Wednesday, February 28, 2018

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins: Hope Hicks’ Departure ‘Certainly Stunned a Lot Of People’

Trump: ‘We Have To Do Something About the Mentally Ill Not Being Able to Buy a Gun’

Trump: ‘We Have to Create a Culture that Cherishes Life and Human Dignity’

Mom Who Lost Son to Heroin: Pace of Help from Trump Admin for Drug Addiction Is ‘Absolutely Not Fast Enough’

Ed Henry: John Kelly Trying To Consolidate Power Amid Hope Hicks Exit, Kushner Downgrade

Jim Himes Falsely Claims Steele Dossier Was Started by the Free Beacon

In Anti-Semitic Rant, Louis Farrakhan Confirms DNC’s Keith Ellison Was in Nation of Islam

‘The View’ on Ben Carson Spending $31K on a Dining Table: Donate the Money and Help Some Families in the Projects

Acting ICE Director: Oakland Mayor Warning Illegals of ICE Raids Is No Better than a ‘Gang Lookout,’ ‘Beyond the Pale’

‘Cannabis Candidate’ on Smoking Pot in New Ad: It’s an ‘Act of Civil Disobedience’

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hannity: Broward Sheriff Dropped the Ball and Failed the Community

Tucker Slams Amazon for Paying Zero Federal Income Taxes: They Destroyed Many More Businesses Than They’ve Created

Adm. Mike Rogers: ‘We’re Probably Not Doing Enough’ to Discourage Russian Meddling

Matt Gaetz: No Dispute that DNC Cash Was Convertible into a Govt-Sponsored Warrant To Spy on Americans

Fmr. DNC Adviser: If Trump Wins in 2020, It Will Be Because of the Russians Again

Jeff Sessions Announces New Investigation Into Obama FBI FISA Abuse, Gowdy Responds

CNN: Jared Kushner’s Security Clearance Downgraded from Interim Top Secret to Interim Secret

CNN Analyst Suggests Women Can’t Carry Guns Because They Wear Skirts, Dresses

Donny Deutsch Predicts Trump Reelected in Landslide if He Isn’t Removed from Office

Monday, February 26, 2018

Hannity to Carter Page: Has the Country Been Lied to By the Media and Adam Schiff on a Regular Basis?

Jesse Watters: Sheriff Israel Seems ‘More Concerned With Bashing the NRA’ Than School Safety

Piers Morgan Melts Down in Debate with Gun Advocate: ‘I Get So Angry Talking to These Gun Nuts!’

Limbaugh on Scalise Shooting vs Parkland: Less Anti-Gun Outcry ‘When Leftists Are Pulling the Trigger’?

Melania Trump Praises Parkland Student Survivors: ‘They’re Our Future and They Deserve a Voice’

Chaffetz on Chris Steele: He Wouldn’t Qualify To Be in an Austin Powers Movie

Wolff Walks Out of Interview When Confronted About Trump Affair Accusation, Claims He Can’t Hear Question

Parkland’s Hogg: Rick Scott Is To Blame for ‘Cowardly’ Broward Deputies Not Entering School

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Catherine Herridge: Dem Memo Does Appear To Be In Direct Conflict With James Comey Testimony

RELATED: FBI’s Comey Doesn’t Deny There Was a FISA Request to Wiretap Trump, September 19, 2017

Flashback: FBI’s Comey Doesn’t Deny There Was a FISA Request to Wiretap Trump - September 19, 2017

Flashback: Ron Kessler: The ‘Ideal Candidate’ for FBI Director Would Be Andrew McCabe - May 16, 2017

Flashback: Clapper: ‘Our Institutions Are Under Assault’ by Trump - May 14, 2017

Sheriff Israel: I Won’t Resign

CBS: California Assemblywoman, #MeToo Leader, Cristina Garcia Denies Groping Accusations, Having Sex in State Offices

