Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Peter Navarro: ‘I’m Seeing at Least 32,000 on the Dow’ in 2020

CNN: Protesters Attack U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Over Airstrikes

FOX News: Joe Biden Says He Is Open To Republican Running Mate

FOX’s Chaffetz: Is the IRS Giving Hunter Biden Preferential Treatment?

Monday, December 30, 2019

Secy. Ben Carson: Local and State Govt. Should Cooperate on Homelessness Instead of Throwing Firebombs at Feds Wanting to Help

FOX News: Peter Strzok Accuses Federal Government of Violating Rights to Free Speech and Privacy

Photo, Video Shows Los Angeles Fairfax District Homeless Human Waste, Trash in Alleyway Across the Street from CBS Studios

FOX News: Rep. John Lewis Diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Texas Church Shooting Hero: ‘It Is Between Four and Six Seconds from Start to Finish’

YouTube Live Stream Video Shows West Freeway Church of Christ Shooter Open Fire, Shot By Armed Guard

Hanukkah Stabbing Suspect Pleads 'Not Guilty' to Five Counts of Attempted Murder, One Count Burglary

Mike Pompeo Throws Cold Water on Long-Rumored Senate Run: ‘Not Something I Want to Do’

Mike Huckabee Blames the Education System for Hanukkah Stabbings

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Town Hall America: Police Departments Confront 'Crisis' as More Officers Die by Suicide than Line of Duty

Battle of Iwo Jima Survivor Hershel "Woody" Williams Starts Foundation to Honor Gold Star Families

Texas Official: Church Shooter ‘Had Multiple Contacts with Law Enforcement’

FOX News: Multiple People Shot at Texas Church, at Least 2 Dead, Gunman Shot

FOX News: U.S. Conducts Air Strikes Against Iran-Backed Proxy Forces in Iraq, Syria

FOX News: Rabbi Calls Out Mayor De Blasio Over Inaction on Growing Anti-Semitism in New York

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: Dan Bongino: More People In Line For Bathroom At Tump Rally Than People At Biden Rally

Trump Tweets Video to Pelosi, Newsom, Shaming San Francisco Homeless Crisis

Source: @realDonaldTrump

Sen. Richard Blumenthal: 5 to 10 GOP Sens with ‘Misgivings’ May ‘Draw the Line’ at Coordinating With Trump on His Trial

VP of the Anti-Defamation Center for Extremism: ‘We’ve Seen a 17% Increase’ in Anti-Semitic Incidents Since January

Saturday, December 28, 2019

FOX News: Five People Reportedly Stabbed at Synagogue Hanukkah Party

FOX News: Trump Blasts California, New York Over Growing Nationwide Homeless Crisis

Maria Bartiromo's Wall Street: Verizon CEO Discusses Amazon-Verizon Partnership, 5G Wireless Capacity

Actress Lily Tomlin at Climate Protest: ‘No More Real Christmas Trees’

At a Climate Protest, Jane Fonda Talks About ‘Evils’ of Palm Oil’s Use in ‘Vaginal Lubricant’

Friday, December 27, 2019

FOX Business: Netflix Tops List of Past Decade's Best Performing Stock Winners

WSJ at Large: Five Overvalued, Overhyped Companies of 2019

FOX News: 11 Congressional Democrats Call on John Durham to Resign

Chuck DeVore: California’s Progressive Left Policies are Killing the State

MSNBC: Booming Economy, Rising Wages Are ‘a Late Christmas Present,’ Concerning for Democrats

The Daily Ledger: ‘Stop the Poop’ Founder, Baron Partlow, on the Tijuana Sewage Crisis

The Five: F.B.I. Investigating Madam Allegedly Assisting Epstein in Cover-Up of Sex Crimes

CNN: Trump Searching for Next Secretary of State while Pompeo Mulls Over Senate Bid

FOX News: AOC Accepted Campaign Donations from Billionaire Tom Steyer in 2018

FOX & Friends First: Pete Buttigieg Calls For Decriminalization Of All Drugs Including Meth, Cocaine and Heroin

CBSN: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Will Continue Ruling Leading Party After Winning Contest

NY Times Obtains Video of Navy SEAL Testimony Against Pardoned Eddie Gallagher: ‘The Guy Is Freaking Evil’

CNN: Iowa Caucuses Polling Is a ‘True Mess’

