Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ben Shapiro Debates Maher on Incivility: It’s a Problem on the Left Too, ‘I Needed 600 Officers at Berkeley!’

Charlie Hurt: Rod Rosenstein Should Be Impeached, He Should Be Fired

CNN Montage: Trump Calls Media ‘The Worst, ‘Scum,’ ‘Crooked,’ ‘Dishonest’

Huckabee: This November Americans Will Choose If They Want a Party that Treats Illegals Better than American Citizens

Friday, June 29, 2018

CNN: Comedian "Stuttering John" Pretends He’s Bob Menendez and Makes Prank Call to Trump on Air Force One

Tucker Battles Univision Anchor: If Poor Central Americans Make Your Country Better, Why Hasn’t It Made Tijuana Better?

CNN: Trump to Announce SCOTUS Pick July 9, Considering Two Women and Reportedly Mike Lee

Scaramucci: ‘Ironic’ Whenever Something Super Sensitive Is Happening in the W.H., It Ends up Leaking

Police Chief on Annapolis Shooter: ‘I Will Not Say His Name Today, He Doesn’t Deserve Us to Talk About Him One More Second’

McConnell Laughs off Dems’ Call To Delay SCOTUS Confirmation: They Forget I Said ‘Presidential’ Election Year

Reporters Harass Trump About Maryland Shooting

Eugene Robinson on SCOTUS: Dems Cannot Win It, But They Have to Wage This Nomination Fight

Grabien Montage: Chris Matthews Loses His Mind over Kennedy Retirement, Trump’s Replacement

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Don Lemon: How Is the Maryland Shooting Connected to Maxine Waters, You Can Do Better Sean Hannity

Md. Gov. Larry Hogan: We Have Had Several Fatalities, and Several People that Are in the Hospital

Fox News: ‘Multiple’ Deaths, Suspect Caught After Reports of Shots Fired Outside Maryland Newspaper Office

FBI Chief Christopher Wray: ‘I’ve Never Completely Understood the Term Deep State’

Fireworks Erupt at House Judiciary Hearing When Jim Jordan Grills Rosenstein: We’ve Caught You Hiding Information

Gowdy: Strzok Was Talking About Impeaching Trump Within 3 Days, Even Quicker than MSNBC and the Dems

Rep Hank Johnson: IG Report Found No Wrongdoing, But Today We Have An Investigation Of The Investigation Of The Investigation

Goodlatte: Would Dems Claim No Bias If Texts Said ‘Hillary Is a Disaster’ or ‘We’ll Stop Her?’

Pelosi: The Supreme Court Has ‘Done Violence’ to Our Democracy

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Chris Wallace on Anthony Kennedy Vacancy: ‘Without Any Question This Is the Biggest Moment of the Trump Presidency’

CNN’s Toobin Flabbergasted By Trump Hiring Fmr. Fox News Exec Bill Shine: ‘I Can’t Even Bear It’

Fox News: Justice Kennedy Announces Plans to Retire

Pelosi Snaps at Reporter Who Asked About Younger Candidates Winning: Don’t Get ‘Carried away as an Expert on Demographics’

Byron York: Cortez Win Over Crowley Indicates There Is a Lot of Turmoil Going on in the Dem Party

Fox News: Sarah Sanders to Get Secret Service Detail After Red Hen Incident

Judge Nap: SCOTUS Ruling Is ‘Catastrophic’ for Unions

Fox News: Federal Judge Orders End of Family Separations at US Border

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Steve Schmidt: ‘This Is the Most Important Midterm Election in American History’

Comey Admits He ‘Had a Negative Opinion’ of Trump When Pressed on Anti-Trump Bias ‘From the Start’

Fox News: SCOTUS Upholds Trump Travel Ban 3.0 5 to 4

Schumer: ‘No One Should Call for the Harassment of Political Opponents… That’s Not American’

