Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Schiff on Mueller Smear Attempt: Trump’s ‘Terrified’ of What Mueller Will Report

Fox News: James ‘Whitey’ Bulger Beaten to Death in West Virginia Federal Prison

Chris Cuomo Reflects on Media Coverage of Kanye After He Steps Back from Politics: ‘Shame on Us’

Trump: Russia Investigation Is ‘Illegal,’ ‘I Want To Wait Until After the Election’ To Declassify FISA Docs

Diamond and Silk on Trump Ending Birthright Citizenship: Illegals Shouldn’t Come Here Just to Have Babies Who Can Get Citizenship

Lara Trump: If You Voted for Trump in 2016 the Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Say Thank You Is Vote GOP in 2018

Volusia County Republican Chair Talks About Someone Shooting the Republican HQ Office

Tom Shillue: Dems Should Tell Hillary to ‘Go Bye-Bye’

Monday, October 29, 2018

Pentagon: ‘By the End of This Week We Will Deploy Over 5,200 Soldiers to the Southwest Border’

Trump Rips Julia Ioffe For Saying He Radicalized More People Than ISIS: ‘Must Be Some Kind of a Sick Woman’

Trump: ‘I’m Proud of This Country and I Call That Nationalism’

Nicolle Wallace: ‘We Have a Policy’ of Not Showing Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Our Show

Gowdy: ‘We Need a Moral Code By Which We Live, That Racism Is Wrong, That Intolerance Is Wrong’

Robert Woodson: The Civil Rights Movement Has Morphed into a Race Grievance Industry

FPI Podcast: Stop The #MeToo Partisan Bashing Of Traumatic Rape Survivors

In this 15 minute segment, I talk about how cruel it is to politicize rape survivors. By talking about the example of what happened to me when I was 17 years old, I ask for listeners not so much to "hear me" or to "believe me", but rather to help me forget what happened by becoming good men and good women.

Juanita Broaddrick's Petition: Order a federal investigation into sex crimes committed by Bill Clinton, including the rape of Juanita Broaddrick

Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan: ‘Having the Military on the Border Is a Great Idea’

McAuliffe: ‘Hillary Is Never Going To Be on a Ballot Again’

Michael Moore Shares Raw Footage of Suspected Mail Bomber at Trump Rally

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Saturday, October 27, 2018

FBI on Synagogue Shooting: ‘This Is The Most Horrific Crime Scene I’ve Seen in 22 Years‘

Trump on Synagogue Massacre: ‘We Can’t Make These Sick Demented Evil People Important’

MSNBC: Synagogue Shooter ID’d as Rob Bowers, a Pittsburgh Resident

Trump on Synagogue Shooting: It ‘Looks Definitely Like It’s an Anti-Semitic Crime’

CNN: Four Killed, 12 Shot, Including Three Cops, at Pittsburgh Synagogue

Trump: ‘We Must Never Allow Political Violence to Take Root in America’

Gorka: Violence Against Those You Disagree with Is Okay for One Party in America and One Party Alone, the Dems

Trump Supporters Claims Bombs Are Hoax: Hillary Probably Sent Hers to Herself

Joe Concha: You Can’t Say Trump’s Rhetoric Is Triggering Violence and Then Ignore Rhetoric from Maxine Waters or Cory Booker

Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace Battle in Fiery Clash Over Blaming Trump for Bombs: ‘Nobody Did that Chris!’

Friday, October 26, 2018

FBI Director: ‘These Are Not Hoax Devices’

Trump on Bomber Capture: ‘We’re Very Proud of Law Enforcement’

CNN’s John King Highlights Bomber’s Van Covered in Pro-Trump, Anti-CNN Stickers: ‘Clearly ... Republican Leaning’

Fox News: Suspect Arrested for Package Bombs Is ID’d as Cesar Sayoc of Aventura, Fla.

