Thursday, June 4, 2020

Fmr. CIA Officer: Groups Allied with Bernie Bros and AOC Are Back with Fire Bombs and Bricks

Rodney Floyd on His Brother George Floyd: ‘He Would Stand Up for Any Injustice Everywhere’

Sharpton: The Reason We Could Never Be Who We Wanted and Dreamed of Being Is You Kept Your Knee on Our Neck

FBI Director Christopher Wray: Anarchists Like Antifa and Other Agitators Are Pursuing Violent Extremist Agendas

Bernard Kerik Cites 2019 FBI Crime Stats, Arrests, Use Of Force, Police Shootings by Race

Ashton Kutcher: People Posting ‘All Lives Matter’ Shouldn’t Be Canceled, They Should Be Educated

Floyd Family Attorney Ben Crump: ‘Do Not Cooperate with Evil, Protest Against Evil’

Crowd Boos De Blasio at George Floyd Memorial in Brooklyn

Trump Says ‘Something Snapped’ in Derek Chauvin

Bernard Kerik: ‘I Would Have 10,000 Cops, 10,000 National Guard to Secure New York City’

In Wake of Protests, Dem Rep. DeLauro Slams Reopening of the Economy

De Blasio: ‘An Attack on Any One of Our Officers Is an Attack on All of Us’

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Announces Cuts to LAPD

DeSantis: We Want to Hold the RNC Convention and I Think We Can Do It in a Safe Way

Newsmax: Project Veritas Video Shows ANTIFA Training Anarchists How to Attack Cops Causing Serious Injury

Fox’s Ingraham: ‘Offensive’ For James Mattis To Attack the President Who’s Trying To Bring Order

Giuliani: NYPD Arrested 650 People Who Just Destroyed Millions Worth of Property, Now Back On Street

Sacramento County Sheriff: National Guard Assistance to Us Is Very Important

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Bernard Kerik: Gov. Cuomo Signed NY Bail Reform Law Letting Criminals Arrested for Mayhem Right Back On Street

Milwaukee Police Officer Stuns As He Explains Why He Was On The Phone Distracted When Media Asked Question

Tucker Carlson: Some Leaders Thrilled, Kneeling Before Mob, Feel Nothing as Our Nation Descends into Anarchy

Greg Gutfeld Invokes David Dorn Killing To Blast Chris Cuomo’s Defense of Non-Peaceful Protests

President Trump on His Strong Record for African Americans

Congressional Black Caucus Chair Disagrees with Black Lives Matter’s #DefundThePolice Demand

Bill Hemmer Reports: Minneapolis AG Announces Charges Against Fired Officers in George Floyd Death

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond on How to Talk to Your Kids About Racism and Police Brutality

Nancy Pelosi: I Am Indeed Concerned About the Public Health Because of the Protests

John Kennedy Slams De Blasio: ‘Not Qualified to Run a Hot Dog Stand’

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Fox News: Las Vegas Police Officer on Life Support After Being Shot During Protest, 4 Officers Wounded in Missouri

Fox News: Los Angeles Protesters Demand Defunding of Los Angeles Police Department

Fox News: 8th Night of National Protests Brings More Gun Toting, Brick Throwing Rioters

CNN: Peaceful Protesters and Los Angeles Police Near Mayor Garcetti’s House in a Stand-Off

LA Police Commission Caller Unleashes Fury 'LAPD is Gestapo', Mayor's 'Career is Over'

Pelosi, Holding a Bible, Urges Trump to Help the Country Heal

Sen. Chuck Schumer Falsely Claims President Trump Ordered Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets on Children

Tucker: America’s Core Problems Are Economic

Retired Police Captain Shot Dead Protecting Store from Looters

Source: Twitter

RELATED:  Retired St. Louis police Captain David Dorn 'murdered by a looter' outside pawn shop

KTLA: Los Angeles Police Commission Meets in Wake of Regional Unrest - Live Meeting

Bill Hemmer Reports: Protests, Looting Continues in Southern California

CBS 8 Las Vegas: Separate Shootings During Protest Leave Metro Officer on Life Support, Suspect Dead

Fox Philadelphia: Looter Fatally Shot by Gun Shop Owner in South Philadelphia

Cuomo Says De Blasio Can Be ‘Displaced’ and that He Can ‘Take Over the Mayor’s Job’

