Saturday, September 30, 2017

Fox News: Police Officer Shot and Killed on the Line of Duty in Georgia

San Juan Mayor to Trump: ‘You Are Killing Us with Bureaucracy’

Tucker Carlson Accuses CNN of Racial ‘Demagoguery’ and Trying ‘To Scare the Crap out of People’

Reagan’s Chief of Staff James Baker: Anthem Protest ‘Outrageous’

Ben Stein: Price Was Really Ousted Over Health Care Failure

Kellyanne Conway: ‘There Are 10,000 Federal Employees on the Ground’ in Puerto Rico

Friday, September 29, 2017

Dem Rep. Tim Ryan Battles with Neil Cavuto on Tax Reform: ‘Why Are You Yelling at Me?!’

Thursday, September 28, 2017

S.E. Cupp Slams Michelle Obama for Shaming Female Trump Voters: ‘With All Due Respect… That’s Disgusting’

Former Hamas Member Stuns U.N. Body with Anti-PLO, Pro-Israel Speech

Ryan on Return of Rep. Scalise: ‘Our Prayers Have Been Answered... America Is Grateful for This Moment’

Limbaugh: I Could Tell Republicans Never Wanted to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

Limbaugh: Establishment Doesn’t Want Trump to Succeed

CBS: Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder, dead at 91, magazine confirms

By CBS/AP, September 27, 2017

Hugh Hefner, who founded Playboy magazine and described the magazine as being there to "ignite the flame that became the sexual revolution," has died, the magazine said Wednesday. He was 91.

Hefner died at home, surrounded by loved ones, according to a press release from Playboy. The magazine said he died from natural causes.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in 2010, Hefner told Bill Whitaker that he took "some pride" that the magazine had been at the forefront of the sexual revolution.


Joe Scarborough: ‘Horrific’ the Republicans in Congress Have 15 Percent Job Approval

Joe Scarborough: ‘I’m Tired of Us Being the Stupid Party’

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tucker Carlson Angered By Mediaite Column Calling Out His ‘White Nationalist Leanings’

Jesse Watters Takes Issue with Trump Tax Speech: We Don’t Want ‘Obama’s 3rd Term’

Steve Bannon Warns Trump After Alabama Runoff: ‘Do Not Get on the Wrong Side… of Your Base’

Michelle Obama: ‘We’ve Been Socialized to Sit There and Be Quiet’

CBS News: Infamous Fake News Writer Paul Horner Dead at 38

FBI Director Warns Terrorists Looking to Use Drones to Attack America

Judge Nap on Alabama Senate Race: Mitch McConnell ‘a Big Loser Here’

Ryan: Today We Are Taking the Next Step to Liberate Americans from Our Broken Tax Code

Jane Fonda Gets Angry When Megyn Kelly Asks About Her Plastic Surgery

MSNBC Cuts Off Moore Victory Speech Because He’s Talking About God

Son and Brother of Americans Held in Iran: They Have Been Unjustly Detained

Cruz on Taxes: ‘I’d Like to See One Simple Flat Tax’

Alan Dershowitz: College Classrooms Have Become Propaganda Vehicles

Rand Paul: I Didn’t Hear Anybody at Rallies Chanting ‘Let’s Keep ObamaCare’

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Scott Bolden Battles Tucker: You Can Never Understand My Plight

Chris Hayes: GOP Can No Longer Say ‘Roy Moore Is Nuts’ When Our President Is Trump

Roger Stone: Collusion Was Impossible Unless I Owned a Time Machine

Clinton Compares Trump to Putin: ‘Hopefully He Hasn’t Ordered the Killing of People and Journalists’

Bill O’Reilly: White Privilege Has Morphed into White Supremacy

CNN: IRS Shares Info About Key Trump Campaign Officials with Special Counsel Robert Mueller

Hannity: I Feel Blessed, Three Quarters of Our Prime Time Line up Are Gone

Ingraham: Alabama Voters Will Pick the Candidate They Believe Best Advances the Trump Agenda

Ben Shapiro: ‘We’re in a Vortex of Stupid and It’s Reduced to a Black Hole of Idiocy’

Maxine Waters: Impeach Trump over NFL Kneelers!

