Saturday, February 29, 2020

FOX News: Tom Steyer Ends Presidential Campaign

President Trump: Our Country Must Be a Sanctuary for Law-Abiding Americans

Trump Rips ‘Low Life’ Mitt Romney at CPAC for Impeachment Vote

Joe Biden Says Jamie Harrison Is The Next President Of The United States

FOX News: Joe Biden Wins South Carolina Primary Caucus

FOX News: Health Officials Confirm Four New Cases of Corona Virus in U.S.

President Trump Confirms First U.S. Coronavirus Death: ‘Unfortunately, One Person Passed Away Overnight’

Friday, February 28, 2020

Joe Biden Says he is Open to Reparations 'Let's Look at a Study'

KPBS: Protesters Gather At Mexican Consulate, Demand End Of Cross Border Sewage Spills

RELATED: Protesters Gather At Mexican Consulate, Demand End Of Cross Border Sewage Spills

FOX News: Iwo Jima Veterans Gather in D.C. to Celebrate 75th Anniversary

FOX News: Trump Taps Rep. John Ratcliffe for Director of National Intelligence

Chris Wallace Says Trump Coronavirus Presser ‘Clearly Didn’t’ Ease Concerns: ‘The Next Day the Markets Fell’

Senator Tim Scott Highlights President Trump’s Accomplishments for Black Americans

Tom Steyer Says He’s Not Going to Work with Republicans: ‘I Would’ Use Executive Orders

Trump Jr.: For Dems to Hope Coronavirus Comes to U.S. and Kills Millions to End Trump’s Streak Is a ‘New Level of Sickness’

Dem Rep. Threatens Trump, Jr. for Saying Dems Want Coronavirus to Spread: He ‘Better Not Get Any Place Close to Me’

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mark Levin on Dem Coronavirus Criticism: ‘Last People I Want Playing Doctor are Schumer and Pelosi’

Crowd Chants ‘Four More Years’ When POTUS Takes the Stage at African-American History Month Reception

Pence: It Was Freedom, Not Socialism that Gave Us the Most Prosperous Nation in the History of the World

Fox News Montage: Buttigieg Copies Obama Rhetoric

McCarthy: To Have the Lead Candidate for the Democrats Sanders ‘Credit Fidel Castro Is Appalling’

Charles Payne: ‘Impact’ of Coronavirus on the Stock Market ‘Has Been Pretty Devastating’

Jenna Ellis: The New York Times Has Had a Systematic Pattern of Bias Against the Trump Campaign

Bloomberg Jokes About Dems Yelling at Each Other at the Debate Stage: ‘My Mother Would Have Shot Me’

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Frederick County Sheriff: Illegals Coming from Most Violent Countries on Face of Planet

The Ingraham Angle: Court Says Trump Administration Can Withhold Funds from Sanctuary Cities

Michael Bloomberg Says All 11 Million Illegals in the U.S. Should Be Put on a Path to Citizenship

Vice President Pence: Threat of Coronavirus to American Public Remains Low

President Trump: United States has 15 Cases of Corona Virus in Quarantine, Putting Vice President Pence in Charge

Crowd at Sanders Rally Cheers When Asked by the Speaker How Does It Feel To Be, ‘Radical,’ ‘Revolutionaries,’ and ‘Socialists’?

Bill Hemmer Reports: Trump Administration Launches New Unit to Revoke Citizenship from Offenders Who Hid Prior Convictions

Joe Biden on Sanders: ‘Americans Aren’t Looking for Revolution’

CBSN: Victims in Harvey Weinstein Case Speak Out Ahead of Rape & Sexual Assault Charges in Los Angeles

Mercedes Schlapp: Bernie Sanders Has a ‘Romance’ with Dictators Like Castro and ‘Marxist Ideology’

Trump Clashes with CNN’ Acosta in India: ‘You have worst record in history of broadcasting’

Steve Scalise: ‘The People Who Abused the FISA Process Need To Be Held Responsible’

Hillary Clinton: Weinstein ‘Contributed to Every Democrat’s Campaign’

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tucker Carlson: Judge Amy Jackson Corrupt, Authoritarian by Pre-Judging Roger Stone Juror Anti-Trump Bias

Dr. Ramin Oskoui Lays Out Case Why Bernie Sanders Needs To Release Medical Records After Heart Attack

Bernie Sanders: We Need to Bring Working People Back into the Democratic Party

Michael Bloomberg: ‘I Bought’ Democrat House

Amy Klobuchar: Not Realistic to Legalize Marijuana Without Making Sure there is Money for Treatment

Michael Bloomberg: Marijuana Should Not be Criminal, Scientists and Doctors Say Evidence of Research is Worrisome

Tom Steyer on Reparations: Commission Should be Formed to Re-Tell 400 Year Story of African Americans

Elisabeth Warren: Bloomberg Allegedly told Pregnant Employee to ‘Kill It’

Joe Biden: 150 Million People Died From Gun Violence Since 2007

Biden Loses Train of Thought, ‘Why Am I Stopping?’

