose Loved Ones Before Their Time

De Blasio: ‘The Federal Government Prints Money’ and Should Give Americans Cash

Trump: ‘We Are Asking Everyone to Work at Home if Possible, Postpone Unnecessary Travel’

Piers Morgan: Britain's Healthcare Workers Running Out of Equipment, Feeling Undervalued

FOX News: Seven TSA Officers Test Positive for Covid-19 in Atlanta, Orlando, San Jose

Monday, March 16, 2020

FOX News: Most New Cases in Europe, Now Epicenter of Coronavirus Pandemic

Acting DHS Secy.: U.S. Domestic Travel Ban Is on the Table

De Blasio Snaps at Reporters Asking if Coronavirus Officials Threatened to Resign

Max and Mel Brooks Video Message on Social Distancing #DontBeASpreader

FOX News: World Map Shows U.S. Ranks 8th in Coronavirus Cases

Trump on Coronavirus: ‘If We Do a Really Good Job,’ We Can Be out of This in July or August

Gov. Cuomo: Federal Leadership Is Lacking, the Federal Government Needs to Set Guidelines

Newt Gingrich on Coronavirus: ‘This Is a War that Could Affect Any American’

MGM Temporarily Closing All Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Gov. Cuomo Praises Trump and VP Pence for Quick Response: ‘Kudos Where Kudos Are Due’