Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mark Levin Tears into ‘Incompetent’ Mueller: His Manafort Indictment Is ‘Irrational!’

Ted Cruz Lights Up Facebook, Google, Twitter for Blatant Liberal Bias

NYC Terror Suspect Reportedly Left Behind a Note Pledging Allegiance to ISIS

Fox News: Netflix to Cancel House of Cards in Wake of Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations

Fox News: Hillary Says She Will Dress Up as President for Halloween

Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: Mueller Probe Set Up to ‘Impugn’ Trump and Make It As Hard as Possible for Him to Govern

Lewandowski: Papadopolous Was ‘Such a Low Level Volunteer’; ‘I Don’t Remember Much Interaction with Him’

Fox News: U.S. Navy SEALs, FBI Agents Capture One of the Terrorists Behind the Benghazi Attack

Jay Sekulow: There Is No Conversation Regarding Firing Mueller and There’s No Basis to Fire Him

Monday, October 30, 2017

Lewandowski: Not Coincidence $145M Is Given to the Clinton Fdn., Bill Gets $500K, and We Lose 20% of Our Uranium

CNN: Tony Podesta Resigns Amid Mueller Review of His Ties to Russia

Manafort Atty.: ‘Ridiculous’ Claim that Maintaining Offshore Accounts Was a Scheme to Conceal from the Gov’t

CNN: Manafort Indicted on 12 Counts of Conspiracy Against the U.S., Money Laundering, FARA, Tax Offenses

Turley: Mueller ‘Clearly Trying to Put Pressure’ on Manafort to See If He Has Something to Offer Above Him

Dershowitz on Manafort Indictment: ‘It’s All About Leverage’

Corey Feldman: ‘I Will Release Every Name I Have Knowledge of ... Nobody’s Going To Stop Me’

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Rand on a 2020 GOP Primary: ‘I Can’t See Myself Supporting Anyone But Pres. Trump

Gowdy: We Have a ‘Serious Issue’ if the U.S Gov’t Relied on the Trump Dossier and Didn’t Vet It

Fox News: Person Arrested for California’s Bear Creak Wildfire

Schiff: Doesn’t Matter Who Paid for Trump Dossier, What Matters Is Corroborating It

MSNBC’s Nance on Mueller Indictment: If It’s Related to the Trump-Russia Scandal, It’s Going to Be as Big as Watergate

Angus King: Mueller Indictment ‘Is Really Just the Beginning’

FPI Podcast: Dems Throw Weinstein Under The Bus, Sexual Harassment Victim Card Gets Over-Played

Dave Bossie: Hard to Believe Someone Like Podesta Didn’t Know About the $9M for the Trump Dossier

Christie: Leaking Mueller Indictment to CNN Is Potentially a Criminal Violation

Saturday, October 28, 2017

MSNBC Confirms: Indictment in Mueller Investigation To Be Handed Down on Monday

AG Sessions on FISA: When You Surveil a Person Abroad, You Don’t Need a Warrant to Do so

Corey Lewandowski: We Need to Focus on ‘Continued Lies of the Clinton Administration’

Turley: Considerable Legal Exposure for People Involved With Fusion GPS and the Trump Dossier

CNN Reports First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation

Tucker: Not a Single Person In D.C Is Surprised Kristol and Singer Are Behind Fusion GPS Research on Trump

Friday, October 27, 2017

Diane Black on Budget Passage: ‘The American People Have Won’

Fox News: Conservative Website The Washington Free Beacon Funded Original Fusion GPS Research on Trump

Christie: If Trump Runs Again I Would Support Him; ‘Absolutely’ I Expect To Be with Him

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Trey Gowdy on Trump Dossier: I Want to Know if the FBI Relied on Info that Would Make the National Enquirer Blush

CNN: Bush 41 Apologizes for Patting Women on the Rear

Bret Baier: Funding of Fusion GPS and Chris Steele Was Done By the DNC and the Clinton Campaign

Fox News: Rosie O’Donnell Says She May Not Able to Live Through Trump’s Presidency

Trump: 90% of the Heroin in America Comes from South of the Border Where We Will Be Building a Wall

Charlie Hurt: For the ‘First Time in 25 Years, We’re Starting To See Democrats Not Stick Up for the Clintons’

Bob Corker on Trump: My Relation with the President Is Not Relevant

CNN: Firm Used by Trump Camp Asked Wikileaks for Access to Clinton Emails

Bongino: ‘The Entire Time the Russian Connection Was from the DNC and the Clinton Campaign’

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ryan on Trump Dossier: FBI and DoJ ‘Needs to Give Congress’ the Documents Requested and ‘Do So Immediately’