Hannity Panel: There Will Be More Abuses in FISA Court If AG Barr Doesn’t Do Something Drastic

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Stephanie Hamill: Residents Of California Deserve Better, Homeless Crisis Needs To Be Solved Immediately

Dinesh D'Zouza: Democratic Leadership Cultivated Homeless Crisis, Created by Liberal Jurisprudence

Ben Carson: Plan To Act On Homeless Crisis, Stumbles On Lack Of Urgency In Sacramento

Alex Datig: Partisan Impeachment Killing People In Los Angeles Homeless Crisis, While Homeless Are Used As Political Pawns

More About Seth Leibsohn

FOX News: California Gov. Newsom '1/3rd Housing Vouchers Unused' but Demands 50,000 Housing Vouchers from Federal Government

FOX News: HUD Report Shows 16.4% Increase in California Homeless Population to Blame for 2.7% National Increase

FOX News: President Trump Threatens Federal Action on California Homeless

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

President Trump: ‘On Behalf of the Entire Trump Family We Wish Everyone a Joyous and Merry Christmas’

FOX News: Cardinal Dolan Shares His Christmas Message

FOX News: Travelers at Five U.S. Airports Exposed to Measles

LAPD Christmas Tribute to Patients at Children’s Hospital

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Puts Hillary Clinton on His ‘Naughty’ List for 2019

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan Thanks Men and Women of Customs and Border Protection

CBS News: Pope Francis Delivers Christmas Message from Vatican City

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Soldier's Christmas Poem

The poem that a soldier wrote about Santa coming and visiting a soldier.

The poem was recorded by Father Ted Berndt of Wisconsin as a tribute. Berndt is also a former Marine and World War II Veteran and is a recipient of the Purple Heart.

The original poem was actually written by a former Marine Corporal James M. Schmidt. Schmidt was stationed in Washington, D.C. in 1987 when he wrote the poem originally titled "Merry Christmas, My Friend." - More

Narrator's Facebook page

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Think They Can Fix Cities By Editing Speech

President Trump Holds Teleconference with Members of the Military

ABC7: Blueface Facing Criticism Following Video Showing Rapper Tossing Cash to People on Skid Row

FOX News: House Democrats Raise Prospect Of New Impeachment Articles to Compel McGahn Testimony

America's Newsroom: Trump Signs Bills To Fund Government, Defense, Military Space Force, USMCA

Ingraham Angle Panel: Nobody Buys Trump’s Impeachment

Devin Nunes’ Christmas and New Years Message: ‘No More Fake News’ in 2020

Trump: Pelosi ‘Is Doing a Tremendous Disservice to the Country; They Have No Evidence at All’

Jerry Falwell Jr.: Christianity Today ‘Reminded Us There Is an Elite Establishment Among the Religious Community’

Mark Steyn: These Young Bernie Sanders Supporters See Him as a Surrogate Father/Grandfather

Monday, December 23, 2019

Joe Concha: Impeachment Going Down As Worst Decision Nancy Pelosi Ever Made As House Speaker

Dan Bongino: More People In Line For Bathroom At Tump Rally Than People At Biden Rally

Trey Gowdy: FISA Necessary, Policies Only Good As People Implementing Them

Trey Gowdy: Impeachment Is Political Not Judicial Trial

FOX News: U.S. On High Alert For Possible North Korea "Christmas Gift" Missile Launch

Sen. John Kennedy on Impeachment: ‘It Was as Fixed as the Carnival Ring Toss’

Mitch McConnell: Speaker Pelosi Withholding Impeachment Papers Is ‘Absurd’

Maxine Waters on Trump: ‘He’s a Dishonorable Human Being Who Deserves To Be Impeached’

New GOP Rep. Jeff Van Drew: Democrats Told Me to ‘Obey’ and Vote for Impeachment

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sen. Graham: Pelosi Withholding Articles of Impeachment From Senate Is Like Extortion

President Trump: “There’s no impeachment.”

