Friday, August 31, 2018

VP Pence on McCain: ‘As Pres. Trump Said Yesterday, We Respect His Service to the Country’

Jeanine Pirro Demands Jeff Sessions Resign: Trump Doesn’t Want You, ‘Where’s Your Dignity?!’

Don Lemon: Kanye West ‘Not Very Bright’

Mike Huckabee on Dems Call to Boycott In-N-Out Burger for Their GOP Donation: Dems Are ‘Fine as Long as They Get All the Money’

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tucker: Despite Giving Low Wages, Liberals Defend Amazon, Walmart, and Uber Because of Pay Offs

Ari Fleischer Rips CNN over Report: Too Embarrassed To Fix Reporting or Michael Cohen’s the Source

Chuck Todd Warns of Possible Mueller Bombshell: ‘I Wouldn’t Miss Work Tomorrow’

Fmr. McCain’s Chief of Staff: John McCain, His Entire Life, Stood By the Freedom Fighters Across the World

Megyn Kelly: Obama ‘Swung the Pendulum Too Far’ in Favor of College Sexual Assault Victims

Cuomo Calls ICE a ‘Bunch of Thugs’

Flashback: Ingraham on Big Tech: ‘Controlling Who Has a Voice and Who Doesn’t Is Tantamount To Limiting Speech’, August 8, 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

John Cox Appears on Fox News’ ‘Fox News at Night with Shannon Bream’ To Discuss Cash Bail and Universal Health Care for All

Andrew Gillum Vows to Hike Taxes to Pay for Universal Healthcare and $15 Min. Wage

Michael Steele on DeSantis’ ‘Monkey’ Comment: ‘It’s How White Folks Talk About Black Men Who Are Successful’

Brent Bozell Warns of Social Media Censorship Danger: ‘So Much Concentrated Power’

Rush: The Free Market Is the Answer To Tech Bias

Sessions: From Day One, President Ordered Me to Focus on ‘Dismantling Transnational Criminal Organizations’ that ‘Threaten Sovereignty’

Trump: Google, Facebook and Twitter Treat Conservatives Very Unfairly; We Want Fairness, Not Regulation

Varney: August Consumer Confidence An ‘Absolute Blow Out Number’ and a ‘Signal of the Spectacular Success’ of Trump’s Agenda

Fox News: Don McGahn Leaving the W.H. After Kavanaugh Confirmation

Newt Gingrich: ‘If the Democrats Win Control of the House, It’ll Be a Total Mess for Two Solid Years’

Chaffetz: Trump Has a Point that Google’s Searches Are Rigged

Andy McCarthy: Fusion GPS Was Acting Like Another FBI Unit to Help Hillary Get Elected

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Lindsey Graham on John McCain: I Learned that Serving a Cause Greater than Yourself Hurts [Complete Remarks]

Jim Jordan: FBI Did Not Mention Bruce Ohr’s Involvement or Steele’s Extreme Bias Against Trump to FISA Court

Peter Schweizer: It Might Be True that the Only Set of Hillary’s Deleted Emails Reside in Beijing

Michael Pillsbury: If China Hacked Hillary’s Server, They May Have Outsmarted Us Beyond What I Thought

Fox News: Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott Win GOP Primaries in Florida

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Baffled by Trump’s Google Comments: ‘What Is He Talking About?!’

Kudlow: ‘We’re Taking a Look at’ Regulating Google

Mark Meadows: We Have Evidence that Suggests FBI Agents Were Told There Was No Collusion But Was Ignored

Varney: Mexico Trade Deal a ‘Political Win’ for Trump and an ‘Economic Win’ for America

Fox News Panel Roasts Lanny Davis, CNN over Botched Bombshell: ‘These Aren’t Minor Points To Stumble Over’

Monday, August 27, 2018

Flashback: Pete Hoekstra: Assange Is Right When He Describes CIA Leak as a ‘Historic Act of Devastating Incompetence’ - March 10, 2017

