Thursday, November 30, 2017

Trump at Christmas Tree Lighting: ‘We Ask for God’s Blessing for Our Families, for Our Nation’

Ben Cardin: I Don’t Blame Tillerson for the State Dept. Problems; I Blame Trump

Marc Thiessen: Kate Steinle Should Not Be Dead; This Guy Should Not Have Been on that Pier with that Weapon

NBC Execs Knew of Matt Lauer Allegations, Claims Variety Reporter to CNN

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gingrich: Schumer Not Showing up for the Meeting with Trump Is One of the ‘Dumbest Things’ He’s Done

Christina Hoff Sommers: We’re Having a Panic Around Sexuality and a Tendency to Vilify All Men

CNN: N. Korea Says Missile Launch Is ‘Gift Package’ for ‘Old, Lunatic Trump’

Trump: ‘Right Now America’s Tax Code Is a Total Dysfunctional Mess’

Fmr. Conyers Spox.: ‘Most of Us Have Walked in on Him Accidentally... in His Underwear; Big Deal!’

Tyrone Woods’ Father: Obama Granted Foreign Terrorists Constitutional Rights and that Should Not Have Happened

Chaffetz on Benghazi Verdict: ‘It Is a Sliver of Justice; He Should Be Incarcerated the Rest of His Life’

MSNBC’s Ruhle Apologizes: Sexual Misconduct Is Not Dedicated to One Political Party, One Company, One Industry

NBC Terminates Matt Lauer Over ‘Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in the Workplace’

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Marc Thiessen: Trump Should Stop N. Korea By Declaring a Missile No-Fly and Nuclear No-test Zone

Barbara Boxer: Women Who Accused Conyers of Sexual Misconduct ‘Will Be Proven Right’

Fox's McCallum: Every Day There's A New GOP Defector Against Tax Bill

David Webb: ‘Irresponsible’ LaVar Ball Is Sending a Message to the Community that It’s Okay to Shoplift

Native American Lawyer on MSNBC: ‘The Word Pocahontas Is Not a Slur’

Whistleblower Threatened for Exposing Hillary Email Scandal: ‘I Would Be Sitting in Leavenworth Right Now’

Ret. Col. Lee Busby Launches Alabama Senate Write-In Campaign: I Wasn’t Happy with the Two Choices I Had

MSNBC: Project Veritas Caught By WaPo Using a Fake Roy Moore Accuser to Try and Expose Media Bias

Gloria Allred Repeatedly Dodges on Why She Won’t Turn over Yearbook to a Neutral Handwriting Analyst

Monday, November 27, 2017

Olbermann Announces Retirement from Politics, Says Trump Will Be Impeached So His Work Is Done

FPI Podcast: 24 Years Denying Voices Of Clinton Accusers Made Victim Blaming A Sport

Cokie Roberts: ‘Every Female in the Press Corps Knew’ Not To Get in an Elevator with Conyers

Trump on Tax Reform: ‘We’re Going To Be Bringing Back into This Country Probably in Excess of $4 Trillion Dollars’

Huckabee Sanders: ‘The President Is Not Planning Any Trip to Alabama,’ But He Wants People Who Support His Agenda

CNN’s John Berman on Trump’s Latest ‘Fake News’ Tweet: ‘An Assault on Journalism’

Tom Steyer: I Donated $91 Million to Dems to Help Keep Money out of Politics

Lankford: Tax Cuts Will Pass Before Christmas

Dershowitz: Bernie Sanders ‘Has No Future in American Politics’

Lisa Bloom: I’m Calling on the House Ethics Committee To Subpoena My Client to Override the NDA So She Can Speak

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Dan Bongino: Congressional Sexual Harassment Slush Fund Is an ‘Intergalactic Disgrace’

Torrance: Politicos Engaging in Paid Propaganda for Foreign Gov’ts One of the Most Underreported Secrets of D.C.