Trump: $6 Million Spent on ‘Fake News’ Dossier Is a ‘Disgrace’

Tucker: Lisa Bloom Is a ‘Feminist Al Sharpton; A Scam Artist’

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fox News: Trump to Cap Refugee Admissions at 45,000

Hannity Blasts ‘Pathetic, Weak, Gutless, Spineless’ Corker, Flake: ‘Don’t Let the Door Hit You on the Way out of Town’

Lou Dobbs: Corker, Flake Are Small and Petty and They Are Being Rolled up and Sent out of Town

MSNBC: Trump Tweets Corker ‘Couldn’t Get Elected Dogcatcher in Tennessee’

Juliet Huddy on Signing O’Reilly NDA: ‘You Think It’s the Best Move To Make But It’s Not Necessarily the Best Move’

Illegal Immigrants Jump over Border Fence as MSNBC Reports on Wall Construction

Corker: ‘It Appears To Be the Governing Model of This White House to Purposely Divide’

Monday, October 23, 2017

Rove: Trump Was Wise to Quickly Kill the Idea of Cutting 401K Contributions

Manchin: It ‘Wouldn’t Be Wise for Hillary to Come to West Virginia’ and Campaign for Me

Gen. Dunford on Niger: We Owe American People an Explanation

Matt Damon on Weinstein: ‘I Knew He Was a Womanizer’

Jesse Jackson: Going from Picking Cotton Balls to Picking Footballs and Basketballs Without Freedom Is Not Much Progress

Clooney on Weinstein: ‘Harvey Would Talk To Me About Women that He Had Had Affairs with, I Didn’t Believe Him’

Fox News: House Committee Investigating Clinton, Russia-Uranium One Deal

MSNBC: John Podesta’s Brother, Tony, Now under Investigation By Mueller

Matthew Belloni: If Allegations Against O’Reilly Are Crap, then Why Spend $32 Million to Settle Them?

Megyn Kelly on O’Reilly: ‘O’Reilly’s Suggestion That No One Ever Complained About His Behavior Is False; I Know Because I Complained’

Bannon: McCain Deserves Our Respect But However, as a Politician, McCain Is Just Another Senator from Arizona

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Billionaire Dem Donor Tom Steyer Launches Campaign Calling for Trump’s Impeachment

Sen. Warren, Heitkamp, Hirono, and McCaskill Share Their Stories About Sexual Harassment

Fox News: Other Countries Warning Citizens About Traveling to the U.S.

Tucker Grills Mark Green: Why Did Rep. Wilson and Dems Turn Gold Star Story into a Racial Dispute?

Trump: Rep. Wilson’s Statement About John Kelly Was ‘Sickening’

Dan Caldwell: Special Interests Benefit From the Status Quo at the VA and Have a ‘Vested Interest’ in Preserving It

Fox News: Quentin Tarantino Admits He Knew About Weinstein’s Conduct

Bernie Goldberg: Roger Goodell Can’t Have It Both Ways by Saying They Should Stand But Not Saying They Must

Fox News: Judge Refuse to Drop Charges Against Joe Arpaio Despite Trump’s Pardon

Gretchen Carlson: I Played the Access Hollywood Tape with Trump for My Kids So They Know How Not to Treat Someone

Melania Trump on Hurricane Relief: ‘Your Help Is Still Needed’

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Rich Lowry: It Will Be a ‘Catastrophe’ for the GOP if Tax Cuts Go Down

White NFL Player on Kneeling: ‘We Are Going to Fight for Injustice and Fight for Inequality’

Psychotherapist: ‘I’m Not Surprised’ Weinstein Is Leaving Therapy After One Week

Friday, October 20, 2017

Gold Star Wife: He Was Our Hero First Before He Was America’s

Geraldo on Frederica Wilson: ‘Have You No Shame?’

Jeanne Shaheen: We Have to Treat Addiction Like a ‘Chronic Illness’; We’re Not Going to Jail Our Way out Of It

Pavlich: Americans Need To Be Concerned About Holder Because He’s Working Against Voter ID Laws

Fox News: North Korea Threatens ‘Unimaginable Strike’ on the U.S.