CNN: Trump Slams Harley-Davidson in New Tweet, Threatens Them with Higher Taxes

Dershowitz: The American Public Has a Right to See Peter Strzok Testifying

Judge Nap: ‘We Have the Right to Observe’ Peter Strzok’s Testimony

Jim Jordan: ‘I’m Fine’ with Peter Strzok Hearing Starting Behind Closed Doors

Monday, June 25, 2018

Sen. Udall: I Saw Three Year Olds Walking over the Border Bridge into El Paso, Texas

Trump Supporters Yell ‘Go Home Jim!’ at CNN’s Acosta During S.C. Rally

Maxine Waters Denies She Called for Harm to Trump’s Staff: ‘The President Lied Again’

CNBC Poll Finds Most Approve of Pres. Trump’s Handling of the Economy; ‘Record Economic Optimism’

Jeffrey Toobin: If Some People Don’t Like How We Cover Trump, ‘Too Bad’

Trump Slams ‘Fake News’ NYT: I Wanted to Sign the Executive Order on Family Separation

Kevin McCarthy: For The First Time in America, There Are More Jobs Offered than People Actually Looking for It

Tom Bossert: 9th Circuit Called Obama’s Detention of Illegals ‘Inhumane’ and Her View of Trump ‘Will Be Harsher’

Goodlatte: ‘We’re Deeply Disturbed’ by the Connections Between the Hillary and Trump Probes

Joe Borelli: The Left’s ‘Dehumanizing People Who Are Republicans’

A.B. Stoddard: Maxine Waters ‘Is Doing Everything She Can to Prevent Her Own Promotion’ as Chair of the Financial Services Committee

Varney Rips Maxine Waters: ‘Somebody’s Going to Get Hurt’

Operating Manager of the Red Hen, Swedesboro, N.J.: ‘Most of the Calls Were Really Abusive’

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Rich Lowry: Only Way To Stop Influx of Future Migrants Is If They Know They’re Not Getting In

Fox Report: Peter Strzok To Testify Before House Judiciary Committee This Week

Time Magazine Editor Defends Trump-Immigrant Cover: Photo Is ‘Iconic,’ Little Girl Is the ‘Face’ of the Crisis

Corker Blames America for MS-13: ‘It’s a Shame’ What We’ve Done Cause Them to Be a Part of a Terrorist Group

Trump: We Have Signed a Landmark Accountability Legislation for the VA

Glenn Beck Abruptly Ends CNN Interview, Walks off on Air After Stelter Says His Company’s in Trouble

Obama’s DHS Secretary: ‘We Can’t Have Catch and Release’

Saturday, June 23, 2018

FLASHBACK: Joe Concha: Comey’s Media Blitz Is an ‘Unmitigated Disaster’, April 19, 2018

Fox & Friends: DC Comics Tweets "Superman Is A Refugee"

Fox & Friends: Scott Rasmussen Discusses, House And Senate, Key Issues For Mid-Terms

Fox News Insider: Michael Cohen Denies Tom Arnold's Claim of Teaming Up to 'Take Down Trump'

CNN: Sarah Sanders Says She Was Kicked Out Of Restaurant Because She Works For Trump

Tom Arnold’s CNN Interview Is a Complete Trainwreck, Suggests Pee Tape Is Real, Says ‘P*ssy’ on Air

Friday, June 22, 2018

Watters: The Media Is Always Going to Try to Harm Melania Because They Don’t Like Her Husband

Chris Lu Appears On ‘MSNBC Live’ To Discuss Merging Education and Labor Departments

CNN’s Toobin on Report National Enquirer Allowed Cohen to Vet Trump Stories: ‘Legal Stretch’ to Call it In-Kind Contribution

Tom Arnold: ‘My Mission’ Is To Get ‘Racist’ and ‘Cruel’ Trump ‘out of There,’ ‘He Lies’

MSNBC: SCOTUS Rules Police Need a Warrant to Get Your Cell Phone Location Info

Father of Murder Victim: ‘63,000 Americans Since 9/11 Have Been Killed by Illegal Aliens’

Theresa Payton Appears on FBN’s ‘Varney & Company’ To Discuss Susan Rice ‘Stand Down’ Order on Russian Meddling