CNN’s Stelter: We See Impeachment ‘Flat Line’ in Polling Partly Because of ‘Fox News Talk Radio Firewall

FOX News Sunday: Wreath Company Owner Lays 2.2 Million Wreaths On Veterans Graves Across The Country

CBSN: White House Froze Ukraine Aid 90 Minutes After Call

MediaBuzz: Jessica Tarlov Calls Rudy Giuliani 'Transparently Corrupt' Over Yovanovitch Ouster

MediaBuzz: Washington Post Reporters Tweet Photo Celebrating 'Merry Impeachment'

Amy Klobuchar Dodges on Whether She Regrets Voting for Trump-Nominated Judges

CNN’s Dana Bash: ‘State of the Union Is a Stalemate’

Front Page Index Clip Of The Week: A Few Things You Might Have Missed: Mike Huckabee

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Flashback: CNN Covers Up For Hillary Lying About Sending Classified Information On Her Private Email

Tucker Carlson Goes After Heritage Foundation: ‘No Longer Represents the Interests of Conservatives’ on Tech

FOX and Friends: President Trump Signs Bill Creating Space Force

Friday, December 20, 2019

Chris Wallace Calls Out Pelosi, Top Dems for Holding Up Articles of Impeachment: Contradicting Everything They Said Before Vote

Franklin Graham Fires Back at Christianity Today’s ‘Elitist Liberals’: ‘My Father Would Have Been Disappointed’

FOX News: Lawmakers Punt On Senate Trial Until After Holidays

Dem Rep. Connolly Admits Democrats Are Worried Impeachment Will Help Trump in 2020

Trump Pa. Voter: Impeachment Makes Me Think We Need More ‘Outsiders in Washington’

‘Christianity Today’ Editor: When Christians Support a Manifestly Immoral Cause, It Does Damage To the Cause That I’ve Given My Life To

Diamond and Silk: Bernie Sanders Wants to Keep Black People ‘Enslaved to the Government’

Steve Scalise: I Don’t Think Speaker Pelosi Knows What She’s Doing Right Now

Santa Claus: Trump Told You Every Naughty Thing He Did and You Still Elected Him President

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Tim Alberta Ribs Biden on Obama’s Comment About ‘Old White Men’: He Didn’t Clear That One Out Through Your Campaign

Bernie Sanders Attacks Pete Buttigieg For Taking Billionaire Dollars From 39 Contributors

Tucker Carlson: Would It Be Okay for Trump To Get a FISA Warrant to Investigate the Venezuelan Ties of Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders: 30,000 Veterans Are Sleeping On The Streets

Tom Steyer: I'm The Person Who Started The Need To Impeach Movement Over Two Years Ago

Jeff Sessions: 'Abuse of Power' Because President Made Me Angry, No Basis For Impeachment

Flashback: Rep. Schiff: ‘More than Circumstantial Evidence Now’ that Trump Colluded with Russia, April 18, 2019

Fox News: USMCA Vote Under Way

President Trump: I Don’t Feel Like I’m Being Impeached Because It’s a Hoax

Rep. James Clyburn On Senate Trial: 'Let's Give Him A Fair Trial And Hang Him"

Horowitz Admits Chalking Up FBI Misconduct To Simply Incompetence Would Be a ‘Hard Sell’

Pam Bondi: ‘If Nancy Pelosi Wants To Call Herself Impartial, That’s the Biggest Joke of All Time’

Leader McCarthy: ‘Pelosi Is Embarrassed by Impeachment’

Ted Cruz: The Democrats Are in a Panic Because in the Last Month Their Case for Impeachment Collapsed

Nancy Pelosi: ‘Seems Like People Have a Spring in Their Step’ Because Trump’s Impeached

McConnell: Yesterday’s Vote ‘Was the Predetermined End of a Partisan Crusade’

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Trump: ‘Democrats ... Are Declaring Their Deep Hatred and Disdain for the American Voter’

Trump: The Dems Are Trying To Nullify the Ballots of Tens of Millions of Patriotic Americans

Tucker Carlson Tonight: First Count Of Impeachment "Abuse Of Power" Official, 230-197

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Impeachment Most Consequential Decision Other Than Sending Men And Women To War

Rep. Kevin McCarthy: Donald J. Trump Is President Today, Will Be President Tomorrow, Will Be President When Impeachment Is Over

Rep. John Ratcliffe: Donald Trump First President Wrongfully Impeached, Democrats Constitutionally Illiterate

Rep. Glenn Grothman Lists Reasons Why Democrats Hate President Trump's Agenda

Sen. Ted Cruz: Democrats Have ‘Seen Their Case Collapse’ on Impeachment

Rep. Mike Johnson: Democrats Trying To Meet Machiavellian Timeline To Take Down President They Loathe