Geraldo: I'm Shocked Cuomo Has Not Yet Deployed the National Guard in New York

Fox News: LAPD Commander Cory Palka Takes a Knee in Hollywood with George Floyd Protesters

Monday, June 1, 2020

Fmr. Antifa Member: Antifa Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Recruit in Colleges Just Like ISIS

Breaking911: A Police Officer Struck by Vehicle in New York, Leg Appears to be Broken

Tucker: Enforcing the Law Is Not White Supremacy

Leo Terrell: Democrats Slow to Respond, Don’t Want to Give Trump Victory, Black Voters Want Law and Order

Fox News: President Trump Walks to Visit Historic St. John's Church in D.C., Holds Up Bible

Trump: I Will Deploy the U.S. Military, Dispatching Soldiers and Police to Restore Security and Safety in America

CNN: George Floyd’s Family Arrives at Minneapolis Memorial Site

Trump Calls Protesters ‘Terrorists’ and Urges Governors to Seek ‘Retribution’

Rudy Giuliani: If You Can't Make Decision to Defend a Police Precinct, You Shouldn't be Mayor

Rioters Attack NYPD Van on Fourth Avenue, in Manhattan’s East Village, Just Below Union Square

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Fox News: High-End New York Boutiques Louis Vitton, Chanel, Looted, Gutted

Bernard Kerik: Mayors Afraid to Do The Right Thing for Political Reasons, Once Peaceful Protest Goes Bad, It's Over

Fox News: Historic St. John's Church Set On Fire in Washington D.C.

Gowdy on Floyd Killing: I Think It’s a Murder One Charge

George Floyd Protester Steals ATM Trying to Use Public Transportation as Get-Away Vehicle

Source: Twitter

Fox News: 22 Cities Across the Nation Imposing Curfew Tonight

Bill de Blasio: Last Night NYPD Officers Bricks, Stones, Chards of Glass Thrown at Them, Teeth Knocked Out

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Ted Williams: You Go in Store and Steal TV, What in the Hell does That have to do With George Floyd?

Fox News: Looting in Philadelphia, 13 Police Officers Injured from Prior Night of Unrest

CNN: Protesters Take to the Streets in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Fox News: Anarchist in Philadelphia Destroy Half Dozen Police Units, Vandalize and Set On Fire

Pelosi: 80 Percent of People Arrested in Minneapolis Not from the Area

Fox News: Seattle Most Violent and Destructive Riot in 20 Years, Police Slow to React

Fox News: 18 Cities Across the Nation Imposing Curfews Tonight

Keith Ellison: We Need to ‘Refocus On Justice for Mr. Floyd and Negative Behavior, Looting, Arson, Does Not Help Us Achieve That Goal’

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Hit By Rubber Bullet and Tear Gassed While Covering Minneapolis Protests

Fox News: Nearly 1,400 Arrests Made in 17 U.S. Cities Since Thursday

Saturday, May 30, 2020

BLAZE TV: Man Defending Business Beat with Skateboard, Pelted with Rocks in Dallas Unrest

Source: Twitter

ABC News: 14 States Have Activated Plan to Activate National Guard

NBC4: Two LAPD Police Cruisers set On Fire in Pan Pacific Park during George Floyd Protest

Trump Congratulates Elon Musk for Successful SpaceX Dragon Launch

Trump: I Stand In Firm Opposition to Anyone Exploiting this Tragedy to Loot, Rob, Attack and Menace

Gov. Cuomo: ‘New York City Is Going to Open on June 8’

NASA TV: SpaceX Dragon Launch Launches Successfully into Space

CBS L.A.: 533 Arrests, 6 Officers Injured Over George Floyd Protests in Downtown L.A., More Protests Expected Tonight

Source: CBS Los Angeles

Minn. AG Keith Ellison: ‘The Greater Bulk of the Violence and the Arson Is Being Done by External Forces’

Bill Barr: Peaceful Protests Are Being Hijacked by ‘Far Left Extremist Groups Using Antifa-Like Tactics’

Dem Rep. Cleaver: We Have Professional Anarchists

Fox News: 2 Security Guards Shot in Oakland, SUV Plows Through Crowd of Protesters in San Jose

Fox News: More than 1,000 Army, National Guard Troops to be Deployed to Minneapolis

Friday, May 29, 2020

Fox News Leland Vittert and News Crew Attacked by Protesters While Reporting from Outside White House

