Friday, January 31, 2020

Leader McCarthy: Members Leave Democratic Party Because Pelosi Wanted to Appeal to Socialist Base

Chris Cuomo Lectures GOP: Society Isn't Failing, Politicians Who Choose Tribe and Trump Over Truth Are

Tucker Carlson: Colleges, Universities Should be Made Responsible for Defaulting Student Loans

Rep. Johnson: Vote to Acquit Next Wednesday, Dems Opened Pandora’s Box by Weaponizing Impeachment

Rep. Nunes: Bernie Sanders Iowa Win Would Mean Takeover of Dem Party by Extreme Left

Lou Dobbs: ‘Why in the World’ Would McConnell Agree to Hold Acquittal Vote Until After SOTU?

Michael Moore: DNC Letting Bloomberg on the Stage Because ‘He Has a Billion F*cking Dollars’

Tucker Carlson: Left in Meltdown Mode as Impeachment Fails

Senate Votes to Reject on Motion to Call Witnesses

Jay Sekulow: What Adam Schiff Proved Is There Was Not an Impeachable Offense

Supercut: Trump’s Inevitable Acquittal Not Going over Well

Meacham: Trump Will Become the ‘Most Powerful President in American History … Functionally a Monarch’

British Flag Removed from EU Council Building

FOX News: Vote on Trial Witnesses in Next Few Hours, Enough Votes to Stop 51 to 49

Schumer: ‘This Country Is Headed Toward the Greatest Cover-Up since Watergate’

Chuck Schumer Scolds Kamala Harris for Laughing During the Impeachment Press Conference

Trump: ‘We Are Dismantling the Criminal Organizations that Make Large Scale Human Trafficking Possible’

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Trump: ‘Registered Democrats and Independents Are Leaving the Democrat Party’

Trump: ‘Today’s Democrat Party Is Run By Left-Wing Extremists Who Want To Massively Raise Your Taxes’

Chad Pergram: Dems Do Not Have Votes to Extend Senate Trial to bring Witnesses or Documents

Steve Scalise: Why Does Adam Schiff Need More Witnesses After Saying He Has Made His Case?

Carter Page on Suing DNC: ‘First Step’ for ‘Big Things To Come’

Robert Ray: Otherwise Lawful Conduct Doesn’t Become Illegal Because There’s a Personal Benefit Involved

Tucker: Impeachment Trial Is Like a Bad Reality Show

Cipollone: It’s Not Right To Accuse Somebody Falsely of Something and Then Say ‘Unless You Waive Your Constitutional Rights, You’re Guilty’

Rand Paul: If We ‘Dumb Down’ the Standard of Impeachment, We Risk Impeachment Just For Anybody

The Five: Vote to Acquit President Trump Soon as Tomorrow

Trump: ‘The USMCA Is an Especially Big Win for American Autoworkers’

Schumer: It Looks Unlikely That We’ll Have Enough Republican Votes To Call Witnesses

Rick Scott on Impeachment: ‘There Is Nothing New; We Just Get to Hear Adam Schiff Lie and Rant’

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Claims President Trump ‘Will Not Be Acquitted,’ Even If He Is Acquitted

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Lou Dobbs Rages at ‘Turncoat’ Bolton: What a ‘Petty Snarling Lilliputian’ He Is!

Tucker: Three Senate Democrats Know that the Impeachment Is a Hoax

Tucker Carlson: Impeachment Trial World's Dullest, Fraudulent Exercise in Partisan Politics

Kellyanne Conway: Bolton Book Could Be Leaking Classified Information

Dershowitz: Dems Would Not Say It’s Unlawful to Hold Aid to Israel So They Stop Building Settlements

Nick Oberheiden Appears on ‘On the Story’ to Discuss Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl

Rep. Zeldin to Members of the Media: ‘You’re Doing a Great Job as Schiff’s Shills’

Chuck Schumer: Hunter Biden Is Irrelevant and a Distraction

Bret Baier: USMCA Is the Single Biggest Bipartisan Legislative Victory for Trump And His Admin

President Trump: 25 Years After NAFTA, the United States Lost Nearly 1/4 of All Its Manufacturing Jobs

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

CNN’s Toobin Clashes with Alan Dershowitz: You’re the Only Scholar Who Equates Maladministration with Abuse of Power

Hannity Unloads on John Bolton: ‘Stop Playing Games,’ Come on the Show and Explain Yourself

