Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Brett Tolman: At Stake, Selling Access to White House Through Son of VP Biden, Top Officials Aware of Conflict of Interest

FOX & Friends First: 11 House Republicans Urge AG Barr to Appoint Special Counsel to Investigate Hunter Biden Laptop

Peter Schweizer: I Would Get Visit from FBI, If I Tried to Funnel Money From Flagged Account For Corrupt Russian Oligarch Liked to Organized Crime

Chis Cuomo Claims AG Bill Barr Says Allegations Against Joe and Hunter Biden are 'Baseless'

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Joe Biden Calls Allegations Hunter Biden and Family Profited Off Biden Name 'Garbage'

Newt Gingrich: Facebook Is Now Employing Xi Jin Ping’s Method of Controlling the Population

Hannity to Joe Biden: We Have a Camera Outside Your House Right Now, Go out and Answer Pressing Questions

Ken Starr Slams 50+ Former Intel Officials for Wrong Russian Disinformation Call on Hunter Biden Laptop

Rudy Giuliani Says He Turned Over Hunter Biden Written, Photographic Materials, Alleging Child Endangerment, to Delaware Police

Fox News: F.B.I./DOJ Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop, Hard Drive Not Russian Disinformation

Fox News: Minneapolis Residents Sue City Council For Lack of Police, Blame ‘Defund Police’ Movement

Fox News: DOJ Files Lawsuit Against Google in Antitrust Case

Trump: Hunter Info on ‘Laptop from Hell,’ AG Barr Must Appoint Special Counsel, Must Act Fast, Before Election

Sen. John Kennedy: Every Reputable Journalist Should Be Investigating Hunter Biden Story

Fox News: Trump Campaign Manager Says Muting Mic at Debate Gives Commission Editorial Control

Fox News: Biden Campaign Has Not Addressed Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

Monday, October 19, 2020

VP Pence: The American People Have A Right To Know About the Business Dealings of Biden Family

Matthew Trymand: Wife of Former Moscow Mayor Who Sent $3.5 Million to Hunter Biden Has Russian Mafia Ties

Herschel Walker: Democrats Want to Defund the Police, Who Came Up with That Stupid Idea?

John Solomon: Joe Biden Left Office Broke, Million in Debt, Almost No Assets, Needed to Get Rich Quick

John Solomon: Bevan Cooney Emails Show Joe Biden Directly Assisting Hunter Biden Business Deals, Meeting with Chinese

Ted Cruz: Who Wants a Bunch of Silicon Valley Billionaires Deciding Who Gets To Speak and Who Doesn’t?

Tucker: Up To 8 Million Americans Have Slipped Into Poverty Over Coronavirus Lockdowns

11 Million People Still Unemployed During the Pandemic

Fox News Obtains Alleged Hunter Biden Materials

Sol Wiesenberg: Hunter Biden Laptop is Media Double Standard, Where was Skepticism with Steele Dossier?

OAN: Former Hunter Biden Associate Bevan Cooney, Now Jailed, Turns Over 26,000 Emails to Reporter

Bernard Kerik: Hunter Biden Emails Show, Joe Biden Lied, Evidence of Criminality is Overwhelming

Trump: “I Think Today Biden Is Staying In The Basement Talking To His Lawyers, They Caught Him Cold.”

Fox News: 11,000 Ballots Rejected in Florida Because Signatures Did Not Exactly Match

DNI Ratcliffe Says Biden Laptop Not Part of Russian Disinformation Campaign: ‘There’s No Intelligence that Supports That’

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fox News: NYPD Retirement Up 87% from 2019 Amid Defunding of Police Efforts

Rudy Giuliani: Hunter Biden Never Registered as Foreign Agent with DOJ, Every Meeting was Violation

Rudy Giuliani: No F.B.I. Investigation of Hunter Biden Laptop, Ukraine Outline Given to U.S. Attorney in January at Direction of Attorney General

Mark Levin Explains How Media Launched ‘Propaganda Campaign’ as Distraction from Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

Trump: I Don’t Know Why We Wouldn’t Win California

Flashback: Kamala Harris Says She Is Open To Giving Terrorists and Rapists the Right To Vote, August 29, 2019

Biden Surrogate Jenna Arnold Dodges Questions on Hunter Biden Scandal

Maria Bartiromo to Sen. Ron Johnson: Does Grand Jury Subpoena Suggest F.B.I. Investigating Child Pornography Issue on Hunter Biden Laptop?