Fox News: Mail-Bomb Suspect Van Shows Stickers of President And Vice President Plastered All Over Windows

Fox News: Confiscated Bomb Suspect Van Covered With Political Messages, Bumper Stickers

Peter King: ‘Almost Inevitable’ Bomber ‘Would Be Caught with All the Technology That’s Available Today’

Fox News: 12th Package Bomb Found in NYC, Addressed to Clapper

Fox News: 11th Package Found in Opa-Locka Fla. Addressed to Cory Booker

Mark Warner: Trump Has Not Reached out to Potential Victims and He Continues to Blame the Media

NYPD’s Miller: Pipe Bomb Was Consistent with Other Devices We’ve Seen This Week

Fox News: DoJ Confirms One Person in Custody in Florida for Mail Bombs

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Retired FBI Profiler Suggests False Flag Op with Bombs: This Could Be a Low Level Dem Trying To Make the GOP Look Like the Bad Guy

Tucker: ‘Rick Wilson, for the Record, May Be the Dumbest Person Ever To Appear on Television’

Montage: Media Race to Blame Trump for Mail Bombs

Trump on Bombs: ‘We Will Find Those Responsible and We Will Bring Them To Justice’

Trump: Any Acts of Political Violence Are an Attack on America Itself’

CNN’s Jarrett: Maxine Waters Is a ‘Frequent Target’ of Trump’s Ires

De Blasio: ‘What We Saw Here Today Was an Effort to Terrorize, This Clearly Is an Act of Terror’

CNN: Florida Office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz Evacuated, Bomb Squad Responding

CNN’s Blitzer: Suspicious Package Was Addressed to John Brenna Care of CNN

MSNBC on Packages Sent to CNN, Brennan, Clintons, Obama: All of Them Have Been ‘A Vocal Critics of the Trump Administration’

CNN’s Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto Report Live from the Streets of NYC After CNN Bureau Is Evacuated

‘The View’ Blames Trump for Bomb at CNN: ‘You Don’t Have To Be Sherlock Holmes... Fox News Hasn’t Gotten a Bomb Yet’

Fox News: CNN Bureau and Time Warner Center Evacuated

Scaramucci: ‘Someone Should Really Sit Down and Explain To Him What the Context’ of Nationalism Is

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Ingraham Angle: Michael Avenatti Evicted From His Office For Failure To Pay Rent, Ordered To Pay $4.85 Million To Former Lawyer Who Says He Was Underpaid

Gutfeld: ‘The Blue Wave Is Officially a Blue Trickle’

Adam Smith: Efforts By Trump To Try To Stop Mueller ‘Could Rise to the Level of Obstruction’

Gutfeld on Migrant Caravan: It’s the ‘Worst Possible Visual’ for Dems ‘Unless Bernie Sanders Came Out Wearing a Thong’

Trump: ‘A Future Under Democratic Mob Rule Would Be a Total Catastrophe’

Trump: ‘In Less Than Two Years Time We Created over 4.2 Million New Jobs and Lifted Four Million Americans Off Food Stamps’

Jorge Ramos Defends Migrant Caravan: ‘Vast Majority’ Are Not Criminals, Not Terrorists or Immigrants; They’re Refugees

Ingraham Defends Cory Booker From Anonymous Assault Allegation: ‘I Believe It Is a Smear’

MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt to Elizabeth Heng: Isn’t Your Campaign Ad Sexist?

Fox News: Migrant Caravan Swells to 7,000

Van Jones to Jared Kushner: ‘I Feel Very, Very Proud to Have a Chance to Work with You Where We Do Agree’

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Saudi Foreign Minister on Fox News: Kashoggi Murder Was ‘Rogue’ and ‘They Tried To Cover It Up’

Michael Cohen, Life-Long Democrat: Vote Democrat or There Could Be ‘Another Two or Six Years of This Craziness’

Hannity: If You Care About Due Process, the Constitution and the Booming Economy, ‘You Better Get Your Ass to the Polls’

Tucker to Dean Cain: Don’t Other People Tell Rosie O’Donnell You’re Acting Like a ‘Mental Patient’ on TV?