Rahm Emanuel: A Bernie Sanders Nomination Will Lead to an ‘Electoral Defeat’

CNBC: Disney CEO Bob Iger to Step Down

Black Voter Who Voted for Obama on Supporting Trump: ‘Needed a Bull in a China Shop’

Tim Scott: If Biden Doesn’t Win S.C. by Double Digits, It’s Perhaps ‘the End of His Campaign’

Rose McGowan Celebrates ‘Huge Victory’ After Weinstein Verdict: ‘One Less Serial Predator on the Streets’

Gloria Allred: ‘Mr. Weinstein Is in a World of Trouble, and This Is Not Going to End for a While’

FOX News: Joe Biden Tells Crowd in South Carolina to Vote for Him for United States Senate

Monday, February 24, 2020

Adam Schiff Says He Spends Half His Day Inside Trump’s Head, Calls Bill Barr ‘Hand-Picked Hack’

Pete Buttigieg Has To Correct Himself After Claiming Black Women Are the Backbone of His Campaign

Bernie Sanders Says That Taxes Will Go Up 4% for People Making Over 29,000 Dollars

Joe Biden Says He Worked with Deng Xiaoping on the Paris Climate Deal, Xiaoping Died in 1997

Trump Announces $3 Billion to Supply India with the ‘Most Feared Military Equipment on the Planet’

Nancy Grace: Victim Showed Photos of Children to Weinstein Begging Stop Rape

Trace Gallagher: Harvey Weinstein Sent Directly to Prison after Verdict

Chris Matthews Apologizes to Bernie Sanders: I Will Strive To Do a Better Job of Elevating the Political Discussion

CBSN: Michael Jordan Honors Kobe Bryant with Tearful Eulogy ‘he can bring out the best in you’

Bill Hemmer Reports: Memorial Service Held for Kobe Bryant and Daughter Gianna

FOX News: DOW Dives 1,000 Points Wiping Out Gains for the Year

Hogan Gidley: Trump Can Get 125,000 People in a Stadium in India While Dems Can’t Pull 125

Bernie Surrogate Rep. Jayapal: ‘We Have a Health Care System that Literally Causes People to Die’

Fox News: Weinstein Found Guilty on First Degree Sexual Assault and 3rd Degree Rape

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bernie Sanders Cannot Say How Much His Policies Will Cost

Biden: Sanders Can’t Beat Trump and Help Democrats Take Control of Congress

Trump: Adam Schiff Leaked Report About Bernie Sanders and Russia

Elizabeth Warren: Its Time To Legalize Marijuana Federally and Close All Private Prisons

FOX News: Mexican Cartels Recruiting U.S. Children for Weapons and Drug Trafficking Along Southern Border

Jane Harman: Bill Barr Is Destroying His Legacy

Chris Matthews Suggests Democratic Establishment Better Off with Four More Years of Trump than Sanders

Hugh Hewitt: James Carville Is Living a Dream that Doesn’t Exist Anymore, that the Dems Can Stop Bernie

Tom Steyer: A $22 Per Hour Minimum Wage Is What American Workers Deserve

Chris Wallace Calls Tom Steyer out For Hypocrisy on Climate Change: Why Did You Invest in Fossil Fuels?

Bernie Sanders: Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Entitled’ to the Same Government Benefits as Citizens

Nat’l Security Adviser Robert O’Brien: ‘I Haven’t Seen Any Intelligence That Russia Is Doing Anything to Attempt to Get President Trump Reelected’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Sen. Warren: Bloomberg ‘Calls Women Fat Broads and Horse-Faced Lesbians’

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Fox News Projects Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucuses ‘Convincingly’

CBS News: Deficit of Volunteers Delaying Start of Nevada Caucuses at Several Sites

CBSN: Bloomberg Not on Nevada Caucus Ballot

CBSN: App Used in Iowa Scrapped as Shadow of Iowa Looms Over Nevada Caucus

Friday, February 21, 2020

Rod Blagojevich: I was Thrown in Prison for 8 Years for Practicing Politics by Handful of Corrupt Prosecutors

Obama 2008 Spox: If Trump Wins Wisc., the Path to the Presidency for Dems ‘Is Close to Zero’

Ignatius: The Rest of the World Is Preparing for the Prospect of Four More Years of Trump

