Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tucker Grills Portland Activist: If You All Leave Piles of Garbage, Why Should You Have Power over Anything?

Hannity on Acosta Heckling: Trump Supporters Were Yelling ‘CNN Sucks’ Because of ‘Abusively Biased Treatment of the President’

Acosta Heckled by Trump Supporters Shouting ‘CNN Sucks!’

Joyce Vance Appears on MSNBC’s ‘MTP Daily’ To Discuss Manafort Criminal Trial

Trump: If You Want Borders and You Want a Country, Vote Republican

Trump: ‘I’ve Kept My Promises’

Limbaugh: Trump’s Base Loves Trump Saying He’s Willing to Shutdown the Gov’t over Border Wall

Gutfeld on Cohen, Trump, Giuliani: ‘We Are Watching an Ongoing Episode of the Sopranos’

Watters: Trump Wants the ‘Best and Brightest’ Immigrants, Not ‘Some Guy’s Uncle from Zimbabwe’

Judge Nap: Mueller’s Putting as Much Pressure on Manafort as the Law and Constitution Allows

Andy McCarthy on Manafort: ‘Common Thing’ for Prosecutors to ‘Squeeze People’ for Information

CNN’s Don Lemon Rips Ingraham, Trump Backers Who Accuse Left of Race-Baiting: ‘It’s All Bullsh*t’

Monday, July 30, 2018

Giuliani: ‘We Don’t Have to Cooperate’ with Mueller, His Investigation Is Not ‘Legitimate’

New CNN Commentator Marc Short: ‘We Should’ Take Trumps’s Shutdown Threat Seriously

CNN: Koch Brothers Say Trump’s Divisiveness Is Causing Long Term Damage

CBS Sees Corporate Conspiracy Behind Moonves Allegations

Psychiatrist: Trump Anxiety Psychologist Is ‘Partisan Pop Psychology’

Fox News: Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty On The Rise

Gingrich: ‘The Obama Team Did a Great Job If You Love Food Stamps’

Pa. State Rep. Martina White: ‘Truly Shocking’ Philly Mayor Was Willing to End ICE Contract That Keeps Our City Safe

Giuliani Tries to End CNN Interview After Grilling on Trump’s Mueller Attacks: This is ‘Really Petty and Silly’

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Watch Roy Moore Get Punked by Sacha Baron Cohen and His ‘Pedophile Detector’

Pence: Our Goal Is to Expand Republican Majorities in House and Senate

Howard Kurtz on Moonves Sexual Misconduct Allegations: 'But Can You Immediately Suspend The Head Of The Company?'

Rudy Giuliani: Michael Cohen Has ‘Destroyed Himself’ as a Witness

Dershowitz: Mueller’s Trying to ‘Cobble Together’ an ‘Obstruction’ Case Based on Trump’s Tweets, ‘Dangerous’ to Civil Liberties

Tucker Carlson Bombshell: FBI Collaborating With SPLC and Is Still Doing It

Fox News Insider: CBC Report Says US Therapists See Increase in Patients With 'Trump Anxiety Disorder'

RELATED: Report: US Therapists See Increase in Patients With 'Trump Anxiety Disorder'

Fox News: Michael Cohen Secretly Recorded CNN's Chris Cuomo During Two-Hour Interview

CNN Reports on ‘Juiciest Part’ of a Trump-Cohen Tape: ‘Get Me a Coke Please’

Saturday, July 28, 2018

ABC 7: 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Rules In Favor Of Trump Supporters Injured In San Jose, CA Rally

Fox News: Pope Francis Strips Former D.C. Archbishop McCarrick Of Cardinal's Title Amid Sex-Abuse Claims

Fox News: N. Korea Releases Possible Remains Of 55 Americans Killed During Korean War

Lou Dobbs: 9th Circuit Court Of Appeals Rules Gun Owners Can Carry In Public

RELATED: AP: Appeals court: 2nd Amendment protects open carry of guns

Dan Bongino: We Are All Dumber, Losing 10 IQ Points After Watching Chris Hahn’s Interview

Tucker Grills Chris Hahn: Why Is Okay for the DNC and Hillary to Pay Russians to Get Dirt on Trump?

