Saturday, March 31, 2018

CNN’s Camerota to Parkland’s Hogg: ‘How You Are Coping’ With The Vilification And Targeting From The Right

Mikhail Varshavski Appears on FBN’s ‘Cavuto Coast to Coast’ To Discuss Health Insurance Companies

Byron York: ‘It Seems Clear the Attorney General Is Trying to Offer Something to These Critics on The Hill’ with Naming of John Huber

Fox News: 9 Ton Chinese Space Station to Crash into the Earth over Easter Weekend

RNC Chair: ‘No Other Previous Nominee Has Put Their Foot in Their Mouths as Much as Hillary Clinton Has Since This Election Ended’

Joe Concha: Roseanne Reboot Rating Tells Is Everything We Need to Know About Where Are tn the Country

Dan Bongino: ‘Democrats Are out of Ideas in the Legislative and Policy Realm’

Tammy Bruce: ‘Embarrassing’ for Every Women to Have Hillary Clinton ‘Behaving So Badly’

Friday, March 30, 2018

Conway Dings Hillary for Only Getting $25K for Speech: That’s $5 Per Person

Seema Iyer Appears on ‘CNN Newsroom’ To Discuss Elizabeth Esty

Gingrich: ‘Disgrace’ that the Senate Has ‘Tolerated’ Schumer Behaving as the Majority Leader and Blocking Trump’s Nominees

Fox News: Noor Salman, Wife of Pulse Nightclub Shooter Omar Mateen, Found Not Guilty

Trump Shares Passover, Easter Greetings in Weekly Address

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Fox News: Sessions Reveals He Already Has US Attorney in Utah to Investigate FBI, DoJ Misconduct

Baltimore Mayor Struggles to Defend Opposition to Citizenship Question on 2020 Census

Dem Strategist: Sanctuary Cities Are Not ‘Safe Havens’ for Criminals

Britt McHnery On 70% Of Millennial Women Leaning Left: Easy To Espouse Identity Politics When Your Bank Account Is Not Being Significantly Taxed

Tom Reed GOP Proposal for Balanced Budget Amendment: ‘National Debt of $20 Trillion Has to Get Under Control’

CNN Plays Montage of Dr. Ronny Jackson Praising Trump’s Health as a Reason for His Nomination

CNN: Russia Expelling 60 U.S. Diplomats, Closing St. Petersburg Consulate

Trump: ’40 Percent of Our Bridges Were Built… Before the First Moon Landing’

Fox News: New Page-Strzok Texts Suggest Possible Coordination Between CIA, FBI, Obama White House and Harry Reid

Lewandowski on Ronny Jackson: Who Better Than an Active Military Officer To Be the New Va Chief

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fox News: DOJ IG To Investigate FISA Abuses by DOJ and FBI

Orange County Undersheriff on Inmate Database: ‘We Want To Protect the Public Regardless of Immigration Status’

Chaffetz: The FBI’s ‘Absolutely Obstructionist’ on Hillary Document Requests

CNN’s Student Panel on Gun Control Melts Down into Fight About Race: ‘You’re a Racist!’

Summary Mark Levin: If Trump’s Was a Kennedy, We Wouldn’t Be Seeing a Thing of Stormy Daniels

CNN:Trump Tweets the Second Amendment Will Never Be Repealed’

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Dave Brat: Dems Don’t Want to End Illegal Immigration, Republicans Do

Judge Nap: Not Illegal To Ask Citizenship Question But It’s Illegal To Give Impression It’s Required To Answer

Fmr. Al Qaeda Captive Matt Schrier: The FBI Wronged Me, They Never Told My Dad I Was Kidnapped

Bartiromo on Stock Market Rebound: We’re Returning to Fundamentals

CNN: Mark Zuckerberg Will Testify Before Congress on April 10

Michael Anton: Trump ‘Absolutely Deserves Credit’ for Countries Acting in Concert to Expel Russians