Graham: John McCain Loved America; He Was Willing To Die for It

Fox News: Archbishop Calls For Pope Francis To Resign

McCarthy on 2018 Midterms: ‘It’s Going To Be Results Versus Resistance’

ESPN’s Kellerman ‘Angry’ Tiger Woods Defended Trump: ‘It Really Bothers Me’

Dershowitz: The Biggest Crime You Can Commit in America Today Is to Be Associated with Trump

Dan Bongino: Dem List of Potential Probes Is ‘Terrifying’ and the ‘Full Weaponization’ of Gov’t

Christie to Trump: ‘Just Stop Talking’

Tom Brokaw Says Both Parties Should Take a Lesson from John McCain: Everyone’s Tired of Being Trapped in Ideological Box

Susan Page: ‘Donald Trump’s Base Is Going To Stay with Him No Matter What’

Darrell Issa: If Sessions Won’t Turn over the Documents Then He Needs To Be Replaced

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Flashback: Matt Stoller: Google’s Tactics Are a ‘Threat to Democracy’ - September 2, 2017

Flashback: Tucker: We Trusted Google To Not Be Evil; Now It Needs To Be Regulated Like a Public Utility - August 14, 2017

Fox News: Mass Shooting In Jacksonville, Multiple Fatalities Reported, Suspect Down

ICYMI: Tucker Carlson: Big Tech Companies Held Secret Meeting Today, Not Regulated - August 24, 2018

Fox & Friends: DNC Votes To Limit Power Of Superdelegates

Fox & Friends: Report Says FBI Ignoring Lions Share Of Hillary Clinton Emails

Jon Sale on Cohen, Manafort, Pecker, Trump CFO: I Don’t Think Any of Them Have Trump’s ‘Kryptonite’

Dershowitz: ‘The President or the Candidate Is Entitled To Contribute Anything He Wants To His Own Campaign’

Schiff: We Should Not Be ‘Embracing’ Impeachment Of Trump Until We Have Seen the ‘Full Body of Evidence’

Doug Wead Appears on CBSN To Discuss the Death of John McCain

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Fox News: John McCain Dead At The Age Of 81

Angel Moms: We Want to See Legislation to Make Sure Illegals Who Are Committing Heinous Acts Are Deported

Richard Painter on Trump’s ‘Very Bad Week’: ‘We’re Well Past’ Watergate

Joy Reid Panel Horrified as Liberal Guest Predicts 2020 Trump Win

Dershowitz: Trump Should Not Be Worried About Mueller; The ‘Real Worry’ Is the Southern District of New York

Chris Farrell: Michael Cohen Would Admit to Being on the Grassy Knoll at this Point

Friday, August 24, 2018

Sidney Powell on Cohen, Pecker, Trump CFO News: This Is ‘Creeps on a Mission to Destroy the President’

Fox News: Sen. John McCain No Longer Seeking Medical Treatment, Family Releases Statement

Fox News: WSJ: Frmr. Trump Organization CFO Granted Immunity By Cohn Investigators

Ronan Farrow: There’s Clearly a Pattern with the Enquirer to Kill Trump Stories

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Don Lemon to Chris Cuomo After Wild Kellyanne Conway Interview: ‘I Cannot Get That 20 Minutes of My Life Back’

Conway Swipes at Cuomo over Michael Cohen Recording Him: ‘Tell Us What’s on the Tape’

Chris Cuomo Hits Fox News in Trainwreck Kellyanne Conway Interview, She Says He’s ‘Jealous’

Lindsey Graham: The President’s Entitled to an Attorney General He Has Faith In

Duncan Hunter Responds to Campaign Funds Misuse: No, I Did Not Use Campaign Money for Personal Expenses

Avenatti: Pecker Immunity Says Trump’s in a Lot of Trouble

‘NewsBusters’ Montage: CNN, MSNBC Say ‘Impeachment’ 222 Times in One Day

MSNBC Airs Incorrect Graphic About Impeachment for Second Straight Day

Dershowitz Challenges Lanny Davis to Debate: ‘I’m Right and He’s Wrong, It Is as Simple as That’

Chaffetz: Lanny Davis Close Ties to the Clintons Makes You Wonder Why He’s in the Middle of All This

Matt Gaetz: Negotiating Michael Cohen’s Lies Is Like Trying to Unwind the Rubik’s Cube

MacCallum Grills Lanny Davis: Cohen’s Credibility Is Questionable So Why Should People Take Him at His Word Now?