Watters: Michael Cohen Is a ‘Wounded Animal’ and Will Do and Say Anything to ‘Save His Hide’

Geraldo: ‘Hatred’ of Trump Is ‘Almost Unprecedented’

Richard Herman Appears on ‘CNN Newsroom’ to Discuss Papa John’s Ousted CEO Suing the Company

Friday, July 27, 2018

Gutfeld Mocks Anti-Trump Media: Trump’s Created Booming Economy to ‘Deflect from Scandal

CNN Guest on 4.1% GDP: Everybody Except the W.H. Think that ‘This Is a Temporary Blip’

Trump: The Trade Deficit Has Dropped by More than $50 Billion

Trump: More than 3.5 Million Americans Have Been Lifted Off Food Stamps

Trump: We’re on Track to Hit the Highest Annual Average Growth Rate in Over 13 Years

Fox News: Diamond & Silk React to Shadow Banning Claims

Gingrich on Letting Illegals Vote: Dems Think They Have a Harder Time Winning an Election with Law-Abiding Americans

Giuliani Fires Back at ‘Bitter’ Michael Cohen Over Trump Tower Bombshell: ‘He’s Lied All His Life’

Fox News: Twitter Is Shadow Banning Republicans

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Roseanne: I Made a Mistake and It Cost Me Everything

Giuliani on Cohen: ‘This Guy Is a Proven Liar ... I’m Not Worried About It at All’

‘Highly Capable’: Sessions Defends Rosenstein Against Impeachment Report

Trump on GDP: ‘On Friday, Numbers Come Out, I Don’t Know What They Are But There Are Predictions from 3.8 to 5.3%’

Trump Mocks the Media: I Never Get Standing Ovations Because My Crowd Never Sits

Shepard Smith Rips Trump: ‘Journalists Are Not the Enemies of the People, It’s Quite the Opposite’

Charles Payne on Facebook Drop: They Are ‘Victims of Their Own Success’

Catherine Herridge: Articles Of Impeachment Allege Rosenstein Conflict Of Interest With Russia Probe For Signing Off On Carter Page, June 2017

Conway: Under Trump’s Leadership, America Is Back and Is No Longer on an Apology Tour

Judge Nap: ‘I Profoundly Disagree’ with the House Freedom Caucus on Impeaching Rosenstein

High School Student Sues, Wins $25K and Apology from School After Trump Shirt Is Banned

Bill Shine Gets Indignant Amid Blowback Over W.H. Booting CNN’s Collins: ‘Ask Her if We Ever Used the Word Ban‘

Dershowitz on Impeaching Rosenstein: ‘It Is the Most Shortsighted, and I Have to Say Stupid Thing I Have Heard in a Long Time’

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Tucker: Hiring Michael Cohen as Your Lawyer Is Like Hiring Bernie Madoff as Your Accountant

Creepy Porn Lawyer Avenatti Sends List of Demands Before He Will Appear on Tucker’s Show

Rep. Ron DeSantis: Why Hasn't DOJ Turned Over Information On How Crossfire Hurricane Started?

Jim Jordan on Impeaching Rosenstein: ‘We Are Tired of the Justice Department Giving Us the Finger’

Sec. Pompeo Announces Crimea Declaration: The United States Calls on Russia ‘to End Its Occupation of Crimea’

Jason Chaffetz on Cohen Tape: What Happened to Attorney-Client Privilege?

Speaker Ryan: Americans Are Better off Now, We Did What We Said We Were Going To Do

Judge Napolitano on Leaked Audio Tapes: ‘Indication of a Fraud’

MSNBC: First Lady Refuses to Comment About Cohen Tape

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Giuliani Fires Back At Lanny Davis Over Trump-Cohen Tape: 'No Crime Committed On Cohen Tape'

Fmr. CIA Analyst: What Brennan, Clapper Are Doing to Trump Is ‘Insidious’

Bill Kristol: If Republicans Hold the House, Trump Will Fire Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller

Jeff Sessions Laughs as Students Chant ‘Lock Her Up!’