Fox News: ObamaCare Premiums in 2018 Spiking by 18 to 32 Percent

Fox News: John Conyers Steps Aside as Ranking Member on the House Judiciary Committee

Ed Henry on Fusion GPS Paying Reporters for Trump Dirt: The 1st Amend. Doesn’t Protect People Who Aren’t Journalists

John Thune: I’d Like Trump To Support GOP Senators Calling on Roy Moore to Quit

Judge Jeanine: ‘If We Don’t Follow a Moral Code in the Halls of Congress, We Are Doomed as a Nation’

Fiorina on Roy Moore: ‘Trump Cares About a Vote In The Senate, No More, No Less’

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Mark Steyn on Bill Clinton: To the Liberal Progressives, 20 Years Ago, the End Justified the Pants Dropping

Geraldo: ‘I Just Worry We Started Down a Very Slippery Slope’ with Wave of Sexual Harassment Allegations

Fox News: Arizona State University Strips Charlie Rose of Prestigious Journalism Award

Must Watch: Terrence Williams throws down on Lavar Ball disrespecting President Trump!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Kristin Fisher: ‘Al Franken Is Expected to Speak Publicly About All of These Allegations on Sunday’

Mom Whose Sports Star Son Is Jailed in China: I’d Humbly Ask Trump to Help My Son and I’d Be Truly Grateful

Matt Gaetz: We Now Have Evidence the FBI Investigation of Clinton Did Not Follow Standard Procedures

CNN: Michael Flynn No Longer Sharing Info with Trump Lawyers

Attorney: Joe Barton Has ‘A Pretty Strong Case Under the Revenge Porn Laws in Texas’

Ana Navarro On Sexual Misconduct Allegations: ‘There’s Going To Be Nothing But Women Left In Congress’

Barnicle: If the Election Were Next Week ‘I Wouldn’t Be Surprised If Trump Won Again’ for the Lack Of Dems’ Direction

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sarah Westwood: ‘It’s Pretty Clear’ Where Trump Stands on Roy Moore

President Trump’s 2017 Thanksgiving Message

Roy Moore Claims in Hour-Long Interview He "Never Dated Underaged Women."

FNC Montage: ‘Experts’ Predict Market Crash if Trump Wins

Chris Stirewalt: If Dems Don’t ‘Get Serious’ on Franken/Conyers, They Can’t Say Anything About Roy Moore

Ronald Reagan’s 1986 Thanksgiving Message to the Armed Forces: ‘Because of You America Today Is at Peace’

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Fox News: Two More Women Come Forward Accusing Al Franken of Inappropriate Contact

Doug Jones Lists Moore Accusers in New Ad: ‘Will We Make Their Abuser a U.S. Senator?’

Fox News: Colorado Child Sex Trafficker Sentenced to 472 Years in Prison

Eric Schiffer: The NFL Has Died in Red States, ‘They Should Remove Red from the Logo’

Ron DeSantis: Conyers a ‘Walking Advertisement for Term Limits for Members of Congress’

Ken Paxton: ‘Absolutely’ Death of Border Agent Is ‘Further Indication’ We Need a Wall

MSNBC: WSJ Reports Mueller Is Investigating Kushner’s Role in the Comey Firing

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mark Steyn: Conyers’ Charges Must’ve Shocked Those Who Still Fancy Democrats as ‘The Party of Women’

Thiessen: Uranium One Is Not a Nat’l Security Scandal; It’s a Clinton Corruption Scandal

LaVar Ball Takes Credit for His Son Being Freed in Bizarre Interview with Chris Cuomo

Mark Steyn: In the End UCLA Students Are Shoplifters

Monica Crowley: There’s Different Classes of Predators and Victims and We Need an Honest Conversation About That

Tucker to D.C. City Councilman on Marion Barry Statue: ‘He Was a Full-Blown Crackhead’

Tammy Bruce: I’m Waiting for a Committee to Investigate Ted Kennedy and if It’s OK to Kill a Woman

Megyn Kelly Recalls When Charlie Rose Grilled Her Over Ailes Sexual Harassment Allegations