Trump on the Democratic Party: ‘Voters Are Making a Mass Exodus from That Party’

Shaquille O’Neal Reflects on Kobe Bryant

Pat Cipollone Closing Statement: ‘This Should End Now’

Sen. Graham Predicts There Will Be 51 Republican Votes to Call the Bidens, the Whistleblower and the DNC Staffer

Adam Schiff: ‘I Can Tell You What My Testimony Is; He’s Guilty and Should Be Impeached’

Rep. Schiff: ‘Pretty Clear’ Bolton’s Book Has a Lot To Do with His Refusal to Testify Earlier

Mike Huckabee Reacts to Bolton News: ‘It’s a Lack of Integrity, Honor’

Reporter to Cruz: ‘Hunter Biden Got a Job Because His Dad Was VP; If That’s a Crime, Shouldn’t Half Your Children Be in Jail?’

FOX & Friends First: Federal Appeals Court to Hear Arguments on Trump Travel Ban

FOX & Friends First: Trump to Unveil Israel-Palestine Peace Plan at White House

John Bolton’s Former Chief of Staff Appears on Fox to Urge Him To Withdraw Book

Monday, January 27, 2020

Tucker: John Bolton Has Betrayed Trump, That’s Who He Is and Always Has Been

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Pam Bondi Did an Effective Job of Showing How Sleazy the Hiring of Hunter Biden Was

David Bahnsen Appears on FBN’s ‘Making Money with Charles Payne’ To Discuss Stock Market

Chuck Todd Compares Ken Starr to ‘Bank Robber Complaining that Banks Were Too Easy to Rob’

Chris Wallace Scolds Katie Pavlich During Heated Exchange on Impeachment: ‘Get Your Facts Straight!’

FOX News: Poll Shows Biden Leading 2020 Democratic Primary

Ken Starr: No Crimes Have Been Alleged in the Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

Ken Starr: President Denied Basic Rights Afforded To Every Other President, House Was Oath-less, Could Throw Out Own Rules

Trump: ‘I Haven’t Seen a Manuscript But I Can Tell You Nothing Was Ever Said to John Bolton’

Ken Starr: Impeachment Has Become a Weapon To Be Wielded Against One’s Political Opponent

Stephanopoulos on John Bolton’s Draft Manuscript: ‘A Seismic Shock’

Adam Schiff: John Bolton ‘Testimony Should Be Public’

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Tower Communications/Radar Show Kobe Bryant Helicopter N72EX Sikorsky Crashes North of Los Angeles

FOX Poll: 48% Say Enough Information to Make Decision on Impeachment

Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden Known as 'Amtrak Senator,' When Running Late Would Hold Train, Son on Amtrak Board

Matt Gaetz: John Bolton Isn’t Negotiating His Testimony, It’s About His Book Advance

Alicia Keys: We’re Standing Here in the House that Kobe Bryant Built

Los Angeles County Sheriff: 9 Passengers On Board of Calabasas Crash, Lashes Out at TMZ, All 9 Perished

Front Page Index Clip of the Week: FOX News: Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash in Calabasas California, He Was 41 Years Old

Adam Schiff: My ‘Heads on a Pike’ Comment About GOP Senators Wasn’t Personal

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pat Cipollone: Democrats Hid Evidence in First Three Days, Not Confident About Facts in Their Case

CBSN: Adam Schiff Accuses Trump of Threatening Life of Whistleblower

MSNBC Reports: White House Presentation Was Enough to Make Some Republican Senators Lean Against Witnesses

Elise Stefanik and Mark Meadows Laying Out What to Expect During Trump’s Defense

Philbin Calls Out Schiff for Lying About Russian Collusion

Jay Sekulow: ‘President Trump Has Placed Holds on Aid a Number of Times’

Jay Sekulow: ‘President Trump Has Placed Holds on Aid a Number of Times’

Pat Cipollone: House Democrats Did Not Tell You that Burden Sharing Was Addressed on the July Call

Friday, January 24, 2020

FOX News: Adam Schiff Falsely Alleges White House Threatened GOP Senators

Tucker Carlson Says Adam Schiff May Be ‘Dangerous to the Country’ If He Believes What He’s Saying on Ukraine

Rep Hakeem Jeffries Compares Trump to Terrorists Who Attacked America on 9/11 and Nazis in WWII

FOX News: Rpt. Obama Says Sanders Unfit to Battle President Trump

Warren Confronted About Remarks to Father Who Paid for His Child’s College Education

Trump: Together, We Must Protect, Cherish, and Defend the Dignity and the Sanctity of Every Human Life

Peter Schweizer: Why did Hunter Biden get $1 Million a Year from Ukrainians for 3 Years?

