Thursday, August 31, 2017

Tom Fitton: Report Comey Prepared Hillary Exoneration Shows the Investigation ‘Was Truly a Sham’

Fmr. DNC Adviser: Timing of Comey Drafting Hillary Exoneration Is ‘Incredibly Fishy’

Fox News: Trump to End Obama’s DACA Program By Letting It Lapse

MSNBC: Mueller & NY Attorney General Working Together on Manafort Probe

CNN: Mosques Are Open as Shelter in Houston

CBS: Two Explosions Reported at Flooded Texas Chemical Plant; Officers Hospitalized

Arkema Executive: There Is a Possibility of Explosion

Arkema Executive Apologizes for Chemical Fires

Watters Slams Trump for Not Proposing ‘Reaganesque’ Tax Cuts: It’s ‘Not the Government’s Money!’

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Feinstein Booed in San Francisco for Saying Trump Could Be a ‘Good President’

Jeff Zeleny: The White House Hopes Tax Reform Plan Will Jump Start Trump’s Agenda

Trump: We Must Enable ‘The Vast Majority of Our Citizens to File’ Taxes on ‘a Single Page’

Trump: ‘We Would Like to Bring the Business Tax Rate Down to 15 Percent’

MSNBC: Death Toll Climbs to 9 As Harvey Makes Landfall Again

Christie on His Obama Hug After Sandy: ‘The Fact of the Matter Is I’d Do It Again’

MSNBC: Arpaio in 2007 Said It’s an ‘Honor’ To Be Compared to the KKK

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ted Cruz: In Times of Crisis, ‘There Are No Lines Dividing Us’

CNN: Record-Setting 51.88 Inches of Rain Near Houston

CNN’s Acosta to GOP Rep.: Isn’t It Hypocritical of You to Ask for Federal Aid When You Voted Against Sandy Aid?

Houston Evacuee to CNN Reporter: ‘What the F*ck Is Wrong with You?’

Kathy Griffin Says She Isn’t Sorry for Severed Head Photo of Trump

Greg Abbott: ‘10 Days in Advance of the Hurricane,’ White House Was in Contact to Prep

Red Cross’ Kieserman: This Is a ‘Catastrophic Situation’ in Texas

Texas Military Dept.: Flooding Is at an ‘Unprecedented Level’

Houston Police Chief: Trump Made the Right Decision to Not Come to Houston Till We’re in Recovery Mode

Red Cross: ‘This Is a Disaster So It’s Not Going To Be an Easy Recovery Process’

Democrat Governor of Louisiana Praises President & Fed. Govt Response to Hurricane

Rep. Jackson Lee: We Need a $150 Billion Aid Package to Recover from Harvey

Monday, August 28, 2017

Rick Perry: Trump’s ‘Very, Very Engaged;’ ‘He Knows Exactly What’s Going On’ in Texas

Diamond & Silk: Antifa Is ‘Full of Hate’; The KKK Wears White Hoods, Antifa Wears Black Hoods

Houston PD Member: Looters Will Pay the Price for Their Actions

Parent: Transgender Lesson at School Caused My 5-Year-Old Fear and Confusion

Houston Mayor: I Want to Thank Boston Mayor Marty Walsh for Sending High Water Equipment

Fox News: Trump Eliminates Obama’s Ban on Military Hardware for Local Police

FEMA Director Brock Long: Harvey Is ‘Nothing Like Katrina; This Is Completely Different’

Houston Police Chief: Flooding Has Impacted the Entire State

Pete Sessions: The Aid Package May Be Twice as Large as the Largest We Had Back in 1982

Rove: Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio ‘A Bad Mistake and a Bad Signal for the Country’

Az. State Sen. Battles Ana Navarro: Granted You’re a Republican But You’re Also a Liberal

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Doug Wead: Obama, Bill Clinton Pardoned People Who Broke the Law; Trump Pardoned a Man Who Enforced the Law

Fox News: DCCC Says ‘Two White Nationalists Down, One to Go’ with Gorka Exit

Jorge Ramos to Az. State Sen.: ‘Disturbing and Sad’ You’re Turning Your Back on Immigrants by Defending Arpaio

Kasich: ‘I Don’t Agree’ with Trump’s Pardon of Arpaio

Kasich: Deporting Illegals Who Have Not Committed Crimes Does Not Bring Our Country Together