Mel Gibson: Harvey Weinstein Revelations ‘Painful, But… Pain Is a Precursor to Change’

Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell Respond To Charlie Rose Allegations

CNN’s Stelter: I Don’t See Charlie Rose Returning to CBS, PBS

Monday, November 20, 2017

Flashback Montage: Charlie Rose, Democrats’ Favorite Interviewer

MSNBC Panelist: White Men ‘Pose the Biggest Threat to Americans’

Dershowitz: Mueller Is Going Well Beyond His Authority to Make the Case Trump Engaged in Obstruction

Janet Porter: Roy Moore Is ‘Way More Trustworthy than the Washington Post’ and Gloria Allred

Fmr. Trump Campaign Aide: Trump Should Make Clear He Needs Roy Moore’s Vote Despite Allegations

Media Mattters President: No Other Network Would Let Personalities Do ‘Destructive and Reckless Things’ Hannity Does

Andrea Mitchell: ‘Outrage’ of Sexual Harassment ‘Feels More Like Climate Change’ than a ‘Summer Storm’

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Amanda Carpenter: ‘Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Been Held Accountable for Her Role’ in Bill Clinton’s Sins

Jackie Speier: Bill Clinton’s Victims ‘Should Have Been Believed’

Rep. Comstock: Al Franken Can Hit the Door with Roy Moore

Charlie Dent Says Roy Moore’s ‘Unfit for Office,’ Dodges on If Franken Should Resign: The Process Should Play Out

Ann Coulter: ‘This Is the End of the Clinton’s Power’

Hillary Clinton: Bill Probably Wouldn’t Have ‘Survived’ If Fox News Had Been Around in 1992

Alan Dershowitz: ‘There Should Be No Criminal Investigations of Either’ Trump or Clinton

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Clinton Gives Al Franken Pass on Sexual Misconduct, Blames the Media: ‘He’s a Friend of Mine’

Doug Schoen: Franken’s Apology Isn’t Enough; He Should Resign

Juanita Broaddrick: ‘No Human Being Was More Harassed and Ridiculed and Trashed as Bill Clinton’s Victims’

Friday, November 17, 2017

Bernard McGuirk: ‘The Liberal’s Definition of Rich Is Anybody Who Is Not on Food Stamps’

Fox News: State Dept. Issues Travel Warnings for Americans in Europe

Lieu Defends Congressional Sex Harassment Shush Fund: Victims Don’t Want Their Names All over the Press

Debbie Dingell: This Isn’t a ‘Watershed’ Moment on Sexual Harassment

CNN’s Tapper Rips Trump Over Sexual Harassment: ‘People in Glass White Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones’

Fox News: Keystone XL Pipeline Shut Down After 210K Gallon Leak in South Dakota

Fox News: Latest Fox News Poll Shows Sliding Support for Roy Moore Among Women

Chris Wallace: Only Thing We Can Hope Is this Is a Teachable Moment on Sexual Harassment

Melanie Morgan: Al Franken Stalked Me and Harassed Me

Gillibrand: ‘Yes’ Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned over Lewinsky

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Menendez Thanks Lindsey Graham for Testifying at Trial

Menendez: ‘To Those Who Were Digging My Political Grave... I Know Who You Are and I Won’t Forget You’

Sarah Palin on If She’s Faced Sexual Harassment: ‘A Whole Lot of People Know that I’m... Packing’

Bill Bennett: If Trump Interrupts His Speech for a Drink of Water, He Needs To Be Impeached

CNN’s Borger on Al Franken: ‘I Don’t Doubt His Remorse at All... He Is Suffering Tremendously’

Allred on if It’s Not Moore’s Signature: It Doesn’t Disprove My Client’s Allegations

Alex Datig: Sexual Assault Belongs in Therapist's Office not in the 11th Hour of a Political Contest - CNN November 15, 2017

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fox News: Ivanka Goes After Roy Moore - ‘There’s a Special Place in Hell for People Who Prey on Children’