Dershowitz: Peter Strzok’s Text He’d Stop Trump ‘Sounds Like Collusion at the Highest Level’

David Bahnsen Appears on FBN’s ‘Varney & Company’ To Discuss Oil Prices

Huckabee: Time Magazine Cover ‘a Great Example of What the President Calls Fake News’

Trump Supporters Getting Emotional About Persecution of Trump

Geraldo Calls for Melania’s Chief of Staff To Be Fired Over Jacket

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fox News: Charles Krauthammer, Pulitzer Prize Winner and Longtime Fox News Contributor, Dead at 68

Gingrich: There Can’t Be a Blue Wave in This Country If We Are Winning in Minnesota

Judge Nap: Trump’s Right, the Immigration Laws Are Not Only Confusing But Also Contradictory

Trump Reportedly Threw Starburst at Angela Merkel During G-7: ‘Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything’

Limbaugh on Immigration Coverage: ‘Hate’ for Trump Is ‘Fueling’ the News Media

Hannity: ‘Fake News’ CNN and MSNBC Didn’t Cover Trump’s Rally Because They’d Be Exposed as Liars

Gingrich: Dems Want to Use Migrant Kids as an Excuse for an Open Border

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

GOP Rep Claims 5-Year-Olds Helping Cartels Smuggle Drugs in Off The Rails MSNBC Interview

Andrew Cuomo: We’re Suing Trump Because He’s Violated the Due Process Rights of Illegals

Trump: Dems Promoting Immigration Because IG Report Destroyed ‘Russia Scam’

Judge Nap on Anti-Trump FBI Agents: The FBI Which Is Masterful At Gathering Evidence Is Masterful At Concealing It

Kevin Brady: Trump’s Exec. Order Is a ‘Temporary Fix’ But We Need a ‘Permanent Solution’ to Immigration Problem

Giuliani: I Believe Comey Is on His Way to Jail

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Geraldo Battles JW’s Chris Farrell, Hannity on Border Policy: ‘This Is Child Abuse! How Dare You!’

Byron York: Nobody’s Sure How Peter Strzok Could Have Continued to Work at the FBI

Lewandowski Mocks Disabled Migrant Girl Who Was Separated From Parents: ‘Womp Womp’

CNN Panel Blows up After Trump Adviser Steve Cortes Calls Migrant Families ‘Invaders’

Comey: Hillary Clinton Still Doesn’t Understand Why She Was Under FBI Investigation

Mark Meadows on IG Report: Why Were There Two Standards, One for Hillary and One for Trump?

Trump on Trade: We Have to Change Our Ways, We Can No Longer Be the Stupid Country

IG Horowitz Admits the Man Running the Clinton Investigation Hated Trump

Caputo: I Would Have Said Yes to a French-Canadian Offering Dirt on Hillary

Gowdy: We Can Survive with Politicians We Don’t Trust; We Can’t Survive With a Justice System We Don’t Trust

Hans Von Spakovsky: Everyone of These FBI Agents Who Made Inappropriate Texts Should Have Been Fired

Monday, June 18, 2018

Marc Short: President Bush Signed Law Implementing Separation of Illegals

Acting ICE Director: I Wish There Was This Much Outrage For Children Killed By Illegal Aliens

Judge Nap: ‘It’s Child Abuse to Separate Children from Their Parents Unless It’s Necessary to Save the Human Life’

IG Horowitz: Comey ‘Was Concerned About His Survivability’

Director Wray: There’s Not Much Difference Between Gross Negligence and Reckless Disregard

Dershowitz on Manafort’s Jailing: We’re Seeing the ‘Denial of Civil Liberties’

Turley: After IG Report, Obstruction of Justice Claim Against Comey Has Become ‘Virtually Incomprehensible’

Jeff Merkley: Lady Liberty Now Says We’ll Handcuff You, Throw You in Prison and Rip Away Your Kids

Sessions Quotes Bible To Justify Separation of Illegal Immigrant Children from Parents