CBS: LAPD Have Confirmed an Investigation into a 2013 Rape Allegation Against Weinstein

Related: Lupita Nyong’o: Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ed Henry: Media Forgets It Suggested FBI May Have Paid for Trump Dossier in the First Place

MSNBC: Trump Aides Including Conway, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn Retweeted Tweets from Russian Backed Account

John Kelly: I Recommended to Trump Not to Call Gold Star Families Because It’s Not a Call They’re Looking Forward to

Nicolle Wallace Becomes Emotional Reading John Kelly’s Description of What Happens to Fallen Service Members

Tom Hanks: A ‘Fool’ Is ‘Now Governing Us,’ But ‘Sometimes the Fools Get More Stuff Done’

Fox News: Eight Prototypes for Trump’s Wall on Display in California

‘Clinton Cash’ Author: Obama Admin Blocked Witness from Testifying on Uranium One Deal

Dem Rep.: Women Have ‘Responsibility’ to Avoid Sexual Assault by Not Appearing ‘Inviting’

By Alex Datig, October 19, 2017

Disagree. - So let's recap on this: Women should get fat and be as ugly as possible, dress in a burlap bag, cut of all their hair, wear no make-up, otherwise they are responsible for the sexual assault and harassment? What's next? A burka???

Mark Steyn on Vegas Shooting: You Are Entitled To Be a Conspiracy Nut Bec. Nothing Is Proceeding Normally

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Grassley: The American People Have a Right to Know Why Comey Was Fired

MSNBC: Judge Roy Moore Flooded with Fake Russian Twitter Followers

Sessions on Rolling Back Obama’s Mandatory Minimums: I Was Restoring What Was Previously Set

Goodell: We Believe Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem

Gretchen Carlson: Sexual Harassment Is an Alarming Epidemic

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Huckabee: If Dems Could Find a Hook Big Enough to Get Hillary Off the Stage, They Would

Tom Fitton: Huma and Hillary Had Classified Materials on Private Computers Despite Comey’s Claims to the Contrary

CNN: Company Run By Putin Ally Financed Troll Factory Behind Spread of Fake News in U.S. Election

Gowdy: I Get My Dem Friends Are ‘Obsessed’ with Benghazi But It’s a ‘Little Early’ To Compare Niger to Benghazi

Tucker on Lisa Bloom Trying To Silence Weinstein Acussers: If That’s Not Corruption, I Don’t Know What Is

Gianno Caldwell: ‘Hillary Rodham Clinton Is Responsible for Advocating Modern Day Slavery’

Scarborough: Nancy Pelosi Will ‘Most Likely’ Be the Next Speaker of the House

Fox News: Comey Began Drafting Exoneration Letter Before Key Interviews Including Speaking to Clinton Herself

Gingrich: Bannon’s Plan to Target Republicans Is ‘Exactly the Wrong Strategy’

MSNBC: Tom Marino Withdraws from Consideration as Drug Czar

Rob Reiner Deflects on Harvey Weinstein, Invokes Clarence Thomas and Fox News, Says Trump Is Worse

Monday, October 16, 2017

Joe Manchin: I’d Hope that Tom Marino Would Remove His Name from Consideration for Drug Czar

Tucker: Press Covered for ‘Serial Predator’ Weinstein and ‘Self-Appointed Guardians’ Looked the Other Way

Dana Loesch: Left Tolerates Sexism Against Conservative Women to Silence Them and the Conservative Agenda

Fox News: Bill and Hillary’s Foundation Announces They Won’t Return Weinstein Donations

Maxine Waters Says DNC Should Give Money Back to Weinstein

John Bolton: The Iran Deal ‘Is Hanging by a Thread’

Trump: Trump: We’ll Be ‘Declaring a Written National Emergency’ for Opioid Crisis Next Week

Janice Min: It Was the Fear of Weinstein’s Power and Reprisals that Kept Hollywood in Fear

Bowe Bergdahl: It’s ‘Insulting’ To Be Called a Traitor

Pete Hegseth: You Don’t Want a Bowe Bergdahl Ever Walking Free in Light of What He’s Done

MSNBC: Forbes Reports Wilbur Ross Left $2 Billion Off Financial Disclosures After 2016 Election

Rove on Whether Bannon’s a Threat to McConnell: ‘Not Really’

Steve Bannon Rips into Mainstream GOP at 2017 Values Voters Summit

Sunday, October 15, 2017

FPI Podcast: The Left’s Distorted Vision is to Destroy America from Within

David Clarke Slams Clinton for Comparing Trump to Weinstein: ‘She’s Morally Bankrupt!’