Ryan on Roy Moore: ‘The Guy Should Step Aside’

UCLA Player: ‘I Let the Entire Country Down’

Lupica: UCLA’s Riley Thanked So Many People that I Thought It’s a ‘Shoplifting Awards Show’

Trump on Asia Tour: Trump: World Saw a Strong, Proud and Confident America

HLN’s Michaela Pereira Calls for End to People Magazine’s ‘World’s Sexist Man’ Editions

Roy Moore Chair Hands Out Handwriting Samples, Press Demands to Know Why They’re Not Taking Questions

Gowdy on Trump Dossier: I Care Whether or Not the FBI Thought It Was True and They Used It in a Court Filing

Roy Moore Attorney Suggests Accuser Forged Moore Yearbook Inscription

Martha MacCallum Fires Back at L.A. Times’ David Horsey for ‘Blonde Barbie Dolls’ Attack

McConnell Wants Sessions to Jump Into Alabama Senate Race as Write-In

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hannity: If Roy Moore Can’t Explain His Inconsistencies, He Must Get out of the Race

Tucker: Roy Moore’s Not Allowed to Drag God into this Bec. God’s Not Accused of Trolling the Mall for Teenagers

Sessions Refuses to Say Whether Tax Dollars Went to Fusion GPS, Trump Dossier

Trey Gowdy: Jeff Sessions Doesn’t Need a Special Prosecutor to Go After Hillary Clinton

Burgess Owens: Kaepernick Needs To Stand Up, Articulate Himself and Not Let Others Do the Heavy Lifting

Biden on Hero Who Stopped Texas Massacre: ‘He Shouldn’t Be Carrying’ an ‘Assault Weapon’

Trump on UCLA Players: ‘What They Did Was Unfortunate; President Xi Has Been Terrific on that Subject’

Sessions on Roy Moore Accusers: ‘I Have No Reason to Doubt These Young Women’

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fox News: Ted Cruz Drops Support for Roy Moore

Juanita Broaddrick: ‘All Victims Matter; We All Have the Right To Be Believed’

Stirewalt: Moore ‘Is Making It Clear that He Will Burn This Mother Down’

New Roy Moore Accuser: ‘I Thought that He Was Going to Rape Me’

Fox News: Roy Moore Fires Back on McConnell, Says the Person Who Should Step Aside Is McConnell

Roy Moore Supporter Brandon Moseley Compares Sexual Touching of a 14-Year Old to Stealing a Lawnmower

Trump: Deficits on Trade ‘Will Be Cut Very Quickly and Very Substantially’

Huckabee: I’ll Believe There’s a Mid East Process When Palestinians Stop Naming Streets After Terrorists

Sunday, November 12, 2017

NBC’s Welker: Roy Moore ‘A Real Test of Bannon’s War Against the Establishment’

Mary Bruce: ‘Clear’ If Roy Moore Wins He’d Get a ‘Very Chilly Reception’ in the Senate

Jeffrey Goldberg on Moore: You Can Still Succeed in America with ‘Some Really Nasty Stuff in Your Background’

Granholm: Will Alabama Choose a Child Molester Just to Prevent a Dem from Taking the Seat?

Fox News: Marcus Luttrell Helps 100 Year Old Veteran Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey

Brett Velicovich: Weaponized Drones Targeting Aircraft Is a ‘Serious’ and ‘Very Dangerous Threat’

Tim Scott on Tax Plan: ‘For Middle Americans This Is a Tax Decrease No Matter What Bracket You’re In’

Gregg Jarrett: Comey Seems to Have Been ‘Trying to Absolve’ Clinton and ‘Conjured Up an Excuse to Protect Her’

SNL Cold Open Takes on Roy Moore’s Teen Sexual Abuse Allegations

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Steve Forbes on the GOP Tax Proposals: It Really Is a Betrayal of President Trump

Tucker Carlson: I Think Roy Moore’s Accusers Sound Credible, But It’s Hard to Trust WaPo