Sen. Ron Johnson: Multiply Magnitude of Biden Allegations by Taking What Was Proven False Against Trump

Sen. Ron Johnson: We Are Finding More Validation Hunter Biden Computer Emails Are True

Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA): Joe Biden Needs To Answer Questions About Corruption

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Rudy Giuliani: Biden is Racketeering Case Where Biden Family Was Selling Joe’s Office to Highest Bidder

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Flashback: Hunter Biden: ‘I Won’t Serve On Any Boards or Work Directly for Any Foreign Entities When My Dad Becomes President’, October 15, 2019

Rudy Giuliani: Computer Technician so Repulsed by Hunter Biden Hard Dive, Said He Wanted to ‘Vomit’

Full Show: Behind The Badge with Bernard Kerik

Joe diGenova: If FARA Violations on Hunter Biden Hard Drive, It Should Have Been Investigated

Full Show: Behind The Badge with Bernard Kerik

Flashback: Adam Schiff Says Calling Hunter Biden as Impeachment Witness ‘Irrelevant, Immaterial,’ January 22, 2020


Flashback: Hunter Biden Claims He Has Not Received ‘One Cent’ from His Chinese Business Dealings, October 15, 2019

Joe Biden Snaps at CBS Reporter for Asking About NY Post’s Bombshell Hunter Biden Story

Friday, October 16, 2020

Flashback: C-SPAN: Joe Biden Confesses to Bribery, January 23, 2018

Hunter Biden’s former Business Partner Bevan Cooney, Who is In Jail, Provides New Emails Verifying VP Biden Meeting

Tucker Carlson: We Received Non-Public Information Proving Conclusively, Laptop was Hunter Biden’s

Rudy Giuliani: Hunter Biden a Drug Addicted Bagman for His Father, Enough Evidence for Conviction

President Trump: We Aren’t Just Running Against Biden but Big Tech and Media

Rudy Giuliani: Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Called Computer Merchant ‘Can I Have My Client’s Hard-Drive Back?’

Brett Tolman: Text Messages Show Hunter Biden Conveyed Access, Privileges Not Available Without Payment to His Father

Richard Grenell: Big Tech New York Post Censorship a Clear Violation of Federal Election Law

Fox News: 19 House Members Send Letter to F.B.I. Asking Did They Have Hunter Biden Laptop During Impeachment


Trump: Biden Family A Disgrace, An Organized Crime Family, No One Asked About Hunter Corruption at Softball Town Hall

Trump: Seniors Will Be the First in Line for the Vaccine, and We Will Soon Be Ending This Pandemic

Joe Concha: Savannah Guthrie’s Husband was Chief of Staff to Al Gore’s 2000 Presidential Campaign

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Biden: If I Lose, It Could Say That I Was a Lousy Candidate

Bret Baier: The Tone and Tenor of Both Town Halls Were Completely Different

The Evening Edit: DEA Makes Historic Drug Bust in Southern California, Deals Major Blow to Cartels

Laura Ingraham: Savannah Guthrie Came Across Like an ‘Angry Liberal Hack’

Joe Biden Tells Black Voter: Drug Abuse Doesn’t Cause Mental Illness, Mental Illness Causes Drug Abuse

Joe Biden Scrambles Answering Town Hall Question: Besides ‘You Ain’t Black’ What Do You Have to Say to Young Black Voters?

Joe Biden Agrees Raising Taxes in Weak Economy is Wise, Says K-Shaped Recovery Would Grow Economy

Joe Biden Fails to Answer Question on How He Would Contain Pandemic Without Crushing Economy

Tucker: How Did Joe Biden Live Extravagantly All These Years on a Government’s Salary?

Sen. Ron Johnson: F.B.I. Had Hunter Biden Computer During Impeachment Proceedings, Did Nothing With It, Need to Explain Why

Rudy Giuliani: Biden is Racketeering Case Where Biden Family Was Selling Joe’s Office to Highest Bidder

Lou Dobbs: Twitter, Facebook Censor Biden Bombshells Just Weeks After Execs Join Transition Team

Sen. Cruz: ‘Silencing the Media Is a Direct Violation of the Principles of the First Amendment’

Committee to Defend the President: The Biden-Harris Bailout

Fox News: C-SPAN Suspends Steve Scully Indefinitely After He Admits He Lied About His Twitter Feed Being Hacked

Rudy Giuliani: Hunter Biden Violated Foreign Registration Act, For Which Paul Manafort Went to Jail

Montage of Joe Biden’s Answers on Speaking with Hunter About Overseas Business Dealings

Rudy Giuliani: Text Messages Make It Clear, Biden Lied, Had Meeting with Number Two Person of Burisma in 2015

Trump: Twitter and Facebook Are ‘out of Control,’ Basically the Third Arm of the DNC