Bernie Talks Bloomberg on 60 Minutes: Trump Would ‘Chew Him up and Spit Him Out’

Pollster Frank Luntz: The Best Indication that President Trump Will Be Reelected Is that 60% of Americans Say They Are Better off than They Were Three Years Ago

John Brennan Urges Anti-Trump Officials in Intel Committee Not to Quit, You Have ‘Solemn Responsibility’

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Tucker: Judge of Roger Stone’s Case Should Be Impeached

Warren: ‘I Am Not a Woman of Color’ So I’ve Never Been ‘Slammed into the Wall by a Police Officer’

Mark Steyn: Cherokee Dominatrix Warren ‘Horse-Faced Lesbian’ Comment Not Used Since Harris/Cleveland Presidential Debate

News.Com.Au: Aussie Mom Message about Bullying has gone Viral, Breaking People’s Hearts

Trump Mocks South Korean Oscars Winner ‘Parasite’: Let’s Get ‘Gone with the Wind’ Back

Joe Biden Says No One Will Be Deported in His First 100 Days

Katie Hill Says Biphobia Caused Her Resignation from Congress: ‘I Made the Right Call’

Angela Stanton King Says She’s ‘at a Loss For Words’ Because of Trump Pardoning Her

Tom Steyer on Las Vegas Debate: ‘I Saw the Person Who Won the Debate Last Night Whose Name Is Donald Trump’

Trump on Roger Stone Sentencing: McCabe and Comey Lied But They’re Not Getting in Trouble

Supercut: Dems, Media Panicking as Sanders Cruising Toward 2020 Nomination

Fox’s Judge Napolitano: Trump ‘Might Pardon Roger Stone Today’

Hillary Clinton: ‘I Made More Money than My Husband, a Common Experience Throughout Our Marriage’

Outnumbered: Roger Stone Sentenced to 40 Months in Prison

Bloomberg Takes Credit for Making Pelosi the Speaker and Starting the Impeachment Process

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Doug Schoen: 2020 Could Be a ‘Blow Out’ For Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Suggests We Only Have ‘7 Years’ To Stop Global Warming

Bloomberg on NDAs: These Were Entered into ‘Consensually’

Joe Biden Moves the Goal Posts on Needing To Win South Carolina

Elizabeth Warren Calls on Bloomberg To Drop out of the Race and ‘Take Your Ego out of This’

Sen. Warren: Bloomberg ‘Calls Women Fat Broads and Horse-Faced Lesbians’

Trump Delivers Remarks to Rural Stakeholders on California Water Accessibility

Steve Schmidt Erupts on Bernie Sanders and ‘Vile’ Supporters: If He Wins, ‘It Is a Death Sentence’ for Democrats

FPI: All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men Won’t Get Democrats to Build Consensus Again

Summary: For the 2020 Presidential Election, the Democratic Primary has already fallen on its face coming out of the gate in Iowa and barely saved face in New Hampshire. After impeachment proceedings against President Trump all but ended Former VP Joe Biden’s campaign, Bernie Sanders and the DNC have locked horns, while the rest of the Democrat Primary field desperately tries to reclaim its identity.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has convinced Americans, as long as she is at the helm as Speaker, Americans don’t have any confidence in her ability to build consensus.

Meanwhile, in her state of California more than 151,000 people are homeless with local leaders baffled on how to solve a problem they have known was in the making for the past 20 years.

In a surprising move, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hosted a forum with HUD Secretary Ben Carson and some of California’s leading officials who spoke of many issues, but offered no action items to deal with the immediacy of the state of emergency on homelessness.

Rod Blagojevich: Trump’s Putting an End to the Racist Injustice Caused by ‘Racist 1994 Crime Bill’

Bird’s Eye View Of The Line For President Trump’s Rally In Phoenix, Arizona

Newsom: ‘Disgrace’ the Richest State of California Has So Much Homelessness'

Newsom Calls for Everyone to Have a ‘Legal Right to Shelter,’ Calls for Federal Help

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Joe Biden: A Great Grand Parent of Mine Came to America Illegally During the Potato Famine

‘Hey, I Pulled a Pelosi!’ Things Take a Twist on ‘The Five’ When Jesse Watters Rips Up Donna Brazille’s Papers

The Ingraham Angle: DOJ Responds to WaPo Rumors ‘AG Barr Has No Plans to Resign'

Elizabeth Warren Surrogate Julian Castro Trashes Mike Bloomberg as 'Candidate with Most Baggage'

Bulls & Bears: Bloomberg Second in New National Poll, Qualifies for Nevada Caucus Debate

Bernie Compares Voting for Him to Voting for Nelson Mandela in South Africa

Trump Admits His Tweets Make Bill Barr’s Job ‘Impossible’