FOX News: Newly Declassified Docs Show Half of FISA Applications Lacked Probable Cause

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Rep. Mike Johnson: Dems Doing Harm to Their Cause, Case Could Have Been Presented in One Hour

Mark Levin: Senators Are Interfering with Our Elections

Alan Dershowitz: Dems Kept Presenting Irrelevant Material Which Would Never Be Allowed in a Regular Trial

Ari Fleischer: Democrats ‘Concede that the President Has Not Committed a Crime’

Gloria Borger Highlights Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Hypocrisy

Nadler References Hamilton’s 1792 Letter to George Washington, Graphic He Used Said It’s from 1972

Nadler: The Articles of Impeachment Against Trump Among the Most Serious Charges Ever Brought Against the President

Rep. Meadows: The Only Cover-Up Is of Schiff’s Involvement with Whistleblower

Tulsi Gabbard Repeatedly Refuses to Explain How Hillary Clinton’s ‘Defamation’ Cost Her $50 Million

Sen. Lindsey Graham: I Don’t Think Joe Biden’s Corrupt, But I Don’t Think He’s Beyond Being Looked At

Tucker Carlson Shows Flashbacks of Dems Working Against Trump from the Start

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Jay Sekulow: Without Question, The President Will Be Acquitted

Rep. Collins: Democratic Primary Presidential Field Clown Car Can't Win

Robert Ray: The Framers Did Not Want Impeachment To Be Turned into a Political Weapon

Trey Gowdy: GAO Said President 'Broke Law' People Assuming it was Criminal Law

Jay Sekulow: Schiff Talked About Quid Pro Quo, Notice What’s Not in the Articles of Impeachment

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Praises Adam Schiff’s Presentation: ‘It Was Dazzling’

Adam Schiff: The President Misconduct Cannot Be Decided at the Ballot Box

Adam Schiff: This Matter Cannot and Should Not Be Decided by the Courts

Adam Schiff Defends Joe Biden While Presenting Case for Impeaching Trump

Trump: Fake News Media Got Pulitzer Prizes for Coverage About Me, Stories Turned Out to be Wrong

Trump on Hillary Clinton’s Bashing of Bernie Sanders: ‘She’s the One that People Don’t Like’

Trump: ‘Nadler, I’ve Known Him a Long Time, He’s a Sleazebag, Everyone Knows That’

Trump Endorses Prolonging Senate Trial: ‘I Would Interview Bolton, I Would Rather Interview a Lot of People’

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

FOX News: Senate Passes Leader McConnell Trial Rules

Alan Dershowitz: The Framers Would’ve Rejected House Articles of Impeachment

Pat Cipollone: Democrats Spent the Entire Day Saying They Have No Evidence

Sen. Jeff Sessions: Senate Trial is Fishing Expedition after Impeachment Not Sustainable

Jay Sekulow: Democrats’ Impeachment ‘Violates the Constitution of the United States’

Pat Cipollone: Partisan Impeachment Like Stealing an Election, Denying American People's Vote

FOX News: Dem Managers Claim Trump Lead Impeachment Attorney is Material Witness

FOX News: Trump Adds 8 House GOP Allies to Impeachment Defense Team

Rep. Schiff Wrongfully tells Senate Trail Judge is Not Appellate Court Judge

Sen. Schumer on Impeachment: We Are Doing this Because We Believe We Have Constitutional Duty

Rep. Schiff says McConnell Isn’t Leading a Fair Trial

Jon Meacham: McConnell Will Go Down in History as the Great Master ‘of the Means of Power’

Monday, January 20, 2020

Alex Datig: While Homeless Die on Streets, California Governor Gives 4 Million Illegals Health Insurance

Source: Daily Caller

Peter Schweizer Calls Biden Family Members Who Cashed in When He Was Vice-President the ‘Biden Five’

NBC: 200 Cases of New Deadly Corona Virus Confirmed, China Origin Suspected

Tucker to Mainstream Media Sowing Fear Towards Virginia Pro-Gun Rally: It’s Possible They Were Hoping for Violence

Tucker Carlson Tonight: One Year From Today Next President Will Be Inaugurated

Kellyanne Conway: ‘The President Will Not Be Removed from Office and He Will Be Reelected’ in 2020

Reince Priebus: The ‘Killswitch’ Says That Even If All Allegations Were True, There Will Be No Crime

President Trump and VP Pence Visit Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in D.C.