Fox News: Despite Chicago’s Soaring Murder Rate, The Economist Names It the 19th Safest City in the World

Fox News: FBI Finds 30 New Pages on Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Tarmac Meeting

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Laura Ingraham at Values Voter Summit: Liberal Women Are For Women If You Agree With Them

Fox News: Harvey Weinstein Expelled from Motion Picture Academy, Stripped of Lifetime Membership

Gorka: ‘The Left Has No Idea How Much More Damage We Can Do To Them As Private Citizens’

Fox News: 30 Percent of College Students Say It’s Okay to Use Violence to Shut Down Speech

Megyn Kelly Uses Past Feud with Trump, Michael Cohen to Show Twitter’s Hypocrisy Suspending Rose McGowan

Sheriff Lombardo: ‘There Is No Conspiracy Between the FBI, LVPD, and the MGM’ Regarding the Investigation

Gingrich: Trump ‘Called out the Iranians’ for ‘Cheating’ on Iran Deal and ‘Focused’ Attention on the IRGC

CNN: 32 Killed in California’s Deadliest Fire Siege

Guilfoyle: Weinstein’s in ‘Significant’ Civil and Criminal Legal Trouble

Friday, October 13, 2017

Eric Schiffer: If You Attack Trump in Hollywood You Get Work, If You Attack Weinstein You’re Fired

CNN: Russia Used ‘Pokemon Go’ to Meddle in Presidential Election

Geraldo: Trump Has Been Getting ‘the Worst, Most Dishonest Press About His Visit to Puerto Rico’

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Harvey Levin: Weinstein Had a Clause in His Contract that Allowed for Sexual Harassment

Jane Fonda: I Knew About Weinstein, and I’m ‘Ashamed’ I Didn’t Say Anything

Trump Takes Swipe at Rand Paul for Supporting Opposing Part of His Agenda

Schiffer on Health Care Exec. Order: ‘It’s Sort of an Indirect Bomb on ObamaCare’

Ted Williams: ‘I Don’t Think We Are Going To Find the Motive Behind’ the Vegas Killer

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Tucker: Hollywood Is Corrupt, the Powerful Prey Upon the Weak, and Nobody Is Accountable

Trump: My Tax Plan Will ‘Give the Typical American Household a $4,000 Pay Raise’

RNC Ad Identifies Hypocrisy, Calls on Democrats to Return ‘Dirty Harvey Weinstein Money’

Hume: The GOP Badly Needs Unity Now, Not Bannon Going After the GOP Establishment

Tammy Bruce: Trump’s Facing Not Just Hostile Dems But Also Republicans

Clinton, Despite Being ‘Shocked, Appalled’ at Weinstein, Is Vague About Returning Donations

MSNBC: Weinstein Checks Himself into Rehab, His Wife of 10 Years Announces Separation

Gabby Morrongiello: Pelosi and Schumer Want ‘Republicans to Cave to a Party That’s No Longer in Power’

Lindsay Lohan Defends Harvey Weinstein… with a Strange Accent: ‘Everyone Needs to Stop’

Weinstein Accuser: I Knew at the Time People Would Not Believe Me About Weinstein

Flashback: Jennifer Lawrence and Harvey Weinstein Present Bill Clinton with GLAAD Award

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dana Loesch: It’s Because of People Like Meryl Streep and Her Silence that Women Were Victimized by Harvey Weinstein

Tucker: FBI Warns of New Domestic Terror Threat from "Black Identity Extremists"

Bill Bennett: I Don’t Agree with Bannon Targeting Republicans Like Tom Cotton and Jim Lankford

Mira Sorvino Confirms Sexual Harassment from Harvey Weinstein: ‘It’s High Time This Came Out’

CNN Criticizes Clinton’s Weinstein Response, ‘Took Her a While’ for a ‘Very Short Statement’

MSNBC: The Weinstein Company Is Working to Remove Harvey’s Name from Productions

Actress Donna Karan Defends Weinstein, Suggests Women Dressing Sexy ‘Asking for It’

Mike Ditka on NFL Protests: ‘No Oppression in the Last 100 Years’

Ingraham: The Bush GOP Is Over; They Might Not Know It But It’s Over

Sen. Tim Kaine on Why He Didn’t Donate Weinstein Contributions: ‘It’s Spent’

Monday, October 9, 2017

Indianapolis Star’s Tim Swarens: Pence Walking out of Colts Game Was a Stunt But One that Appealed to Trump’s Base

Kurtz: SNL Dropping Weinstein Jokes Screams Double Standard; Everyone Knows Who Harvey Weinstein Is

Peter King: Corker Should Not Have Made His Remarks About Trump; He’s Overreacting

Rep. Rooney: ‘Senator Corker Is Lame Duck Senator Now’

‘Fox & Friends’ Dings Sen. Bob Corker’s Criticism of Trump as ‘Self Serving’ and ‘Disrespectful’

The Hill: ‘Fox & Friends’ hosts: Corker’s Trump criticism ‘disrespectful,’ 'self-serving'