South Africa Votes Through Motion that Could Lead To Seizure of Land from White Farmers Without Compensation

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Paul Manafort Juror Describes ‘Heated’ Deliberations: One Holdout Prevented Verdict on All Counts

Fmr. Miss Americas Blast ‘Dictatorial Changes’ Being Made to the Pageant by Gretchen Carlson

Fmr. Acting ICE Director: Trump’s Right, Abolishing ICE Equals Open Borders

Trump on Michael Cohen: He Did Small Deals; He Was with Me for 10 Years, I Would See Him Sometimes

Dave Bossie on Mollie Tibbetts Murder: McConnell Should Go Nuclear and Pass Border Security with a Simple Majority

Sara Carter Slams ‘Collusion Between the FBI and the DOJ’

Maria Bartiromo: This Bull Market ‘Is Based on Real Fundamentals’

Turley: Manafort Has Gone All In on The Strategy of a Pardon; Even a 10 Year Sentence Could be a Life Sentence

Fmr. Acting ICE Director on the Muder of Mollie Tibbetts by Illegal: Congress Does Not Want to Enforce Immigration Law

Dershowitz: It’s Not a Crime for Trump to Contribute Money to His Own Campaign to Pay Hush Money

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Trump: ‘America Is Winning Again’

Trump: ‘We Are Not Going To Be Ripped off Anymore’

Dershowitz: Cohen Plea ‘Not Nearly as Deadly Lethal’ to Trump ‘As Some Have Portrayed It As Being’

Fox News: Mistrial Declared on 10 of 18 Counts, Manafort Found Guilty on 8 Counts

Trump on Manafort: ‘I Feel Very Badly for Paul Manafort; Nothing To Do with Russian Collusion’

Cohen Prosecutor: The Charges ‘Reflect a Pattern of Lies and Dishonesty over an Extended Period of Time’

Fox News: Manafort Found Guilty on 5 Counts of Filing False Tax Returns

Dave Bossie: Clearly the Left Is Nervous Because Bruce and Nellie Ohr Are Instrumental in the Russia Probe

Jeny Beth Martin: Dems Are Doing Whatever They Can To Appeal To Their Base Which Ans To Resist Trump

Rapper Logic Dons ‘F*ck The Wall’ T-Shirt During Political MTV Awards Performance

Monday, August 20, 2018

Katie Pavlich: Ocasio-Cortez Barring Press from Event Signals She’s ‘Harboring’ Illegal Immigrants

Fox News: Trump Honors Border Patrol Agent Who Saved 78 Lives

David Bahnsen Appears on FBN’s ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’ To Discuss Federal Reserve

NBC’s Dilanian on Manafort Trial: It’s Possible There Are Divisions and a Hung Jury ‘Would a Defeat for Mueller’

Fox News: Trump Accuses Democrats Of Using Robert Mueller To Shape Mid-Terms

Gingrich: Brennan Should Never Have Been Director of the Central Intelligence

Al Sharpton Messes Up Spelling of Legendary Aretha Franklin Song: ‘R-E-S-P-I-C-T’

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Dershowitz: So Many Commentators Have Been Wrong About the Mueller Probe Because They Substitute Hope for Reality, They Want to Get Trump

Ben Shapiro: Omarosa's Been Fired More Than An M4 At Anbar Province

Darrell Issa: The DNC and Hillary Are the Only Ones That Had a Conspiracy to Create Fake Evidence That Led To Spying On Trump

Bolton Dodges on If It’s Acceptable to the U.S. for Assad to Remain in Power

Brennan: ‘I Stand Very Much’ By the Claim That Trump Committed Treason

Clapper: John Brennan and His Rhetoric Have Become an Issue in and of Itself

Giuliani on Unloading on Mueller Like a ‘Ton of Bricks’: We’re Not Going to Fire Him