Orange County Supervisor: ‘California Has Decided to Poke’ Trump ‘in the Eye’ and I’d Rather They Not Involve Us

Watch Women Trump Supporters React to Stormy Daniels Interview: ‘This is the Media Defining the Narrative’

Judge Nap on Request for Hillary Docs from DoJ, FBI: The Evidence of Her Guilt Is Overwhelming

Monday, March 26, 2018

Katie Hopkins on California’s Skid Row: It’s Like London in the 1600’s Just Prior to the Bubonic Plague

Judge Nap: ‘Clear’ FBI ‘Abandoned’ Matt Schrier, Used Him as a Means to Gather Intel

Malkin: Media’s Guilty of ‘Soft-Core Journalism’ Driven By ‘Hard-Core Obsession’ to Bring Trump Down

Fox News: Trump Orders Expulsion of 60 Russian Diplomats in Response to UK Nerve Agent Attack

Fox News: 14 EU Nations Expel Russian Diplomats

Fox News: DoJ Tries to Block ATT, Time Warner Merger in Court

Dan Bongino: Trying To Disarm Law Abiding Gun Owners Will Not Change the Criminals Among Us

Axios’ Jim Vandehei: Many on the Left Blame Facebook for the Election of Donald Trump

Scarborough Hammers Avenatti on the CD: You Teased the Evidence, You’re Baiting the Public

Stormy Daniels Atty. Denies Overhyping the Interview: MyTweeting the CD Had Nothing to Do with It

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Stormy Daniels: This Is Not a #MeToo; I Never Said I Was a ‘Victim’

Fmr. FEC Chair Trevor Potter: The Stormy Daniels’ Payment ‘Creates an Enormous Legal Mess’ for Trump

Stormy Daniels: I Thought There Would Be Legal Repercussions If I Didn’t Sign the Agreement

Mike Conaway: ‘We Found No Evidence of Collusion’

Limbaugh: ‘Patently Obvious’ $1.3T Omnibus Was Designed to ‘Separate Trump Voters from Trump’

Tim Kaine Questions If Bolton Can Get Security Clearance: He Cooked Intelligence

Saturday, March 24, 2018

At Rally, Emma Gonzalez Breathes Dramatically for Several Minutes While Saying Nothing

Tucker Blasts $1.3t Omnibus: It’s ‘the Opposite of What America Voted for in 2016’

George Will: ‘Bolton Is Intelligent, Educated, Principled, Articulate and Experienced’ Five Virtues Not Present’ In Trump

Hannity Rips CNN’s Zucker over ‘King of Porn’ Coverage of Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal

A. Scott Bolden Appears on CNN”s ‘New Day Saturday’ To Discuss Trump’s Alleged Affairs

Sara Carter: FBI Has Reopened Investigation into Clinton Fdn., Looking at Ties with Russia

Friday, March 23, 2018

Orange County Supervisor: We Are Opting Out of Calif.’s Sanctuary laws, They Are ‘Unconstitutional’

Kevin Brady: We’re Working to Redesign the IRS that Is 20 Years Overdue

Mollie Hemingway: Time Magazine Cover with Only Pro-Gun Control Students Is ‘Not Surprising’

Kurtz: Anderson Cooper ‘Was Throwing’ Softballs to Karen McDougal

Sunny Hoston on McDougal Interview: ‘I Was So Disgusted by This Whole Tawdry Thing’

Tucker: Big Tech and Big Finance Are Already Taking Away Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Fox News: Trump Threatens to Veto Omnibus Spending Over Lack of DACA and Adequate Wall Funding

Jon Meacham: Bolton Is ‘Getting a Second Bite at the Apple’ on Using War Power

CNN Montage: John Bolton’s Hard Line Views

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Karen McDougal: I Thought ‘Maybe’ This Relationship with Trump Would Lead to Marriage