Nancy Pelosi: 'The President Is An Ongoing Threat To National Security'

Horowtiz: ‘We Found, Through the Text Messages, Evidence of People’s Political Bias’

Bret Baier: This Is the Only Purely Partisan Impeachment Vote in American History

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Trace Gallagher: San Fransisco Homeless Man Defacates In Aisle At Grocery Store

Tucker: Dems’ ‘Ideological Extremism’ Is Facing a Backlash at the Polls

Tucker Carlson: Democrats Trapped In Rage Storm They Created

Fox News: Rep. Nunes Slams FISA Court Slamming F.B.I. Saying 'FISA Court Has To Be Ended'

CNN’s Camerota: Democrats Are ‘Expressing Some Cold Feet’ with ‘Notable’ Decline in Impeachment Support

Fox Business: Trump Campaign/RNC Took in $10 Million Last Week During the Democrats’ Impeachment Inquiry

A Few Things You Might Have Missed: Mike Huckabee

McConnell: ‘We Don’t Create Impeachments Over Here … We Judge Them’

Bill Bennett: Dems Are out to Get This President from Day One and They Will Not Stop

Robert Lighthizer Expects USMCA to Create 80,000 Auto Jobs, Fix Dairy Problem with Canada

Monday, December 16, 2019

President Trump On The Historic Unemployment Numbers for Black Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic Americans

Tucker Carlson: How Could Comey Not Be Intimately Involved in Trump’s Russia Probe?

Giuliani: I Have Uncovered Money Laundering in Ukraine Involving Biden

Velshi: Trump Admin Has Done More ‘to Shape the Federal Court than Any Other President in Recent History’

NBC News: While Dems Pursue Impeachment, Trump Reaches ‘Significant’ Trade Agreement with China

CNN: Supreme Court Won’t Revive Law Allowing Boise to Ticket Homeless Who Sleep on Sidewalks

FOX & Friends First: House Democrats Release Full Articles Of Impeachment In 658-Page Report

Hannity: I Vetted Barack Obama When Nobody Didn’t

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Parody: James Comey and Hillary Clinton’s Lies

Source: Twitter

Pam Bondi: James Comey Was Fired In Disgrace, That Guy Needs Lawyer!

Rep. John Ratcliffe on FISA IG Report: ‘An Indictment of Jim Comey’s Leadership’

Graham: ‘Hard’ to Ignore Hunter Biden Was Paid $50,000 a Month by the ‘Most Corrupt Person In Ukraine’

Video Shows Adam Schiff Confronted by Trump Supporters in Town Hall Glendale, California

Rep. Mike Johnson: I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry At Adam Schiff's Comments On Fox News Sunday

Rep. Adam Schiff: IG Found Serious Abuses Of FISA I Was Unaware Of

Rep. Adam Schiff: ‘The Inspector General Found Things that We Didn’t Know 2 Years Ago’

James Comey Appears on ‘Fox News Sunday’

Front Page Index: Clip Of The Week: Devin Nunes: Spy Ring Who Got Dirt on Gen. Flynn in 2014 are Same Spies in 2016

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Flashback: James Comey Admits He Hid From Trump That Dossier Was Financed by Hillary, Democrats, April 15, 2018

FOX News: Democrat Jeff Van Drew To Switch Parties Over Impeachment

FOX News: Lawmakers Call For FISA Overhaul After IG Report

America's News HQ: President Trump Visits Army Locker Room

FOX News: 2020 Dems Threaten Boycott LMU Los Angeles Debate Over Labor Dispute

Hannity Mocks Media ‘Temper Tantrum’ over McConnell Comments to Him About Impeachment Process

Friday, December 13, 2019

Doug Wead Appears on FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ To Discuss Dems Approval of the Articles of Impeachment

FOX News: Mitch McConnell Says 'No Chance The President Will Be Removed From White House'

Chris Wallace: Comey Has ‘Some Explaining To Do’

Trump on Impeachment: It Is a Witch Hunt, It’s a Sham, It’s a Hoax, Nothing Was Done Wrong

Supercut: Media to Americans: Of Course the Trump Dossier Is True!

Mall Fires Santa with 5 Decades of Experience for Wearing MAGA Hat