Sen. Cruz Says that the Senate Judiciary Committee Will Vote on Tuesday to Subpoena Twitter CEO

Sen. Cruz: ‘Right Now, Jack Dorsey Is Just Behaving as Joe Biden’s Press Secretary’

EXCLUSIVE: Rudy Giuliani's Reaction to Documents and Photos Found on Hunter Biden Harddrive

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sen. Hawley: Jack Dorsey’s Statement on Twitter Ban Is an Insult to the American People

Tucker on Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Calling NY Post’s Article Ban ‘Not Great’: Writes Like a Child, Manages One Too

Tucker: After Hunter Biden Abandoned Computer at Repair Shop, Owner Took Possession, Turned Over to FBI Last Year, Kept Backup, Gave to Giuliani

Trump: We Did Not Come This Far ... Only To Surrender Our Country Back to the Depraved Washington Swamp

President Trump on social media bias: The easiest thing to do is repeal section 230

Hunter Biden Coverage on Special Report With Bret Baier

President Trump: Barron Is Doing ‘Fine’ After Testing Positive for Coronavirus, #UPDATE Barron Trump Now Testing Negative

Kamala Harris: SCOTUS Proceedings Lack Legitimacy, Hearing Has Done Nothing, Rush to Confirmation

Judge Barrett: ‘I Unequivocally Condemn Racism’

ICYMI: Gowdy on ACB: They Are Not Going To Stop Her, This Is About Retaking the Senate and 2020

Biden: If We Do Not Find an Answer Within the Next 19 Years, Every Single Solitary Bed that Exists in the U.S. Will Be Occupied By an Alzheimer’s Patient

Gov. Cuomo Blames Nursing Home Staff for ‘Bringing’ Virus into Facilities, Causing Mass Death

Sen. Feinstein After Judge Barrett Explains ‘Severability’: ‘I’m Really Impressed’

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Chris Hayes to Chuck Schumer: It Strikes People as a ‘Little Nuts’ for Pelosi To Strike Down Covid Stimulus Bill

Newt Gingrich on Pelosi’s CNN Meltdown: Her Past-Due Date Has Already Expired

Wolf Blitzer Ends Nancy Pelosi’s Interview on Failed Stimulus Negotiations, ‘Everyday is Critical, People on Street Begging for Food’

Nancy Pelosi Reads CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Riot Act, Calls Blitzer ‘A Republican Apologist,’ ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About’

Fred Fleitz: Senators DOJ Docs Request Issue, Texts McCabe was Promoting Steele Dossier, Weaponizing FBI to Destroy Trump Candidacy

Fred Fleitz: To Say FBI Withheld ‘Shortcomings’ of Memo from FISA Court is Vast Understatement

Sarah Sanders: ACB Ran Circles Around the Liberal Mob and Made Them Look Small

Sidney Powell: Nelly Ohr Fluent in Russian When She Joined Fusion GPS, Got Ham Radio License, Communications Not Tracked by NSA

Sen. Kennedy: Kamala Harris Just Called You a Liar; Are You a Liar?

ACB: ‘I Have the Integrity to Act Consistently with My Oath and Apply the Law as the Law’

Cory Booker Asks ACB 'Do You Condemn White Supremacy?' Says He Wishes President Trump Did As Well

Hirono to ACB: ‘Have You Ever Made Unwanted Requests for Sexual Favors or Committed any ... Assault of a Sexual Nature?’

Amy Coney Barrett ‘Wept’ with Her Multiracial Family After George Floyd Death

John Roberts: You Don’t Need Notes When You’re The Smartest Person in The Room

Amy Coney Barrett: My Life Experiences Have Given Me Empathy, Compassion, Won't Dictate How I Decide Cases

Judge Barrett: ‘Sen. Klobuchar, I Can’t Speak to What the President Has Said on Twitter’

Amy Coney Barrett Holds Up Empty Notepad During Confirmation Hearing

Sen. Mike Lee: ‘A judge is not a policymaker’

Tim Murtaugh: There’s No Way that Joe Biden Can Match the Energy and Enthusiasm that President Trump Has

Monday, October 12, 2020

Rep. James Comer: $35 Million No-Bid Contract Awarded to Pro-Biden, Partisan Firm to Conduct Voter Outreach Program

Tucker Carlson: Witness Describes Moments Leading Up to Shooting and Killing of Denver Security Guard

The Ingraham Angle: Maxine Waters Veteran Opponent Joe Collins New Ad Gets 3 Million Views in Less Than 48 Hours

CNN: California Secretary of State Launches Investigation Into CAGOP ‘Fake Ballot Drop Boxes’