Schiff: Steele Dossier ‘Was Important’ in Securing FISA Warrant

Schiff: ‘The FBI Acted Appropriately’ Securing FISA Warrant

CNN’s Zelizer: Dem FISA Memo ‘Contradicts the Pillar of the Republican Case’ Against the Russia Investigation

Nunes: We’re Not Going to Have a FISA Court Any Longer If FBI Continues to Obfuscate

Devin Nunes: Dems ‘Advocating’ in Their Memo It’s Okay for the DOJ and FBI To Use Political Dirt Paid for by One Campaign Against the Other

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Fox News: Dem FISA Memo Released - Claims FISA Application Was Unrelated to Dossier


Trump on Devin Nunes: ‘Some Day He’s Going To Be Greatly Honored for His Service’

Charlie Hurt: Rick Gates Indictment ‘Does Nothing to Justify the Original Launching’ of the Mueller Investigation in the First Place

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi Slams ‘Cowardly’ Trump for Taking Questions from One America News

Ingraham Praises Trump For Reading ‘The Snake’ at CPAC: He Should Release It as an LP

Friday, February 23, 2018

CNN: Police Arriving at Florida Shooting Scene Were Surprised Deputies Hadn’t Entered

Ted Cruz: Obama Administration Cut $300 Million in School Safety Funding

Fox News: Fmr. Trump Campaign Aide to Plead Guilty to Conspiracy Charges in Mueller Probe

Trump: We Have Had the Most Successful First Year in the History of the Presidency

Don Lemon Calls Ken Cuccinelli’s Stance on Guns ‘Stupid,’ Van Jones Says Teachers Are Inherently Racist

Mark Meadows: If John Brennan Can’t Find the Origin of the Trump Dossier, Then He’d Have a Hard Time Finding Terrorists

MSNBC: Parkland School Resource Deputy Resigns, Two Deputies on Restricted Duty

Rick Perry on Cyber Warfare: ‘We Look at This as One of Our Most Important Jobs to Protect American Citizens’

Protesters Removed from Trump’s CPAC Speech: ‘How Did He Get in Here, Matt?’

Guilfoyle Likens CNN Town Hall to ‘Roman Theater’: ‘Are They Going to Feed Him to the Lions?’

Scarborough: Arming Teachers a ‘Stupid’ Idea, NRA Likes It Because More Guns Are Sold

Scarborough: LaPierre Has Spent 40 Years ‘Slandering the Men and Women’ of the FBI

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Eric Bolling Shares Heartwarming Story About President Trump Calling Him About His Son

Acting FBI Deputy Director on Missed Florida Tip: ‘There Was a Mistake Made’

CNN: Mueller Issues New Charges Against Manafort and Gates, Including Allegations of Laundering $30 Million

Lapierre: Our Movie Stars, Politicians Are All More Protected than Our Children at School

Wayne Lapierre: Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Chris Murphy Hide Behind Labels Like Progressive to Make Socialist Agenda More Palatable

Wayne LaPierre: ‘To Stop a Bad Guy with a Gun, It Takes a Good Guy with a Gun’

Dana Loesch: ‘We Will Not Be Gaslighted’ into Thinking We’re Responsible’ for Mass Shootings

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Trump on Mass Shootings: ‘It Won’t Be Talk, Like in the Past… We Are Going to Get It Done’

Dana Loesch: Fla. Shooter Should Have Been Baker Acted When He Said He’d Kill Students

Dana Loesch on NRA Opposition to Changing Age for Long Guns to 21: Young Women Need to Defend Themselves

Bill Nelson: An AR-15 Is Not for Hunting, It’s for Killing

Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes: ‘Facebook Is Undergoing a Come to Jesus Moment’

Ted Deutch: ‘This Isn’t About Gun Control’; It’s About ‘School Safety’

Fmr. Clinton Labor Secretary: Hillary Clinton Was a ‘Terrible Candidate’

