Friday, March 31, 2017

FNC: Intelligence Official Who ‘Unmasked’ Trump Associates Is ‘Very High Up’

CNN: Adam Schiff Issues Statement After Reviewing Trump Camp Intercepts at the W.H.

CNN: Thousands of Former Trump University Students Will Get Most of Their Money Back

CNN: New ISIS Laptop Bombs May Evade Airport Security

Ingraham: Trump Slamming Freedom Caucus Is ‘Really Unhelpful’ to His Agenda

Scarborough: Level of Stupidity Inside the W.H. Is ‘Causing Panic’ Among GOP on Capitol Hill

MSNBC: Michael Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity

Jason Chaffetz: ‘It Doesn’t Look Good’ that Flynn Wants Immunity

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Farkas: People Are Leaking Because They Are Worried About Trump

Rubio: Russian Hackers Tried to Hack Members of My Presidential Campaign

Chuck Todd to Feinstein: If the NYT Report Is True, Does It Rise to Obstruction of Justice?

Clint Watts: The Trail of Dead Russians Leads to Leaks from the MI6 Dossier

Ann Coulter: ‘Maybe I Was Naive this Whole Time,’ But GOP Really Is Same as Democrats

FLASHBACK: Michael Flynn: When the Clinton Camp Says No Person Is Too Big to Jail, that Should Include Hillary

Rand Paul: No One Is Denying Gen. Flynn Was Spied Upon by the Obama Admin

Pence Breaks Tie in Senate Vote on Planned Parenthood Funding

Fox News: NYT Reports Two W.H. Officials Helped Giving Devin Nunes Intel Reports

MSNBC: Federal Judge Puts Trump’s Travel on Hold Indefinitely

Comey on the FBI: ‘We’re Not on Anybody’s Side Ever’

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Judge Nap: Trump Can Get His Way with Sanctuary Cities But Only with Money that Starts Next October

74 Percent of MSNBC Viewers Think Hillary Clinton Has Another Political Run in Her

Gingrich on ‘Mishandled’ Health Care Bill: You Don’t Set an ‘Artificial Deadline for Defeat’

Melania Trump: These Honorees Who Have Fought on the Frontlines of Injustice Are True Heroes

Rep. Gutiérrez: So Called ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Are ‘Fourth Amendment Cities’

LA Mayor Points out that Most of the People at Congressional Anti-Trump Event Are from California

Judge Nap: I Stand By My Reporting that Obama Used British Intel Agency to Spy on Trump

Roger Stone Netflix doc "Get Me" to premiere at Tribeca Film Fest

Chris Chrsitie: The American People ‘Want to Stop Paying the Skyrocketing Premiums’ Under ObamaCare

Brit Hume: Dems Trying To Undermine Trump’s Presidency By Showing Collusion with Russia

NBC: Manafort Linked Accounts on Cyprus Raises Red Flags

Chris Christie: Drug Addiction Is a Disease and ‘No Life Is Disposable’

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ted Poe: The Freedom Caucus Was Never Going to Be a Yes; They Were Always Going to Be a No

CNN: Dow Jumps 151 Points, Breaking 8-Day Losing Streak

Trey Gowdy: Unmasking of Michael Flynn Was ‘Felonious Dissemination of Classified Material’

O’Reilly: Maxine Waters Has No Clue What She’s Talking About When She Says Trump Is ‘Dangerous’ for America

Devin Nunes Says He Won’t Recuse Himself

Schumer Calls on Ryan to Replace Nunes as Intel Chair

Ingraham: Way To Be Beloved by the Media and Dems Is To Be Like McCain or Graham and Criticize Trump

John McCain on Whether Nunes Should Recuse Himself: I Would Leave It to Paul Ryan

Katie Hopkins Rips JK Rowling: Why Don’t You Spend Your Millions Housing Those Migrants?

Hannity Rips ‘Hypocrite’ Ted Koppel: ‘You’re Not a Journalist!’