Black Gun Rights Activist: ‘Not Fair to Disarm Somebody Who Has No Criminal History’

Grayson County Sheriff: ‘If the Bills Go Through as Proposed, They Will Not Be Enforced’

Black Gun Rights Activists: ‘Black Americans, Asian Americans, Americans in General Care About the 2nd Amendment’

MSNBC’s Melvin Describes the Richmond 2A Rally Goers as ‘Thousands of Gun Rights Activists, White Nationalists, Militia Groups’

CNN: Threats Which Caused Va. Gov. Northam to Call for a State of Emergency ‘Have Simply Not Emerged’

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Mark Levin: If Impeachment Process is Corrupt, Why is Senate Having a Trial?

Rep. Doug Collins: 71 of 78 Days President Not Allowed to Participate in Impeachment Process

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Who Determines if President's Executive Privilege Applies?

Hugh Hewitt on Meet the Press Discussing the Weak Impeachment Case of House Democrats

Waters: Trump’s ‘Causing this Nation To Be an Unsafe Situation’ for Black Americans Will Motivate Their Voting

FOX News: 70-Year Old Man Evicted, Stabs Landlady, Shoots, Kills 2 Police Officers, Sets Home on Fire in Hawaii

Steve Scalise: Swing Voters Are Furious with Pelosi’s Impeachment Obsession

Adam Schiff Dodges Answering Whether Lev Parnas Is Credible

Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘If We Call One Witness, We’re Gonna Call All the Witnesses’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Dr. Drew Pinsky: California Law Prevents Mental Illness from Being Addressed in Homeless Population

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Gov. Newsom Admits California ‘Nowhere to be Found’ on Homeless Crisis, in the Making for Decades, Especially Bad in Past 10 Years

Dr. Gina Loudon: Nancy Pelosi Only Uses Constitution When She Can Trample On It

Fox News: Iowa Democratic Voters Undecided in Final Caucus Stretch

Little Girls Hold Signs, Yell ‘F*ck Donald Trump’ at Los Angeles Women’s March

Source: Twitter

Chris Wallace Skeptical of Trump’s New Legal Team: Do They ‘Each Have Their Own Axe to Grind and Their Own Ego to Fill?’

ICE Director: Bill de Blasio’s Sanctuary Policy ‘Sole Reason’ 92-Year-Old Maria Fuertes Is Dead

CNN’s Toobin Confronts Dershowitz: You’re Pretending You’re ‘Objective Observer’ and Not ‘Donald Trump’s Lawyer’

Fox News: Biden Paid Female Staff Less than Males for Decades

Friday, January 17, 2020

Dr. Drew Pinsky: California Law Prevents Mental Illness from Being Addressed in Homeless Population

FOX News: Iwo Jima 75th Anniversary Organizers Seeking Surviving Veterans

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Happy to Have Received ‘More than Was Planned’ in Aid from Trump

Juan Williams Jokes About Sanders/Warren Post-Debate Exchange: ‘Not Right Now, Honey … I Think I Have a Headache’

VP Pence: ‘We’re Going to Get Four More Years and Latinos for Trump Are Going to Lead the Way’

Trump Drops Impeachment Joke During LSU Ceremony: ‘They Are Trying to Impeach SOB’

FOX News: Trump Legal Defense Team to Include Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Kevin Sabet: Nine States Rejected Marijuana Legalization Last Year

Trey Gowdy on Barr Being Called a ‘Rouge Attorney General’: It’s Not a Crime To Be Friends with Rudy Giuliani

Sen. Lindsey Graham: 'New Evidence Same as Old Evidence,' We're Going to Base Our Vote on House Record

ABC’s Dan Abrams Sets Fire to the Prospect of Bolton Testifying: ‘Not Happening’

Alex Datig: California Governor Newsom Says Likely Half the State Has Shelter Space Emergency

President Trump: Senate Trial 'Current Hoax, Stock Market at 29,000'