Pelosi: Trump Is Not Acquitted, ‘He’s Impeached Forever’

Fox’s Charles Payne Slams ‘Fake, Phony Black Leaders’ for Calling Trump Racist

‘Fox and Friends’: Trump Threatens to Sue ‘Everyone All Over the Place’ Over Total ‘SCAM’ Mueller Probe

Bill Hemmer Reports: Trump Commutes Blagojevich Sentence, Pardons Kerik, Milken

Hannity: Piers Morgan Slams CNN, Media Over Anti-Trump Rage

Monday, February 17, 2020

Sen. Graham: ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ Was Set to Destroy the Trump Campaign

Rep. Banks: California’s ‘CalPers’ Pension Fund Union Invests Billions in Chinese Surveillance Company

Bernard Kerik: New York's Criminals Applaud Bail Reform, Squeegee Men Making Comeback

Lou Dobbs Goes Off on the Idea DoJ Is ‘Independent of the President,’ Invites Viewers To Vote in Poll

FOX/NASCAR: Ryan Newman’s Car Crashes, Flips in Final Lap of Daytona 500

CNN Reports Nevada Democrats Are Forecasting Similar Technical Meltdowns as in Iowa

Indicted Giuliani Affiliate Lev Parnas May Face New Charges from Federal Prosecutors

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg: 'If State Continues to Rely on Current Standards to Build Affordable Housing, it will take until 2037 to take every Homeless Person off the Street in the Bay Area'

Source: Unhoused: Addressing Homelessness in California

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer: Resources Inadequate for Scope of State's Homeless Crisis, Government Must be Compelled to Act

Source: Unhoused: Addressing Homelessness in California

Joe Biden: Illegal Immigration Is ‘a Gift’ to the U.S., ‘The Reason Why Our Economy Is Growing’

Bloomberg: Black and Latino Males Don’t Know How to Behave in the Workplace

FOX News: 1000+ Frmr. DOJ Officials Call for AG Barr to Resign

Dan Bongino: ‘Liberals Really Can’t Stand’ Fast Cars, ‘American Muscle’ and Patriotism

Fox Host Cuts Off Contributor Jessica Tarlov for Saying Trump ‘Cheated on All Those Wives’

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger: What do You do with 60 FEMA Trailers for the Homeless in California?

Matt Gaetz: ‘I Want To Know Why Bruce Ohr Is Still Working at the Department of Justice’

America’s News Headquarters: Air Force One Flies Over Daytona 500 Speedway

Guy Benson: ‘Ludicrous’ for Dems to Talk About Impeaching Bill Barr

Tom Steyer: I Want to Come in First or Second in Nevada, I Campaigned here More than Anyone Else

Steve Bannon: Bloomberg, Hillary Combo Attempt at Desperate Personal Vendetta

President Trump’s Limo, The Beast, Leads Lap at Daytona 500

Trump at the Daytona 500: ‘NASCAR Fans Never Forget That No Matter Who Wins the Race, What Matters Most Is God, Family and Country’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Home Depot Co-Founder: Not Enough People Like Me to Pay for What Dems Want to Do

Doug Collins: Pelosi ‘Needs to Take a Vacation...We Need to Put This Nightmare’ of Impeachment ‘To Bed’

Biden Defends Detaining Migrant Kids: ‘We Kept Them Safe’, Grilled By Jorge Ramos

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Warren Spox on Her Fading Candidacy: ‘Misogyny Is a Factor’

FOX News: U.S. Prepares for Pandemic as 67,000 Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed Worldwide, Death Toll 1,500

FOX News: 100 Tactical Border Patrol Officers to be Deployed to Assist ICE, DHS in Sanctuary Cities including Los Angeles, New York

FOX News: DOJ Taps Outside Counsel in Flynn Case, Roger Stone Makes Bid for New Trial

Ex-Clinton Aide Rips ‘Defective Product’ Mike Bloomberg After Report He’s Mulling Hillary as Running Mate

Zelensky Tells CNN He Told Trump to ‘Please Stop’ Saying Ukraine Is Corrupt

CNN’s Reston on Nevada: The First 6 People I Talked to Did Not Know that Caucus Was Coming

Anderson Cooper: Bloomberg Stop & Frisk Apology Political, Backed it in 2018

Friday, February 14, 2020

FLASHBACK: Rand Paul Filibuster on the Patriot Act, “James Clapper Lied to a Congressional Committee, a Felony.” - May 20, 2015

John Brennan: Investigation into CIA ‘Silly’

Lou Dobbs: ‘I Have Serious Questions About the Integrity’ of the DOJ Under Bill Barr