Don Lemon: ‘No American Gets to Tell Another’ How to Express Their Patriotism

Gingrich Accuses ‘Demagogue’ Clinton of ‘Dividing the Country on Racial Grounds’ with NFL Remarks

Nigel Farage: In Ten Years, the European Union of Today Will No Longer Exist

Kimmel Comes Clean: We Made a Baby with a Congenital Heart Defect to Fight GOP Health Bill

Monday, September 25, 2017

Juan Williams Calls Judge Roy Moore ‘the Ayatollah of Alabama’

Charles Barkley Warns Media Will Take Advantage of National Anthem Protests: They’re ‘Not Our Friend’

Rand Paul: Graham and Cassidy Are Selling Their Bill as ‘If You Like ObamaCare You Can Keep It’

North Korean Minister: Trump ‘Declared War on Our Country’

Fox News: Anthony Weiner Sentenced to 21 Months

CNN: North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad Are Now Part of New Travel Ban

WSJ’s Strassel: ‘Astounding’ that There’s No Outrage in Manafort Wiretapping

Preet Bharara: ‘Clearly’ Robert Mueller Is Looking at ‘Obstruction of Justice’ by Trump

CNN Montage: Football Fans Express Their Dislike on Players Not Standing for National Anthem

Brian Kilmeade Dings President Trump’s NFL Remarks: ‘Made Everything Worse’

Judge Jeanine Lectures NFL and Roger Goodell: ‘Shame on All of You!’

Trump on NFL Athletes: ‘We Have a Great Flag, And They Should Respect Our Flag’

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Van Jones Slams Trump’s NFL Comments: We Need Better than ‘Bulldozer Response’ for ‘Cheap Applause’

Pelosi on NFL Anthem Kneeling: Colin Kaepernick "Ill advised if advised at all"

Ben Ferguson: NFL Banned Players for Supporting Slain Cops But Celebrates Anthem Protesters

One Pittsburgh Steeler, an Army Vet, Emerges from Locker Room to Stand for Anthem

Maria Bartiromo Rips NFL Anthem Kneelers: ‘I Think It’s Disgusting!’

Multiple Players Kneel During National Anthem of NFL London Game

Rand Paul: Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill Is ‘a Bad Idea’

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Trump Calls for Scrapping the ‘Crazy,’ Totally Ridiculous Filibuster Rule’

Hillary Clinton: Comey ‘Was Perfectly Happy to Talk About a Really Dumb Mistake I Made with E-Mails’

Mark Cuban on Trump Disinviting Steph Curry: ‘The President Is a Frustrated Jock’

Rep. Castro: ‘I Stand By My Answer’ that People from Trump’s Team May Go To Jail

CNN’s Acosta on North Korea: We’re Moving Toward a ‘Doomsday Nightmare Scenario’

Dan Bongino: ‘John McCain Sold Us All Out ... He’s Democrats’ Best Friend’

Jonathan Gruber: ACA Was ‘the Single Greatest Expansion of Insurance in Our Nation’s History’

Friday, September 22, 2017

Andrea Mitchell: Trump Poll Numbers Should Be a Warning Sign to Dems Going into the Midterms, 2020

Fox News: Iran Reveals Nuclear-Capable Missile

Scaramucci: Steve Bannon Has White Nationalist ‘Tendencies’ and a ‘Messianic Complex’

Comey as Protesters Interrupt: Hard to Find People Who Will Listen, Instead of Just Thinking About Rebuttal

Montage: Chardonnay, Flattery & Panda Videos — How Hillary’s Book Tour Made a Mockery of the Media

Tillerson on Rumors of Haley Being Next Secretary of State: I’m ‘Planning to Hang Around’

Newt Gingrich: Institutions that Are Supposed to Protect Us Are Being Corrupted

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Watch Tucker Carlson and Rob Reiner Have a Passive-Aggressive Contest in Tense Russia Debate

Amb. Haley: ‘130 Countries Have Signed on’ to Our Proposed U.N. Reforms

Amb. Haley: ‘No, I Do Not’ Want To Be Secretary of State

Mark Zuckerberg: ‘I Don’t Want Anyone to Use Our Tools to Undermine Our Democracy’

Carlson: How Many Terror Attacks Do You Think Samantha Power Thwarted By Unmasking over 200 Americans?