Source: Twitter: Jorge Ventura Media @VenturaReport

CNN’s Nick Valencia Reports Live as Large Firecracker Explodes Inside CNN Headquarters

CBS L.A.: Protesters Throwing Bottles of Feces, Horse Shoes at Passing Cars, as LAPD Declares Unlawful Assembly

Fox LA: LAPD Setting up for Major Defense of Department Headquarters in Downtown L.A. (Source: @BillFOXLA)

Leo Terrell: I Am Shocked No Democratic Lawmaker is Standing Up To These Criminals in Past 72 Hours

CBS Los Angeles: Reports of Police Officer Down Amid George Floyd Protests in Downtown L.A.

KTLA: LAPD Officer Trying to Detain Protester Attacked after Squad Car Windows Smashed in Downtown L.A.

Source: Twitter

Fox News: Crowd of Protesters Growing In Front White House

Glenn Greenwald on Arrest of CNN Crew: ‘Clear Abuse of State Power,’ ‘Direct Attack on a Free Press’

Tucker Laments Double Standard: ‘Normal’ People Must Follow ‘Countless New Rules,’ Rioters ‘Get To Ignore’ Them

George Floyd Protesters in Atlanta Vandalize, Break Windows at CNN Headquarters

Minneapolis Council Member: All Four Officers ‘Were Involved and Complicit in the Cold, Calculated, Cruel Killing’ of George Floyd

Trump Says He Spoke to the Family of George Floyd: ‘The Family of George Is Entitled to Justice’

Fox News: New Video Shows Four Officers Involved in George Floyd Incident

Sen. John Kennedy: Officers Who Watched Floyd Murder Should Bear Responsibility, Rioters Must be Prosecuted

Trump: We Will Be Today Terminating Our Relationship with the World Health Organization

Kevin Hassett: ‘Fact-Checking Has Become a Political Weapon’

Bill Hemmer Reports: AG Bill Barr Says Federal Government Will Look at Civil Rights Violations in George Floyd Incident

Hennepin County Attorney: Officer Derek Chauvin ‘Has Been Charged with Third Degree Murder’

Thursday, May 28, 2020

CNN: Media Confronts Minneapolis Mayor 'Where are Police, Firefighters, where is National Guard?'

CNN: National Guard Deploys to Minneapolis

MSNBC: Trump Calls Out ‘Radical Left’ Minneapolis Mayor for Allowing Thugs to Dishonor Memory of George Floyd

CNN: Unconfirmed Reports by City of Minneapolis, Gas Lines Cut at Police Precinct, City Warns Explosives Inside

CNN: Riot Police Deployed in Kentucky for Crowd Control of George Floyd Protestors

Elie Honig: Burning Minneapolis Police Precinct is Act of Arson, Serious Crime, Must Be Real Consequences

CNN: Protesters Set Minneapolis Police Precinct No. 3 On Fire Over George Floyd Death

CNN: Protests Over George Floyd Death Spreading to Denver, Phoenix, Columbus, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Tucker: MSM Are Telling Us to ‘Relax’ as Minneapolis Rioters Are ‘Civilly Smashing the Cash Registers’

Hannity Condemns Cops Involved in George Floyd Killing

Tucker Rips Logic Behind Los Angeles Mask Order

Trump: I Would Consider Shutting Down Twitter and Social Media Companies

Fox News: Trump Executive Order Removes Liability Shield from Social Media Companies Who Engage in Censorship

Bill Hemmer Reports: Minneapolis Police Release Body Cam Video of George Floyd Incident

Minneapolis Police Chief Says Many People Involved in Rioting, Looting Not from City

Kayleigh McEnany: Twitter Was Not Fact-Checking Chinese Propaganda Blaming Covid on the United States Military

Outnumbered Panel Discussing Social Media and Mark Zuckerberg

Bill Hemmer Reports: White House Calls George Floyd Arrest Video 'Appalling'

Andrea Jenkins: You Have Every Absolute Right To Be Angry but You Have No Right to Perpetrate Violence

Rep. Maxine Waters Says Cop Who Kneeled on George Floyd ‘Enjoyed’ It, Blames Trump

John Dowd: ‘Staggering’ Mueller’s ‘dream team’ put on such a fraud

Source: Fox News: Gregg Jarrett: Trump attorney accuses Mueller of 'monstrous lie and scheme to defraud'