Dave Rubin: The Clinton Machine Doesn’t Have Control of the Dem Party and Hillary’s Trying To Grab Anything To Feel Relevant Again

Saturday, October 20, 2018

David Cay Johnston: If We Had Universal Health Care, We Could Eliminate Taxes on Everyone Making Less than $500K

Trump: ‘Hashtag — This November, Vote for Jobs, Not Mobs’

The Late Show Staff Asks Hillary Clinton Painfully Scripted Questions… and She Gives Painfully Scripted Answers

Gingrich: Kamala Harris Will Clear the Dem Field in 2020

Ed Henry Apologizes for ‘Fox and Friends’ Showing Memorabilia at Trump Store with Offensive Message

Trump: ‘We’re Only Going to Let People in Based on Merit’

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Limbaugh: The Left Has Thrown Everything at Trump and Nothing Has Worked

Limbaugh: Kavanaugh Mob Was ‘Inspired, Bought and Paid For, By the Democrat Party’

Rush: It’s Not Technologically Possible for Khashoggi’s Apple Watch To Record the Murder

Trump: Dems Produce Mobs, Republicans Produce Jobs

Fox News: Trump Threatens to Close U.S. Border and Call in Military if Mexico Fails to Stop Migrants

Montage: Ocasio-Cortez on Kimmel: Like, Like, Like, for Sure, Like, Yeah, Yeah, Like, Like Yeah

Protester Tells Alleged 9/11 Widow: ‘Your Husband Should Rot in the Grave’

Fmr. Acting ICE Director: Dems ‘are Putting Their Political Ambitions Ahead of Public Safety, National Security, and Border Control’

Biden to Trump: ‘Stop This Phony Populism, Stop This Naked Nationalism’

Video Shows Cash Being Handed out to Honduran Migrant Caravan Headed for U.S.

Dershowitz: Farrakhan’s a ‘Classic Anti-Semite,’ Termite Analogy ‘Comes Right Out of the Nazi Playbook’

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tucker Grills Pot Advocate: ‘Does It Bother You When Big Business and Gov’t Align To Make Young People More Passive and Compliant?

Turley: Professors Calling To Remove Susan Collins’ Honorary Degrees Are ‘Doing Great Harm’ to the School

Jack Keane: FBI Involvement Would Certainly Increase the Accuracy and Credibility of the Khashoggi Investigation

Trump: Today We Proudly Award Sgt. Major John Canley the Congressional Medal of Honor

John Brennan: ‘There’s No Doubt in My Mind’ the Saudi Crown Prince Authorized Khashoggi Killing

Trump: DOJ and FBI Played Into Russia’s Hands with Russia Probe

Deroy Murdock Appears on ‘Fox and Friends’ To Discuss Midterm Elections

Montage: Media, Dems Blame Trump for Khashoggi Killing

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Fox News: Trump Threatens to Cut Off Aid to Honduras If Migrant Caravan Continues

Graham: ‘You Don’t Have To Be Sherlock Holmes to Figure Out’ Saudis Killed Khashoggi

Gingrich on Granting Asylum to Migrant Caravan: ‘This Is Insanity’

Hannity: Sen. Warren Is Making the Dems Look Absurd and Her Native American Heritage Is Nothing More Than a Fraud

Fmr. Facebook Engineer: I’m Leaving Because the Effort to Decide What’s Acceptable and What’s Not Is ‘Dangerous’

CNN’s Baldwin on Trump’s ‘Horseface’ Tweet: ‘A Calculated Move’ to Distract from the Saudis

Emily Jane Fox: Stormy’s Insult of Trump’s Penis Is ‘One of the Worst Things You Could do to Him’

Trump Voter: I Will Vote Straight Dem This November, ‘He Doesn’t Have Any Values’

Ben Rhodes: Journalists All Over the World Are Less Safe Because of Trump

Alec Baldwin: ‘Every Day I Wake Up, I Still Am Horrified’ Trump Is President

CNN’s Toobin on Judge Dismissing Stormy Daniels Lawsuit: ‘Big Win for the President’

Melissa Francis on Khashoggi: ‘There Are So Many Quieter Ways of Disposing of Someone if You Wanted To’

Tucker Mocks Sen. Warren: ‘Fauxcahontas Is on the Warpath This Evening’

The View Tears into Hillary Clinton’s Defense of Bill: She ‘Changed the Subject’ Just Like Republicans

Monday, October 15, 2018

Fox News: Caravan of More than 1000 Honduran Migrants Heading for U.S.-Mexico Border

Bill Nelson on Michael Aftermath: ‘People Are Hurting’

Fox News: Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels’ Defamation Suit Against Trump