Limbaugh: ‘Pretty Hard to Reconcile Trump’s Tweets with the Claim that Trump Is Putin’s Puppet’

Josh Campbell on Clearance Threat: Trump’s ‘Attempting to Now Gaslight and Distract from Something Else’

Rand Paul: ‘Great Danger’ that People Like Brennan and Clapper Could Reveal Classified Info on TV

Lankford: ‘I Don’t’ Have a Problem Revoking Clearances for Brennan and Clapper

Gregg Jarrett: ‘Dangerous’ to Allow Brennan, Clapper, Comey ‘Who Are Partisans to Have Security Clearance’

Monday, July 23, 2018

Fox News: Fusion GPS Used Fake Steele Dossier As Propaganda To Discredit Trump Campaign

CNN: 12 Michael Cohen Tapes Are Now in the Hands of Prosecutors

Fmr. Federal Prosecutor Shan Wu: Judge Kavanaugh ‘Very Strong Supporter of Almost an Unfettered Power of the Executive Branch’

Jim Himes on Trump’s Iran Tweet: ‘I Think It’s an Overstatement to Say We’re at the Brink of War’

Lindsey Graham: Now We Know Carter Page FISA Warrant Was Based on ‘Garbage’ Steele Dossier

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Howard Kurtz: There Were ‘Tensions’ Between Fox News and Kimberly Guilfoyle in Negotiating Her Exit

Fox News Sunday: 400 Page FISA Warrant Application Was Re-Submitted Three Times, Steele Dossier Heavily Relied Upon

Rep. Trey Gowdy: I Have Not Seen Any Evidence President Trump Colluded With Russia, Adam Schiff Would Have Leaked It

Rep. Trey Gowdy: We Still Have Not Seen The McCabe Memos

Rep. Trey Gowdy: Carter Page More Like Inspector Gadget Then Jason Bourne Or James Bond

Carter Page: I’ve Never Been an Agent of the Foreign Power by Any Stretch of the Imagination

Carter Page Refuses to Say He Was Advising Kremlin

Marco Rubio on Role of Investigators in FISA Application Process: ‘I Don’t Think They Did Anything Wrong’

Judge Jeanine Pirro Thanks Whoopi Goldberg for Making Her Book Number One on Amazon

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Fox & Friends: NFL Halting National Anthem Policy Requiring Players To Stand

Fox & Friends: DOJ Releasing Docs Related To FBI Surveillance Abuse, FISA Warrants

Rev. Robert Jeffress Defends Trump Amid Tape Chaos: We Also Supported ‘Known Womanizer’ Ronald Reagan

Page Pate Appears on CNN’s ‘New Day Saturday’ To Discuss Manafort

Dershowitz: To Compare What Trump Did to The Holocaust Or Kristallnacht Is a Form of Holocaust Denial

Jason Hill Appears on FOX’s ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to Discuss Anti-American Sentiment at Universities

Dan Bongino: Mueller Is Investigating Donald Trump, He Is Not Investigating a Crime

Friday, July 20, 2018

FLASHBACK: Calif. State Senate Leader Kevin de León: ‘Half My Family Eligible for Deportation’ Under Trump’s Immigration Order, February 8, 2017

Rosenstein: Those Who Commit Crimes on Behalf of Foreign Governments, Find Themselves in American Prisons

Haberman on Cohen Tape: It Raises Issues Why Trump Team Said They Know Nothing About Payments

Theresa Payton Appears on FBN’s ‘Varney & Co.’ to Discuss China Cyber Threat

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bill Browder: ‘I Was Happy’ the W.H. ‘Finally Came to Their Senses’ But Why Didn’t It Happen in the First 30 Seconds?

Jeanine Pirro Says Whoopi Goldberg Exploded at Her After View Appearance: ‘Get the F*** out of This Building!!!’