Ben Cardin: ‘Intent’ of Devin Nunes Is to Help Trump Rather than Get to the Bottom of Russia

Steve King: Devin Nunes Never Shoots from the Hip But Lindsey Graham Occasionally Does

Lindsey Graham: Devin Nunes Has ‘Put His Objectivity in Question at the Very Least’

Monday, March 27, 2017

Gowdy: Whether It’s the W.H. or Waffle House, What Difference Does It Make If Nunes’ Info Is Reliable?

Huckabee: ‘I’m Not Sure the FBI Can Be Trusted’ to Investigate Trump and Russia; Comey’s ‘Discredited’ Himself

Feinstein: ‘$7 Million of Dark Money Was Spent to Sully Garland’ and 10 Million ‘to Promote Gorsuch’

Jeff Sessions: Cities and States that Fail to Comply with Immigration Laws Risk Losing Federal Dollars

Devin Nunes: The Dems Want Me To Quit Because They Know I’m ‘Quite Effective’ at Getting to the Bottom

Nunes: We Should Have Asked Rogers and Comey in Open Session To Confirm They Would Show up Today

Rand Paul: GOP Leadership ‘Bit Off More than They Could Chew’ with ‘Objectionable’ Health Care Bill

Roger Stone: A Bunch of These Congressmen Have ‘Defamed Me’

FPI Podcast: Paul Ryan, Not Trump, Owns GOP Healthcare Fail

Tom Cole: We’re Still Learning How To Be a Governing a Party

Chris Coons: ‘I Doubt’ Gorsuch Will Get 60 Votes

Priebus: Trump Is Not Ready to Accept Conclusion Obama Didn’t Wiretap

Charlie Dent: We Can’t Make the Same Mistake Dems Did By Muscling Health Care Through

Koppel to Hannity: You’re Bad for America

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Reagan Library: Ronald Reagan speaks out on Socialized Medicine - Audio

Judge Jeanine: ‘Paul Ryan Needs to Step Down as Speaker of the House’

Karen Bass: Republicans ‘Were Never Interested in Doing Anything to Improve’ ObamaCare

Kasich Blasts Dems, GOP: It’s the Vulnerable, Mentally Ill ‘Who Will Pay the Price for Politics’

Chuck Todd to Mulvaney: Is There a ‘Subtle Campaign’ to Blame Paul Ryan for Failure to Repeal ObamaCare?

Lewandowski: Either They Were Listening to Trump and His Staff or Not; There Is No Incidental Pickup

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Attorneys for Illegal who Raped 14 Year Girl Decry ‘Sensationalism’ and ‘Hysteria’ Over Case

Pete Hoekstra: ‘I’m Thrilled’ Manafort Will Testify; He and Others Are ‘Going Through a Smear Campaign’

Trump: ‘What Will Happen, I Think, Is ObamaCare, Unfortunately, Will Explode’

Michelle Malkin Blasts Paul Ryan: ‘Conservatives Measure Things by Results, Not Rhetoric’

Bret Baier on GOP Post-ObamaCare Repeal Failure: ‘They’re Literally Freaking Out’

Trump: I Was Proud Congress Came Together to Reaffirm Our Commitment to NASA

Friday, March 24, 2017

Rove: Health Care Passage Is ‘Very Critical’ for the New Trump Administration

Rand Paul on Pursuing Tax Reform and Health Care: ‘We Can Walk and Chew Gum at the Same Time’

Rep. King: ‘Scandalous’ to Allow Americans’ Names on the Foreign Wiretaps To Be Disseminated

Border Patrol Council: ‘14 Year-Old Girl Would Never Have Been Raped’ if We Could’ve Done Our Job

Fox News: MS 13 Gang Member, Illegal Charged with Multiple Stabbings, Sexual Assaults

Al Gore: Global Warming ‘the Principal Cause’ of the Syrian Civil War, Brexit

Rep. King: ‘It Looks Like’ There Was Some Sort of Surveillance on Trump, His Team

CBS Explains New Gender Term: ‘Cisgender’ — Identifying as Your Actual Gender

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Georgetown Law Professor: ‘I Support Judge Gorsuch’s Nomination Because He Is an Originalist’

Spicer: The President Is Going to Get the Votes for GOP Health Care Bill Tomorrow

Cavuto: ‘If You Want To Be Liked by the Media, You Better Like the Media’