David Axelrod: Hillary’s Book Not Helpful to Democratic Party

Fox Business: Samantha Power Sought to Unmask Americans on Almost Daily Basis

President Trump Announces New Executive Order Targeting Those Who Trade with North Korea

Maxine Waters: ‘Black People, You Better Be Controversial,’ Play the ‘Race Card’

MSNBC: Hurricane Knocks Out Power to 100 Percent of Puerto Rico

DeGrasse Tyson: Climate Deniers Hypocrites for Using Cellphones

Joe Scarborough: Nobody Knows What’s in the Health Care Bill

Brian Kilmeade Responds to Jimmy Kimmel’s Dis: ‘I Hope Your Son Gets Better’

‘Phony Little Creep!’ Kimmel Threatens to ‘Pound’ Brian Kilmeade for Ripping His Health Care Monologue

Carlson: Bill Clinton Who Ran Twice Against Illegal Immigration Could Not Do that Now

Lewandowski: If Manafort or Stone Colluded ‘I Hope They Go to Jail for the Rest of Their Lives’

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Yellen: ‘The U.S. Economy Is Performing Well,’ as Consumer Spending Is Growing

Carlson: If Obama Spying on Trump Isn’t a Scandal, I Wonder What One Is

Hillary on Dems Asking Her to ‘Go Away’: If You Pay Me, I Will

Obama: ‘In the Final Years of My Presidency, the Uninsured Rate Reached a New Low’

CNN’s Amanpour Tries Six Times in a Row to Bait Macron into Attacking Trump

Leaked Video Shows MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell’s Unhinged Outtakes…for Eight Crazy Minutes

Dana Bash Notes ‘Irony’ of Melania’s Anti-Bullying Speech After Trump’s Hillary-Golf Retweet

Iran’s Rouhani: We Are Waiting for Mr. Trump to Issue an Apology to the People of Iran

Pelosi: DREAMers’ Families Did a ‘Great Thing’ Illegally Bringing Children to America

Sen. Bill Cassidy to Rand Paul: If You Vote Against Us, You’re Voting to Keep ObamaCare

Rand Paul on Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill: ‘This Is Not Repeal…It’s Not What We Promised’

DiCaprio: ‘We Should Not Have People in Office’ that Don’t Believe in Climate Change

Nikki Haley: Other World Leaders Now Calling Kim Jong-Un ‘Rocket Man’

Conan to Pro-Palestinian Activist: I Promise that People Who Watch My Show Will Know Your Reality

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Judge Napolitano: ‘Perilous’ for Trump if Manafort is Indicted

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls on Yellen to Force out Wells Fargo CEO

Gregg Jarrett on Unmasking, Wiretapping: Jeff Sessions Is ‘Feckless and Incompetent; Should Resign’

Judge Nap: How Could the FBI Director Not Know About Surveillance if His Own People Had Brought It

Trump on North Korea: ‘Rocket Man Is on a Suicide Mission for Himself and His Regime’

Trump: ‘Fortunately the United States Has Done Very Well Since Election Day’

Keith Ellison: Not Giving Sanctuary to Illegal Immigrants Is Like Not Helping Jews in Nazi Germany

Ingraham on DACA Protesters: They Don’t Respect Borders of Our Country, They Don’t Respect Borders of a Public Address

Hannity Addresses Time Slot Change, Challenges Viewers To Beat ‘Conspiracy Theory TV’ MSNBC

Fox News: Cat 5 Hurricane Maria Slams Caribbean


De Blasio Declares ‘Morning Joe Day’ in New York

Monday, September 18, 2017

CNN: Feds Wiretapped Manafort, May Have Captured Conversations with Trump

Nancy Pelosi Lectures Immigration Protesters: ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About’

Howard Kurtz Defends Spicer from ‘Media Mob’: Do They Want Him to ‘Wear a Scarlet Letter’?