Fox News: AG Barr Taps U.S. Attorney John Bash to Review ‘Unmasking’ Around 2016 Election

Pelosi on George Floyd: ‘American People Saw an Execution’

Pelosi on Facebook, Twitter: Their Business Model Is to Make Money at the Expense of the Truth and the Facts

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Minneapolis Looters Savagely Attack Disabled Woman in Wheelchair

Anderson Cooper: ‘It Is Hard To Say Good Evening Tonight’ with 100,000 Covid Death Milestone

Tucker Discusses Big Tech Censorship

Breaking911: Rioters looting Target store in Minneapolis

Minneapolis Protestors Looting Target

NBC4 Video Shows Black Lives Matters Protestors in Los Angeles Vandalize California Highway Patrol Unit

Source: Twitter

Bernard Kerik: George Floyd was Not Resisting, He was in Handcuffs, ‘I don’t get it’

Bret Baier: President Trump Expected to Sign Executive Order Regarding Social Media Companies

Nancy Pelosi Quotes Chinese Proverb: ‘Every Crisis’ Is an Opportunity

President Trump on George Floyd Death: Very, Very Sad Event, We’re Going to Get a Very Full Report

Scalise: The FISA Process Was Abused and Those Who Abused It Haven’t Yet Been Held Accountable

Cuomo Goes on Rant Against Sen. Scott, McConnell: ‘It Is Un-American’ Not To Bail out the States

NY Post: Black Man Who Died After Cop Put Knee on His Neck ID’d as George Floyd

Kevin McCarthy: The Constitution Is Very Clear on This, the Founders Believed We Should Assemble

Fauci: ‘We Can’t Stay Locked Down for Such a Considerable Period of Time that You Might Do Irreparable Damage’

Tucker: Hundreds of College Students ask Trump to Cancel Foreign Worker Visas Amid Jobs Crisis

Trace Gallagher: SpaceX & NASA's Historic Space Mission 'Crew Dragon' to Lift Off

Hannity on Amy Cooper Video: ‘Shocking, Sad, Pathetic’

CNN’s Cuomo: Cops Who Get Fired For Police Brutality Seldom Get Charged

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Harlem Residents on ‘You Ain’t Black’ Comment: It Was ‘Funny,’ Because He Tried To Have ‘Swag’

Brit Hume Hits Back at CNN Mask Criticism: Biden ‘Looked Ridiculous,’ Masks ‘Not Necessary’ Outdoors

Tucker Carlson Blasts Media Hypocrisy Behind ‘Mask Rage’


Bill Hemmer Reports: Acting DNI Grenell Declassifies Flynn/Kislyak Transcripts Prior to Leaving Post

Mike Huckabee: ‘Biden Was Not Wearing a Mask ... That Was to Keep Him from Talking’

Fox News: African-American Man Dies After Video Shows Minneapolis Police Officer Kneels on His Neck

Larry Kudlow: ‘The Third Quarter Could Be the Fastest Growing Quarter in U.S. History’

‘Journalists Are Not Above Being Questioned’: Kayleigh McEnany Fires Back at Chris Wallace

Monday, May 25, 2020

Camden County Sheriff: Social Distancing Is Not a Crime That’s Why I Couldn’t Shut Down Lake of the Ozarks

Charlamagne Tha God Says Biden Apology Isn’t Enough: ‘The Best Apology Is A Black Agenda’

Fox News: More than 1.2 Million Service Men and Women have Died Since WW ll, 81,900 Missing

CNN Special Report: Beijing Waited For Six Days to Announce a Pandemic

President Trump Attends Wreath-Laying Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery

CBS DFW: Former Congressman Allen West Recovering From Motorcycle Crash Near Waco

Source: Allen West, Candidate For Chair Of Texas GOP, Injured In Motorcycle Crash: ‘I Am Alive By The Grace Of God’

President Trump: The American Flag Will Fly Forever

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Robert Ray: Rice Memo Effort to Sabotage Incoming Administration, Build Shadow Government

Joe di Genova: Rice Memo Shifted Blame to James Comey, ‘Who I Predict’ Will Be Indicted

John Solomon: Declassified Susan Rice Memo Sent 15 Minutes After Trump took Office, Designed to Create Record Nothing Went Wrong

Joe di Genova: Obama had Multiple Opinions from FISA Court Judges Accusing Him of Illegally Accessing NSA Databases