Fox News: Fusion GPS Co-Founder to Appear Before Congress Tomorrow, Expected to Take the 5th

Dan Bongino Slams ‘Deranged Lunatic’ Alec Baldwin: ‘He Is Not Even That Bright’

David Avella on Sen. Warren: ‘Her Ideas Will Keep Her out of the White House,’ Not Her Ancestry

Gingrich: ‘I Think There Is a Possibility the Democrats Will Win the House’

Turley on Mueller: ‘I Don’t See Any Real Evidence He Is Building an Obstruction Case’

Bre Payton: For Hillary to Still Be in Denial 20 Years Later about Bill’s Affair with Monica Shows Why She Lost

Friday, October 12, 2018

Sen. Lindsey Graham Responds to Chelsea Handler’s Horrible Coming Out Tweet: ‘I’m Not Gay’

Senator Flake: ‘I Do Hope that Somebody Does Run in the Primary Against the President’

Rubio: If Saudi Arabia ‘Chopped’ Up Khashoggi, There’s Going To Be a ‘Complete Revolt Against Our Policies’ with Them

Ari Fleischer on Mid Terms: ‘If Conservatives Sit at Home, Republicans Are Dead in the Water’

Melania Denies Giuliani’s Claims About Her Believing Trump Over Stormy: ‘I Never Talked To Mr Mr. Giuliani’

Dershowitz on Sexual Assault: Most Women Tell the Truth But Most Isn’t Enough To Convict, So You Need Proof Beyond Reasonable Doubt

David Nicholas Appears on ‘CBSN Live’ To Discuss Stock Market

The Daily Show: Why Is Voting Still Designed for Old People?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mark Steyn: ‘Banana Republic Stuff’ for Dems ‘To Reverse Engineer an Explanation’ Why Obama Was Investigating Trump

CNN’s Don Lemon Lists Everything Ignored as Trump Met with Kanye: ‘Priorities People!’

Jesse Watters on Melania: For Probably the Most Beautiful First Lady America’s Had, She Doesn’t Get ‘Treated the Way Other First Ladies Have’

Bill Nelson on Michael Aftermath: ‘It’s Going To Be Like’ Hurricane Andrew in 1992 in Small Towns

Dem Rep. Speier on Trump/Kanye Meeting: ‘I Felt Like I Was Sitting in on a Psychiatric Visit’

Kanye on Trump: ‘I Love This Guy Right Here; Let Me Give This Guy a Hug’

Tucker Carlson Rips Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon for ‘Orwellian’ Reactions to ‘Mob’ Remarks

CNN Panel Writes off Kanye West as ‘Token Negro’ and ‘Dumb Negro’

Candace Owens Blasts ‘Racist’ CNN Panel For Calling Kanye West a ‘Token Negro’ For Trump: ‘Absolutely Despicable’

Charles Payne: ‘I Understand’ Why Trump Would Be Upset with the Fed

Trump: ‘Devin Nunes Should Get the Medal of Honor’

Trump Claims Being President Has Cost Him $2-3 Billion: It’s Worth It, ‘I’ve Done a Great Job’

Michelle Obama on #MeToo: ‘Women Are Tired of Being Undervalued’

Trump: It’s Very Dangerous What Holder Said

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Dem Pollster on Midterms: ‘No Question Kavanaugh Hearings Woke up Republicans’

Rand Paul Grills FBI’s Wray on Domestic Spying: You Should Not Be Allowed to Access the Data Without a Warrant

Fox News Host Rips ‘Disgraceful’ Hillary Clinton for Rejection of Civility: ‘She Sounds Unhinged’

Conway: I’m Hoping Kanye Will Join Us in Tackling the Opioid Crisis

ABC Scolds Melania on #MeToo, Kavanaugh: ‘Some Might Say’ ‘You Need to Stand With Women’

Rubio on Michael: ‘This Storm Is a Monstrosity at 145 Miles Per Hour’

Montage: Media Encourage Democrats to Impeach Kavanaugh

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

CNN’s Sciutto Snaps at Guest Pointing Out Ford’s Story Lacked Evidence

Hillary: ‘You Can’t Be Civil with a Political Party that Wants to Destroy What You Stand For’

Mark Sanford on Ivanka as U.N. Ambassador: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’

Fox News: Turkey to Search Saudi Consulate in Istanbul for Missing WaPo Journalist

Fox News: Nikki Haley Resigns As UN Ambassador, Will Stay On To Year End

Tucker Carlson: Womanizer John Mayer Goes On Anti-Alpha Male Rant Calling Out "Toxic Masculinity"

Monday, October 8, 2018

Tucker to Dem Strategist: Are You Happy to Have the ‘Creepy Porn Lawyer’ in Your Party?