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Front Page Index: A Few Things You Might’ve Missed

FLASHBACK - FPI Podcast: FISA Scandal Blows Lid Off Massive Inside Job, Not Even A Gyroscope Can Save Democrats Now, February 12, 2018

Gowdy: The FBI Prejudged Hillary’s Innocence and Trump’s Guilt, That’s Textbook Bias

Gowdy Warns DOJ, FBI: We’ll Use Our ‘Full Arsenal of Constitutional Weapons’ If They Don’t Comply With Subpoenas

Gowdy: Same Team that Exonerated Hillary Implicated Trump Before the Investigation Began

Giuliani: The President Is Not Going To Issue Pardons in the Russia Investigation

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Graham: ‘If You Don’t Like Me Working with President Trump to Make the World a Better Place, I Don’t Give a Sh*t’

Strassel on IG Report: ‘We Have an Assistant AG Tipping off the Hillary Clinton Team’

Robert Driscoll: IG Report Makes Clear There Was ‘Rampant Bias’ in the FBI and DoJ

Fox News: Republicans Want To Know Why Peter Strzok Still Has A Job With The Bureau

Fox News: Two Sheriff's Deputies Killed By Inmate In Kansas City

Fox News: Hawking’s Ashes Laid to Rest Next to Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton

Giuliani: Joe Biden Is ‘Dumb’

Giuliani: ‘Extremely Irresponsible’ of Mueller to Hire Agents Like Page and Strzok

Dershowitz: ‘There Is Something Very Wrong’ with the System that Presumes Manafort’s Guilt Based on an Indictment

Friday, June 15, 2018

ABC News: Federal Judge Revokes Manafort’s Bond, Will Be Detained

Trump: ‘Manafort Has Nothing To Do with Our Campaign’

Mark Levin on DoJ IG Report: The ‘Greatest Threat’ to Our Electoral System Wasn’t a Foreign Gov’t, It Was Our Gov’t

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Chris Stirewalt On IG Report: This Is The Full Ruination Of James Comey

Ingraham Angle Montage On IG Report Reaction: Phil Mudd Expected Sledgehammer, Got Hammer Used To Nail Painting In Wall

Gowdy on IG Report: ‘What a Dark Day It Is for the FBI and DoJ’

FBI’s Wray on IG Report: ‘We Are Going to Hold Employees Accountable for Potential Misconduct’

Sarah Sanders to CNN’s Acosta: ‘I Know It’s Hard for You to Understand Even Short Sentences’

Giuliani on IG Report: ‘Comey Really Has a Chance of Being Prosecuted, But We Will See’

Fox News: DoJ IG Report Found Comey Broke FBI Procedures, Overstepped His Authority But Not Biased

Judge Napolitano: Focus Must Be Errors in Judgment

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Giuliani Claims Michael Cohen Is Not Flipping on Trump, ‘Nor Do We Care’

Fox News Catherine Herridge: 500 Page IG Report Over FBI Probe Into Clinton Emails Due Tomorrow

Fox News’ The Five Bashes Media for North Korea Coverage: All Trump Gets Is ‘100% Negativity’

Fed Chair Jerome Powell: ‘The Main Takeaway Is that the Economy Is Doing Very Well’

Fox Business: Comcast Makes $60B All-Cash Bid for 21st Century Fox Assets, Nudging out Disney

Avenatti: I Predicted Cohen Would Flip on the President and That’s Exactly What’s Going to Happen

Limbaugh: Success of Trump-Kim Summit Caught Media Off Guard, ‘They Wanted It to Blow Up’

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trump: Kim Jong Un ‘Really Understands’ North Korea Is Ripe for Real Estate Development

Trump on Kim Agreeing to Return Bodies of U.S. Soldiers: ‘It Was Almost Immediate’

Trump: North Korea Dismantling Its Nukes ‘Will Start Virtually Immediately’

Tucker Carlson Loses Cool on Guest, Calls Him ‘Stupid Person,’ Cuts Off Interview: ‘You Know Nothing!’