Rand Paul: As ‘Unhinged’ as He Is, ‘Alarming’ If John Brennan Still Has Top Secret Clearance

The Hill’s John Solomon Lays out Case for How Strzok’s Bias Impacted His FBI Work

Ben Shapiro on Mark Duplass Fallout: ‘Pretty Incredible’ That Tom Arnold Is Considered To Be in ‘Good Standing’ in Hollywood

Paul Ryan Laughs at Trump-Hitler Joke: ‘That’s Really Good’

NBC4: Veterans Facing Eviction in Koreatown, Los Angeles, After Building Sold to Donald Sterling

Rep. McCarthy Rips Dems for Calling to Abolish ICE: The Dangers These Officers Face Are No Joke

CNN: New Signs Mueller’s Still Investigating Roger Stone

Trump on Air Force One Makeover: The New Plane Will Be Red, White, and Blue

John Brennan: Trump Committed ‘Overt Collusion’ Encouraging the Russians to Find Hillary’s Emails

Joe DiGenova: John Brennan Is the ‘Real Traitor’ and ‘Shame on Leon Panetta, May He Rot in Hell’

Anderson Cooper on Calling Trump ‘Disgraceful’ at the Helsinki Summit: ‘It Just Popped Out’

Huckabee Sanders: We’ll Get Back To You on Whether Trump Will Help Putin ProsecuteHuckabee Sanders: We’ll Get Back To You on Whether Trump Will Help Putin Prosecute

Don Rosenberg on Illegal Alien Ride -Share Rapist: Our Iniative for 2020 Would Force San Fran. to Cooperate with ICE

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Duncan Hunter Appears on ‘FOX and Friends’ To Discuss Trump

Panetta: The Way Trump ‘Behaves, There Is a Clear Signal that the Russians Have Something on Him’

Scaramucci: I Think Trump Misspoke in Helsinki; He Made a Mistake

Rand Paul Slams John Brennan: ‘The Most Biased, Bigoted... Hyperbolic Unhinged Director of the CIA’ We’ve Ever Had

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mark Levin: Trump’s Done Nothing To Harm America with Respect To Russia and Obama Did Nothing To Protect America From Russia

Bill Bennett: ‘One Can Understand a Certain Reluctance on the Part of the President To Bless the Intelligence Agencies’

CNN: Grand Jury Approves Criminal Indictment of Russian Woman Accused of Conspiracy, Acting as Foreign Agent

CNN: Mueller Request Immunity for 5 Witnesses in Manafort Case

Matt Gaetz on Not Being Fooled By Sacha Baron Cohen: I Thank My Mom for Giving Me a Healthy Dose of Skepticism

‘Fox & Friends’ Works Overtime to Explain Directly to Trump What He Got Wrong

Rep. Ratcliffe Reveals Lisa Page Admitted Text Messages ‘Mean Exactly What They Say,’ Contrary to Strzok’s Testimony

Monday, July 16, 2018

Wallace Hands Putin a Copy of the Indictments Against 12 Russians: ‘May I Give This to You?’

Putin on Meddling: ‘I Was an Intelligence Officer Myself, I Know How Dossiers Are Made’

Putin on if He Has Dirt on Trump: ‘Difficult to Imagine Nonsense on a Bigger Scale than This’

Putin: The Russian State Has Never Interfered and Is Not Going to Interfere in Internal American Affairs Including the Election

Fox News: Trump To Putin 'Our Relationship With Russia Has Never Been Worse'

Putin: ‘The Cold War Is a Thing of the Past’

Trump Does Not Mention He Will Discuss Russia Meddling at the Meeting with Putin

San Francisco Mayor: I’ve Never Seen This Much Poop on Streets

Nunes: Mueller’s Indictment ‘Look Ridiculous’ — Leaves out Targeting of GOP

Sunday, July 15, 2018

CNN: CA Democrats Endorse De León Over Incumbent Feinstein

CNN Airs Russian State TV Clip Claiming Election Meddling Indictments Blatant Attempt to Torpedo the Summit

Donna Brazile: Now We Know There Are Several Russian Witches, Not a 400 Pound Guy on a Bed

ICYMI: Rep. Darrell Issa To Peter Strzok: 'So Far, Only You Have Determined What Should Be Turned Over From Your Private Non-Government Emails, Texts'

Trump: ‘I Think the European Union Is a Foe’

Gowdy: No American Would Want Peter Strzok Investigating Them If He Had That Amount of Animus Against Them