Kavanaugh: The Confirmation Process ‘Tested Me’ But ‘Did Not Change Me’

Trump: ‘Let’s Say I Like Taylor Swift’s Music About 25 Percent Less Now’

Trump: On Behalf of the Nation, I’d Like To Apologize to Brett and the Entire Kavanaugh Family for the Terrible Pain and Suffering

Susan Collins on Kavanaugh: ‘Many People Have Thanked Me for My Vote’ and Said They Were Very Pleased I Did the ‘Right Thing’

Scarborough Slams ‘Classless’ GOP for Gloating Over Kavanaugh Win: ‘No Dignity and Not at All’

Turley: Kavanaugh ‘Is Expected to Make a Big Difference In Terms of the Switch Vote from Kennedy on Criminal Cases, Environmental Cases, Executive Power Cases’

Dershowitz Blasts ‘Rampant McCarthyism’ at Harvard Over Kavanaugh: We Have to End ‘Vengeance Inquisitions’

Dinesh D’Souza on Ocasio-Cortez’s Call to Abolish the Electoral College: ‘I’m Blaming Her Professors and Blaming Her’

CNN’s Powers: Message of Kavanaugh Confirmation Is No Matter How Truthful Women Are They Will Be ‘Patronized’ and Not Taken ‘Seriously’

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Noah Rothman Accused of ‘Mansplaining’ After Defending Susan Collins’ Vote on Kavanaugh

ICYMI: Bill Bennett: There Are ‘Crazy People’ in Maine and ‘I Hope People Watch Out’ for Susan Collins

Sen. Collins: ‘I Do Not Believe that Brett Kavanaugh Was Her Assailant’

Sen. Collins: ‘It Is Not Fair to Brett Kavanaugh for This To Be Disqualifying in the Absence of Evidence’

Mitch McConnell Refuses to Say He Won’t Confirm a SCOTUS Nominee Next Presidential Election Year

Dershowitz Says Democrats Must Stop Holding ‘Revenge Inquisitions’: For Sake of Country, ‘Move Forward’

Ocasio-Cortez: I’m A ‘Social Worker’ or ‘Therapist’ for My District Because Trump ‘Has Been So Re-Traumatizing’

CNN’s Don Lemon: Are Conservative Justices ‘Good for the Country?’

Graham Dares Schumer to Pick a Judge from Trump’s List

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Trump: ‘You Don’t Hand Matches To an Arsonist and You Don’t Give Power To an Angry Left-Wing Mob’

Schiff on Kavanaugh: ‘As Long as He’s on that Court, There Will Be a Cloud and Taint over Every Opinion He Issues’

Fox News: Justice Kavanaugh To Be Sworn In Later Today By Justice Roberts and Kennedy

Senate Votes 50-48 To Confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh To The Supreme Court Of The United States

Mitch McConnell: A Vote To Confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh Is A Vote To Send A Clear Message That Facts Matter

Chuck Schumer: Judge Kavanaugh Doesn't Belong On The Bench Because Of His Obscure Views Surrounding His Jurisprudence

Luntz on Kavanaugh Fight: ‘Our Democracy Is in Genuine Trouble Right Now’

Sean Spicer on Kavanaugh: ‘The Democrats Made a Massive Mistake in This Process in the Way They Handled Themselves’

Tucker to Atty. for Keith Ellison’s Accuser: Dems Say Assault Allegations Should Be Taken Seriously but They Don’t Take Hers Seriously

Turley on Nadler’s Threat to Go After Kavanaugh: If We Have ‘Do Overs’ Every Time the Majority Changes We’ll Never Have a ‘Stable Court’

Carville on His ‘Drag a $100 Bill Through a Trailer Park’ Line: ‘I Was Cracking a Joke’