Fox News: N. Korea Canceled Meeting with Pence at Last Minute

ABC News: Billy Graham Dead at 99

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fox News: Devin Nunes Launches ‘Phase 2’ of Trump Dossier Probe

Devin Nunes: We Have Found Collusion, Collusion Between Clinton and the Russians

AC360 Panel Grills Jack Kingston for Saying Fla. Students Are Tools of the Left

Fox News: Hawaii to Give Jail Time to People Lying About Pets Being Service Dogs

FBN: The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Snap 6 Day Streak

Pres. Trump Says He’s Directed AG Sessions to Propose Regulations to Ban ‘All Devices that Turn Legal Weapons into Machine Guns’

Judge Nap: Unheard of for Judge to Ask for Exculpatory Evidence, Judge Must Suspect Defect in Flynn’s Guilty Plea

Ex-Bush Lawyer: Mueller’s Latest Indictments Show He ‘Can Bring Collusion Charges’ Anytime He Wants

NBC’s Dilanian on Russian Bots Flooding Twitter Following Fla. Massacre: ‘Trying to Fan the Flames of Political Discord in Our Country’

Gingrich: Only Long Term Solution to School Massacres Is Armed Teachers

Monday, February 19, 2018

CNN’s James Gagliano: Founding Fathers Couldn’t Envision an 18 Year Old Buying an AR-15 But Not a Beer

Ed Rollins on John Kelly: If You’re a Four Star General in the Marines, You Don’t Take Crap from Subordinates

Ex-Wife of Fmr. WH Speechwriter David Sorensen: ‘I Was Violent with Him’

Chaffetz: Evidence Is Mounting that Trump Was Right People Were Spying on the Campaign

FNC’s Doocy: ‘Unstable People Should Not Have Access To Guns’

Ex-Wife of Fmr. WH Speechwriter David Sorensen: I Told the FBI He Ran Over my Foot with the Car, Grabbed Me by the Hair

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Limbaugh: ‘Undeniable’ Trump Has Had One of the Most Productive Years of Any Modern President

Limbaugh: I’d Grant Permanent Citizenship All the Illegal Immigrants in the Country Tomorrow If They Can’t Vote for 15 to 25 Years

Limbaugh: Russia Probe About ‘Setting Trump up for Impeachment’ If Dems Win in 2018

Ron Hosko on FBI Missing Tip on Shooter: ‘Unforgivable,’ ‘Horrific’

Blumenthal Predicts Trump Campaign Officials Will Be Indicted for Collusion

Hogan Gidley: Democrats and the Mainstream Media Have Created More ‘Chaos’ than Russia

Fla. Shooting Survivor: March About Creating a Badge of Shame for Any Politicians Accepting Money From the NRA and Using Us as Collateral

Romney: Russians Are Trying to Interfere with the Principles of Elected Democracy and That’s Got to End

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Turley on Russia Probe: There Doesn’t Seem to Be Any There There After a Year

Gorka’s ‘Tip’ to Mueller: ‘If You Actually Want to Put Some People in Prison, Start’ with Hillary Clinton

Tucker Grills Immigration Advocate: Are Illegals More Important than the Deaths of Americans?

A. Scott Bolden Appears on Fox News’ ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to Discuss the Latest Mueller Indictments

Tammy Bruce: FBI Director Wray Should Resign for Dropping the Ball on Florida Massacre

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tucker: If Someone Told the FBI the Fla. Shooter Was Talking to Putin, They Would Have Been on It

Shep Reacts to Mueller Indictments: ‘Russian Bots Are Very Very Real’

Chaffetz: No Indication Russians Changed the Outcome of the Election But They Were Trying

CNN: American Man Pleads Guilty in Connection with Russian Meddling Probe

Chris Wallace: Mueller Indictments Do Not Point to Trump-Russia Collusion

DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein Announces Indictment of 13 Russians for Election Meddling; No Collusion