Steve Montenegro: Where Was the Outrage from the Left When Obama Was Pardoning Terrorists?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fox News: California National Guard Will Get To Keep Re-Enlistment Bonuses Sent in Error

Fox News: Trump’s Makes Transgender Military Ban Official

Jesse Watters: I’m Surprised CNN’s Not Blaming Harvey on Racism or Russia

Galveston Resident Gives Fox News’ Casey Steagall a Six-Pack of Beer On-Air

Ed Henry: Bannon’s Nationalism and America First Agenda Remains Amid Reports Trump Will End DACA

Friday, August 25, 2017

Ben Shapiro: Berkeley Will Either Protect My Free Speech Rights or Not When Antifa Shows Up

Brett McGurk: Fact We’re Seeing ISIS Use Kids in Videos and Haven’t Heard from Al-Baghdadi Shows their ‘Degradation’

Fox News: North Korea Launches 3 Short Range Missiles into the East Sea

Harmeet Dhillon: My Phone’s Ringing off the Hook with Horror Stories About Political Indoctrination at Google

CNN: Gorka Resigns from the White House, Arpaio Pardoned

Tucker: Move over David Duke, A Little White Girl with an American Flag Is the Face of Oppression Now

Fox News: Venice, Italy Mayor Says ‘Be Prepared to Get Shot by Snipers if You Shout Allahu Akbar’

Fox News: Marine Witness in IT Staffer Scandal Calls Out Wasserman Schultz for Saying It’s Profiling

Joe Concha: ‘The Line Between Straight News Reporting and Opinion Has Been Obliterated’

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rancher Who Lives on U.S.-Mexico Border on Trump’s Wall: ‘Let’s Do It’

Fox News: Trump Admin Seeking to Level Visa Sanctions on Four Countries for Refusing to Take Back Deported Nationals

Jonathan Turley Warns Against the Sanitation of History Amid Statue Removals

Roger Stone: Anyone Who Votes for Impeachment ‘Would Be Endangering Their Own Life’

MSNBC Montage: Trump’s History of Attacks on Obama

Fox News: White Nationalist Christopher Cantwell Surrenders to Police in Lynchburg, Va.

Fox News: Howard University Hires Former FBI Director Comey

Blumenthal: There Is ‘Growing Support’ for Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Special Counsel from ‘Political Interference’

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gingrich: ESPN Is the ‘Extremely Stupid Political Network’

David Axelrod Warns Against Loose Talk of Removing Trump from the W.H.: It’s a Very Dangerous Road’

Tucker to Don Lemon: Step Back from the Ledge, Don

The Five Makes Fun of Hillary’s Voice in Audio Book: ‘It’s Brutal’

Joe Arpaio: ‘I Got to Sit at a Defense Table as a Criminal When I’ve Done Nothing Wrong’

Clinton Calls Trump a ‘Creep’ for Debate Behavior in Election Memoir

Dakota Meyer: I Lost My Whole Team Due to Politics and the Rules of Engagement

Varney: Big Tech Companies Labeling Hate Speech as Anything That’s Not in Agreement with the Left

George Foreman Blasts Kaepernick for Kneeling During the National Anthem

Fox News: New N. Korea Video Shows Trump Standing in a Graveyard

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Fox News: U.S. Embassy in Russia Suspends Non-Immigrant Visas

Fox News: Dems in Redistricting Battle to Try and Flip 80 House Seats, Trying to Draft Veterans to Run

Kurt Schlichter: Normal People Don’t Care About Civil War Statues or Nazis

Fox News: Stocks Surge Amid New Signs of Progress on Tax Reform

John Bolton on Trump’s Afghanistan Speech: ‘It’s a Dramatic Change’ from Obama

Chris Matthews Is Deeply Disturbed that 9 Percent of the Population Thinks It’s Okay to Hold Nazi Views

Alan Dershowitz: Liberals in Statue Debate ‘Doing What Stalin Did’

CNN Focus Group of Trump Supporters: Had Obama Listened to Generals in Iraq, We May Not Be Here with ISIS

Chaos Erupts at Charlottesville City Council Meeting

Matt Lauer to Pence: Have You Ever Met a Neo-Nazi that You Consider To Be a Fine Person?

MSNBC Montage: Trump, Pence, Members of Congress Watch the Eclipse

Monday, August 21, 2017

Trump: I’ve Made Clear Our Allies and Partners Must Contribute More Money To Our Defense and They Have

Trump Promises to ‘Lift Restrictions’ on American War Fighters, Expand Field Authority

MSNBC: Trump, Melania Watch the Eclipse from the W.H.