The Evening Edit: Historic Amounts of Fentanyl, Methamphetamine Seized at Border

Jonathan Turley: It’s Fair to Ask Joe Biden on His Lack of Clarity to His Position on Court Packing

Anderson Cooper Shows Signs of Shock and Dismay Listening to Song ‘Macho Man’ Being Played at Trump Rally

Hannity: Joe Biden Way Beyond Occasional Campaign Gaffes, Could Represent Clear and Present Danger to Country

Andy McCarthy: Argument Amy Coney Barrett Put on Supreme Court to Overturn Obamacare ‘Absurd’

Mark Thiessen: In 2016, 26% of Voters Favored Trump Because of Supreme Court, Reason Why He Is President

Crowd at Florida Trump Rally Chants ‘We Love You’

Jim Jordan: Biden Not Answering Court-Packing Question Tells Us They’ll Do It

Flashback: Fox News: Joe Biden Tells Crowd in South Carolina to Vote for Him for United States Senate, February 25, 2020

Jim Acosta Reports that Trump Fans Are Chanting He ‘Sucks’

Joe Biden Makes Two Gaffes in Two Days of Campaign Speeches

Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Portland, and New York City under Democratic leader ship. Vote for Joe Biden is a vote for socialism and mob rule. #VoteRed #MAGA #Trump2020 #LawAndOrder

Joe Biden Says He’s Running for the Senate

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Brit Hume Calls Biden Senile: ‘Been Obvious to Careful Watchers for Some Time’

Richard Grenell: Twitter Locked My Account Because I Posted Ballots That Were Sent to Dead Individuals

Flashback: CNN: Media Confronts Minneapolis Mayor ‘Where are Police, Firefighters, where is National Guard?’, May 28, 2020

Michael Moore: Current Minimum Wage, Pro-Life Laws Are ‘Acts of Violence’

Keith Obermann: “Trump’s supporters must be removed from society...”

Biden and Harris Hold a Campaign Event in Arizona and the Local News Can’t Believe That Not One Supporter Showed Up!

Flashback: Devin Nunes: Joe Biden Can’t Answer Why Hunter Biden Received 3.5 Million From A Russian Oligarch, Oct. 4, 2020

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Mike Pence: 60 Million Contracted Swine-Flu, If As Infectious as COVID-19, 2 Million Would Have Died

Biden’s Deputy Campaign Manager Doesn’t Understand Difference Between Poll and Constitution

Lindsey Graham: ‘The Parade Of Horribles’ That Will Come if Democrats Win ‘Is Unbelievable’

President Trump Says He No Longer Has Covid: ‘Your President Is in Very Good Shape’

Katrina Pierson: Now that President Trump Is Medically Cleared, He Will Be Back out on the Trail

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Rudy Giuliani: Word ‘God’ Taken Out of Democratic Platform, Convention in 2012

Lou Dobbs: VP Debate Moderator Also Pelosi’s Biographer, Failed to Ask Harris Hard Questions

Dan Bongino: Biden Campaign Biggest Con-Job in History, Lying to Both Liberal and Moderate Democrats

Joe Biden: ‘You’re Trying Your Breast, But It Never Feels Like It’s Enough’

Ken Starr: Biden, Harris Making Terrible Decision Not to Reveal Choice for Supreme Court

Herschel Walker: America a Country of Unity that Comes Together, Forgives, Teaches

President Trump Thanks Americans for Their Prayers

President Trump: Biden Couldn’t Even Use the Words Law Enforcement in the Debate

Friday, October 9, 2020

Joe Biden Moves His Mask So He Can Cough Into His Hand

Source: Twitter

MSNBC: Chris Hayes Suggests Michigan Sheriff Shows Sympathy Toward Kidnappers in Governor Whitmer Plot

Sol Wisenberg: Gen. Flynn was Subjected to Perjury Trap, Case Ready to be Dropped November 2016, No One Knows Who Kept It Open

Jason Miller on Second Debate Cancellation: ‘This Is What Happens When the Swamp Strikes Back’

Gingrich on Pelosi’s 25th Amendment Talk: Biden Should Be ‘a Little Insecure’

Chris Wallace Calls out Biden for Dodging on Court-Packing: ‘Foolish’ and ‘Impossible’ for Him Not To Go on Record Before Election

VP Mike Pence: ‘Joe Biden, the Democratic Party Have Been Overtaken by the Radical Left’

Pompeo on Clinton Emails: ‘There Will Be More to See Before the Election’

Rush Limbaugh Caller: It’s Easy for Democrats to Call All People Racist, Because Nobody Wants to Be a Racist

Rush Limbaugh: 25th Amendment Commission Trial Run to Kick Out Biden, Replacing with Harris