MSNBC: Senate Fails To Pass Any Immigration Bill

MSNBC: Fmr. Trump Campaign Aide Rick Gates Is Finalizing Plea Deal with Mueller

Media: Trump Made It Easier for Mentally Ill to Buy Guns

Judge Nap on School Shooting: ‘It’s An Issue Of Not Enough Superior Firepower To Stop These Killers’

Scarborough Suggests NRA Responsible for Oklahoma City Bombing

Farrow Talks Bombshell Trump Story on GMA: Reported Affair Has ‘National Security Implications’

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mother of Slain Florida Student Screams at Trump Live on Camera: You Can Stop the Guns from Getting into These Children’s Hands!

Rep. Schiff on Bannon: ‘I Think the Next Step for the Congress to Take Is to Initiate Contempt Proceedings’

Judge to Florida Shooter: ‘You Are Charged with 17 Counts of Premeditated Murder, You’re Going To Be Held No Bond’

Trump to Victims and Their Families: ‘You Are Never Alone and You Never Will Be’

YouTube Vlogger: I Alerted FBI About Florida Shooter’s Disturbing Post

Teacher: Florida Shooter Had a Hispanic ‘Pride’ Issue, ‘Didn’t Like to Speak Spanish’

Lawrence O’Donnell: Gov. Scott Had Absolutely Nothing to Say to Why a 19-Year-Old Has an Assault Weapon

Trey Gowdy: If You Can Show Me a Law that Will Prevent the Next Mass Killing, Sign Me Up for It

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Stoneman Douglas Student: We Used To Joke that Nikolas Cruz ‘Would Be the One To Shoot up the School’

Fox News: Florida Shooter’s IG Page Followed Resistance Groups in Syria

Student Says Teacher Died Trying To Save Students

Broward Country Sheriff: Sad to Say 17 People Lost Their Lives

Pence: ‘To Have ABC Maintain a Broadcast Forum That Compare Christianity to Mental Illness Is Just Wrong’

Jake Tapper Urges Sen. Nelson to Push for Gun Control After Shooting: Are Prayers Enough?

CNN: FBI Investigates Shooting at NSA Headquarters

Fox News: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu Denies Corruption Claims

Sen. King on Russian Meddling: ‘It’s One of the Most Serious Attacks on Our Country Since 9/11’

Gowdy: Oversight Panel Launched Porter Investigation ‘Last Night’

Trey Gowdy on Retirement: ‘I Like Jobs Where Facts Matter’

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tucker Destroys Fmr. Hillary Adviser on Trump, Russia: ‘Do You Realize You Are Going Insane on TV?’

Turley on Flynn: Logan Act a ‘Legal Boogie Man’ that Doesn’t Exist Under Your Bed

W.H. Dodges on Who Allowed Rob Porter to Stay on Without Security Clearance


Chuck Grassley on Susan Rice Email: We Legitimately Need Answers Why She Emailed Herself 2 Weeks After the Meeting

Bret Baier: ‘The Long Knives Are out for John Kelly’

Judge Nap on Susan’s Rice Email: More Apparent There Was a Group Using Gov’t to Try and Stop Trump from Becoming President

Peter Schweizer: Every Single Aspect of the Steele Dossier Seems to Lead Back to the Clintons

Newt Gingrich: Comey ‘Was Totally in Tank’ for Hillary

FBI Director on Rob Porter: We Submitted ‘a Completed Background Investigation in Late July’ to the W.H.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Schumer: Trump Is ‘Way off Base’ in Not Wanting the Federal Gov’t on the ‘Forefront’ of Infrastructure Projects

W.H. to Reporter Asking About Porter Seeing Classified Intel: You’re the Ones Publishing Classified Docs

Dan Bongino: ‘Adam Schiff Is the Snake; He Is the Biggest Fraud on Capitol Hill’

Marc Short: We Have to Have Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women

John Ratcliffe: Compelling Chris Steele to Testify Will Be Difficult So Answers Will Have to Come from the FBI and DoJ