Blumenthal: Gorka Is Associated with a Hungarian, Fascist, Anti-Semitic Group

CBS Reporter Mesmerized as Eclipse Occurs, Goes Quiet During Broadcast

Sunday, August 20, 2017

FPI Podcast: Bigot: Still a Person who Wins an Argument with a Liberal

Fox News: Second Police Officer Dies as Result of Kissimmee Ambush Shooting

Tucker: With Bannon Gone, the Left Will Move On to Destroy the Other Imagined Racists in our Midst

Tucker: With Bannon Gone, the Left Will Move On to Destroy the Other Imagined Racists in our Midst

Fox News: Oregon Dog Named Honorary Narcotics Canine For Life After Digging Up $85K Worth of Heroin

Patrisse Cullors: Black Lives Matter Has Always Been About Peace and Non-Violence

Black GOP Strategist to White Supremacists: We Don’t Want Your Vote; Get the Hell Out of the Party

Fox News: Trump Ends Obama’s ‘Operation Choke Point’ Targeting Gun Stores

Geraldo: I Blame Bannon for Everything that Trump’s Done in the Last 8 Months That I Don’t Like

Charlie Hurt: Having Bannon at Breitbart Pushing the Agenda Will Be a Tremendous Asset for Trump

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Limbaugh: None of this Is Random By the Left; Their Agenda Is To Erase History

Fox News: Steve Bannon Tells Bloomberg ‘I’m Going to War for Trump’

Lawrence Jones: Taking Down Statues Doesn’t Change the Life of Black Americans

Fox News: Trump DOJ Issues New Guidance for Courts on Immigration, Instructing Them to Grant Fewer Continuances

Allen West: Maxine Waters and Dems Fight for P. Parenthood But Margaret Sanger was a Well-Known White Supremacist

Krauthammer: Bannon Was the ‘Last of the Mohicans’

FNC’s Leland Vittert on Canceled Presser: Charlottesville Mayor Is Developing a Case of Stage Fright

Fox News: 40 Percent Increase in Noncombat Aviation Crashes Raises New Questions About Strain on Military

Friday, August 18, 2017

Krauthammer: ‘There Are Certain Things that You Simply Can’t Say and Survive’ and Bannon ‘Didn’t Survive’

Dan Bongino: Calling People ‘Racist’... ‘Is There Any Worse Thing to Call Someone in America?’

Geraldo: We Need to Infiltrate Mosques Preaching Extreme Rhetoric

Fox News: Wasserman Schultz’s IT Staffer Indicted on 4 Counts

Peter King: Barcelona Was Not a Lone Wolf Attack; It Was a ‘Well Organized Plot and Cell’

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fox News: Trump’s Interior Department Says It Will Not Remove Monuments from Civil War Battlefields

Sean Hannity on Democrats: ‘They Have Made Race a Political Wedge Issue in this Country for Decades’

Andrew Dice Clay: When I Think of Trump, I Go, ‘This Guy Stole My Whole Act to Become President’

Huckabee on Tearing Down Monuments: ‘It’s Not a Matter of ‘Reinterpreting’ History; ‘We’re Bordering on Anarchy’

Mark Steyn: Google and Other Tech Companies Are Enforcing Ideological Straitjackets

Gingrich Slams Bannon: If Mattis, Haley, Tillerson, McMaster Are All Lined Up, ‘It’s Useful Not to Screw It Up’

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Axios Reporter: Bannon Wasn’t Aware He Was Being Interviewed, Spoke as If He Were Pres.

Former White Power Activist on Recruitment: It Is the Same Process that the ISIS Uses, ‘To Cultivate Fear’

Tucker: ‘We Should Be Concerned’ By Big Companies ‘Using Their Power To Enforce Ideological Conformity’

Pence: I Stand with Trump and I Stand By His Words on Charlottesville

Heather Heyer’s Mom: ‘They Tried to Kill My Child to Shut Her Up’ But ‘You Just Magnified Her’

Tim Kaine Hits Trump: No Matter Who Emboldens Those Who’d Take Us Back to Bigotry, We Are Not Going Back

A.G. Sessions: Sanctuary Cities Are Human Traffickers’ Best Friends

Dana Perino: Trump Campaign ‘Got Their Money’s Worth’ Because CNN Didn’t Air Their Ad