Paul Ryan: ‘For 7.5 Years We’ve Been Promising’ We’ll Repeal ObamaCare; Tomorrow We Will

Rep. Meadows: Trump’s Engagement on Health Care ‘Unparalleled in the History of the Country’

At Gorsuch Hearing, Feinstein Reads Praise for ... Merrick Garland

RELEASE: CIA #Vault7 "Dark Matter"

Source: Wikileaks

Schiff: Maybe the Chairman Needs a Briefing on Masking Procedures

Rep. King: Gov’t Was Circulating Information About Trump Staff Meetings, Locations

Woodward: Obama Officials Possibly Facing Criminal Charges for Unmasking Scheme

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Trump: ‘I Somewhat Do’ Feel Vindicated over Nunes’ Recent Comments Regarding Surveillance

Rep. Schiff: ‘More than Circumstantial Evidence Now’ that Trump Colluded with Russia

Schiff Chastises Nunes for Going Straight to the Press with Trump Surveillance Report

Nunes: Names of Trump Aides Inappropriately Unmasked

Nunes: I Have Seen Intelligence Reports that Clearly Show that Trump and His Team Were … at Least Monitored

Nunes: Surveillance of Trump Camp Has Nothing To Do with Russia or the Russian Investigation

Nunes: ‘We’re Going to Try to Find Out’ Who Ordered Surveillance of Trump Camp

Nunes: FBI Is Not Cooperating with Our Investigation into Trump Camp Surveillance

Devin Nunes: It Looks Like ‘Incidental Collection’ of Surveillance Trump Camp But ‘Was All Done Legally’

Steve Hilton: ‘Surprising’ to Me that It’s Taken this Long for this Kind of Terror Attack in London

Feinstein Lectures Gorsuch: Women ‘Weren’t Even Equal’ When Constitution Written

Fox News: Manafort Confirms Work for Russian Billionaire, Denies Pushing Country’s ‘Political Interests’

MSNBC: AP Report Says Manafort Paid Millions by Russian Billionaire to Benefit the Russian Gov’t

MSNBC: W.H. Says It ‘Would Be Inappropriate’ to Comment on Manafort’s Ties to Russian Billionaire

Tucker Hammers Baltimore City Councilman: Unbelievable You Would Compare ICE to the Nazis

Rand Paul on Why We Can Cut Taxes and Repeal ObamaCare: ‘This Isn’t Rocket Science’

Fox News: Gang Rape of Teen Girl Watched on Facebook Live and No One Called 911

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gorsuch Asked: ‘Would You Rather Fight 100 Duck Sized Horses or 1 Horse Sized Duck?

CA Teachers Union Official Admits that He Has Hit Students Before, But ‘Made It Look Like an Accident’

Rockville Md. Parent on Rape of 14-Yr-Old By Illegals: We’ve All Been ‘Absolutely Shocked’ About What Happened

NYT Reporter Claims There Is a Video of Trump Urinating on Prostitutes

Gorsuch: The Separation of Powers Hasn’t Lost Any of Its Genius over 200 Years; In Fact It’s Proven It

Gorsuch: ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Republican Judge or a Democratic Judge, We Just Have Judges’

CNN’s Stelter: Trump’s ‘Fox News Fixation’ Has Turned the Presidency into One ‘Shaped By Fox News’

Durbin: We’re Giving GOP on Gorsuch What They Didn’t Gave Us with Garland, a Fair Hearing and a Vote

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sen. Feinstein: Roe v. Wade Is Now a ‘Super Precedent’

O’Reilly: If the FBI Cannot Arrest the Leakers, This Country Is in Major Trouble

FBI’s Comey Doesn’t Deny There Was a FISA Request to Wiretap Trump

Comey: Classified Leaks to the Media ‘Unusually Active’ in the Last Few Months

FBI’s Comey: Obama’s DoJ Would Have Had Information on Americans NSA Surveilled

FBI: We Began Investigating Trump ‘in Late July’

FBI’s Comey: Russia ‘Did Not Deal Directly’ with Wikileaks During Email Dump

FBI’s Comey: Russia ‘Hated’ Hillary Clinton and ‘Wanted to Harm Her’