Former Playmate McDougal: Trump Tried to Pay Me After We Had Sex

H.R. McMaster Resigns, John Bolton Appointed By Trump As National Security Adviser

Trump: We Have to Use Reciprocal Tariffs with China

Tillerson Makes Veiled Swipe During Goodbye Speech: ‘This Can Be a Very Mean-Spirited Town’

Sunny Hostin: Someone Should Take Trump Out Back and ‘Kick His Little Butt’

Sen. Hirono: ‘I’m Really Disappointed’ DACA Is Not in the Omnibus Bill

Fox News: Trump’s Lead Attorney in Mueller Probe, John Dowd, Resigns

Schiff: We Had Motions to Hold Steve Bannon in Contempt

Stirewalt: Trump Means It When He Says He a ‘Counterpuncher’ and Biden Will Probably Regret It

Fox News: Austin Bomber Leaves 25 Minute ‘Confession’ on Cell Phone

Dershowitz: Mueller Should Never Have Been Appointed as Special Counsel

Paul Ryan: Jim Jordan Is Wrong that Omnibus Spending Bill Is the ‘Worst Bill Ever’

Jim Jordan Blasts $1.3T Spending Bill: The Worst Bill GOP Leadership Has Ever Allowed to Come to the Floor

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fox News: Trump OK’s Trillion Dollar Spending Bill, Includes Background Check and School Safety Measures

Zuckerberg Won’t Commit to Testifying Before Congress

Zuckerberg: ‘We Shouldn’t’ Have Trust Cambridge Analytica When They Promised They Delete Data

Fed Chair: The Economy’s Healthier than It’s Been Since Before the Financial Crisis

Harmeet Dhillon Appears on FNC’s ‘The Ingraham Angle’ To Discuss McCabe’s Criminal Indictment

John King Ridicules Trump’s Excessive Twitter Typos: ‘He Says He Went to the Best Schools…’

Hannity Tears into Robert Mueller: His Career ‘Has Been Anything But Impeccable’

Tucker Grills Univ. of Maryland Prof.: What Specific Law Will Stop Mass Shootings?

Laura Ingraham Blasts the ‘Swamp-Dwellers’ Who Went ‘Thermonuclear’ over Trump’s Call to Putin

Stormy Daniels’ Friend: Possible Stormy Hasn’t Washed the Dress She Wore in Tryst with Trump

Meyers: Is the Budget for Cyber Security Going To Be Used for W.H. Officials’ Good-bye Cakes?

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Ed Markey: ‘It’s Time for Mark Zuckerberg to Come to Congress and Testify’

Lewandowski: ‘Very Unfair’ to Trump for Mueller to Continue the Investigation Without a Finite Ending

Trump: ‘Sanctuary Cities Put Innocent Americans at the Mercy of Hardened Criminals’

Sec. Ben Carson on $31,000 Table: ‘I Said, ‘What the Heck Is that All About?’

CNN: Fmr. Playboy Playmate Who Alleges a 9 Month Affair with Trump Sues to Get Out from NDA

Gingrinch: For Holder to Say Anything About Sessions ‘Shows a Level of Chutzpah That’s Remarkable’

Fox News: Package Bomb Explodes at FedEx Facility in Schertz, Texas, May Have Been Bound for Austin

Student at Southern Md. School: My Friend Said He Saw the Shooter Shoot Himself

Fox News: Maryland School in Lockdown Amid Shooting

Chaffetz: ‘The Department of Justice Continues to This Day to Give the Stiff Arm to Congress’

Los Alamitos Mayor on Opting out of Calif. Sanctuary Policy: We Can’t Support Illegal Immigration

Peter Schweizer Exposes Billions of Dollars of Corruption by Biden, McConnell, Kerry

Monday, March 19, 2018

Trump on Drug Dealers: The Ultimate Penalty Has To Be the Death Penalty

Schiff on Hiring of DiGenova: As Mueller’s Getting Closer to the Oval Office, ‘There’s a Sense of Alarm’