Hannity: ‘We Need to Learn from the Mistakes of Barack Obama’ and Not Rush to Judgment

Michael Moore on Trump Voters: ‘You’re Racist,’ ‘You’re Culpable White America’

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

WFB’s Harrington: Google Doesn’t Want Any Diversity of Thought

Bolton: ‘I’m Just Appalled’ by the Op-Ed on N. Korea by Mattis and Tillerson

Op Ed, WSJ: Mattis and Tillerson: “We’re Holding Pyongyang to Account”

White Nationalist Leader: ‘A Lot More People Will Die Before We’re Done’

CNN’s Don Lemon on Robert E. Lee: ‘Can You Imagine a Child Having To Go to Hitler High School?’

Karen Bass Says Bannon, Gorka, Miller Are White Supremacists, Calls for Their Ouster

Limbaugh: Charlottesville Will Replace Russia and Mueller in Effort to Get Rid of Trump

Scaramucci: I Thought I’d Last Longer than a Carton of Milk

Bongino on Charlottesville: ‘Free Speech Does Not Include Physical Assault and Throwing of Objects at People’

Omarosa: I Was Very Surprised To See a Black Journalist Try To Silence Me

MSNBC: 3 Top CEOs Quit Trump’s Manufacturing Council

Stavridis: We’re Closer to War with N. Korea than We Were 4 or 5 Days Ago

Lewandowski: Trump Was Clear If N. Korea Attacks Us They Will Be Annihilated

Monday, August 14, 2017

Gingrich: The Anti-Trump Left Will Never Be Satisfied as Long as He Is President

Sanders: Trump Sent Message to Racists and Neo-Nazis that ‘This Is Okay’

Fox News: Iran Parliament Chants Death to America While Approving New Spending on Missiles

Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas: ‘We Understand It Was a Traumatic Weekend For Everyone’

Trump: The KKK, Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists Are Criminals and Thugs

FLASHBACK: Condi Rice: ‘American Identity Is Actually Pretty Fragile’

Pence: ‘We Have No Tolerance’ for Hate, Violence, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, or the KKK

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Judge Napolitano: FBI Raid of Manafort’s Home a ‘Bad Thing’ for President Trump

Huckabee: Was Trump Supposed to Jump to a Conclusion About Charlottesville, Like Obama Would?

Van Jones: ‘The Oldest Terrorist Organization in the U.S. Is Not ISIS, It’s the KKK’

Ana Navarro: Trump ‘Doesn’t Have the Spine or the Guts to Call Out the White Supremacists in America’

Charlottesville Mayor Blames Trump: ‘Look at the Campaign He Ran’ and the ‘Intentional Courting’ of White Nationalists

Fox News: 3 Dead, 20 Injured in Charlottesvile Protests

CIA Director Mike Pompeo: Iran and Hezbollah Are in Venezuela

Scarmucci Suggests Bannon Is a Leaker and Is Undermining Trump’s Agenda

Scaramucci: I See Myself More as Mr. Wolf from ‘Pulp Fiction,’ Not a Political Suicide Bomber

Charlottesville Mayor: ‘There Has to Be a Stop Put To This Violent White Supremacy’

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump on Charlottesville: ‘We Condemn in the Strongest Possible Terms’ the ‘Egregious’ Hatred, Bigotry, and Violence

Fox News Won’t Give David Duke Airtime: We Can Avoid Giving Him Airtime

Fox News: Car Plows Into Crowd During Charlottesville, Va. Protests, Injuring at Least 6

Fox News: State of Emergency Declared in Charlottesville, Va. as White Nationalists Clash with Activists

CNN Report Shows Conservative Voters Continue to Support Trump

Tim Murphy: Los Angeles Is Trying to ‘Blacklist’ Companies Who Express Interest in Building Trump’s Wall

John Bolton: Trump’s Inherited 25 Years of Failed Policy on N. Korea and His Options Are Few and Not Good

Friday, August 11, 2017

Trent Franks: Under Obama North Korea Tested Nuclear Warheads 4 Times and They Tested Missiles 11 Times

Fox News: Guam Delegate to Congress Asks Trump to Tone Down the Rhetoric Saying It Is Not a ‘Bargaining Chip’

Bernie Goldberg on Google Firing: ‘Certain Stereotypes Are Unacceptable’ and Others ‘Are More than Acceptable’