The Star-Ledger Editor: Menendez Disclosure Charge Is Enough to Expel Him

Hillary on Writing Her Book: ‘I’d Write About Something and I’d Have To Go Lie Down’

Hillary Clinton Won’t Rule Out Challenging Legitimacy of 2016 Election

Oliver North: Iran’s Khamenei Is the Bankroll Behind North Korea Nukes

Chris Christie on Opioid Crisis: We Have 9/11 Loss Every Three Weeks

Jedediah Bila Makes Sudden Announcement that She’s Leaving ‘The View’

Iran’s Rouhani: U.S. Will Pay a High Price if Trump Scraps Nuclear Deal

H.R. McMaster Avoids Saying that W.H. Is Better off Without Steve Bannon

CNN: After Irma, Hurricane Maria Poised to Hit the Carribean

Paris Dennard: Trump’s Speech Tomorrow Will Be Very Direct

Gingrich: Dems’ Ideology Will Force Them to Sacrifice the DREAMers at Some Point

FOX News: CA Lawmakers Approve ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Colbert Spends 5 Minutes Mocking Trump in Opening Emmys Monologue

Nikki Haley: ‘North Korea Will Be Destroyed’ if They Refuse to De-Nuclearize

Sanders Mocks Hillary’s Book Tour: ‘We Have To Go Forwards, Not Backwards’

Tillerson: Closing Down America’s Cuban Embassy ‘Is Under Review’

Stephanopoulos Asks Whether ‘Alarming’ Trump Gif Throws into Question DACA Deal with Dems

Feinstein: ‘Appropriate’ for Me To Worry About Judicial Nominee’s Catholicism

Sanders Dodges on How It’s Possible To Pay for Single-Payer Health Care

Kellyanne Conway: If Funding for the Wall Is Not Included, There Will Be No Deal with Dems

McMaster on the Iran Deal: ‘As The President Said, It Is the Worst Deal’

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Trump: ‘When Americans Are United, No Force on Earth Can Break Us Apart’

CNN Challenges Black Activist for Supporting Trump, Who Then Doubles Down

Spicer: Working in the W.H. An Honor So Few Have and One I’ll Cherish Forever

Dana Loesch: Don’t Say There’s Something Wrong with the System When Your Not Voting Shapes the System

Steve Hayes: We’re Seeing a Revolt of Trump’s Base Because of Deals with Dems

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hillary Theory: Comey Sabotaged My Campaign Due to ‘Political Pressure’

Hillary: Wikileaks Timed Leaks to Distract from ‘Trump’s Admission ... He’s a Sexual Assaulter’

Trump on London Attack: ‘We Are Not Nearly Tough Enough; I’m Going Call Prime Minister Right Now’

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Judge Napolitano: Susan Rice and ‘Presumably’ Obama Knew Trump Team Was ‘Being Surveilled’

NYT’s Haberman: Trump Called Sessions ‘An Idiot’ over Russia Probe

Fox News: North Korea Fires Another Missile over Japan

Trump on Tax Plan: ‘Not a Plan for the Rich,’ I May Work ‘More and More’ with Dems

Rand Paul: I Agree with Bernie Sanders More than GOP on Health Care

Sanders in 1987: ‘Astronomical’ Cost of Single-Payer ‘Would Bankrupt the Nation’

Gowdy: Beyond Dispute that Comey ‘Made Up His Mind’ Not to Charge Hillary Before He Interviewed Her

Fox & Friends: Trump’s Reported DACA Deal Makes ‘Republicans in Congress Look Really Bad’

SBA Admin Linda McMahon: Tax Reform ‘Will Make Such a Difference in the Growth of Small Businesses’

Kimmel to Sean Spicer: Do You Think It’s a Dangerous Time to Delegitimize the Press?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jesse Watters: A Few Months Ago Dems/Media Were Calling Trump Hitler, Now They’re Dining with Hitler

Ted Cruz: Compromises with Dems Are Fine if We See More Jobs, Higher Wages, Less Regulation

Hillary Ducks on What Her Husband and Loretta Lynch Discussed in Infamous Tarmac Meeting

Flashback: Susan Rice: Trump’s Charges Against Me About the Unmasking Are ‘Absolutely False’

CNN: Susan Rice Unmasked Senior Trump Officials to Understand Why the Crown Prince of The UAE Was in N.Y.

Hillary: Young Women Voted for Trump Because Their Fathers, Husbands, Boyfriends Told Them To

CNN Panel: Dems Aren’t Excited About Clinton’s New Book, A Lot of Them ‘Are Rolling Their Eyes’

Senator Nelson: Can You Believe 90 % of House Reps Voted Against FEMA Funding for Texas and Florida?

Hannity to McConnell: Maybe It’s Time to Call It a Career

Asked About Candidate Litmus Test for Dems, Clinton Calls Abortion a ‘Fundamental Human Right’

Hillary: ‘No,’ My Own Mistakes Did Not Cost Me the Election