Facebook Whistleblower: ‘What Cambridge Analytica Does Is Create a Weapon of Disinformation Online’

John Bolton: The Sooner the Senate Confirms Pompeo the Better for the Country

Turley: We Already Know Comey Is a Leaker But the Question Is, Is He a Serial Leaker

Wylie: Facebook ‘Never Checked’ To Ensure Cambridge Analytica Deleted Personal Data

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Trey Gowdy: Not a Single Witness Has Any Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion

Trey Gowdy: McCabe’s Own FBI Recommended He Be Fired, Not Crazy House GOP or Trump

Gowdy: Adam Schiff Never Met a Camera He Didn’t Fall in Love With

Chris Wallace to Dick Dick Durbin: Have You Failed Parkland Students by Not Passing Gun Control?

Lewandowski: ‘McCabe Has Clearly Lied to the FBI, We Call that a Felony in the Real World’

Tom Fitton: McCabe Firing a ‘Big Blow to the Deep State Efforts to Target President Trump’

Dan Bongino on McCabe Firing: ‘This Was Justice’

Schiff: Dems’ Report Will Show Trump/Russia Collusion

Schiff Suggests Links Between Trump Campaign, Cambridge Analytica and Russia

Schiff: Money Laundering by the Russians for Trump Trough Deutsche Bank Needs to Investigated

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fox News: Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Fired

Fox News: New Page-Strzok Texts Reveal Personal Relationship with Judge Recuse from Flynn Case

Herman on Stormy Daniels NDA: ‘She Could Just Take a Page out of The Art of the Deal’ and File Bankruptcy

Hannity Challenges Comey to Come on His Radio Show: I Will Give You 3 Hours

Brooklyn Lawyer: Speeding Ticket Fines Should Be Based on Income, Rich People Should Pay More

MSNBC Panel: Sessions Firing Trump ‘Raise the Specter’ of Trump Impeachment

Eric Schiffer: Pelosi Has Become ‘Increasingly Irrelevant’

Friday, March 16, 2018

Fox News: 4 Top GOP Senators Calls for 2nd Special Counsel to Investigate FBI’s Russia Probe

Ari Fleischer: Facts Seem to Suggest that McCabe Losing His Pension Is ‘Deserved’

Huckabee Sanders on Allegation Physical Threats from Stormy Daniels’ Atty.: I Would Refer You to the President’s Personal Attorney’

Dershowitz: Mueller Subpoenaing Trump Organization Is ‘Clearly’ a Sign He’s ‘Ratcheting’ up the Pressure

Stormy Daniels’ Atty.: Yes My Client Was Threatened with Physical Harm

Kesley Harkness: When Dems Say Everything Is Sexist It Is ‘Detrimental and Dangerous’ to Women

Miami-Dade Police Chief on Bridge Collapse: ‘This Is a Homicide Investigation’

Mark Steyn on Airline Dog Deaths: Post-9/11 Environment Is Training People to Behave Like a Herd of Animals’

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Grassley on 2nd Special Counsel: The IG Doesn’t Have Access to People Who Have Left the DoJ

Stavridis on North Korea: Their Largest Ability to Raise Cash Is Cyber -Criminal Activity

CNN: Mueller Subpoenas Trump Organization in Russia Probe, Investigation To Go Well Past 2018 Elections

Tucker on Richard Simmons Case: In a Few Years It’ll Be Defamation To Say Somebody Isn’t Transgender

Schiff: We Think Trump’s Withholding Evidence on Comey Meetings

Scarborough: The Republican Party ‘Going Down This Fall’

FNC’s Ainsley Earhardt Rips into McCabe: He Gets To Live on a Pension Hard-Working Americans Have To Pay For

Judge Nap: ‘Blatantly Unconstitutional’ for California To Tell Private Businesses To Not Cooperate with ICE

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Broward’s Runcie on Student Walkout: ‘It’s A Positive Day for Our Young People’