Doug Wead Appears on Fox and Friends Sunday To Discuss Shadow Banning

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Katherine Timpf On Stzrok GoFundMe Page: I Thought I Was Bad With Money Until I Saw People Are Giving Theirs To Peter Stzrok

Fox News: NYT: White House Counsel Don McGahn Cooperating Extensively With Mueller Investigation, Spent 30 Hours With Independent Counsel

Fox News: NYU Announces Free Tuition For All Medical Students

Richard Herman: Trump Comments on Manafort Trial Could Be ‘Obstruction of Justice, Jury Tampering’

Tucker Rips Big Tech: ‘Censorship Does Not Work; Ideas Spread’

Woman Accusing Keith Ellison of Abuse Speaks Out: ‘I Didn’t Choose’ To Get Dragged Off the Bed

Ari Melber Presses Steve Bannon over Trump’s Gender Gap: Is He ‘Walking Away’ from Women Voters?

Friday, August 17, 2018

Fox News’ Brett Larson: Our Smartphones Are Always Listening to Us

Chris Wallace: John Brennan’s ‘Crossed a Line’ No Other Officials Have with ‘Being Nakedly Partisan in Going After President Trump’

CNN: Judge in Paul Manafort Trial Says He’s Received Threats, Declines to Release Names of Jurors

Matt Gaetz: Bruce and Nellie Ohr Are the ‘Bonnie and Clyde of Collusion’

Scott Taylor: Trump’s Parade Is Not a ‘Good Idea’; ‘Cancel It’

Campos-Duffy: Univision Doesn’t Want Viewers to Hear that Hispanic Support for Trump Has Gone Up by 10 Percent

Conway: John Brennan’s a ‘Cable News Pundit’; ‘What Is He Doing Currently to Merit that Security Clearance ?’

Dershowitz on Manafort Trial: ‘Juries Don’t Like People Who Wear Fancy Clothing, $2,000, $10,000 Suits’

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Harvey Levin: ‘Aretha Franklin Was a Civil Rights Trailblazer’

Steve Schmidt: It’s Very Clear that We’re Heading Toward a Constitutional Crisis

Dorsey: We’re Going to Retrain Alex Jones

Secretary Zinke on Calif. Wildfires: ‘It Is a Matter of Gross Mismanagement, There Is No Question’

CNN: Lara Trump Releases Statement In Response To New Omarosa Secret Recording

Omarosa Releases Tape of Lara Trump Offering Her $15K/Month Campaign Job

RNC Spox: We Are Seeing a Trend in the Democratic Party Towards Anti-American Rhetoric and We Must Reject It

Boston Globe’s Rezendes: Many Officials in the Catholic Church Continue To View Child Sexual Abuse as a Forgivable Sin

Noah Rothman: John Brennan Is Explicitly Political and As a Result, He Deserves To Have His Intelligence Clearance Revoked

Jim Jordan: Bruce Ohr Is the Key Guy in Trump-Russia Investigation

CNN: The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin Dies at Age 76

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Judge Jeanine: Brennan’s Not Worried About His 1st Amendment Rights; He’s Worried About the TV and Consulting Gigs

Clapper on Trump Revoking Clearances: He’s Infringing on Our 1st Amendment Rights To Be Critical of Trump

FBN: Dow Snaps 4-Day Losing Streak

Charlie Kirk on Chicago’s Guaranteed Income Plan: ‘This Is a Continuation Towards the Road of Socialism in America’

CNN’s Areva Martin on Manafort Team Not Calling Any Witnesses: He’s Counting on a Pardon from Trump

Fox News: New Mexico Judge Gets Death Threats After Granting Bail to Muslim Compound Members

Ann Coulter Slams Trump for Hiring His Kids, Omarosa: Why Don’t You Pick Smarter People?

CNN: Report Says Penn. Priests Molested More than 1000 Kids