Adam Schiff: We’ll Never Know if Russian Intervention Was Determinative in Close Election

Rep. Schiff on House Hearing on Russia Probe: There’s Very Direct Evidence of Deception

Bret Stephens Suggests Hannity’s a ‘Lunatic’ for Believing the Deep State Is Trying to Undermine Trump

David Ignatius: Trump Is Right, Germany Should Spend More on Defense & NATO

Sen. Blumenthal Says He Will Move to Block POTUS’s SCOTUS Pick Gorsuch If He Is out of the Mainstream on Some Issues

Fmr. Congressman: Today Is a Big Day for National Security for Republicans in Congress

Sunday, March 19, 2017

FPI Podcast: Merkel Trip Not Worth the Jetlag, Obama Plausible Deniability Established by Frmr. CIA Officer, Maddow Tax Blunder while MSNBC Ratings Plunder, Dems Still Reaching for Straws

CNN Accidentally Confirms Story of British Intel Passing Trump Communications to the U.S.

Rand Paul: Low-Level Analysts Leaking Classified Conversations to the Press Have to Be Put in Jail

Nigel Farage: Trump Meeting Merkel Is Clash of Cultures

Ryan: ‘I’m Not Really Focused’ on Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Chris Ruddy: We Have Never Had a Situation Where the Press Is ‘Basically’ an Opposition Party

Tom Cotton: Behavior by Marines in Nude Photo Scandal Is ‘Extremely Disappointing’ and ‘Unacceptable’

MSNBC: Billboard of Trump Backed by Mushroom Clouds, ‘Swastika Dollar’ Signs Pops Up in Arizona

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gruber: ObamaCare ‘Working as Was Designed’; ‘It Has Greatly Improved Our Health-Care System’

Trump: We’re Looking at Going After Who Leaked My Taxes

Trump: ‘The Days of Economic Surrender for the United States Are Over’

Trump: We’ll Have the Biggest Tax Cut Since Reagan, ‘Probably Bigger than Reagan’

CNN: Six in Ten Americans Support a Path to Legal Status for Undocumented Immigrants

CNN’s Barbara Starr: Every Day North Korea Is Getting Closer to a Weapon that Could Reach U.S. Troops

Fox News: Donna Brazile Admits She Gave Hillary Clinton Town Hall Topics

Huckabee Praises Clinton’s Speech: ‘This Is Not the Hillary We Saw Who Was ‘Angry and Bitter’

Clinton: ‘The Walk in the Woods Stuff Maybe Didn’t Work as Well’

Friday, March 17, 2017

Trump Turns to Merkel: ‘As Far as Wiretapping by This Previous Administration, at Least We Have Something in Common’

Daily Mail Columnist Goes on Epic Anti-Merkel Rant: ‘She Could Murder Both Her Parents in the Night’

Trump Declines Merkel’s Attempt to Shake Hands

Anderson Cooper on Wiretapping: ‘Tonight We Know the President of the United States Has No Facts’

Sean Duffy: ‘I Have a Concern About What Our Intelligence Community Is Doing’

NYPD: Trump’s Budget Would Rip out ‘the Backbone’ of the NYPD’s Counter-Terrorism Apparatus

CNN: US Accused of Air Attack Killing 58 Civilians in Aleppo Mosque

ZDF Correspondent: ‘Trump Screaming To the World America First Is a Very Nationalistic Approach’

CNN: W.H. Apologizes for U.K. Surveillance Claim

Spicer: The Obama Admin. Used British Intelligence to Conduct Surveillance on Trump

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sean Spicer Tells CNN Reporter He Has ‘Zero Intelligence’

Hannity: Prerequisite for Immigrants Is to Embrace Our Values and Culture

Nunes: Members of Congress Have Been Caught up in Unwarranted Surveillance

Ted Cruz on Snoop Dogg: ‘It’s Irresponsible for Musician … to Encourage Murdering the President’

Lindsey Graham: ‘I Have Seen No Evidence a Warrant Was Issued Against the Trump Campaign’

Trump: I’ll Submit Evidence of Wiretapping to House Committee ‘Very Soon’